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mircea_popescudanielpbarron trades ?13:01
mircea_popescu!~calc 18.35/790*76713:01
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 18.35/790*767 = 17.8157594936708913:01
mircea_popescu!QAuction 17.8mn 48 9 DT q 76713:02
lobbesbotAUCTION # 158 STARTED by mircea_popescu: 9 DT q 767 Opening: 17.8mn coppers Ending: 2017-10-30 13:02:02 UTC (48 hours)13:02
diana_comanany need for bct ~130q ?13:05
mircea_popescuda fuck was bct13:09
diana_comanbraided thread13:09
mircea_popescuah. notrly, got a bunch made from electron's stuff.13:09
diana_comanaha; did same as it goes afterwards in all sorts of stuff13:09
diana_comanand I'm still amazed at how fast fox is ranking tinkering up on this shit, lol13:10
mircea_popescusweet huh.13:10
* mircea_popescu bought like 3mn cft, almost all melted already.13:10
mircea_popescubut i figure, once im done making books in a week or so, will use up all my bct and cc bps. why keep 'em ?13:11
diana_comandunno; but not sure why would burning them be a priority or anything13:11
diana_comanimo the cft is still first for mining but whatevs13:12
mircea_popescuwell not a priority, but how many times was it the case i neglected to use abundance then it went away.13:12
mircea_popescuyou got it, you burn it.13:12
diana_comanmyeah; onth buying ALL cft that electron has is ...quite a sum13:12
mircea_popescuyeah. then again...13:12
diana_comanI mean: a few mn cft sure13:13
diana_comanbut 100mn..13:13
mircea_popescuwell, i was just gonna burn my bps13:13
mircea_popescudon't see any use for them in being stored.13:13
diana_comanany lower q cons anywhere in the pipeline? or some app bouq to click with a noob?13:15
diana_comanI did try a click with high q stuff and myeah, went on for >1 week after which dc13:16
diana_comanand so now sort of stuck anyway until after Wed13:16
mircea_popescunot atm, sadly.13:16
mircea_popescui could also make a coupla wos ; but not gonna risk multi-week craft. i only complete about 50% of the 2 day dt crafts and it's frustrating enough.13:17
diana_comanmyeah, the *other* craft that got dc was an attempt at clicking a dt bundle13:18
mircea_popescu(that 50% is calculated by observing that in 2 weeks i should make 7 and i made 3).13:18
mircea_popescudiana_coman that's a pity, i was curious what q you get.13:18
diana_comanit was likely quite high really as high q bundle + bp; anyways, shelved it for now as really not priority of any sort13:19
mircea_popescuanyway, once danielpbarron delivers some healthy chunks of slag ima make more tools i guess.13:19
diana_comanoh, is he making more slag?13:19
* mircea_popescu is unsure what priorities are anymore.13:19
mircea_popescudiana_coman i should hope ?13:20
diana_comanmyeah, I was going to say same re priorities; from my pov atm some lower q bps would be though; and then getting somehow to build those remarks I have before they vanish, grrr13:20
mircea_popescumaybe shinohai gets foxybot to where you can craft overweight by then too13:20
diana_comanno idea, I thought he was doing some lapidary13:21
mircea_popescudiana_coman why not out there building the remarks ?13:21
mircea_popescui think the disappearance danger is quite palpable.13:21
mircea_popescui lost a coupla ords.13:21
diana_comanmircea_popescu, because it takes...months!13:21
diana_comanwith the bundles from electron that became some 2k q13:21
mircea_popescudat sux13:23
lobbesbotA#157 O=17.9mn HB=17.9mn E=10-28 22:12:08 (8h39) >>> 9 DT q 77113:32
lobbesbotA#158 O=17.8mn HB=No bids E=10-30 13:02:02 (47h29) >>> 9 DT q 76713:32
lobbesbot--- end of auction list, 17.9mn total bids ---13:32
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lobbesbotAUCTION # 157 has ENDED: 9 DT q 771 SOLD to diana_coman for 17.9mn coppers. Attn: mircea_popescu22:12
mircea_popescudiana_coman bout 1/5 done with this craft, settle mondayish ?22:13
mircea_popescualso, looking for someone who's always on to do clearinghouse services for me ? so i can just dump all that needs delivered when convenient and ppls can pick up when they want.22:14
lobbes^^ huge demand for this, but it seems most are not always on. Automated clearing house seems like a project for ol' lobbes (would go well with auction service). Problem is prioritizing all these projects22:20
mircea_popesculobbes incidentally, how about you modify foxybot make a trading bot ? dja recall the discussions ?22:22
mircea_popescucould have it integrated with lobbesbot so people could alter their prices / get lists etc right here.22:22
lobbesI was trying to find those discussions earlier. 22:22
lobbesWould also be a good crash-course for me in something not-python22:22
mircea_popescufoxybot is irc c.22:23
mircea_popescubut there's good c-python interfacing afaik22:23
lobbeshm interesting22:23
mircea_popesculobbes http://trilema.com/2016/eulora-tradebot-spec/ from http://logs.minigame.bz/2016-09-16.log.html#t17:44:0322:24
lobbesbotLogged on 2016-09-16 17:44:03: <mircea_popescu> want me to spec again ?22:24
mircea_popescunot gonna do a third lol.22:24
lobbesaha! danke 22:25
mircea_popescuadd to that the ability to receive stuff from players / pay cash to players ; and of course for players to !Qbot price/qty changes etc, basically have them write to that config file trhere discussed.22:26
mircea_popescuimo very good development / leveraging of lobbesbot synergies.22:26
lobbesbotA#158 O=17.8mn HB=No bids E=10-30 13:02:02 (38h29) >>> 9 DT q 76722:32
lobbesbot--- end of auction list, 0 total bids ---22:32
lobbesagreed. I will noodle on this for a bit. I think I may attack the archiving issue in #t as a first priority for now, but an ACH is something I'd love to prop up. Would make my own bill collecting easier as well lol22:36
mircea_popescuplus there's ready development available -- you can move into trading deedbot payments for ecu and back ; microloans one step away ; and so on.22:38
lobbesbotA#158 O=17.8mn HB=No bids E=10-30 13:02:02 (37h29) >>> 9 DT q 76723:32
lobbesbot--- end of auction list, 0 total bids ---23:32

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