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shinohaigm diana_coman13:08
diana_comanhi shinohai13:09
diana_comanready to settle now that grass ?13:09
shinohaibtw do I need to drop this table for you?13:09
shinohaiyeah sure, I guess I need to get out of storage for you?13:09
diana_comanuse the table to get all the grass out of storage13:10
diana_coman1. table down; 2. get grass out of storage 3. move from inventory to table (inside!) 4. repeat from 2 until done 5. trade me13:10
diana_comanand you can then keep the table13:11
shinohaiTable just floats there lol13:11
diana_comanyeah, it's ok, lol13:11
diana_comanbetter high up in the air than buried deep13:12
shinohaigot all teh grass and initiated trade diana_coman13:20
shinohaiDarn it one sec, gotta get my table menu back up13:20
diana_comantake all from table (3rd button from bottom)13:20
diana_comanyou can get the table menu while in trade13:21
shinohaiok tried again13:22
diana_comanctrl-click on a pile of stuff takes the whole pile13:25
diana_comanjust "take all" from table best13:26
diana_comanso it makes it into one single pile in your inv13:26
diana_comanand then move that to the trading window13:26
shinohaiit didnt let me :/13:28
diana_comanwhat did it say?13:28
shinohaiim doing sumthing wrong dunno lol13:28
diana_comandid you press the "take all" button on the left-hand side of the table?13:28
diana_coman5th from top13:28
shinohaiI did, nothing happens13:29
shinohaii accidently took it out and stacked it all lol13:29
diana_comanwell, that's fine, that's what was supposed to happen, lol13:29
diana_comanjust move it to the trading window now13:29
diana_comanpossibly take first back the grass you already put in there13:29
diana_comanas that might confuse it13:30
shinohai"You cannot mive an item being exchanged?13:30
diana_comanaha, that's the trouble13:30
diana_comantake back the grass from the trade window13:30
shinohaiI got like 582 in there13:30
* mircea_popescu watches and lulz.13:30
diana_comanyeah, take it back, lol13:30
diana_comanctrl-click on it and move to inventory13:30
shinohaiits in13:30
diana_comancool, now move all grass from inv to trade window13:30
diana_comangood; how much grass was there in total shinohai ?13:32
diana_comanI think you already gave me some of it, right?13:32
diana_comanI was holding the trade shinohai , lol13:33
diana_comanwanted to give you the money too13:33
shinohaiWell this has been an adventure13:33
diana_coman!~calc 0.1*60*0.1*852613:34
jhvh1diana_coman: 0.1*60*0.1*8526 = 5115.613:34
diana_comanthat's your share there shinohai ^ accept trade13:35
mircea_popescuso i'm overpaying by about 10000% ?13:35
diana_comanguess mircea_popescu's half bitcent per ord is a VERY good deal13:35
shinohaiI dont see anything13:35
mircea_popescudrink less!!11 :D13:36
diana_comando you see it now shinohai ?13:36
shinohainow yeah lol13:36
diana_comanthere, well done and keep the table13:36
diana_comanI gather you'll need it a lot :)13:36
mircea_popescua there you go, he got a table, that's at least another 5k13:36
shinohaiIt's amazing how addicted I am to this shit already, never played any games like this in my life.13:37
diana_comanheh, cool stuff13:38
diana_comanmircea_popescu, in any case I don't really aim to match your offer on this sort of tasks, at least not atm13:39
mircea_popescuyeah, makes sense13:40
shinohaidiana_coman wants slaves :P13:40
diana_comanI mean those more as a way for noobs to learn the ropes and then get going on their own13:40
diana_comanso hopefully they see/figure out a way to make more money on their own rather than relying on these jobs for that13:40
shinohaiI know, I really do thank you for having patience with me thus far13:40
mircea_popescuthough on the other side, a noob is resonably to be expected to get about 50-100k bv from an ord, and i dunno that i'd pay as low as 5k. but anyway.13:40
mircea_popescui guess it mostly depends on how self-contained they are.13:41
diana_comanit was calculated as 10%13:41
diana_comanso 10% of whatever it is from my ord with everything provided13:41
shinohaiok now, where do I go to get bundles again?13:41
diana_comanbuy them from spirover shinohai13:41
diana_comanmircea_popescu> though on the other side, a noob is resonably to be expected to get about 50-100k bv from an ord, and i dunno that i'd pay as low as 5k. but anyway. <- and wait, what do you mean a noob is expected to get that?13:42
diana_comanwhat, I get a different bv now?13:42
diana_comanbecause not noob, or how does this go?13:42
mircea_popescudiana_coman i often get LESS bv than what i put in. eg, remarkable with ~5mn bundle, got 2mn grass.13:43
mircea_popescui don't recall a noob going into an ord and coming back with ie, 10k bv13:43
diana_comanand what tells you that a noob would have gotten more than 2mn bv grass from *same* remark?13:43
diana_comanI don't see the sense in what you say there13:44
mircea_popescuthe fact that i never saw a noob come back with less than 50k from an ord13:44
mircea_popescuwhereas i often do13:44
mircea_popescuin fact i usually hit t about i dunno, 20-30k for an ord.13:44
mircea_popescuwell yes really. i had dozens mined by noobs these days yes ?13:44
diana_comanah, wait13:44
diana_comanwhat q do you get?13:44
mircea_popescuq adjusted rthough13:44
diana_comanso let me get this straight: calculating q adjusted you get *lower* bv overall than noob does, correct?13:45
mircea_popescunot overall ; but in many instances.13:45
mircea_popescui've also not seen noob get ie 500k ; which happens to me now and again13:45
diana_comanall of this on *your* ords, hm13:45
mircea_popescuyup. and made same way.13:46
diana_comanthing is: strictly speaking I have in fact kind of 0 incentive to give ords to noobs13:46
diana_comanbecause 1. I lose the xp and they don't even use it in most cases13:46
mircea_popescuwell yes, strictly speaking everyone got 0 incentive to trade ; eulora dun force you. you can do everything youtself.13:46
diana_coman2. I CAN underbuild it if I am after low q13:46
diana_comannope, I don't mean that, lol13:47
mircea_popescuanyway. myself, i find it rther convenient. but i can see the opposing case.13:47
diana_comanI mean: what is exactly the actual gain for me in there? from what you say I'd gather it's a kind of guaranteed middle-ground of return13:47
diana_comanwhich I am not even sure of at this stage tbh13:47
mircea_popescuwell yes, seems to me it's more predictable : you'll get 9 q and about 50k or so in goods.13:48
diana_comanoh, the convenience of not running around to build them, I can see that, yes13:48
diana_comanI suppose it might be that I don't yet get enough ords to prefer to outsource them rather than build them14:08
diana_comanahahaha; what's the trouble shinohai ?14:13
diana_comanmircea_popescu, any cft available?14:16
shinohaiI gotta go back and figure out how to trade with spirover14:16
* shinohai makes more coffee14:16
diana_comanright click on spirover and trade button?14:16
mircea_popescudiana_coman iirc i had a batch with your name on it ; but it's in storage and im mining ;/14:17
mircea_popescuare you out ?14:17
shinohaiso just gibe coins and he dispenses bundles?14:17
diana_comanaha; it's ok, it can wait a few hours14:17
diana_comanneah, choose the item you want shinohai14:17
diana_comanclick on button as to 1 , x or all14:18
diana_comanand he'll take the money :D14:18
mircea_popescucan't you feel electron'shand in your pocket ? :D14:18
diana_comanmircea_popescu, best in about 5 hours from now; I'll have more grass too if you still want it14:18
mircea_popescukk. i'll have to look but possibru.14:19
shinohaibtw diana_coman do I need to return your claim key?14:32
shinohaiwhile I'm trying to figure out what I'm supposed to buy here lol14:33
mircea_popesculol did you find the tab ?14:40
shinohaiI found tab with items, do I buy a corresponding bundle for each enumeration I have?14:47
mircea_popescupretty much15:06
mircea_popescubut not all at the same time as they are somewhat heavy15:06
*** Joins: kunickis (54edae85@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.
kunickisHey all.15:09
kunickisSorry that didnt play a little.15:09
kunickisDidnt have time need to work heh.15:09
*** Joins: DianaComan (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)15:09
kunickisBut now am free hehe.15:10
shinohaio/ kunickis15:10
mircea_popescuwhat do you work ?15:12
kunickishey mircea. :)15:12
kunickisin real life haha.15:12
mircea_popescuyeah but what15:12
kunickisin shop15:12
kunickisneed to earn money to pay for bills hehe.15:13
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)15:13
mircea_popescuhonestly i thought you lived with parents.15:13
kunickis15k branch left to move to city hehe.15:14
kunickisif i will live with parents then dont need to go to work haha. :D15:15
kunickisfor now i think to make some website releated to steam keys... maybe will earn some revenue from ads haha so dont need to go to work. hehe.15:18
mircea_popescuseems dubious enough.15:20
kunickisfound that one of this sites earning ~70$ day. it will be nice if I make ~20$ day so i can pay for bills haha.15:21
kunickisdubious? what thats mean? :D15:21
kunickiswhat funny in there?15:22
shinohaiNothing, notions of passive income inspire mirth in me.15:22
kunickisam just looking to earn some extra profit hehe.15:26
mircea_popescuwhat do you do by trade ?15:29
kunickisyou to me?15:30
mircea_popescuno i mean, what did you go for school for ?15:31
mircea_popesculike, plumber, or nurse, or airplane pilot or what ?15:32
kunickisautomechanic... but dont like that anymore.15:32
mircea_popescuwhy not ? earns well enough no ?15:32
kunickisyh dont know why dont like it now hehe15:33
kunickisanyway in my country cant earn good money15:33
kunickisonly if you are president haha15:33
mircea_popescuwhich was this, lithuania ?15:33
mircea_popescuah. why not ?15:34
kunickisminimal montlhy income 300euros15:34
kunickisFor house 150euro/month for bills ~100euros15:34
kunickisand 50euros only for food/month15:34
mircea_popescuwhat kind of house do you get for 150 euro / month ?15:35
kunickisdont know how its on english15:35
kunickisflat or apartment... dont know haha :D15:35
mircea_popesculook online, the same usual scams. "1700 euro! Romantic alcove bedroom with balcony!"15:37
kunickisam living at this type of house http://www.liepajniekiem.lv/uploads/thumbnails/original/articles/2008/05/20130223-0227-17405-51280d0fdf690-kapec-paradnieces-dzivoklis-pieskirts-galvenajai-gramatvedei.jpg.jpg15:37
mircea_popescuhttps://www.erasmusinn.com/accommodation/studio-by-gallery-riga-1940 << 400 euro. studio. lmao.15:37
lobbesbotTitle: Studio by Gallery Riga in Riga, Latvia | ErasmusInn (at www.erasmusinn.com)15:37
shinohaiThe balcony looks down into an alley, where you get a nice view of all the neighborhood dumpsters .....15:37
kunickisIn Riga is too expensive to live15:38
kunickisits capital city15:38
mircea_popesculooks ~exactly as romania.15:38
mircea_popescuahahaha. spacious 3 bedroom apartment, valdemara, 2600 eur15:38
kunickisif work in riga then can earn some good money but am not living in capital city haha15:39
mircea_popescucozy house in dbulti, 5 rooms, 200sqm, 2250 euro15:39
kunickisits why i looking to earn money internet.15:39
kunickisto get some extra money15:39
mircea_popescuyeah, i think i follow that part.15:43
kunickisdidnt understand what you mean with that hehe,15:44
kunickiswill turn google translate on haha15:44
kunickistoo bad translator.. anyway didnt understand haha15:45
DianaComanugh, kunickis seriously, vilnius is 4 hours away on bus; quite sure prices at the border are cheaper15:48
DianaComanso why the hell pay that kind of rent on a flat in Riga?15:48
DianaComanshinohai, claims can be built only once15:49
DianaComanso feel free to either use the claim for storage if you need it or leave it unlocked and chuck/keep key15:49
DianaComan(key should become on little bit of nothing when the claim vanishes)15:49
kunickisin riga can live only people that have a lot of money haha15:50
kunickisin this country salary is low but things to buy is expensive.. haha15:51
mircea_popescui think everyone says that.15:51
mircea_popescu!~tr en to la "i think everyone says that."15:51
jhvh1mircea_popescu: Error: "tr" is not a valid command.15:51
mircea_popescu!~translate en to la "i think everyone says that."15:51
jhvh1mircea_popescu: et omnis qui dicit mihi videtur.15:51
kunickisnot la15:51
mircea_popescu!~translate en to lv "i think everyone says that."15:51
jhvh1mircea_popescu: Es domāju, ka visi saka, ka.15:51
kunickisnot right translation15:52
kunickisit need to be15:52
mircea_popescui bet.15:52
kunickisEs domāju ka visi tā saka.15:52
kunickishaha :D15:52
mircea_popescu!~translate lv to en  Es domāju ka visi tā saka.15:52
jhvh1mircea_popescu: I think that says it all.15:52
mircea_popesculol! no, that's not right either.15:52
kunickishaha said. ;D15:52
kunickisdont know why than15:52
mircea_popescu!~tr en to la "i think they all say same."15:52
jhvh1mircea_popescu: Error: "tr" is not a valid command.15:52
mircea_popescu!~translate en to lv "i think they all say same."15:53
jhvh1mircea_popescu: Es domāju, ka viņi visi saka pats.15:53
kunickisEs domāju, ka viņi visi saka vienādi15:53
kunickisnot "pats" but "vienādi"15:53
mircea_popescu!~translate lv to en Es domāju, ka viņi visi saka vienādi15:53
jhvh1mircea_popescu: I think they all say the same15:53
kunickishaha :D15:53
kunickis"pats" mean myself or smthing like it haha15:55
kunickis"vienādi" the same15:55
kunickisbad translator. :D15:55
kunickisWhen i was in school in English i got better mark then Latvian haha:D15:56
DianaComanhm, is the logger for this channel dead?15:58
DianaComanuhm, no, nm15:58
kunickisdo you get any profit from this game?16:04
kunickisis there any new people playn?16:15
mircea_popescuwell shinohai started playing seriously i saw16:34
mircea_popescukunickis what do you mean profit ? try /show top it'll see you what people loot16:34
*** Quits: kunickis (54edae85@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)16:37
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mircea_popesculol you know how to read logs kunickis ?16:37
kunickiswhich lohs?16:38
kunickischat logs?16:38
kunickislogs.minigame.bz know. ;d16:40
*** Quits: kunickis (54edae85@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)16:43
*** Joins: kunickis (54edaf6c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.
kunickiswhy asking? :d16:44
mircea_popescuto know if you can read my answer to your question above.16:45
kunickisOhh. I think profit from this game.. You are giving away bitcoins but are you getting something back?16:46
DianaComankunickis, he answered you but you disconnected; hence read the logs to read his answer16:49
kunickisThere is no answer in logs.16:50
kunickismircea_popescu kunickis what do you mean profit ? try /show top it'll see you what people loot16:51
kunickisIt was last after I disconnect16:52
*** Quits: kunickis (54edaf6c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)17:02
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*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)18:39
diana_comanmircea_popescu, you around for the cft?18:40
mircea_popescualrighty ill come over.18:42
diana_comanI'm dragging a table to town too18:43
mircea_popescumust say bot has been supremely well behaved of late.18:43
* diana_coman pats bot 18:43
diana_comanit so happens I stumbled again upon this: http://logs.minigame.bz/2015-08-07.log.html#t13:22:0918:47
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Friday, 2015-08-07 (at logs.minigame.bz)18:47
mircea_popesculol here she comes18:51
mircea_popescuahahaha happy 1year birthday foxybot!18:52
mircea_popescuholy shit it came a long way18:52
mircea_popescuready ?18:55
mircea_popescu!~3064 * 60 * 1.56 * 1.818:56
jhvh1mircea_popescu: Error: "3064" is not a valid command.18:56
mircea_popescu!~calc 3064 * 180 * 1.56 * 1.818:56
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 3064 * 180 * 1.56 * 1.8 = 1548668.160000000118:56
mircea_popescudiana_coman sadly im all out of low grass.18:56
mircea_popescubut ill letcha know.18:57
diana_comankk, lemme see then the coins, lol18:57
diana_comanlol, this is all I have18:58
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