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wyrdmantisif someone can sell me 1 used bandar toolkit and 1 cft bleuprint, please ping me. danielpbarron, i want to try what you suggested in your article13:36
mircea_popescui think electron has tools neh ?14:04
wyrdmantistrue is that! thanks mircea_popescu, just bought one from electron. so i only need cft or ppb blueprint now14:19
mircea_popescui can give you a ppb, trade me.14:19
wyrdmantismany thanks sir14:23
danielpbarronidk how that idea will work now that we can all get n00b accounts :/14:43
mircea_popescuso diana_coman here's a wierd thing : i have all the resources, but when i try to foxy it says not enough ingredients.14:57
mircea_popescudanielpbarron btw how's teh fix coming along ?14:57
diana_comancheck the bp again?14:57
mircea_popescui do have everything! even made 1 run by hand off my stocks.14:59
mircea_popescuthe odd thing is, the foxy window readout says ppb, then all the others with ammnts, then 2814:59
mircea_popescuis it the case it gets a wrongly formatted bp list ?14:59
diana_comansounds like it15:01
mircea_popescuanything i can helpfully do ?15:01
diana_comanhm,what bp is that? the cs?15:01
mircea_popescucs yea15:01
diana_comanif it complains it lacks ingredients it should be at some precise point15:02
diana_comanfoxy is crafting now so I can't check15:02
diana_comancan you figure out which point/15:02
mircea_popescusays :15:02
diana_comanis it the comma thing?15:02
mircea_popescuingredient ppb, between x and y tpt, between... bla bla, between x and y ft: 2815:02
mircea_popescui suspect it might be ? because it doesn't say the correct between for 1st item, the ppb15:03
diana_comandid you craft with foxybot after this update?15:03
diana_comanwell, after the major update I mean15:03
mircea_popescuworked fine.15:04
diana_comanugh, let me see if I can have a look at a cs bp anyway15:04
mircea_popescubut single ingredient items it now occurs to me. like cft, ppb etc15:04
mircea_popescuif you want i can give you ingredients for 1 click, can then give me bundle back15:04
diana_comanfoxy is crafting an ampoule, it will take some time15:04
mircea_popescuah ok.15:04
mircea_popescuwell i bet she ain't crafting one :)15:05
mircea_popescu"foxy is crafting an am pule"!!!15:05
mircea_popescui prolly should change the name, i dunno how i missed this. ampoule my foot.15:05
diana_comanI thought it was clear enough anyway, lol15:06
mircea_popescukindergarten ? lol15:06
diana_comanit sounds like a problem at parsing the bp in any case so you'd need to look into recipe.cpp there's a recipe::ParseIngredients15:08
diana_comanperhaps change the separator to "," (without) space if you still have it with space15:08
mircea_popescuoh shit you know i might've never done that fix15:08
mircea_popescuone sec trying this out15:08
diana_comanother than that - you'd need to figure out exactly where it goes wrong to fix it basically15:09
mircea_popescuyou don't say :)15:09
wyrdmantisdanielpbarron but if noobs are not needed anymore why would anyone start playing eulora? am i missing something?15:11
mircea_popescu~same as with bitcoin generally neh ?15:15
mircea_popescu"if i'm no longer as important as i would have been in 2011 why would i get involved" "hey, what trains you lost are your problem. the train leaving today is called 2017."15:15
diana_comanwyrdmantis, did you start playing because noobs were needed really?15:15
diana_comanI know I had no idea about noobs being needed and all that15:16
mircea_popescuftjam client good enough you figure ?15:16
diana_comanfor the jam, should be15:17
mircea_popescujam jam jam15:17
diana_comanit if complains, stick some flags into the jam too, lol15:17
danielpbarronthe fix is stalled because i went and started a remarkable late at night for lack of a better idea of what to do before going to bed and the thing is still building..15:17
mircea_popescumay take you into next week too15:17
danielpbarronone more day i think15:17
mircea_popescuremarkably stable my cs ingredient list15:17
danielpbarronbut i have this here new account15:17
mircea_popescuworks now diana_coman ! ty!15:18
danielpbarroni wonder if i can run two clients on same comp or do i have to run another box. not that that's a huge problem15:18
mircea_popescudanielpbarron try an report.15:18
wyrdmantisdiana_coman no, i've not started because of that.15:28
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danielpbarronhello euloraplayer22:12
euloraplayerI would like to play eulora...22:13
danielpbarronis that so?22:14
euloraplayersorry... yes22:14
danielpbarronwhy are you sorry? there are worse things than wanting to play eulora22:15
mircea_popescueuloraplayer sure.22:19
euloraplayerI try to run eulora.bat..but it not runs22:19
mircea_popescueuloraplayer you have to also register your key.22:19
mircea_popescuhave you read the wiki ?22:19
euloraplayerno, not yet22:24
mircea_popescugood place to start.22:25
euloraplayeri have 'read'  http://www.eulorum.org/Eulora22:25
mircea_popescueulora is... kinda mentally intense22:25
euloraplayeris this?22:25
mircea_popescuyeah that's the wiki. see getting started etc. yeah.22:25
euloraplayerok.. i will read22:26
mircea_popescui say, making almost 60k cs 8 at a time is surely a fucking pleasure.22:37
euloraplayerhow may I to register my key?22:38
mircea_popescuisn't it in teh wiki ?22:38
euloraplayerthe wiki is enormous....22:39
mircea_popescuyeah, eulora is... kinda mentally intense22:39
euloraplayerok...but i have not read nothing about to register my key..at least not in the first page of the wiki22:40
euloraplayernow... i ahve found something22:42
euloraplayeri need a presence in trilema22:42
euloraplayertrilema Web of Trust22:42
euloraplayeri am installing gpg4win22:45
mircea_popescusounds right.22:45

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