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hanbothere's a weird: i got disconnected overnight (for which reason cdg ord interrupted at 95%, whee), restart eulora and...hung at the character selection screen. quit quits, log out logs out, join does nothing. anyone seen such a wonder before?17:36
mircea_popescudiana_coman iirc.17:38
diana_comanhanbot, did it recover?18:11
hanbotdiana_coman nop18:11
diana_comanhmmm, I just connected with an account and it works so it seems to be something related to your connection perhaps18:13
diana_comanif it's still doing this for you now, I mean18:14
hanbotso far disconnecting, reconnecting, restarting eulora do nothing. i'll keep fucking with it.18:20
diana_comanhm, you might have hit on something, I'll have a look18:21
diana_comanreminder: server coming down for usual maintenance & update in ~ 1.5 hours18:22
diana_comanhanbot, found it, weird and intricate stuff but it's server's fault, thank you for finding it; will fix it at the update in 45 minutes so let me know if it happens again after that19:13
diana_comanlobbes, you around in eulora so I pay that invoice for auction services?19:16
hanbotdiana_coman ty, will do19:18
mircea_popescuwd o.O19:23
diana_comanserver is back on; enjoy!20:07
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diana_comandoes anybody want RR or Flotsam in the 60-80q range?21:27
mircea_popescuin the quaint words of the virgin mary,21:36
mircea_popescuyes please.21:36
diana_comanahaha, lol! let's see then21:39
diana_coman!calc 29173*0.62*88*1.821:40
diana_coman!~calc 29173*0.62*88*1.821:41
jhvh1diana_coman: 29173*0.62*88*1.8 = 2865021.983999999721:41
diana_coman!QAuction 2.86mn 48 29173 Flotsam q6221:42
lobbesbotAUCTION # 150 STARTED by diana_coman: 29173 Flotsam q62 Opening: 2.86mn coppers Ending: 2017-10-13 21:42:21 UTC (48 hours)21:42
diana_coman!QAuction 2mn 48 20k RR q8021:46
lobbesbotAUCTION # 151 STARTED by diana_coman: 20k RR q80 Opening: 2mn coppers Ending: 2017-10-13 21:46:20 UTC (48 hours)21:46
diana_comanin other news: I started a cons click; apparently it's set to take 1.5 weeks, yikes21:47
diana_comanand no, it's NOT the 10/100mn thing even21:47
mircea_popescudiana_coman are these both selling at 180% ?21:51
lobbesbotA#151 O=2mn HB=No bids E=10-13 21:46:20 (47h54) >>> 20k RR q8021:52
lobbesbotA#150 O=2.86mn HB=No bids E=10-13 21:42:21 (47h50) >>> 29173 Flotsam q6221:52
lobbesbot--- end of auction list, 0 total bids ---21:52
diana_comano.O do you see them anywhere at less than that?21:52
mircea_popescu!Qbid 150 2.86mn21:52
lobbesbotAUCTION # 150: 29173 Flotsam q62 Heard: 2.86mn from mircea_popescu Ending: 2017-10-13 21:42:21 UTC (47 hours 49 mins)21:52
mircea_popescu!Qbid 151 2mn21:52
lobbesbotAUCTION # 151: 20k RR q80 Heard: 2mn from mircea_popescu Ending: 2017-10-13 21:46:20 UTC (47 hours 53 mins)21:52
diana_comanI think they were at 190% for that matter21:52
mircea_popescudiana_coman yeah just too lazy to calc ;p21:52
diana_coman!~calc 20000*67*0.8*1.821:53
jhvh1diana_coman: 20000*67*0.8*1.8 = 192960021:53
diana_comanfor precision, lol21:53
diana_comanpoor electron stays there full of cft that could be easily made into millions here21:56
mircea_popescuprofitable mining runs ?21:56
diana_comannoobs+foxy's bundles, yes21:56
diana_comanand then anyway, there is that noob who is somehow profitable whatever he does, lol21:57
diana_comanone of a kind that guy21:57
diana_comanuhm, on one client (machine with intel on-board graphics card) I have this huge tree playing hide and seek with me from behind the hill; weirdest thing yet22:01
diana_comannever saw it otherwise on a different machine22:02
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mircea_popescusome cards have clipping issues.22:12
diana_comanaha; on closer inspection it turns out it was in fact a closer-than-the-hill tree but only its top above the hill was visible sort of thing22:15
hanbotdiana_coman i'm back in, all looks well. tyvm22:45
lobbesbotA#151 O=2mn HB=2mn E=10-13 21:46:20 (46h54) >>> 20k RR q8022:52
lobbesbotA#150 O=2.86mn HB=2.86mn E=10-13 21:42:21 (46h50) >>> 29173 Flotsam q6222:52
lobbesbot--- end of auction list, 4.86mn total bids ---22:52
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