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diana_comanlobbes, ping me when you are around for the auction payment06:41
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mircea_popescuhttp://danielpbarron.com/2017/apprentice-lapidary-consideration/ << this is some pretty cool stuff!13:55
mircea_popescudiana_coman got more dts ?14:40
diana_comanwill check when next in town16:52
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danielpbarron!~calc 2.64*102*1000 - 4.90*21005 - 6.01*2100 - 235219:02
jhvh1danielpbarron: 2.64*102*1000 - 4.90*21005 - 6.01*2100 - 2352 = 151382.5000000000619:02
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diana_comanmircea_popescu, I still have some dt but ofc I have no idea how to price them, forgot that19:26
SkydragonHello there!19:26
diana_comanhello Skydragon19:29
SkydragonI'm about to give this game a try. I suppose it's better then pokebits,hammercoin and what not else haha.19:31
diana_comanSkydragon, there's a guide for account setup: http://www.eulorum.org/Account_Setup19:32
SkydragonThank you.19:32
diana_comanthis channel is logged so you can have a look while downloading or something; you might find some interesting things in there re "better than" such as this one perhaps: http://logs.minigame.bz/2017-04-03.log.html#t13:55:3719:33
lobbesbotLogged on 2017-04-03 13:55:37: <mircea_popescu> http://danielpbarron.com/2017/apprentice-lapidary-consideration/ << this is some pretty cool stuff!19:33
diana_comanlobbes, you around?19:34
SkydragonHmm, do i run the game client by exe or java?19:36
diana_comanSkydragon, I gather you are running Windows?19:36
SkydragonYes, i am on windows 10.19:36
diana_comanthen you are probably best off taking jurov's binaries from here: http://minigame.bz/jurov/19:37
SkydragonOh okay! Thank you for pointing me to the right direction.19:37
diana_comanpoke around the wiki as there are lots of useful things in there; http://www.eulorum.org/Windows19:38
SkydragonHmm, i can see that i need my own public key then i need to have this gpg4win.19:43
SkydragonWorking on it at the moment. Should soon have the key id.19:47
SkydragonThere we go, i have my key id now.19:52
lobbesdiana_coman: at meat-job atm, will log on in a few hours prolly. I'll giva ya a ping once I am19:53
lobbesBtw, I checked my inventory yesterday and I got 198 Slithy Toves (q100) if anyone needs some19:55
SkydragonWould it be possible to get some help with the key progress? I'm just unsure about it. :)19:56
diana_comanooo, nice lobbes19:58
diana_comanSkydragon, did you follow that guide?19:58
diana_comanso then: if you get stuck somewhere, say clearly where, lol20:02
danielpbarronlobbes, you should.. auction them! :p20:03
danielpbarroni would bid20:04
SkydragonWell, i was wondering if the key that i export onto my desktop is the one i send to keys.connectical ?20:04
diana_comanassuming that you are exporting the public key, yes20:07
diana_comanfrom the guide: Via KDE's kleopatra or in gpg4win's version of the same, enter the list of certificates and click on the line corresponding to your keypair. Now click on File and Export Certificates, select a place on your PC where you'd like to save the file, and give it a name ending in the file extension .asc . Once this is done, open the file you just saved20:07
diana_comanmake sure it is the public one, lol20:07
SkydragonThat's what i am unsure about. I'm not sure if it's the public one haha.20:08
diana_comanit says...20:08
diana_comanWhen pasting your public key into the input field, ensure you begin with the line20:08
diana_coman-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----20:08
diana_comananyways, mess up a few pairs until you figure it out, what's the problem20:09
SkydragonAlright it's sent to keys.connectical.com20:11
SkydragonOh that was quick. It's already uploaded.20:12
SkydragonDo i do the command here or in pm of one of the bots here?20:14
SkydragonAh nevermind.20:15
SkydragonHmm i cannot seem to get the registering to work.20:19
SkydragonMust be doing something wrong.20:19
diana_comanSkydragon, make it easier on people to help you, you know? say clearly WHAT you are doing, step by step and what is the problem/err etc20:22
SkydragonAh sorry my bad. Well, what i am doing right now in deedbot's pm tab, is putting !!register <full_gpg_keyid> "ID here" next to > and i tried putting the id between the <> too20:24
Skydragonthen the bot tells me "Provide a paste URL to the ascii-armored GPG public key or the full 40 character key fingerprint without spaces or dashes." I tried doing the public key and the 40 character key fingerprint too.20:25
SkydragonAnd that for some reason doesn't work.20:26
shinohaiSkydragon: paste the key here: http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/20:26
shinohaithen !!register <url>20:27
shinohaishould be all you need to do20:27
SkydragonWill do!20:28
mircea_popescudiana_coman ah there is that.20:29
mircea_popesculobbes> Btw, I checked my inventory yesterday and I got 198 Slithy Toves (q100) if anyone needs s << should prolly auction that20:32
mircea_popescuwtf is keys.connectical20:32
SkydragonMircea, at http://www.eulorum.org/Account_Setup and at the line20:37
Skydragon"When pasting your public key into the input field, ensure you begin with the line" on the blue text called "input field" which brings you too https://keys.connectical.com/ when you click it20:37
mircea_popescuthat thing'll need a rewrite. any volunteers ?20:38
SkydragonGoes to the same website when you click here on the line "Once your key is ready, you'll need to "push" it to keyservers so that it's available for proper use. To do this, click here"20:40
SkydragonMircea so that's not the correct website to go to for registering my key?20:41
SkydragonThen what website is it instead?20:41
mircea_popescu<shinohai> Skydragon: paste the key here: http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/ then !!register <url>20:41
SkydragonThere we go. I finally figured it out how to registering it.20:43
mircea_popescuthat's nice.20:43
SkydragonAnd now i need a account. :)20:44
shinohaiNothing a few crayons couldn't fix.20:44
mircea_popescudid you actually get eulora to run ?20:44
SkydragonYup i have it up and running right now20:45
SkydragonAt the login page right now.20:45
mircea_popescuaite a sec20:45
SkydragonOkay :)20:46
mircea_popescushinohai mind making that page read modern english ?20:47
shinohaimircea_popescu: The Eulora `Account Setup` page you mean ?20:48
shinohaiWill add it to this week's agenda ;)20:49
shinohaiHmmm .... " last modified on 5 September 2016, at 21:52."20:50
SkydragonHmm how would i go by changeing the window size of the game?21:00
SkydragonIt's quite small lol21:01
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> that thing'll need a rewrite. any volunteers ? << done.21:02
mircea_popescuSkydragon either alt enter or edit the config file.21:02
mircea_popescuthere's also a cog like button in game21:02
danielpbarronshinohai, ^21:02
danielpbarronalthough feel free to edit further21:03
SkydragonThere we go 1920 x 108021:06
mircea_popescuim doing a daylong craft right now, but once it's done trade me and i'll give you some items21:08
SkydragonOh okay.21:12
SkydragonThe world seems to be quite big which is cool.21:13
SkydragonI have a feeling that it's gonna be a lot to learn about this game. At the moment im not extacly sure what the point of the game is. Do you just go around exploreing and interacting with stuff?21:15
danielpbarronif you figure out a point please let me know21:15
mircea_popescuSkydragon the world is actually tiny. next update will see proper big world21:16
mircea_popescuread the s.mg reports/discussions, there's a lot of material tjhere.21:16
danielpbarronnext update ??21:16
mircea_popescuwhat, you thought we were done ?21:16
SkydragonHmm okay, so i see i have stats such as health stamina etc..21:17
Skydragoncrafting tab and some other things too, cool!21:17
danielpbarronis this a report that hasn't published yet?21:17
SkydragonSo the copper is ingame currency to buy stuff with?21:18
mircea_popescudanielpbarron no ? you mean the large world ?21:18
mircea_popescuSkydragon yeah 1 ecu = 1 satoshi21:18
*** Joins: serje (~serje@
SkydragonTools eh, like swords and such?21:19
danielpbarrontools that help you explore and craft better21:20
mircea_popescuSkydragon so far exploring and crafting are active.21:21
SkydragonAh okay21:21
mircea_popescudanielpbarron it was announced a while back, lemme dig it out.21:22
danielpbarroni remember something about it happening this year, but now you say it's in 2 days!21:23
mircea_popescuah i didn't mean next wed.21:23
mircea_popescuno, no. just you know, next time we do a big update, will change the client sometime this summer.21:23
danielpbarronyeah gonna need a secret place to craft soon with all these noobs joining. idk how much longer it'll be safe to assume my gear is safe on the ground when i disconnect21:24
serjediana_coman can I use keybase.io to encrypt/decrypt?21:24
mircea_popescuhttp://trilema.com/2016/eulorangement/#selection-79.0-79.389 << land update21:25
mircea_popescuserje pretty miserable idea, why should they own your keys.21:25
serjeI don't know ... because I was lazy to install something to encrypt/decrypt21:26
serjebut if you put the problem that way I can instal something21:26
serjeI never thought at that21:26
mircea_popescubasically you're asking to be someone else's slave. why, it's silly. own your shit.21:27
diana_comanserje, you *can*, but why would you?21:28
diana_comanoh, I see you got the answer already21:29
serjeI won't! Let me install that! brb21:29
SkydragonIs it asking to much for a mentor that learn me how the game works? Haha..21:30
Skydragondaylong craft? It takes that long to craft stuff?21:32
danielpbarrondaylong isn't even that long21:33
danielpbarroni have some stuff i'm not sure would finish between server updates21:33
mircea_popescuSkydragon some expert crafts take a long time / are high value21:35
mircea_popescui suspect danielpbarron might be looking for an apprentice.21:35
mircea_popescualso, read the logs, the blogs, the wiki ... there's a lot to read.21:35
mircea_popescugame's pretty complex.21:35
SkydragonAh well still that's cool that game is complex. At least it's not diffcult like dark souls haha21:37
SkydragonI think21:37
danielpbarronif someone is gonna be an apprentice to me they'll need to invest in some skills, with money21:37
danielpbarroni have my own 0-skill noob otherwise21:37
danielpbarronSkydragon, talk in here please21:37
SkydragonAh sorry my bad21:37
SkydragonSo apprentice?21:38
SkydragonOh so i need to get money for skills?21:38
danielpbarronyes, and buy them from other players21:38
mircea_popescuSkydragon the game doesn't produce loot from thin air.21:38
danielpbarronthere are ways to grind up the cash from nothing, but it'll take a while to get enough for a skill21:39
danielpbarronin USD terms it's really cheap though21:39
danielpbarron(while supplies last -- btc that is)21:39
danielpbarronbut if you buy 'building' and probably also 'gathering' you'll probably be able to make that money back with the stuff you find and sell here in public auction21:40
danielpbarronlow quality materials are wanted, but i know in my case, quality 1 is becoming less useful over time. would like something more in the 50 range21:41
SkydragonHow do i gather materials extacly?21:41
danielpbarrontype /explore21:41
danielpbarronthat's where having the skill comes in handy. you won't find much at rank 021:42
SkydragonOkay i found a tiny bird next marker?21:42
danielpbarronat first you'll mostly be /exploring just to get practice points so you can train for higher ranks21:43
mircea_popescuwell done.21:43
danielpbarronoh heh, wow21:43
mircea_popescui thought noobs complained noobs didn't find shit ?21:43
danielpbarronyeah wtf21:43
danielpbarronguy has some gifted attributes or something21:43
danielpbarronor found a really sweet spot21:43
danielpbarronidk that bird's nest is much in demand though21:43
danielpbarronSkydragon, the marker also came with instructions on how to use it21:44
mircea_popescuwell it's an item21:44
SkydragonSo the thing i have in my inventory is the bird nest?21:44
mircea_popescuwhat's it say ?21:44
Skydragontiny bird's next ennumeration21:44
SkydragonThat's it right?21:44
danielpbarronright click it21:44
SkydragonHmm i need to combine it somehow?21:46
mircea_popescuit's the enumeration that lets you dig up the claim you made.21:47
SkydragonTrying to figure out how to use it tho21:47
danielpbarronyou probably need something called "little bit o' nothing" or "coarse frangible thread" no?21:48
danielpbarronunless it's an ordinary you found, in which case auction it!21:48
Skydragonoh it's little bit o nothing that i need to combine with it21:49
SkydragonSo i get these little bit o nothing by randomly do /explore on random spots?21:49
SkydragonCan i read about materials some where?21:52
Skydragonand that's how you find little bit o nothing right?21:52
Skydragonhmm i found one more tiny bird nest marker21:54
mircea_popescuima give you some lbns and some threads tomorro.21:56
mircea_popescuthey're crafted items, both.21:56
mircea_popescuyou can look up the recipes on diana's site21:57
SkydragonOh okay and diana's site?21:58
SkydragonMay i have a link to it?21:59
SkydragonThank you.22:03
SkydragonQuestion is little bit o nothing something you find as you explore or do you craft it?22:07
mircea_popescuit's crafted.22:13
mircea_popescui think keys also decay into it if you leave stuff unlocked long enough22:13
mircea_popescubut that's low quality.22:13
mircea_popescudunno if this matters to you though.22:13
SkydragonOhh i see! Cool22:15
shinohaiThe girls had to come whack me on the back because I started laughing when I read http://logs.minigame.bz/2017-04-03.log.html#t21:24:4422:17
lobbesbotLogged on 2017-04-03 21:24:44: <serje> diana_coman can I use keybase.io to encrypt/decrypt?22:17
shinohaiI was in the middle of a drink22:17
danielpbarronSkydragon, you might want to lock those claims in the meantime22:18
danielpbarrongirls? does shinohai have his own harem now?22:18
SkydragonDaniel why should i lock them?22:19
danielpbarronso they don't go away by the time you use them22:19
shinohaiI have 2 temporary harem girls over this evening. Nice weather means BBQ on front patio in bikinis22:19
SkydragonOkay i locked all 322:20
danielpbarronthis gives me an idea. i'll put some bits and threads and tools on my other character so i can sell em when my main is crafting22:21
mircea_popescushinohai sweet set-up22:21
mircea_popescudanielpbarron not bad idea at that.22:22
SkydragonSo i assume i cannot do much right now? Just wait or whatever? lol22:22
mircea_popescuwell you can dig and let the keys decay and then mine with the bits.22:26
diana_comanSkydragon, you CAN do plenty of things; apparently you need to figure them out first though22:26
mircea_popescubut yes, you gotta do some reading to understand what;s going on, there's no way out of that.22:27
SkydragonI could do by being someones appertanice or however you spell it now lol22:28
diana_comanSkydragon, so start by reading the wiki and the relevant posts on people's blogs; danielpbarron explained what it takes to be his apprentice too, so it's not as if there aren't options22:32
SkydragonHmm okay.22:34
mircea_popescuwhat did books go for, like 100k or such ?22:35
mircea_popescuSkydragon to get skills.22:39
SkydragonOh, i already thought i had the basic skills.22:40
ben_vulpesshinohai: piiiics22:40
SkydragonI'm just gonna wait for the keys to decay then.22:49
SkydragonNot sure how long that is gonna take tho22:49
mircea_popescuwell, can make more in the interim.22:50
shinohaiBest roll a joint or 18 while you wait for that to happen Skydragon22:50
mircea_popescushinohai what, they don't ?22:50
shinohaiWell in my experience keys take quite some time to "decay"22:51
mircea_popescuah really ? i thought it's fairly quick22:51
SkydragonLike 24 hours ?22:52
mircea_popescumore like an hour i thought22:52
shinohaiI left some of mine out by an old claim and it took like a week22:53
SkydragonOh a week then xD22:53
mircea_popescudarn how did danielpbarron get the top of the month!22:54
Skydragondanielpbarron has a blog eh, well lets see if i can find it.22:59
SkydragonFound it but it doesn't stand anything about being a apprentice for him.23:03
ben_vulpesiirc the apprentice offer predated the multiple accounts per key regime23:04
diana_comanSkydragon, I meant he said it in here: http://logs.minigame.bz/2017-04-03.log.html#t21:37:1723:05
lobbesbotLogged on 2017-04-03 21:37:17: <danielpbarron> if someone is gonna be an apprentice to me they'll need to invest in some skills, with money23:05
SkydragonAh i see. Well that's gonna take awhile then.23:05
diana_comanwell, you are basically asking people to invest time in you, but at the same time you are refusing to invest much yourself23:06
SkydragonJust need those keys to turn into litte bit o nothing and figure out what to next etc..23:06
SkydragonIf it's gonna take a week for the keys to decay then it will surely take awhile lol23:08
diana_comanquestion is whether you'll spend that time actually reading the wiki and all the other posts23:09
SkydragonI've read that it's quailty of material which is based by the skills and by the tool you're usiing and as well tasks new players as myself can do for veterans if they have a job for you etc..23:16
mircea_popescudiana_coman do they actually take a week now ?!23:16
diana_comanthey shouldn't; and I saw claims vanish in front of me/ the moment I moved a bit so not sure about that23:16
mircea_popescuSkydragon relax, take it easy, there's really a lot to learn etc, takes a while.23:16
diana_comantbh I did not really keep the keys to see about the lbn so dunno there23:17
mircea_popescumust have been some weird legacy corner case23:17
diana_comanif they are locked it should take certainly longer23:18
mircea_popescuah yeah, make sure your claims aren't locked23:18
SkydragonYup the markers are not locked and the key are inside them atm23:19
mircea_popescubest keep the key in your pocket23:19
mircea_popescuelse you know, they may disappear altogether23:20
diana_comanSkydragon, if you want the key as lbn, why would you leave it inside the marker that you expect to vanish?23:20
SkydragonOh, so the keys decay in your inventory too?23:20
mircea_popescui don't think he expected it to vanish lol23:20
diana_comanthey do23:20
mircea_popescuSkydragon yeah, claim sticks go away / keys turn to lbn23:20
mircea_popescuin your inv, in the bank, whatever.23:20
mircea_popescusimple method is to just go make claims, once your inv is full of keys put them in bank, then keep making claims. once bank is full you should prolly have some lbn already made etc.23:21
mircea_popescunoob can bootstrap himself, but takes patience and hard work.23:21
Skydragonoh i will do that then23:21
SkydragonI know where the bank is at least23:24
diana_comanhe means "storage" rather than bank since bank is for coppers (money) only23:24
mircea_popescunot even sure about it, but what q enums do you get ?23:26
mircea_popescumight even be a market for it if they're all eccentric like q 1 or such.23:26
SkydragonNot sure how to check quality on it23:27
Skydragonand i figured out how to do the /bot explore command, althought bot locks the new markers it finds23:28
Skydragonoh wait the 1 down the corner means its 1 q right?23:29
Skydragonon the item23:29
diana_comanupper corner is count and lower corner is quality Skydragon23:30
Skydragonits 1 then23:30
SkydragonBy the way, how do i make the bot stop locking the new discoverd claims and keep the key in the invetory also?23:32
SkydragonChangeing 1 to 0 didn't seem to do it23:32
diana_comantry /bot help23:33
SkydragonSo /bot explore 1000 line 10 0 will do i think?23:36
SkydragonLet's see if it still locks23:36
SkydragonUgh it still locks :/23:38
SkydragonNot sure what im doing wrong lol23:40
SkydragonAny tips?23:40
diana_comandid it say in its window that it will leave the keys?23:41
diana_comanand oh, actually yes, lol23:41
diana_comaniirc it either leaves the keys in claim and therefore unlocked claim OR it keeps the keys but locks claim because you haven't built it23:42
diana_comanyou could change the bot's code to do what you want it to do, but you need then to compile the client again23:42
SkydragonTo bad i would not know how to do that, oh well.23:45
diana_comanI suppose you can leave it to fill your inv and then go and manually unlock them23:49
mircea_popescusounds like a hassle.23:55
mircea_popescuSkydragon it's not actually that hard to edit the bot code, just look into your source dir23:55
mircea_popescuoh, he's on windows. nevermind.23:55
diana_comanyeah, the "user-friendly" windows23:56
diana_comanso friendly that user can't do anything23:56
mircea_popescuyou know, i always said that's the cornerstone of friendship : ropes and chains.23:57
mircea_popescuSkydragon anyway, on the positive side, if you had some lbn on you it'd just build the claims.23:58
diana_comanI suppose I can give him a few to have a go at it23:58
diana_comanSkydragon, trade foxy in game23:59
SkydragonAh sorry irl things lol23:59

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