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euloraplayermaybe now i can ask for an account....00:10
danielpbarronyep, good job!00:11
euloraplayeryes...thanks ...00:11
euloraplayerwhat should i do now?00:12
danielpbarronask for an account00:13
euloraplayerok...could you please give me an account?00:13
danielpbarroni don't give out accounts00:13
euloraplayerok.. for whom should i ask for an account?00:14
euloraplayerfor mircea?00:14
euloraplayermircea.... may you give me an account?00:17
euloraplayeryes... "hello, New User? See Mircea for login account."00:25
danielpbarroneuloraplayer, you have done well. the next step is to wait01:10
danielpbarroni don't think the wiki is so out of date as to suggest private messaging me01:11
danielpbarronthere are many bots here, but Mircea is not one, and consequently, he is sometimes not available01:14
euloraplayerok daniel.. very thanks for your help ... i am a novice and had not attention to this...01:21
euloraplayerI am carrying some degree of anxiety and impatience to play...01:23
euloraplayeranyway ..thanks for all help given01:23
euloraplayergood bye01:23
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mircea_popescu!~later tell euloraplayer http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/mmfDI/?raw=true01:27
jhvh1mircea_popescu: The operation succeeded.01:27
mircea_popescuhe just left huh01:27
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diana_comanmorning euloraplayer10:33
diana_comancongrats danielpbarron on the moss pop10:33
euloraplayergood morning diana_coman, mircea_popescu, danielpbarron11:24
diana_comanhave you got your account, euloraplayer ?11:31
euloraplayerno, not yet11:31
diana_comancheck the log euloraplayer as mircea_popescu sent you the link11:32
euloraplayeras i have understood until now... i need to decrypt the message that mircea_popescu has sent me 9 hours ago11:32
diana_comanyou'll find there a username +password11:32
euloraplayerok.. now i need to know how to decrypt.. i am thinking that maybe i may use the kleopatra program...11:33
diana_comansounds good11:33
euloraplayerin my case i have chosen a passphrase with 8 words... thinking that it was 'strong' enough11:34
diana_comanas long as you don't lose it...11:36
euloraplayerit was fascinating experience...decrypting was succesfull and now i have a 'username' and a password11:48
euloraplayerthe problem now is that i cant login... i am receiveing the message my version of eulora is not the correct version. "Please update your client"...11:49
euloraplayerhow may i update the client...my version here is 0.1.011:50
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diana_comaneuloraplayer, where did you download the wrong version from?12:08
diana_comanand yes, you need 0.1.212:09
diana_comanthe wiki points to the right page as far as I can see: http://www.eulorum.org/Windows12:10
euloraplayeri think was here: http://minigame.bz/jurov/ (in the second link)12:11
euloraplayerin the page you have indicated , in the 5th paragraph, there is the following phrase "Binary packages are maintained by jurov aka Grundin Goldskull, available with instructions on his page on minigame.bz"12:12
diana_comanuhm, first links there are the up to date version and then for the rest it says...OLD VERSIONS...12:12
diana_comanyep, just download the 0.1.2, not the old versions, lol12:13
euloraplayerwell done12:24
euloraplayerversion 0.1.2 is running12:25
euloraplayermy problem now is another...12:25
euloraplayerhow to give to my character a appearance apropriated to medieval age? the arrows to change face, hair, beard and others seems to be not working...12:26
euloraplayeri means thay not change these physical atributes...12:27
mircea_popescuah, euloraplayer the models aren't yet very developed12:29
mircea_popescuonce more customizable models are available everyone will get a chance to alter theirs. but for now you just get the same blue shirted guy12:29
mircea_popescuholy shit gratz danielpbarron12:30
mircea_popescuhow's rio ?12:41
euloraplayerok...character created..i may say that at least sometimes i really love this game12:50
mircea_popescuo hey. welcome.12:52
mircea_popescuif you find me in town ima give you some things.12:52
euloraplayermay i ask a question about the gameplay?13:13
euloraplayer If i mine with my bare hands, my health will decay. Will it to recover after some time (possibly a time of rest) or will it decay permanently?13:43
diana_comaneuloraplayer, death is not permanent yet13:44
diana_comanso you can basically kill your character with /die and then it will come back after a bit with full stats13:44
euloraplayercontroversial subject13:44
mircea_popescuyou die, then you come back. so far this works13:45
mircea_popescuwhat's controversial about it ?13:45
euloraplayerif the death is permanent...this is controversial....13:45
diana_comaneuloraplayer, there's also a bot that you can set up and it will basically explore on its own (including killing itself when needed etc)13:46
mircea_popescuah, death ~will be~ permanent. currently that part not implemented. still a ways to go with other supporting things, npcs, marriage etc.13:46
euloraplayerby the way... waht means "npcs"?13:47
diana_comannon-player character, euloraplayer13:48
diana_comanbasically game's own characters13:49
euloraplayerwell... there is anyway to stop the bot of exploring?14:32
diana_comanyes: /bot reset14:45
diana_comanalso in general if you really want to cancel some ongoing action you can use /unstick14:45
euloraplayeryes diana_coman14:47
euloraplayerthanks for your help14:47
euloraplayeri have been received the message "explore not finished and not yet timedout, will wait".... what it means?14:50
diana_comaneuloraplayer, the bot expects some messages that are sent when an /explore finishes; it did not get them and so it will wait some longer; however, in order to avoid being stuck for ages, it waits for a limited amount of time (timeout) : when that time has passed it will NOT wait anymore even if it did not receive the end messages14:52
diana_comandid you manage to actually finish at least one explore? did you find anything?14:53
diana_comanalso: did you get the items Mircea offered? they will likely help14:53
euloraplayeryes.. i have found a lot of keys and some Boulders [Enumerations]14:53
diana_comanhe offered to GIVE you some items14:53
diana_comango to those houses there and trade his character14:54
diana_comankeys will eventually transform into little bits of nothing that are then useful to build claims14:54
euloraplayerno....i did not get the item that mircea was offered..but i wouldlike to get.... what should i do to receive them from him?14:54
diana_comanthe enumerations are blueprints for building claims too14:54
diana_comansee my previous line, lol14:55
diana_coman<diana_coman> go to those houses there and trade his character14:55
diana_comanprobably ping him in here too when you are ready to trade his character14:55
euloraplayerok..calm down please14:56
euloraplayerlets go a little slowly14:56
euloraplayerwhat houses are you saying?14:56
diana_comantake your time14:56
diana_comanI'm sure you'll find them14:56
euloraplayerok...then please..how may i start to walk in the terrain?15:04
mircea_popescuwasd or the arrow keys no ?15:06
euloraplayernow there are houses in some place that i can find?15:07
euloraplayerwhat are these black 'rocks' on the ground?15:08
euloraplayerthe glow burns me.....15:11
euloraplayeri felt down and died15:11
euloraplayercan i revive imediately?15:11
diana_comanin a few minutes15:11
euloraplayerok..reveived already15:14
euloraplayerand surprisilying walked inside the water15:14
mircea_popescuyeah, jus explore around a little15:14
euloraplayerok..please there is a way to see the terrain from a far point of view..like to see a bigger part of terrain from the high.... i am thinking that i need to go out from where i am and find the town and then the cited house15:15
diana_comanyou can adjust your camera if that's what you mean; there is a help in game, maybe read around that one15:19
euloraplayeryes.. i have been reading (what does not means understanding)15:22
euloraplayerbut.... the camera settings are plenty... and i have no idea how to ajust to have a better view of all the terrain where i am15:23
mircea_popescutry pressing M15:25
euloraplayerM gave me Free Movement15:53
euloraplayernot a view of the terrain15:53
euloraplayerM continuosly give diferent visions15:55
mircea_popescuyou can use the mouse wheerl to scroll out15:58
mircea_popescuand hold it down (or 3rd button) and move mouse for perspective change15:58
danielpbarrondiana_coman> congrats danielpbarron on the moss pop << ty ty. has anyone ever seen more than 3 million items in one pile before :D16:00
euloraplayeri am in a strange place ...16:01
euloraplayerlike a lake in  a valley16:02
mircea_popescudanielpbarron o.O16:02
mircea_popescuyou might be the first eh16:02
euloraplayeryes...maybe is not a lake..but the sea16:03
mircea_popescueuloraplayer are  you having fun yet ?16:04
mircea_popescuhehe i think i see you16:05
euloraplayerbut I would like to receive the 'things' from you16:06
mircea_popescuso come meet me. did you find the houses ?16:06
danielpbarron!~calc 3415726+943849+2111+40569+191532+13465616:06
jhvh1danielpbarron: 3415726+943849+2111+40569+191532+134656 = 472844316:06
euloraplayeras i have assumed i need to find the town to find you in the town16:06
euloraplayereventually in the houses..16:07
mircea_popescuim right in front, opposite of the fire16:07
mircea_popescucan't miss me16:07
danielpbarron!~calc 4728443*0.01*15716:07
jhvh1danielpbarron: 4728443*0.01*157 = 7423655.5116:07
mircea_popescudanielpbarron wowza, got even more than the pop said ?16:07
euloraplayerbut i dont know where is the town...then maybe if you give me the coordinates of the town (or of where i may meet you) i may give an autopilot command and arrive there16:08
mircea_popescuand in other good news, it's prolly worth A LOT more. who even knows, what mats are worth16:08
mircea_popescuim at -34 44 310 euloraplayer16:08
danielpbarron!~calc 500000*0.01*15716:12
jhvh1danielpbarron: 500000*0.01*157 = 78500016:12
danielpbarron!Qauction 785000 24 500k SM q 116:12
lobbesbotAUCTION # 41 STARTED by danielpbarron: 500k SM q 1 Opening: 785000 coppers Ending: 2017-03-14 16:12:36 UTC (24 hours)16:12
euloraplayerwill autopilot work to arrrive there ...i will try now16:12
danielpbarroncomes in one pile for your transporting convenience  ^^16:13
mircea_popescu!Qbid 41 1m16:16
lobbesbotAUCTION # 41: 500k SM q 1 Heard: 1mn from mircea_popescu Ending: 2017-03-14 16:12:36 UTC (23 hours 55 mins)16:16
lobbesbotAUCTION # 41: 500k SM q 1 Opening: 785k Highest Bid: 1mn Ending: 2017-03-14 16:12:36 UTC (23 hours 53 mins)16:18
euloraplayeri think i have found you mircea16:21
euloraplayermircea_popescu... may you give me the things now?16:25
mircea_popescuyes trade please euloraplayer16:27
mircea_popescuright click me and there's a bag button16:27
euloraplayerthansk you16:32
euloraplayerwhy i have not been required to use the starttrade command....?16:32
mircea_popescucommand line style is optional16:35
euloraplayersomething bad has happened in our trade....16:40
euloraplayeroh no... its nothing16:41
euloraplayerdiana_coman... i am still receiving that "not finished and not timedout, will wait" messages... how may i know how much is the timeout or how may i make the bot to stop waiting?16:44
mircea_popescutry /unstick16:52
mircea_popescubut otherwise, most activities have a cooldown, if you're in cooldown this is normal/16:53
lobbesbotAUCTION # 41: 500k SM q 1 Opening: 785k Highest Bid: 1mn Ending: 2017-03-14 16:12:36 UTC (22 hours 53 mins)17:18
euloraplayeri would like to thanks mircea_popescu, diana_coman, danielpbarron17:46
euloraplayerI have had a excellent experience entering eulora and playing for a few hours17:47
mircea_popescucool deal.17:57
diana_comaneuloraplayer, do you have a progress bar showing ? if yes, then you do NOT want to stop the bot from waiting until it finishes17:57
diana_comanyou need to wait until it finishes as otherwise you will just spoil the tool17:57
euloraplayeri dont know... where is this progress bar?18:14
euloraplayerI only receive that message ... i think it appears repeteadlly from time to time18:16
lobbesbotAUCTION # 41: 500k SM q 1 Opening: 785k Highest Bid: 1mn Ending: 2017-03-14 16:12:36 UTC (21 hours 53 mins)18:18
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danielpbarronok, my changes to foxybot have compiled. let's see how wrongly it behaves from what i expected18:29
danielpbarronworse than i thought, didn't make it past login18:30
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lobbesbotAUCTION # 41: 500k SM q 1 Opening: 785k Highest Bid: 1mn Ending: 2017-03-14 16:12:36 UTC (20 hours 53 mins)19:18
euloraplayerunfortunately..sometimes the client is closing alone19:37
diana_comaneuloraplayer, does it crash?19:37
diana_comanor do you mean the irc client?19:37
euloraplayerno..i means the game... sometimes it crash19:59
euloraplayernow i have started to run it as administrator to see if the crashes stop...19:59
euloraplayeri am not using a desktop IRC client..but a web IRC client (webchat.freenode.net)20:00
euloraplayercould you help me to use the items that mircea_popescu gave to me20:01
euloraplayercoarse frangible thread...20:02
euloraplayerTiny Boulder Enumerator+  Little Bit O'Nothing + Boulder20:03
euloraplayerwhat i have done already was to unlock two "Tiny Boulder Exploration Marker"20:04
euloraplayermy bot is still waiting ...and i cant explore more for while20:05
lobbesbotAUCTION # 41: 500k SM q 1 Opening: 785k Highest Bid: 1mn Ending: 2017-03-14 16:12:36 UTC (19 hours 53 mins)20:18
euloraplayerSOMEONE may help me?21:10
danielpbarroneuloraplayer, what does the "enumerator" say?21:16
danielpbarronalso i wouldn't use the bot for now21:17
euloraplayer2 things21:17
euloraplayerCombine 1 Liitle Bit O Nothing into Tiny Boulder Bundle21:18
euloraplayerthis is the first thing21:18
lobbesbotAUCTION # 41: 500k SM q 1 Opening: 785k Highest Bid: 1mn Ending: 2017-03-14 16:12:36 UTC (18 hours 53 mins)21:18
euloraplayerbut I dont have a "Tiny Boulder Bundle"... and i dont know how to assemble one21:19
danielpbarronyou just said how21:21
wyrdmantiseuloraplayer: target the Tiny Boulder Claim, put in the little bit o nothing, clic "use container"21:24
euloraplayerok... how to target...?21:25
wyrdmantisright clic on the claim, left click on the eye21:25
wyrdmantisthat will open it21:25
euloraplayersorry im not understanding21:26
euloraplayeri have a lot of items in my inventory..is not possible right click them21:26
wyrdmantiswhere are you?21:26
wyrdmantisahhh, you don't have a claim, yet21:27
danielpbarroni thought he said he unlocked one21:27
danielpbarronit's possible it went away though21:27
wyrdmantiseuloraplayer: come to town21:28
euloraplayeryes... i unlocked a type of .....furniture21:29
euloraplayerand I am guarding it now21:29
euloraplayerwhat is the coordinate of town?21:29
wyrdmantistype /pos and write here what it says21:30
wyrdmantison the command bar21:30
euloraplayer298.67 4.13 324.1021:30
danielpbarrondiana_coman, what might cause the client to crash over the single line addition of >> recipe rcp;  << in the private members section of class ExploreActivity in botactivity.h ?21:31
wyrdmantisok wait euloraplayer21:31
danielpbarroneuloraplayer, you put the bit of nothing into the "furniture" and you put the "enumerator" in your character's mind slot, then click combine to make the bundle and it'll just keep on going to finish building the bundle and you'll end up with some boulders in the claim which you can take with you21:33
wyrdmantis^ that21:34
wyrdmantistry, euloraplayer21:34
euloraplayerok droped21:34
wyrdmantisno lol21:35
diana_comandanielpbarron, that in itself is no reason for a crash of any sort really21:35
wyrdmantisyou have to put iy IN the claim21:35
euloraplayerwhat is the claim? where is the claim?21:35
wyrdmantisfirst , select the unlocked container21:35
wyrdmantisthe claim is the forniture you unlocked21:36
wyrdmantisthe stick21:36
wyrdmantisall these sticks around us are claims21:36
danielpbarrondiana_coman, well it causes a crash all on its own!21:37
euloraplayersorry.. i was not looking for to trade21:37
danielpbarroneh i'm gonna do a full recompile then21:37
diana_comandanielpbarron, you tell me you got a clean client copy , added that single line, compiled and then it crashes there?21:37
danielpbarronmore or less21:38
wyrdmantiseuloraplayer: i'm writing to you in private chat21:38
danielpbarroni can remove that line and it works, add it and it crashes. but maybe there is some other file messing it up that needs to get re-written in a full compile idk21:38
diana_comantrouble is probably in the more or less, somewhere in there21:38
euloraplayerdanielpbarron...when i click combine it says: "the container is locked"21:39
danielpbarroneuloraplayer, unlock it21:39
diana_comanas with the previous similar "trouble" - if you remove it and it works, it does not really follow IT was the trouble in itself21:39
danielpbarronall other .cpp and .h files are "original"21:40
wyrdmantisuff, my client crashed21:44
euloraplayeryou should be laughing seeing me trying to combine21:48
wyrdmantiseuloraplayer: pick up that lbn21:49
euloraplayerdanielpbarron...when i click "combine" the message is "there is nothing in this container"21:49
euloraplayerpicked up21:49
wyrdmantisok, now come close that one in front of me21:50
wyrdmantiseuloraplayer: are you sure you unlocked a container? do you have a key in your inventory?21:50
wyrdmantiseuloraplayer: that one in front of you is unlocked21:51
euloraplayeri have many keys21:52
euloraplayerthat one in front of me is guarded by you21:52
wyrdmantisgo a little far and then come back21:53
wyrdmantisstill guarded?21:54
euloraplayeryes..still guarded..21:55
wyrdmantisanyway... to unlock a claim you must right click on it and left click on the door icon that appears21:57
wyrdmantiswhen it's unlocked you drop the lbn INSIDE the claim21:58
wyrdmantisnow a must go, farewell21:58
euloraplayerthe lbn is dropped in the stick and the stick is unlocked21:59
euloraplayerbut the "combine" says "There is nothing in this container"...22:00
diana_comaneuloraplayer, if you click on the "take all" button of the stick - does it get the lbn back into your inventory?22:01
diana_comanftr "drop" will drop items ON THE GROUND, not in a container22:02
euloraplayeryes..the lbn returns to my inventory when i click "pick up"22:03
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euloraplayeri dont know if i dropped on the ground or in the stick22:04
euloraplayerit appears like a bag of bitcoins transpassed by the stick...22:05
euloraplayeri right-click on the stick and then clicked "combine". It says "there is nothing in this container"22:06
diana_comanyou can NOT drop in the stick, lol22:07
diana_comaneuloraplayer, listen22:07
euloraplayertheres is 1 lbn (transpassed by the stick) and Tiny Bould Enumetaror with 1 unit in my mind slot22:07
diana_comanFIRST you have to open that stick - so right-click and then left-click on the eye icon22:07
diana_coman"transpassed" means on the ground, lol22:07
diana_comaneuloraplayer, http://www.dianacoman.com/2015/08/30/euloras-first-grade-how-to-get-a-skill-build-a-claim-make-your-own-grass-etc/22:08
diana_comanmight help22:08
danielpbarronok, using all the original files, i did jam -aq client22:15
danielpbarronwas able to log in and see myself, no surprise there22:15
danielpbarronthen i add the problem line, did jam -q client22:15
danielpbarroncrashes after login22:16
diana_comandid you modify by any chance the xmls or other data stuff?22:16
diana_comanmk, let me see this wonder22:17
danielpbarroni think this is the same issue i had last time i was trying to change the bot22:17
danielpbarronand it's not clear how i fixed it that time22:18
lobbesbotAUCTION # 41: 500k SM q 1 Opening: 785k Highest Bid: 1mn Ending: 2017-03-14 16:12:36 UTC (17 hours 53 mins)22:18
diana_comandanielpbarron, once again I can't seem to be able to reproduce this sort of wonder: I added recipe rcp; as a private member of ExploreActivity, compiled and ran just fine22:34
diana_comansomething is dubious there with your setup if the files are indeed what you say22:35
diana_comanpaste somewhere at least the ExploreActivity part so that I see it for starters22:35
danielpbarronfrom botactivity.h or from .cpp ?22:38
diana_comanfrom where you made the modification so I'd expect botactivity.h22:39
danielpbarronnot quite original, there's some other extra lines, but those lines were present for the previous test22:42
diana_comanmhm, did your jam -q client actually COMPILE anything?22:45
danielpbarronyes, i added a blank line somewhere in the .cpp to force this22:46
mircea_popescu<danielpbarron> and it's not clear how i fixed it that time << better notes!22:49
diana_comanwell, it would seem it wasn't fixed in fact, so not sure that'd help but anyway22:54
diana_comanI start repenting the use of csString for sure22:54
diana_comandanielpbarron, do a test please and move that recipe rcp; line before attemptsCount for instance (so : first line after private:)22:56
euloraplayerdiana_coman , it has helped already a lot22:56
euloraplayerbut it seems some things looks like diferent22:56
diana_comangood to hear it euloraplayer22:56
diana_comanyes, things change in eulora and that was written quite some time ago22:56
euloraplayerfor example:  you wrote click on “use” for a tiny claim or “combine”22:57
euloraplayeri cant find this "use" button22:57
diana_comanthat hasn't changed though, lol22:58
diana_comandanielpbarron, I can confirm: a full recompile (jam -a client) -> works; partial recompile (jam -q client) -> crashes22:59
mircea_popescuthis sounds rather like gcc bug at that22:59
diana_comanbtw, for next time: run it in gdb and dump the stack trace22:59
diana_comanI suspect it's more the jam shit23:00
mircea_popescuyeah, always the thing to do with new builds23:00
diana_comanpossibly + that csString ffs23:00
mircea_popescuah yeah, huh. try simple jam an see maybe ?23:00
diana_comaneuloraplayer, "When you got a claim (by whatever means), go next to it, right click on it (it’s a stick basically and a rather narrow one at that, so yeah, aim and click) and “examine” it (the eye icon)."23:01
diana_comandid you do that?23:01
diana_comandid it open a window like the one in the second image there?23:01
danielpbarroni always run in gdb but the trace is never helpful (to me)23:02
diana_comanthe one with icons on its left: hand, puzzle, hand etc23:02
diana_comandanielpbarron, it is helpful to me, lol23:02
danielpbarronthat is the result of the test you asked me to do23:05
danielpbarroni did jam -aq client with the original files, and then jam -q client   with the single line addition23:05
danielpbarronmaybe it is the case that changes to .h files need to go with a full recompile ?23:07
danielpbarronthis only ever happens when something is changed in that stupid .h file23:07
mircea_popescucertainly a good idea to -aq if -q wedges it23:07
diana_comandanielpbarron, do ANOTHER jam -a after the change23:08
diana_comanthis is what I confirmed above23:08
diana_comanand it really seems that jam is basically too stupid to actually figure out that if .h changed then it better properly recompile the thing23:09
diana_comansuch improvement this jam, what can I say23:10
danielpbarronwell if that's all it takes then wonderful! because changes to the .h are usually very minimal. not really a possibility of semantic bugs in there23:10
mircea_popescuyeah, confirmed. always -aq when you touch a .h file because teh jam fails to correctly identify what changed and you're left with badly linked mess which crashes.23:11
danielpbarronin retrospect it does seem rather silly i had to add/remove a blank line to a .cpp file to get it to   jam -q client23:13
diana_comanand yes, there should NOT be much semantics in .h files to start with23:13
diana_comanby the looks of it jam was then so bright that it figured out it was "just a blank line" and so it served the steaming mess23:14
diana_comanthe .h files should simply make the structure clear; the actual workings should be in the .cpp23:18
lobbesbotAUCTION # 41: 500k SM q 1 Opening: 785k Highest Bid: 1mn Ending: 2017-03-14 16:12:36 UTC (16 hours 53 mins)23:18
euloraplayerthanks i have had already some success and generated some boulders23:57
mircea_popescuwhat quality ?23:58
euloraplayeroh...quality 123:58
euloraplayerthe minimum minimorum23:59
euloraplayerbut the strange is that i had not to use the bundles23:59

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