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mircea_popescuwell now it just decided to stop putting keys in claims, so still wasted half the time04:50
mircea_popescuat least not 99.7% like last time.04:50
diana_comanlags WILL mess it up to some extent, no decision involved though, lol06:26
diana_comanhow's exploring/harvesting going shinohai ?06:27
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shinohaihttp://logs.minigame.bz/2016-10-17.log.html#t06:27:04   <<< so-so hope I can stay in game longer than 15-20 minutes today lol12:45
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Monday, 2016-10-17 (at logs.minigame.bz)12:45
anondhello people12:47
shinohaiheya anond12:47
shinohaiHow goes it12:49
diana_comanhi anond , how's it going?12:56
diana_comanshinohai, why not set the bot up and let it go about on its own? as long as it has enough threads and bits of nothing it should be all right12:58
shinohaiI'm still doing penance for my last mistake and developing all those claims little by little xD12:59
diana_comanah, the harsh world of eulora takes its toll, lol13:01
shinohaiThe MOTD "You can't have everything, where would you put it?"13:04
anondhi diana13:09
anondIm going well13:09
anondthanks for asking13:09
shinohaianond any luck with those video drivers yet?13:20
anondno shinohai13:45
diana_comansoooo Foxy gets 751q pss and 738q sg with same 7 cft (300q) in small claims, despite having higher Farming skill than Mining skill13:45
diana_comansomehow farming and Foxy don't get along at all13:46
diana_comanin true euloran style it might be easier to figure out what a character sucks at doing rather than what it is good at doing13:46
shinohaiThis is Monday in Eulora13:46
diana_comanif it doesn't suck, then it's safe to assume it's...good13:46
diana_comanwell, on an entirely different (and sunnier) side, the morning yielded a few toves, molluscs and other rare stuff13:47
anondi have learned somethings....but not it is not solved stillyet13:48
anond(still or yet)13:48
diana_comanshould add that farming is about 20 ranks higher than mining, so not exactly just a tiny bit higher seeing how those levels are a pain anyways13:48
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mircea_popescuso after all the work "fixing" foxybot, it's altoghether not clear any improvement was had. the main point is that the bot is still not working when i wake up, just as it wasn't before.15:53
mircea_popescuwith the fix it evidently worked longer, which is an advantage, but it also worked wastefully, which is to say i have >50 enums it never expliited, like 100k ecu worth.15:54
mircea_popescuwhich is better ? total toss-up i guess.15:54
mircea_popescuvery fucking frustrating15:54
diana_comannot sure what the bot can do though15:55
diana_comanit sends the right things in right order; things get delayed/lost15:55
mircea_popescui guess the only thing it can do is make a queue, an executor AND a checker.15:55
diana_comanthat's why I was a bit weary of powering it through everything: because usually when something goes wrong, powering through means only that you will end up wasting stuff15:55
mircea_popescuanyway, wrt the keys : could it be made to DROP them like the table, instead of putting them in ?\15:57
diana_comanmyeah, remaking the client basically works, I agree15:57
mircea_popescuor even better, could it also do a /drop tiny key every step ?15:57
mircea_popescuoh look! it worked FOR AS LONG AS I WAS AWAKE and an hour or so afterwards15:57
diana_comansure, why not, especially now that the keys have different names so you don't end up dropping an ord key15:57
mircea_popescuhow. HOW!!!!!15:57
diana_comanadd for instance after that line you added last time another one with the command for dropping a tiny15:58
mircea_popescuyeah totally, will do this.15:58
mircea_popescubecomes unsafe to carry tiny keys, meaning it's a very kludge, but i don't and i need a fix here.15:59
diana_comanso worldHandler::ExecCmd(csString("/drop Tiny Claim Key"));15:59
mircea_popescuyup ty.15:59
mircea_popescu!~calc 3+2+8+19+1+515:59
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 3+2+8+19+1+5 = 3815:59
mircea_popescuthis is actually great, because it fixes what was definitely a specific problem (tiny key choke). i'm curious if it can find anything now.16:06
mircea_popescuanyway. 300 tools, one stack lbn, 1k cft, altered bot mark III deployed. will report moar.16:25
shinohaigood luck!16:26
diana_comanhm, I'd run out of 1k cft with waaay less than 300 tools16:27
diana_comanthen again: what q are those tools of yours?16:27
mircea_popescu10-11k durability16:30
mircea_popescuanywya, if it exhausts the cft stock without a hitch i'm entirely happy, it's like 2 days' worth.16:30
mircea_popescubut so far this has been beautiful - the bot lost the supply of tiny keys from the prev failure, i didn't have to click like an idiot myself :D16:31
* mircea_popescu has just realised that this fix is actually pretty dangerous. before - if you sent it mining without cft/lbn, it'd eventually choke on keys and stop. but enums stack, you can end up wasting all the tools you got ande ending up with a piule of unusable enums16:35
diana_comanbot design is a very interesting thing16:35
mircea_popescuyeah srsly. i'm half considering adding a stop condition for no lbn / no cft.16:36
mircea_popescuin the end this thing is organically evolving under industrial pressure very far away from any sort of sensible design16:36
mircea_popescuperhaps informative as to the destructive forces applying to software generally.16:36
diana_comanwell, that's how it usually happens, yes16:36
mircea_popescuit's understood that planets can not be arbitrarily close to the star, because the changing attraction force (it stays the same modulus, but changes direction, which IS a change and which therefore DOES deliver mechanical work), the same thing that keeps the earth's core motlen, are strong enough to tear them apart.16:37
mircea_popescuit's starting to look to me as if software is in the same situation, every distinct item gravitating against the sun of practice.16:38
diana_comanmore like applying to open source as it were because you are changing your own version but essentially I have the option to see what people need/what changes they make/how it works and then incorporate it into a more reasonable design at next update if needed16:38
mircea_popescubut the design can not be reasonable for fundamental reasons16:38
mircea_popescuwhich happen to be exactly those stated by godel.16:38
diana_comanfwiw as experience: this structure of the bot which is quite sane still is actually at least the 2nd total re-write basically16:38
mircea_popescui recall.16:39
diana_comannot because I started with an insane structure but because the first one got totally messed up when confronted with practice basically16:39
diana_comanso no, it's not that it can't be held sane, it's only that it is VERY expensive basically16:39
diana_comanbecause yeah, it's totally possible you end up needing some 3rd rewrite and so on16:40
mircea_popescui wouldn't advise running this AB Mk 3 if one's a noob. it's very finely tuned to my particular needs.16:40
diana_comanyeah, it's not the sort of thing I would *add* /deploy as update for sure16:40
mircea_popescudiana_coman it retains small keys now.16:40
diana_comanwell of course?16:40
mircea_popescunuts. so the fix actually does A LOT for me16:40
diana_comanadd one line to drop the small ones too, lol16:41
mircea_popescui'd have had 20+ tiny keys to go with these 3 small keys16:41
mircea_popescupossibly. so far i just wanna run it and get an idea16:41
mircea_popescuit's not angered me yet16:41
diana_comanfunnily enough my bot has been running without any trouble at all really16:43
mircea_popescugood for you16:58
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diana_coman"mircea_popescu I got an idea though. Might work with single table." <- re note vii to go with it: you do realise this, precisely this *was* said in the very same paragraph where I offered the line of code to drop the table (aka "obv, keeping only one table in inventory ensures it drops the right one")20:25
mircea_popescukinda how "creativity" goes.20:56
* shinohai thinks developing these claims is the Eulorian way of writing "Thou shalt not explore without cft" 1000 times21:55
mircea_popesculol. still working on them ?22:01
mircea_popescui'm pretty happy with fb mk3. no problems so far in 924 explores.22:02
mircea_popescui got 4 small keys which is really sustainable.22:02
shinohaihttp://imgur.com/a/VO9Ao   <<< hanbot earlier22:02
lobbesbotTitle: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet (at imgur.com)22:02
hanbotlol no regrets!23:39

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