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mircea_popescugetting vps to run eulora is not unlike getting lawnmower to drive to town.01:29
mircea_popescueulora uses about 500mb of disk atm.01:30
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mircea_popescuAUCTION : 5 SoM q 409 ; 8 SoL q 404 ; 6 SoB q 402 all together as a package starting... i dunno, 1mn.03:21
mircea_popescu(bv 11811, 11732, 11658  each, respectively)03:22
hanbot1mn mircea_popescu03:28
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 5 SoM q 409 ; 8 SoL q 404 ; 6 SoB q 402 all together as a package 1mn heard hanbot. eta 17:00 jan 4.03:28
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anondgood morning..shinohai...11:58
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mircea_popescuhola anond14:06
danielpbarronwhat are SoM SoL SoB ? scribblingses?14:21
mircea_popescuyeh leather and berries14:24
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mircea_popescudanielpbarron oh my bad, they're ~supplications~15:32
mircea_popescuie, altar bps.15:32
mlcmolinahi all, have anyone some job for me to do?15:33
mlcmolinai have been exploring eulora for hours and found nothing :(15:35
diana_comanhi mlcmolina ; did you actually explore as in dig for resources?15:35
diana_comananyways, I have a job available, yes15:35
diana_comanah, mircea_popescu do we get the new books at the upcoming auction too?15:36
diana_comanmlcmolina, meet me in town in 10 minutes15:36
* diana_coman is Foxy in game15:36
mlcmolinadiana_coman: i'll see you there15:37
mircea_popescudiana_coman which new books be those ?15:39
diana_comanugh, gotta look again; iirc lappy 200, building 600, gathering 60015:39
diana_comanmlcmolina, how much weight can your character carry?15:47
diana_comano.O that must be the smallest I ever heard of15:48
diana_comanok, trade Foxy mlcmolina15:48
diana_comanmlcmolina, do you have a craft-table?15:50
mircea_popescuiirc i gave him one15:50
diana_comanyou know the drill otherwise I suppose: go and build the 2 claims, bring the grass back and you'll get money15:50
diana_comanmlcmolina, ok?15:51
diana_comangood luck15:52
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mlcmolinadiana_coman: trade me please?17:03
diana_comanlol mlcmolina where are you?17:04
diana_comanFoxy's not in town atm17:04
diana_comanare you there?17:04
mlcmolinai'm back in town :)17:05
diana_comanok, I'll come over; you were probably trying to trade Grenadine instead17:06
diana_coman!~calc 0.15*0.10*60*(8429+9636)17:07
jhvh1diana_coman: 0.15*0.10*60*(8429+9636) = 16258.49999999999817:07
diana_comanI'll bump it to 20k, enjoy17:08
diana_comando you want to try your hand at a 1-click, 1.5 hour long job?17:09
diana_coman(i.e. you do 1 click, leave it on WITHOUT moving for 1.5 hour, come back to it and deliver)17:09
mlcmolinayes, i'll do it17:10
diana_comanok, let me get the stuff out17:10
diana_comanmlcmolina, did you craft anything so far?17:14
diana_comanyou pick up those screens and then set them down again; equip the boots (they go on your feet in the inventory window), equip the scroll in mind, put the bundle in the screens and then click on use (as you did for the claims)17:16
diana_comanonce it starts make sure you do NOT move; let it be for 1.5 hour or as long as it takes to finish and then bring everything back and I'll give you your money for the trouble17:17
diana_comanhey, you NEED the screens17:17
diana_comandon't run away from them, lol; use them as you used the claims, open, move bundle to it , click on use17:18
diana_comanis it working mlcmolina ?17:18
mlcmolinaok, i'm working on it now17:19
diana_comancool, ping me when it's ready17:19
mlcmolinayes, thank you!17:20
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 5 SoM q 409 ; 8 SoL q 404 ; 6 SoB q 402 all together as a package 1mn heard hanbot. eta 17:00 jan 4. << a little over an hour left18:36
mlcmolinadiana_coman: i'd finished!18:48
diana_comanmlcmolina, on my way18:51
diana_comanmlcmolina, trade18:59
diana_comangive me the boots here only and put the rest in the screens on the ground18:59
diana_comanmlcmolina, ^18:59
diana_comanmove away so I can pick it up and see19:00
diana_comanfurther please19:01
diana_comantrade for your money mlcmolina19:02
diana_comanhave you figured out what you want to do in game?19:03
mlcmolinai'll do whatever give me more ecu19:04
diana_comanheh, not a bad approach; have you tried figuring out what it is that give you more ecu19:05
mlcmolinano, but i think that crafting is really cool19:06
diana_comanthis is a very specific type , not exactly usual crafting19:06
diana_comanand very expensive to get into really19:06
mircea_popescumore ecu more ecu have a look and here we go...19:06
lobbesbotTitle: Kid Ink - Money and the Power (Lyrics in Description) - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)19:07
mircea_popescu80s are back!19:07
mlcmolinawhat i did early is named "gathering"?19:08
mircea_popescuwell building technically, gathering is when yo0u make the claims.19:09
mlcmolinai can do more of gathering if you want19:11
diana_comanmlcmolina, searching for resources is gathering; building the claims is building; what I gave you last is technically speaking a branch of crafting indeed (bouquinism)19:12
diana_comanit's just that it's done more for the loot (blueprints) than for the actual crafted item (the maculature)19:13
mlcmolinai see19:14
mlcmolinai did some gathering attempts and found nothing19:15
mircea_popescuhow many ?19:16
diana_comanfirst: you need LOTS; second: you might have better chances with some tools + skills19:16
diana_comananyways, bbl19:16
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mlcmolinavery little really19:17
mlcmolinaim reading about it at diana_coman's blog19:17
mircea_popescuyeah see danielpbarron 's also.19:18
mlcmolinamircea_popescu: congrats for this beautiful game you are working on!19:21
mircea_popescuha! thank you.19:21
mircea_popescuhow did you find out about it btw ?19:21
mlcmolinai can't remember, maybe when i found trilema.com..19:23
mlcmolinabecause i was finding some game with bitcoin as currency19:26
mircea_popescuanyway, a lot more to do. once the land update is in, then!19:26
mlcmolinai had short experience with secondlife19:27
mircea_popescusome of the girls played it.19:27
mlcmolinalast year i tested dragon's tale19:29
mlcmolinabut it's paid suscription (payable with btc)19:30
mlcmolinaand you can't withdraw your earnings19:31
mlcmolinai have a question about eulora graphics:19:32
mlcmolinahow can i put it fullscreen on my laptop?19:32
mircea_popescualt-enter doesn't do it ?19:32
mlcmolinaahh, yes19:33
mlcmolinamuch better :)19:33
mlcmolinamircea_popescu: have you some building/crafting to do?19:35
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mircea_popescunot right now, unfortunately.19:36
mircea_popescuhow much did you get for clicking on the screrens ?19:37
mircea_popescunot bad19:39
mircea_popescui might have one or two to do myself next week.19:39
mlcmolinai dont know if its ok because i didnt find its value at diana_coman list19:40
mircea_popescusounds about right tbh.19:41
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mlcmolinayes, considering i dont have to move ;)19:44
diana_comanmlcmolina, the click on screens is different from building in more than one respect, yeah19:45
mircea_popescuim guessing she must have done 10% of bundle value or somesuch19:45
diana_comanyou can find though the value of all of the different things involved if you go through the cookbook19:46
diana_comanbut yes, you'd need to take into account at least the bundle value and bp that went in as well19:46
mircea_popescujust the token is 500k+19:47
mlcmolinadiana_coman: i checked base value of Maculature Is on the cookbook and it says "N/A"19:49
diana_comanhmm? http://www.dianacoman.com/Eulora/Maculature-Is.html19:49
mlcmolinamircea_popescu: what is the token ?19:49
diana_comanI can see the value there clearly, where did you find it as N/A mlcmolina ?19:50
diana_comaninconsequential token is one of the things that go into the bundle19:50
diana_comanfollow that link above19:50
lobbesbotTitle: Euloran Cookbook Version 1.3 (at dianacoman.com)19:51
diana_comanbundle value is there as well; usually the 2 are the same but since it's not always, the site shows base value as such only when it really knows it (directly from game, manually retrieved at some point)19:53
diana_comanbundle value is in most cases the base value as well and it is the value of that item at 100 quality points19:54
diana_comanso you always need to adjust for quality as well; for instance, maculature is worth 167907ecu when it has quality 10019:54
diana_comanhowever, if you maculature of quality 276 then it's worth in fact 167907*2.7619:55
diana_comanif you go back to the calculations I made when I paid you for grass you'll see I adjusted there for the quality of the grass you delivered, namely 10 so 0.119:55
diana_comanlots of knowledge required for making ecu :)19:56
diana_comanbtw, just for the record, do note that one can quite easily also *lose* ecu in game19:57
mlcmolinai see ;)19:57
diana_comanin this sense the jobs you get are "safe" as you know you get some money out of it - the one giving you the job might sometimes make a loss19:57
mlcmolinafor example if my bot lose his craft-table while exploring?19:58
diana_comanthe terms (such as base value for instance) are really quite nicely explained on the wiki, worth reading that part several times19:58
diana_comanhm, more like using a tool worth 20000 ecu and getting out of it only 12000 ecu for instance19:59
diana_comanmost of the things one does in eulora are essentially gambling - you may win or you may lose, all of it in various degrees20:00
diana_comanand of course, best to know what you are doing if you want to make money at it :)20:00
mlcmolinai understand20:01
diana_comancool; do ask otherwise20:01
diana_comanwhat are you doing in real life?20:01
mlcmolinai am employed at school20:03
mlcmolinaIT admin20:04
mlcmolinaand i have some time for games :)20:05
diana_comanheh, one always has time for what one likes20:07
diana_comanhave you seen the eulora hackathon?20:07
mircea_popescudiana_coman maculature is like 1.7k base wut20:14
diana_comanwell, it's bundle value what the site calculates there20:15
diana_comanlet's see20:15
diana_coman!~calc 2*29170+101+88462+100020:17
jhvh1diana_coman: 2*29170+101+88462+1000 = 14790320:17
diana_comanah, the site has level 220:17
diana_coman!~calc 2*29170+101+88462+1000*9920:17
jhvh1diana_coman: 2*29170+101+88462+1000*99 = 24590320:17
diana_comannot sure what's the bv of the token, lol20:18
diana_coman!~calc 25213*6*520:20
jhvh1diana_coman: 25213*6*5 = 75639020:20
diana_coman!~calc (25213+13086)*6*520:23
jhvh1diana_coman: (25213+13086)*6*5 = 114897020:23
diana_comanmircea_popescu, do you want 38k odd bct bps q12 ^ ?20:24
mircea_popescutoken is 10 iirc20:25
diana_comanare you in town?20:25
diana_comanoh hi wyrdmantis , happy new year! how's it going?20:26
mircea_popescuim mining. ping you when back ?20:26
diana_comancan do, yeah; wanted to avoid dumping them in storage, but will do20:27
diana_comanand for all the srs and bct bps mlcmolina looted, he looted...43 cft bps ffs20:28
diana_comanwhat's with cft that is soooooo elusive, lol20:28
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shinohaihe lives21:49
anondi live21:49
shinohaiDid you cross a river filled with piranhas today or something ?21:54
anondsomething like this21:55
anondall this inside my hous21:55
shinohaiWell I should say one has serious issues if there is a river full of flesh-eating fish inside their home.21:56
wyrdmantishi diana_coman, happy new year! I'm fine thanks21:56
anondyes.. you catched the spirit21:56
wyrdmantisdiana_coman do you have any cft to sell?21:57
wyrdmantishigh q21:57
Birdmanmircea_popescu i've 2077 q201 grass if you're interested / ill buy some threads21:58
mircea_popescui am but out mining right nao21:59
mircea_popescucan it be tonight ?21:59
Birdmankk ill be in town just ping whenever21:59
anonddear shinohai22:00
shinohaiYes, that's how one would start a letter to me.22:02
anondyou have helped me alot22:03
shinohaiYou're quite welcome.22:05
anondand one day will be the time to reward you22:06
shinohaiSovereign Bitcoin always appreciated as token of appreciation ;)22:08
anondits is good to know that22:09
anondBUT, and many times there is a but,22:09
anondyesterday you have blocked me, for a period of time, in discouraging the use of a VPS22:11
shinohaianond see log: http://logs.minigame.bz/latest.log.html#t01:29:4322:12
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Wednesday, 2017-01-04 (at logs.minigame.bz)22:12
shinohaitwas not only I that think this is a terribul idea22:12
anondwell, now i can see that22:13
shinohaiSurely you can buy a laptop or other box for this purpose. I bought a spare one for < $100 that runs eulora fine.22:14
anondthanks for the advice22:15
anondwould you know for what technical reason that is not a good idea?22:23
shinohaiWell you have 0 graphics for one.22:24
anondSorry for my ignorance. You are saying that I would not have a graphical interface in a vps? (have in your mind that i have nevere rented  one)22:28
diana_comanwyrdmantis, flat out of cft I'm afraid; maybe mircea_popescu sells some22:28
mircea_popescuanond vps has no graphics, no.22:42
anondthanks mircea22:42
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Birdmanmircea_popescu does my stack of low q32 cft bps make it easier to get my hands on a bunch of threads? i would also be very happy with tons of threads at and multiple of q5223:37
mircea_popescuBirdman sure.23:37
Birdmani shall see what i have for bps then23:38
Birdmani do have a stack at q36, which i could sell to you per your shop, though i suppose i'd want to be able to buy like 3 stacks of threads23:40
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Birdmani also have a bunch of maculture and SI i could let go of if i can buy some bits23:55

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