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mircea_popescuPeterL so how we doin' ?10:52
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MemnonHi. If anyone is available, I was wondering, for installation, are the Ubuntu 14.04 dependencies are applicable for 16.04?11:49
mircea_popescuheya lol11:49
shinohaio/ gm mircea_popescu11:49
shinohaiyou're here early11:49
mircea_popescui would expect yes. but if you encounter any trouble Memnon say here and we'll prolly be able to sort you out.11:49
mircea_popescushinohai ;)11:50
MemnonCool. Thank you.11:50
PeterLmircea_popescu I have finished crafting, how should I pass you all this stuff?12:22
mircea_popescuyou can keep the table for yourself.12:24
mircea_popescuhow many stacks of feelins' did you end up with ?12:31
mircea_popescupretty cool./12:32
mircea_popescu17 apparently.12:33
mircea_popescuthat it ?12:33
PeterL(I'll take ECu instead of BTC for this)12:33
mircea_popescuhere's your shiny new coin then :D12:33
PeterLapparently counting is hard12:33
PeterLoops, still more12:34
mircea_popescuthat it ?12:34
mircea_popescufeeelings... it's only...12:35
PeterLat least they don't weigh much12:35
mircea_popesculike irl.12:40
mircea_popescuso did you wantto buy something with your dough ?12:40
PeterLhmm, I guess I could use some skill or something?12:43
PeterLor I might need a tool to explore? Still not sure what is the next step in this game12:43
mircea_popescuahahaa go me!12:44
mircea_popescuPeterL you can have my old pickaxe free, how about that.12:44
mircea_popescuso the way it works is you need skillbooks/items to obtain skills, but you can practice anything without any skill12:49
mircea_popesculike, you crafted without skill. what you did is nominally tinkering12:49
PeterLaha, so I can go out exploring without having any mining skill?12:50
diana_comanPeterL, put it another way: you can try your hand at anything without any investment into it (and without gaining any game-experience out of it either); when you got some idea(s) as to what to do next, you can buy the skills you need and start gaining game-experience too12:50
diana_comanand yes, you can explore without any skills12:50
mircea_popescuyeah, you can.12:51
mircea_popescuPeterL you can also explore without any tool.12:51
PeterLdoes having tool help explore?12:51
mircea_popescuwelcome to the great unknown. game's been running for a year+, questions liek that dun have a solid answer.12:51
diana_comanuhm mircea_popescu how is that exactly in this case? I can explore bh and find something 1/15 tries while I find something 1/1 tries with a tool; as to noob exploring last time someone reported here they had been exploring a whole day bh without finding anything12:53
mircea_popescuso what's this say about him ?12:53
diana_comansee noob there12:53
diana_comannoob + tool found something though, need to add that too12:53
mircea_popescuwell ok, so in the experience of people other than you, things mostly work that tool helps yes.12:54
mircea_popescui've yet to see some properly maintained loot logs by anyone, so the result is very... dubious.12:54
diana_comanapparently people prefer it to remain ...dubious at least for you :p12:54
mircea_popescubut sure, otherwise i concur with the community consensus that tools do help.12:54
mircea_popescui just... dun have very good basis for it, and can't say how much.12:55
mircea_popescudiana_coman lol there is that.12:55
PeterLwell so far I have not found anything with or without tool, so my data is not much help here13:00
diana_comanPeterL, it might help to a. try things for yourself but on a rather *large* scale b. read around everything to figure out at least what has been said/reported c. possibly ask for mentoring if anyone still offers13:02
PeterLI tried it once and it didn't work! This game sucks! /sarcasm13:03
mircea_popescuyeah seriously, unlike afaik any game out there, in eulora even million point datasets can be insufficient, and the results dubious for some applications.13:05
mircea_popescufor instance, i got a few dozen pops out of easily a hundred million clicks.13:05
diana_comanI suppose it might also help to keep in mind your current main advantage namely the nonexistent skills: it allows you to get huge overcraft hence loot potentially more13:08
diana_comanI suppose I'd start from there if I had a brand new character, but then again that is a. me b. knowing what I know now13:09
mircea_popescuproblem with this is the market in numina isn't so strong so far. he'd sell mid to low q tinkering numina at what 110% ?13:11
PeterLis there somewhere that lists keybindings (or where to change them?)13:11
mircea_popescuyeah, the cog icon, or else there's a config file.13:11
diana_comanwhy numina mircea_popescu ?13:13
diana_comanI wouldn't go for numina, no13:13
mircea_popescuoh you meant mining ? yeah there's that.13:13
diana_comanthere still are loads of low q numina around and no real demand apparently13:13
diana_comanmining and/or cons13:13
diana_comanhe could buy the full setup and make bps, what13:13
mircea_popescuo cons hey huh.13:13
mircea_popescuthough they are pretty expensive.13:13
diana_comanso they are13:13
mircea_popescubut yeah, i see it.13:14
mircea_popescubtw PeterL want to do one click for me ? it'll take about an hour or so i expect, i'ma pay 100k.13:22
mircea_popescuok lemme sort it all out a sec13:23
mircea_popescuok so pick up those screens behind you13:24
mircea_popescuput the boots on, bp in head, and go ahead click13:25
PeterLumm, what boots and bp?13:25
mircea_popescuand bp, the scroll with a question mark on it. blueprint13:26
PeterLwhere do I get them?13:27
mircea_popescuall of this is in the screens13:27
mircea_popescudrop them on the ground and look13:27
PeterLah, screens are container!13:28
mircea_popescuit's the tool for bouquinism. each craft line has its own tool13:29
PeterLumm, I think I did something wrong, bp and clogs disappeared?13:31
PeterLnevermind, I see them again13:32
PeterLsays "not right amount of items"13:33
PeterLneeds another sacrifice token, I think?13:34
PeterLtried again and now it works13:35
mircea_popescua cool13:35
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diana_comanhi khaos4914:20
khaos49i joined a few weeks back but never started up, any tasks for me14:21
diana_comanhm, what do you mean by "joined" then?14:24
diana_comando you have a working account? did you get to do anything at all in game?14:24
diana_comanask maybe mircea_popescu if he still gives any tasks14:25
khaos49im in game14:25
diana_comanI can give you something to do as well, but I pay in game currency only14:25
khaos49oh, cool what do u want me to do14:26
diana_comanI'll give you some claims to build , have you built any?14:28
diana_comankhaos49, you should then read the wiki first to get some idea http://www.eulorum.org/Gameplay14:32
lobbesbotTitle: Gameplay - Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org)14:32
diana_comananyways, come and find me at coordinates -371.61 44.47 -397.57 and I'll give you some bits for starters14:34
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mircea_popescuPeterL did it finish ?14:52
PeterLnot yet, about 3/4ths done14:53
mircea_popescunot bad.14:53
PeterLok, done.15:21
PeterLI left the screens with the stuff by you15:27
mircea_popescuwell done on your first pop PeterL :D15:53
mircea_popescunow trade me for your moneyz.15:53
mircea_popescushit no small change. a sec plox16:13
mircea_popescunow PeterL16:14
diana_comano.o well done PeterL almost 5mn ecu16:33
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PeterLI was wandering around, went through this arched gate thing, and the client crashed17:14
wyrdmantishi to all17:16
wyrdmantiseulora runs well on my win10 box, if anyone cares17:16
mircea_popescuPeterL reproducible ?17:17
shinohaithx wyrdmantis ... I've actually learned more about WIndows in the past 2 weeks than I ever cared to know xD17:23
wyrdmantisshinohai can be useful17:29
mircea_popescusooo anyone selling numina then ?17:29
mircea_popescudiana_coman ? danielpbarron ?17:29
wyrdmantismircea_popescu what quality?17:29
wyrdmantisare you talking about lbn right?17:30
mircea_popescunah, not lbn. stuff like feelings and old apron lint and mites etc17:30
mircea_popescuoh speaking of which : let's do a noob friendly auction.17:31
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 1 tinkering book, opening 10k ; 1 building book, opening 10k ; 1 gathering book, opening 10k ; 1k lbn, q 59, opening 60k ; 1k CFT, q 112, opening 100k ; 100 stone adze, d 11.4k opening 1mn. ETA 17:00 ART tomorrow.17:34
wyrdmantismircea_popescu i have feelings17:37
wyrdmantis!~calc 9999 + 688617:41
jhvh1wyrdmantis: 9999 + 6886 = 1688517:41
mircea_popescuill pay you 115%18:12
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I can sell more low q (6, 9) feelingses, sure18:16
diana_comanin about 1 hr when I get back18:16
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wyrdmantismircea_popescu i'm in town18:20
mircea_popescugo ahead and trade me18:23
mircea_popescu!~calc (9999 * .53 +6886 * .42) * 11.518:25
jhvh1mircea_popescu: (9999 * .53 +6886 * .42) * 11.5 = 94203.28518:25
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diana_comanmircea_popescu, you around for numina?18:54
diana_comanalso: is that auction for noobs only? lol18:55
diana_comanif it isn't: 1mn on the adze; 100k on the cft18:56
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 1 tinkering book, opening 10k ; 1 building book, opening 10k ; 1 gathering book, opening 10k ; 1k lbn, q 59, opening 60k ; 1k CFT, q 112, 100k heard diana_coman  ; 100 stone adze, d 11.4k 1mn heard diana_coman . ETA 17:00 ART tomorrow.18:59
mircea_popescuand im about to go out so we'll trade later on18:59
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, 1.1 mn the adzes ; 110k the threads ; 10k the tinkering book ; 10k the building book ; 10k the gathering book19:33
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mircea_popescuAUCTION : 1 tinkering book, 10k heard danielpbarron  ; 1 building book, 10k heard danielpbarron  ; 1 gathering book, 10k heard danielpbarron  ; 1k lbn, q 59, opening 60k ; 1k CFT, q 112, 110k heard danielpbarron ; 100 stone adze, d 11.4k 1,1mn heard danielpbarron  . ETA 17:00 ART tomorrow.20:30
mircea_popescuwyrdmantis hey, pm in game is rather dubious, game crashes and they can be lost ; i also don't much check them. here is safer.20:49
mircea_popescubv of petrified feelings is 10, same with nosehairs, apron lints and whatelse.20:49
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vinimorehello everyone23:41
shinohaigood deal.23:41
mircea_popescuheya vinimore23:50
vinimoreso I was told to find you hahaha... where are you?23:50
mircea_popescucurrenlty i'm at23:51
mircea_popescu48 43 33123:51
vinimoreerm... how do I go there? I'm not even sure where I am23:52
mircea_popescu /pos and /point help23:52
mircea_popescudidja see the wiki btw ?23:52
vinimoreI looked at it23:53
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 1 tinkering book, opening 10k ; 1 building book, opening 10k ; 1 gathering book, opening 10k ; 1k lbn, q 59, opening 60k ; 1k CFT, q 112, 100k heard diana_coman  ; 100 stone adze, d 11.4k 1mn heard diana_coman . ETA 17:00 ART tomorrow.23:54
mircea_popescuo hey there.23:59

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