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mod6alright, ready to transfer these items to you if you're available.01:39
mircea_popescumod6 now works01:40
mod6ok cool01:40
mircea_popescuhanbot tyvm!01:43
hanbotno u01:43
mod6mircea_popescu: ok, i've got no problem with putting all the items in my table and leaving it for ya.  but will it mix the like items?01:49
shinohaiitems in table mix eventually?01:50
mod6ah ok. i'll place them all in there then.01:50
mircea_popescuyeah then you can log off ill pick it up and all done.01:50
mod6cool :]01:51
mod6ok, everything is in the table now.01:53
mod6i'll logoff so im not guarding it.01:53
mod6done. o7 thanks!01:53
mircea_popescugot it.01:53
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mircea_popescuohohoh set it to craft adze, wake up to 7 imp axes!12:16
mircea_popescuno pop but sitll nice12:17
mircea_popescuAUCTION stack CFT, q 156, heard 5.3mn hanbot . eta tomorrow 5pm art ; mod6's pack of bps ( http://dpaste.com/3F9Z3Q9.txt ), 460k heard mircea_popescu ; eta 5pm art.12:17
mircea_popescushinohai wanna dig up this here grass ?13:40
shinohaiSure thing mircea_popescu be right there.13:40
shinohaibe back  soon!13:44
mircea_popescuso here's the funny thing : i was working on q 145 adze bundles, and getting out q 134 product. the whole run was 100 units.13:46
mircea_popescuthis means i was putting in 100 * 1.45 * 9352 = 1356040 and got back out 1253168 base value of axe.13:46
mircea_popescuhowever, i also had a mini pop, which gave me 1 more d 12491 adze, and 7 d 22109 adzes. so therefore : 1356040 -  1253168 - 12491 - 7*22109 = −6438213:48
mircea_popescuie, i made 64k (4.7%) MORE tool by doing a 11% overcraft on them13:48
shinohainot bad13:55
mircea_popescuyeah, it jsut adds to the infernal complication. another question which has no answer : "suppose i want to get the maximum tool out of this bundle - what should i do ?"13:55
mircea_popescuapparently... overcraft it a little is a valid response.13:55
mircea_popescu!~calc 3150*60*1.08 * .114:24
shinohai3150 grass is like 3x more than I obtained over the course of mining all weekend xD14:25
mircea_popescuwell, ords are kinda hard to get. i usually dig up 5-10k tool hits to get 4-5 like you've been working14:25
mircea_popescutakes about a day14:25
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 3150*60*1.08 * .1 = 2041214:26
mircea_popescuthe sad thing here is that recently i got a remakr of grass, which was i don't even recall how many stacks, and it's all gone to cft.14:26
shinohaibtw diana_coman you have time to trade for cft14:27
* mircea_popescu is kinda curious how long before the first eulora corps spring up.14:27
shinohaieulora corps?14:28
mircea_popescuwell yes. just like irl - pool investor money, go do X thing, split profits.14:28
mircea_popescu"First Eulora Grass Co."14:28
mircea_popescuthere clearly are some things with enough market by now that one can depend on it. pretty sure if you came with 1mn grass for sale it'd sell that same day.14:29
shinohaiah yes14:29
mircea_popescu1mn grass q 108 is like 1btc worth.14:29
mircea_popescusooo in other sad news, i am entirely out of worn old screens for the purpose of shredding. the last 160 clicks run yielded barely 100 mites, which means we got ... no more bouq cons clicking available as of now.16:00
mircea_popescui'm working to get some water together and see, but even so - it's like 1 more. absent more wos we're plugged.16:01
mircea_popescuoh look at that - i'm also out of woa bps. well... that's that then!16:02
mircea_popescuhey shinohai wanna do a guaranteed pop for me ?16:39
shinohaisure be right there16:40
shinohaikk ready when you are mircea_popescu16:44
mircea_popescuok one sec ima give you all the things.16:45
mircea_popescuand ima pay you 100k cash for it too.16:45
mircea_popescuok pick up those screens, put boots on and hit it16:46
mircea_popescushould be ~hour16:46
shinohaimkay its going ... will ping you when it finishes.16:48
mircea_popescucool deal.16:48
mircea_popescudiana_coman so i just made an experiment making some very high q GT, mostly because i looted the bps. the story goes like this : i made ACG out of bps q 1154 because whatever, i had them. they theoretically should then be worth 725*10*11.54 = 83665 ea. the bundle was q 244 (whatever, say 200%) = 7254 * 2 * 2.44 = 35399.52.17:27
mircea_popescuthe acg came out q 653, so per bottle it cost me 83655+35399+2933*5 = 133719 ea, or 282% (imo not terible, for that q).17:27
mircea_popescuthe few gt bps i had were at q 522, so theoretically worth 1639*5.22*10 = 85555.8 ea (heh!) and the bundle (other than the gin) is (2 * 366 * 1.95 +15 * 73 * 1.6 + 59 * 1.6)/(2 * 366 +15 * 73+ 59) = 174% on a partial bv of 1886 (out of 16494, so 0.1143).17:27
mircea_popescuthe bundle being q 616 its non-gin component is then (6.16 * 16394 - 6.53 * 2 * 7254) / 1886 = q 331 and therefore worth 1886 * 3.31 * 1.74 = 10862.228417:27
mircea_popescuso then for each gt click i spent say 8k for decay + 85.5k for bp + 2*133.7k for gin + 10862 nongin = 371.76k ecu per click. the gt came out of all this q 688, so that means 371.76 / 16.394 / 6.88 = 330%. which doesn't seem to me too bad. would you pay 330% on gt q 688 ?17:27
mircea_popescunote that this is an academic question, seeing how i only got 5 and i wanna save it with my us to make a wos when a bp finally shows up.17:27
mircea_popescure "bundle should be 200% whatever" : (24 * 87 * 1.6 + 1 * 1096 * 3.5 + 1 * 4070 * 1.83)/(24 * 87+ 1 * 1096+ 1 * 4070) = 2.01 lol.17:27
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shinohaibwahahaha click done mircea_popescu18:14
mircea_popescutrade me shinohai18:14
mircea_popescucheck you out, #10 for the month eh :D18:14
shinohaishit hold on wont let me trade container18:15
mircea_popescucontainer no.18:15
mircea_popescuaww most all neophyte huh18:18
shinohai194 xD18:19
mircea_popescuaite so drop the wos an' move away a little18:21
mircea_popescuan' trade me for your $$$18:22
shinohaithank you kindly!18:22
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diana_comanshinohai, I am in town now for that cft20:05
diana_comanmircea_popescu, do I understand it correctly that we have no wos and no waters and no way to get either?20:05
diana_coman330% for gt 688q is doable, ye20:05
shinohaidiana_coman: what was total price on that again?20:06
diana_comandon't recall how much you wanted, lol20:06
diana_comanmarkup is 180%20:06
shinohailemme get 300k worth20:06
diana_coman!~calc 590*180*1.57*1.820:14
shinohaimircea_popescu is right we need to divorce from this calc20:15
jhvh1diana_coman: 590*180*1.57*1.8 = 300121.220:16
mircea_popescudiana_coman we have very little wos ; no waters. no way to get waters - i don't have apprentice cooking cons. no way to get wos - i don't have l3 mcguyver which im pretty sure it's needed.20:17
diana_comanso much speed!20:17
diana_comanI don't have apprentice cooking cons either :(20:17
mircea_popescuno current way to get l3 cons of any kind - no bouq clicks because no mites20:17
diana_comanso truly stuck20:17
mircea_popescui suppose so, as wos not currently lootable huh.20:18
mircea_popescuanyone got worn old screens either item or bps ? look well!20:19
diana_comanwell, I STILL have a bit of life in my last wos item20:19
diana_comanNO bps though20:19
mircea_popescuim in ~same situation20:20
diana_comanbasically I could offer it for some clicks that might yield what we need, but that's about as much as I can do20:20
mircea_popescuthing is we don't, technically, need mites to click bouq cons. 1 suffices. but fuck me...20:20
mircea_popescurecall a time when we had a loit20:21
mircea_popescujurov do you happen to have worn old screens ?20:22
mircea_popescusay, would you be willing to hold a smg auction sunday ?20:24
mircea_popescui wanna participate.20:24
diana_comanshinohai, trade20:25
shinohaity diana_coman20:25
* shinohai keeps on grass mining20:26
diana_comanheh, not bad20:26
jurovwhat auction?20:33
mircea_popescuwell ima have to put out some wos bps because apparently we're shit out of wos.20:52
mircea_popescujurov ^20:52
jurovdunno, maybe someone around is more interested in running the auction?21:01
diana_comanI guess it's more about who is NOT interested in bidding basically, jurov21:02
jurovthat either21:03
jurovi'm not much ingame recently21:03
mircea_popescuwell that was the idea, people who play actively aren't as good for this.21:05
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SonGoku06how can i get the account?21:06
mircea_popescuSonGoku06 gotta make a pgp key register it with deedbot. see the wiki, it's explained.21:06
SonGoku06what next?21:10
diana_comanSonGoku06, it doesn't seem to be registered with deedbot, did you do that step?21:11
SonGoku06wait i will make the reboot21:11
*** Quits: SonGoku06 (5be5faca@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)21:12
mircea_popescudid he make the reboot ?21:13
diana_comanapparently he did not make it *from* the reboot, lol21:20
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SonGoku06hi again22:02
SonGoku06are now is ok?22:02
*** Quits: SonGoku06 (5be5faca@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)22:08
diana_comandoes he plan to keep rebooting until it magically workx?22:26
mircea_popescuwell, until a better idea arises anyway.22:26
shinohailooks like anond finally gave up, haven't seen him in a while22:30
mircea_popescuapparently this shit is unspeakably hard22:39
*** Joins: SonGoku06_ (5be5faca@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
SonGoku06_I don't know what I am doing wrong but I am not able to registry my key22:48
lobbesbotTitle: keys.connectical.com (at keys.connectical.com)22:49
SonGoku06_here i see my key22:49
SonGoku06_but during registratin I have mesage: "Import failed for SonGoku06."22:50
shinohaiSonGoku06_: paste your public key here http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/22:50
SonGoku06_I also do I22:51
shinohaithen /msg deedbot !!register <link to your public key22:51
SonGoku06_!!register <C:\Users\user\Desktop\key_name>22:53
SonGoku06_like that?22:53
shinohaino !!register followed by the link on wotpaste to your public key22:55
SonGoku06_no is OK22:57
SonGoku06_now is OK :)22:57
SonGoku06_i make the relog22:57
shinohaiok good, hang tite and mircea_popescu will make you an account.22:57
shinohaiDid you download the game already?22:57
SonGoku06_so what is the next step ?22:59
SonGoku06_i mus wait for mircea?22:59
shinohaiyes he has to be the one to make you an account23:01
SonGoku06_ok - so I will contact him tomorow -or today becouse here is now 00:02 :)23:02
SonGoku06_thx for help23:02
shinohaino problem!23:02
*** Quits: SonGoku06_ (5be5faca@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)23:03

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