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danielpbarronserver is down00:05
danielpbarronorrr not00:06
danielpbarronthat was one hell of a lag spike00:06
danielpbarronmight be down, i can't tell00:08
danielpbarronit's acting strange anyway00:08
Birdmani cant get on00:08
danielpbarronmy client thinks it is connected, the bot even started another craft, but i can't check info on anything, and /who doesn't return anything00:09
danielpbarronok info box just updated00:10
danielpbarrontook a couple minutes00:10
danielpbarroni wonder if omra's script is causing trouble00:11
danielpbarronand /who finally returned00:14
danielpbarroni see myself and 3 others online00:14
mircea_popescui think it's actually down, i don't get a who response.00:34
danielpbarronit's upish00:35
mircea_popescubullshit halfinternets.00:35
danielpbarronbot is still crafting through it all00:35
danielpbarronbut it's a half hour craft00:35
mircea_popescuyeah it's kinda tolerant, needs a 6 packets a minute or such00:35
mircea_popescumine's a ~2day00:35
mircea_popescuamusingly ping is supposed to be 0.19 s00:36
mircea_popescuwow it returned eventually.01:30
*** Joins: Omra (~fircuser@99-110-186-215.lightspeed.tukrga.sbcglobal.net)01:39
*** Quits: Omra (~fircuser@99-110-186-215.lightspeed.tukrga.sbcglobal.net) (Remote host closed the connection)02:42
Birdmanstrangest thing, using a MS in goes 3 grass with cft bps in mind, out comes a bundle for congressional pulp03:44
Birdmanmaking thread bundles now03:45
danielpbarronsomething is messed up04:04
danielpbarrondiana_coman, ^04:04
danielpbarronBirdman, what quality04:05
danielpbarronwhat quality CP and what quality grass04:05
Birdmanwasnt propotionate, im thinking i had a bundle in there, seeing as there were a few invisible maculature in my old screens that were in storage04:13
Birdmandidnt pay enough attention to see if it used the grass but i doubt it04:13
Birdmanbv in grass was like 360, bv of the cp bundle was like 2k coppers or something04:14
danielpbarronBirdman, is it all laggy for you?04:14
danielpbarroni wanna relog but i don't wanna get locked out04:14
Birdmanyeah it was pretty laggy before when building claims, not nearly as bad now04:15
Birdmantheres claims everywhere that noticably bog me down, try shortening the detail length04:15
danielpbarronthis isn't that kind of lag04:15
danielpbarronmy client is fine04:15
danielpbarrontoo laggy to start the bot04:33
Birdmanmircea_popescu / danielpbarron can i hire you to click these thread bundles?04:39
danielpbarronwhat quality04:42
Birdmanq179 probs a good 1k bundles04:46
Birdmanwould be more than happy to make much higher q bundles but would need it done for me04:47
Omraphantomis Daniel offline?04:52
Omraphantomseriously i need to go to bed but i don't want him to think i ditched with his stuff05:01
*** Quits: Omraphantom (636ebad7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)05:12
Birdmanfound a few leather supp bundles in another screen05:32
Birdmani guess everyone should check their old worn tools for hidden goodies05:32
Birdmani've like 20 toolkits i bought way back each with a single use, gonna check those next05:32
Birdman3 toupe bundles q134, 1 kilt bundle q163, 1 hoof gloves q148 and thats that05:34
Birdman!~calc 960*1.79*18006:12
jhvh1Birdman: 960*1.79*180 = 30931206:12
Birdmanwould pay a percentage of the difference between output base value and input base value06:13
Birdmanjust sorta crappy because it isnt much value to process06:14
Birdmanso if its worth the time for any good tinkerer, i need it done06:14
*** Joins: Eldeluc (499d6c53@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
Eldelucgood morning, I am just starting. How do I go about creating an account?07:20
diana_comanEldeluc, you need to follow the steps here: http://www.eulorum.org/Account_Setup07:22
diana_comanand then ask mircea_popescu for an account in here07:22
*** Quits: Eldeluc (499d6c53@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)08:10
Birdmandiana_coman would you be interested in trading cft bps bv for bv? I have q200 and am looking for a few thousand q160-18008:29
diana_comanseems too much of a hassle really08:52
diana_comanBirdman, did you get those bundles out of the samovar for grass put in?08:52
diana_comanor was it just the first time aka some hidden bundle that WAS already in the samovar in fact?08:53
Birdmanyea, that08:53
diana_coman!~calc 8006*0.49*6709:45
jhvh1diana_coman: 8006*0.49*67 = 262836.9809:45
mircea_popescuhey eldeluc hmm he left eh10:00
danielpbarron!~calc 1.34*3*12255 - 1.90*12255 - 3.13*1225 - 305210:33
jhvh1danielpbarron: 1.34*3*12255 - 1.90*12255 - 3.13*1225 - 3052 = 19094.35000000000610:33
diana_comanhe seems to have timed out maybe10:39
diana_coman!~calc 5700*0.07*6710:44
jhvh1diana_coman: 5700*0.07*67 = 26733.00000000000410:44
*** Joins: omraphantom (636ebad7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
diana_comanmorning omraphantom14:00
omraphantomhow are you?14:02
diana_comanquite all right; how are you?14:03
omraphantomi'm okay just woke and still a little out of it14:04
mircea_popescudun dun dun14:17
omraphantomhey mircea14:18
mircea_popescuhow goes ?14:25
omraphantomokay jjust need to give daniel his thread so i can complete my task14:30
mircea_popescucool deal.14:30
*** Quits: danielpbarron (~dpb@c-71-232-150-212.hsd1.ct.comcast.net) (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)15:02
*** Joins: danielpbarron (~dpb@c-71-232-150-212.hsd1.ct.comcast.net)15:09
omraphantomhey danielpbarron15:12
omraphantomso i have you stuff i just need to give it to you15:49
mircea_popescupretty dedicated is she ?15:53
mircea_popescudja want more tasks omraphantom ?15:53
omraphantomsure just need to go eat something quick lol i'll be 30 minutes top15:55
omraphantomokay so what was task you had in mind?16:11
mircea_popescutrade me omraphantom16:15
mircea_popescuok, take some stuff and go dig up some claims.16:16
mircea_popesculemme know what you find.16:16
omraphantomso go around the with those shovels and just dig?>16:16
mircea_popescuwhere' you froim btw /16:16
omraphantomrn in georgia usa16:16
mircea_popescuo hey.16:17
mircea_popescui liked atlanta. which one is rn ?16:18
omraphantomrn is right now16:18
mircea_popescuright now, georgia. never heard of it.16:19
omraphantomright now as i'm currently there16:19
omraphantomi'm in the Atalanta area just the suburbs16:20
shinohaiI used to live in rightnow. Now I am in currently.16:20
mircea_popescuso where are you going then ?16:20
omraphantomlist of possibilities don't mean jack when your broke16:21
mircea_popescuthere is that.16:21
mircea_popescuwell... depends. are you hot ?16:21
omraphantomyeah damn ac isn't on it's baking in here (i know what you meant not justifying it)16:22
mircea_popescuit's worse here i'm sure. i got an ac port the size of a fucking tupolev exhaust16:23
mircea_popescuargentina is very wet on top of being hot. georgia too, yes, but not this fucking bad.16:24
omraphantomi have college being planned out just waiting to spring semester to start the nice thing about being dirt poor and and getting a degree you can earn just about anywhere all i need is my fed student loans to get though it16:26
mircea_popescuwhat are you studying ?16:26
omraphantomcurrently looking at three paths accounting engineering and business in entrepreneurship focusing rn on engineering since that one is just one i'm most interested atm16:29
omraphantomi'm a math brain and honestly i love to create things16:30
omraphantomsimple enough16:30
mircea_popescuoh ? dfidja make anything yet ?16:31
omraphantomblueprints lol16:31
mircea_popescushow ?16:31
omraphantomoh you mean in the game?16:31
omraphantomi haven't figured out how to use the tool yet16:32
mircea_popescuno, i mean irl.16:32
omraphantomyou probably don't want to see XD it's kink furniture i don't know enough about machines for blueprints of that nature16:33
mircea_popescuso why wouldn'\t i want to see ?16:36
mircea_popescuspoiler : i keep slavegirls as an amorous arrangement.16:36
omraphantombecause it's completely different area of kink16:37
mircea_popescueh, areas. who the hell has the patience for subdivisions.16:37
omraphantomso are you happy saying a slave is the thing as a babygirl submissive lol16:37
mircea_popescuas long as she says it, what's it to me.16:38
omraphantomfair enough16:38
mircea_popescunot like everyone has to follow my definitions or else!!116:38
omraphantomthis isn't even my kink but the only premade ones online are $100016:39
mircea_popescua ?16:39
omraphantomi designed an adult high chair16:39
mircea_popescuwhat, like the bunnyhop fuckthing ?16:39
mircea_popescuwell, are you gonna show it ? is it sikrit ?16:40
omraphantomi can get it16:40
omraphantomthat is basic blueprint16:44
omraphantomit's mostly the same as a children's high chair but the main difference is that it's larger to account for adults and the way the tray comes on i'm trying to figure out making it lock16:46
omraphantombut serious this simple thing is for ageplay but people would will pay for it if they want it16:46
omraphantom$400 for something locally made or $1000 from thing you have to order off internet and hope it works16:47
mircea_popescui dun have a whatever signin16:49
mircea_popescuso do you carpent ?16:49
omraphantomnope pipe dream crap16:50
omraphantombut i found local maker spaces i can learn in if i want to get serious16:50
mircea_popescuyou know, i know a guy who... lives in georgia... and carpents.16:50
mircea_popescujoin #trilema i'll introduce.16:51
mircea_popescuill rate you, after which say !!up to deedbot in a pm16:52
omraphantomi said to deedbot16:55
omraphantomthen got the code what do i do with it?16:55
mircea_popescusay !!v code16:56
omraphantomso how do i use those tools you gave me?16:57
mircea_popescuput one in hand, say /explore16:58
omraphantomi keep my exploring was not successful17:12
omraphantomdoes that mean i'm just not finding anything?17:12
omraphantomdo i need to keep moving to explore? or will it be the same standing still?17:36
danielpbarronneed to move17:37
danielpbarronbut you can move back and forth between two points17:37
danielpbarron!~calc 1.48*25*1225518:43
jhvh1danielpbarron: 1.48*25*12255 = 45343518:43
danielpbarron!Qauction 453435 24 25 WOA q 14818:47
lobbesbotAUCTION # 30 STARTED by danielpbarron: 25 WOA q 148 Opening: 453435 coppers Ending: 2017-03-02 18:47:33 UTC (24 hours)18:47
danielpbarron!~calc 12621/6.0118:54
jhvh1danielpbarron: 12621/6.01 = 2100.000000000000518:54
danielpbarron!~calc 96623/4.618:54
jhvh1danielpbarron: 96623/4.6 = 21005.00000000000418:54
omraphantomso i've gone though two tools and found nothing is there something i'm doing wrong or is it just luck of the draw?18:58
danielpbarronthat's what happened to Aphex_18:58
mircea_popesculack of skills and luck yea18:58
mircea_popescualso depends where you dig, maybe you're in a shit spot.18:58
omraphantomjust making links on the island18:58
mircea_popescu!qbid 30 1mn18:58
mircea_popescu!Qbid 30 1mn18:59
lobbesbotAUCTION # 30: 25 WOA q 148 Heard: 1mn from mircea_popescu Ending: 2017-03-02 18:47:33 UTC (23 hours 48 mins)18:59
danielpbarroni would like to try building any claims you happen to find omraphantom18:59
omraphantomwell i'm doing this as a task for mircea so idk if you need to ask them or if i can just tell you lol19:00
mircea_popescui gave her stuff to build19:00
danielpbarronnot those, but from the tools i gave you19:00
omraphantomah okay19:01
omraphantomoh i'm suppose to build a claim then?19:01
danielpbarronalso you can sell the used tools so don't throw those out19:01
danielpbarrondid you find any?19:01
omraphantomi found jack so far19:02
danielpbarronyeah if you find one you can either lock it or build it19:02
lobbesbotAUCTION # 30: 25 WOA q 148 Opening: 453.435k Highest Bid: 1mn Ending: 2017-03-02 18:47:33 UTC (23 hours 27 mins)19:20
*** Joins: wyrdmantis (~wyrdmanti@host219-78-dynamic.27-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it)19:21
diana_comanserver coming down in 20 minutes for usual update&maintenance19:43
diana_coman!Qbid 30 1.25m19:53
lobbesbotAUCTION # 30: 25 WOA q 148 Heard: 1.25mn from diana_coman overbidding mircea_popescu Ending: 2017-03-02 18:47:33 UTC (22 hours 53 mins)19:53
diana_comanoh hi wyrdmantis , how's it going?19:54
wyrdmantishi diana_coman, eh... it's going very slowly20:03
diana_comanas long as it's in the right direction, slow is better than not at all20:04
mircea_popescuserver's back on. there should be a few fixes, including, ideally, an end to inept automixing.20:17
mircea_popescu*dingers frossed*20:17
lobbesbotAUCTION # 30: 25 WOA q 148 Opening: 453.435k Highest Bid: 1.25mn Ending: 2017-03-02 18:47:33 UTC (22 hours 27 mins)20:20
diana_comando let me know how the lack of automixing works for you20:22
danielpbarronwhat does automixing mean?20:23
diana_comantaking stuff in your inventory should now mix ONLY if same q; if not same q then it should not mix20:24
danielpbarronis it no longer possible to mix qualities?20:24
danielpbarronoh auto means from container/ground/storage -> inventory20:25
danielpbarroni can still manually drop them on each other i hope20:26
diana_comanyes, of course20:26
diana_comanit should mix different qualities ONLY if you drop them one on top of the other20:26
danielpbarronthat should make the explore bot a lot easier to code around20:27
diana_comanas I said: do let me know how it works for you20:27
mircea_popescupoor danielpbarron is very suspicious.20:46
diana_comanhow do you know an elder from a noob? the first is very, very suspicious21:07
lobbesbotAUCTION # 30: 25 WOA q 148 Opening: 453.435k Highest Bid: 1.25mn Ending: 2017-03-02 18:47:33 UTC (21 hours 27 mins)21:20
*** Quits: wyrdmantis (~wyrdmanti@host219-78-dynamic.27-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) (Quit: wyrdmantis)21:26
*** Joins: wyrdmantis (~wyrdmanti@host219-78-dynamic.27-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it)21:27
lobbesbotAUCTION # 30: 25 WOA q 148 Opening: 453.435k Highest Bid: 1.25mn Ending: 2017-03-02 18:47:33 UTC (20 hours 27 mins)22:20
lobbesbotAUCTION # 30: 25 WOA q 148 Opening: 453.435k Highest Bid: 1.25mn Ending: 2017-03-02 18:47:33 UTC (19 hours 27 mins)23:20
omraphantomoh nm23:24
danielpbarron!~calc 2.80*80*1000 - 4.60*21005 - 6.01*2100 - 235223:48
jhvh1danielpbarron: 2.80*80*1000 - 4.60*21005 - 6.01*2100 - 2352 = 112404.0000000000123:48
danielpbarron!~calc (112404/12298)*60*60*24*30*0.00000001*120023:50
jhvh1danielpbarron: (112404/12298)*60*60*24*30*0.00000001*1200 = 284.291268173686823:50
danielpbarron!~calc 62594/2.9823:53
jhvh1danielpbarron: 62594/2.98 = 21004.69798657718323:53
danielpbarron!~calc 1250000/45343523:59
jhvh1danielpbarron: 1250000/453435 = 2.756734702879133423:59

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