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Birdman3.75 mn on those bps mircea_popescu05:15
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danielpbarronaaaannnd i found a smelly murky something while exploring08:17
danielpbarronprobably from a spicy moss small08:18
danielpbarronsame quality as small spicy moss, and i see there was one in my log with 2608:19
danielpbarronright outside town too, you guys never saw it sitting there?08:20
Birdmanmust be nice guy08:22
diana_comandanielpbarron, I can sell 34 ampoules 140q09:14
danielpbarronwhat markup09:15
diana_comanatm still 352% as I don't see any bps around09:16
diana_comanok, I'm in town09:17
diana_coman!~calc 3.52*34*1.4*1345209:19
jhvh1diana_coman: 3.52*34*1.4*13452 = 2253909.503999999709:19
danielpbarrongot any slithy tove?10:10
diana_comandanielpbarron, yes; what sort of quantities/qualities are you looking for?10:21
danielpbarronlots of high quality10:25
danielpbarronor maybe all of it, how much you got?10:26
diana_comanI'll check after this cons click and get back to you with concrete numbers; re high q - I can get more but I need high q cft10:26
diana_comanmircea_popescu, 4mn on the cft bps10:32
diana_comanhoooray, ampoule designs; a few12:19
diana_comandanielpbarron, 73st 227q + 43 st 184q available; 7mn the lot13:12
diana_comanvery high q (>600) I have only a few atm and if there is any interest I guess I'll auction them, but it would make more sense to get some more reasonable quantity first13:13
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mircea_popescuAUCTION 18303 CFT bps, q 112. 4mn heard diana_coman and won. pick up at leisure.20:15
mircea_popescuand grats o npop!20:16
diana_comanmircea_popescu, ready20:17
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diana_comanand in horrible outcomes I can mention the st ord that gave...1 st 250q, clearly less than any of the smalls I ever built; but at higher cost!20:18
diana_comanords for high value resources are generally a losing proposition20:21
diana_comanas per: http://www.dianacoman.com/2017/01/23/ordinary-trouble-of-an-euloran-explorer/20:22
danielpbarrondiana_coman, what do you sell samovars for?23:21
danielpbarronor mircea_popescu maybe? who can offer a better deal here?23:23
mircea_popescuuhm you got the bps neh ?23:25
mircea_popescuim selling toolkits ; you sell samovars.23:25
danielpbarroncan trade blueprints for samovars23:25
danielpbarroni can do that sure23:25
mircea_popescuah, lemme see what i got here, defo can trade some bps for made items23:26
danielpbarronthere's a bit of work towards getting samovar production going23:26
mircea_popescuthere is.23:26
danielpbarronneed to get shaped slags ready23:26
mircea_popescuanyway ima finish this stick and go to bank23:27
danielpbarroni like crafting equal quality blueprint/bundle because i can clearly see what the loot is. item comes out one quality point higher than bundle, plus some numina23:28
danielpbarronright now i'm using high quality tubers and moss to turn the otherwise unsellable low quality shrooms and nuts i have into sellable and probably high markupable tea23:30
mircea_popescutea is defo hard to make.23:30
danielpbarroni have plenty of low quality nuts and shrooms23:30
danielpbarronand high quality tubers/moss is easy to get23:30
danielpbarronblueprint somewhere intbetween, so it doesn't get much easier23:31
mircea_popescuso you paid like 140mn for 1k bps. suppose i take 100 off your hands in exchange for 20 samovars d 107.3k and 8mn in cash ?23:32
danielpbarroni have 25 at 105 quality i'll trade for 4 of those samovars23:40
mircea_popescu25 whats ?23:41
mircea_popescu!~calc 140 / 2.5 * 1.0523:46
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 140 / 2.5 * 1.05 = 58.80000000000000423:46
danielpbarronbtw i discovered a way to put any number of different quality piles of the same item in your inventory23:46
mircea_popescu!~calc 58.8 * 25 / 107.3 / 523:46
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 58.8 * 25 / 107.3 / 5 = 2.739981360671016423:47
mircea_popescudanielpbarron no good way to give you 2.74 of a samovar lol.23:47
danielpbarroni can make them cheaper than that i think23:48
mircea_popescua ok23:52
danielpbarrondoes that mean you sell samovars at 500% ?23:55

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