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Birdman2something about training makes my brand new ords disappear17:21
Birdman2also, my table disappeared sometime this morning while next to it the entire time17:21
mircea_popescuit's possible your client updates ?17:35
Birdman2yeah but i dont think these claims are old enough for it to matter, and idk why the table left, i was standing near it though not focused on it17:39
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diana_comanhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2018-02-03.log.html#t17:21:02 <- Birdman2 what does this mean exactly?18:07
lobbesbotLogged on 2018-02-03 17:21:02: <Birdman2> something about training makes my brand new ords disappear18:07
Birdman2forces i guess the client to update and that in turn takes i guess any ord thats older than an hour or two18:09
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diana_comanBirdman, that doesn't parse; client update means at most you get to *see* that the ord vanished18:56
Birdmanthen the question is how long is an ord claim supposed to last19:02
Birdmanand i also think training or banking triggers it, i.e. maybe i would've been able to build it if i didnt go to town and train19:04
Birdmanmaybe some problem with how its reading the value for ord age or however it does it19:10
mircea_popescubout an hour or so i guess19:14
diana_comanuhm, fox apparently has been banging her head on a side of the world, lol19:24
diana_comanI forgot her walking19:24
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