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diana_comanmircea_popescu, I can sell 10 stacks of q9 tinkerer feelingses and 2 stacks of q120 nosehairs, let me know07:21
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PeterLhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2016-09-01.log.html#t22:45:34 << I suppose if you pay out meaningful amounts of bitcoin you should move out of the "micro earnings" section and into the "jobs" section12:29
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Thursday, 2016-09-01 (at logs.minigame.bz)12:29
shinohaiPeterL: already on that, admin told me to post there, get a few payout proofs, then I can have it moved.12:32
PeterLdid they specify where the cutoff is for "micro" in earnings?12:33
PeterLI guess you could use SI prefixing ... this is squarely in the milli range, not micro!12:34
shinohaiNo specification, I just talked to admin I know there and he suggested I do that.12:34
shinohaiIt makes persons rather incredulous that this is real, I get that. micro-earnings is as mircea_popescu described a faucet scam haven.12:35
shinohaiSpeaking of bitcointalk, let's go see how those fags are doing today.12:37
mircea_popescuahhh so nice to wake up to see a nicely wheezing bot overnight12:52
mircea_popescudiana_coman sure thing.12:52
diana_comankk, logging on12:53
mircea_popescu10 * 9999 * 10 * .09 * 1.1 + 2 * 9999 * 10 * 1.2 * 1.1 =362963.712:53
mircea_popescudiana_coman but mind doing it when i'm in town ?12:53
mircea_popescukinda don't want to break this mining run12:53
diana_comansure, not in a hurry at all12:53
mircea_popescuPeterL let them figure it out, i guess.12:54
mircea_popescushinohai turns out one person's micropenis is another person's bbc12:54
* shinohai hears whispers "Is it in yet?" all over btctalk.12:55
diana_comanto me that sounds like the wider story here really: people really are more incredulous about real things than about scams (possibly on the strength of "but this is what I am USED to")12:57
mircea_popescuisn't it weird ?12:57
mircea_popescurecall the "smart" camhos/strippers on that forum ? "oh i don't want 1 btc"12:57
shinohaibtw I don't think Yipstard or whatever his name is will make the cut, I awoke to 50 messages from him pretty much blaming Algeria for Eulora not working for him.12:58
diana_comanmyeah; more like another result of the wonderful world we live in; idiotic rather than weird I'd say12:58
mircea_popescuweirdiotic, it's a thing.13:00
diana_comanahahaha, that indeed13:00
mircea_popescushinohai next year or w/e, after the land update and ppl making castles etc, it'll prolly be one race war after the next.13:00
* shinohai can hardly wait.13:01
PeterLare you going to add races?13:01
mircea_popescuno, but people can still name their town "Algeria". how much does it take for a race war ?13:01
diana_comanalgeria must be a very unfair country13:01
shinohaiAlgerians deliberately diidle with his 4g internet connection just so he can't make btc13:02
mircea_popescumore's the point : because of the way stats work, races don't need to be added by me : they'll evolve naturally, as people select for traits.13:02
shinohaipoor guy13:02
mircea_popescuie, exactly like fucking irl.13:02
mircea_popescubtw PeterL you want this table to get the rest of tat flotsam ?13:03
PeterLsure, I'll log in, just a sec13:03
PeterLhow does table help get flotsam?13:03
mircea_popescuim at 62 43 31013:04
mircea_popescuonce you have it in your inventory, you /point to where electron is (go there first, get his coords)13:04
diana_comancraft-tables are basically eulora's current huge backpacks PeterL13:04
mircea_popescuthen you /bot mine 500000 line 50000 1 1 1 113:04
mircea_popescuand the bot will table-walk you there.13:04
diana_comantable-walk is a thing!:)))13:04
mircea_popescutablewalk is this thing where you got a large load in the table, keep dropping it and picking it back up13:04
mircea_popescupeople used to do this for a long time by hand lol13:05
mircea_popescubut now new foxybot does it auto so it's a huge boon for miners.13:05
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I think that will be foxybot's main description of purpose and whatnot: "People used to do this for a lon time by hand. LOL!"13:06
mircea_popescufair is fair.13:06
mircea_popescuanyone saw the southpark with the yelp "food critics" btw ?13:07
PeterLis there a way to change the password?13:10
mircea_popescunot atm13:11
mircea_popescueventually it'll all be on rsa like god intended.13:11
PeterLis there a way to get the bot to walk you to a position instead of just pointing at it?13:14
mircea_popescunot so far.13:14
mircea_popescuof course, it is open source, you can just edit it.13:14
mircea_popescuif you were to implement a /bot go x z i'm sure plenty of people would be thankful.13:15
PeterLwell ... may edit/can edit perhaps not same thing?13:15
mircea_popescu(this being exactly how all the shit exists to begin with - at some point we were using xmacro to do crafting lol. then diana made the early bot.)13:15
mircea_popescuPeterL it's really not THAT hard, bot already has classes for everything.13:16
PeterLalright, I will have a look at some point13:16
mircea_popescuyou can implement it as a "/point and move and /pos and check and /point and move"13:16
mircea_popescuyou don't even necessarily need a stop condition right off.13:17
mircea_popescuheck, even getting the player in run mode and spamming point every second would likely do it.13:18
diana_comanPeterL, the bot already has methods to interact with the world, including moving or turning to a given point13:23
diana_comanso implementing "go to x" is quite straightforward really13:23
mircea_popescuPeterL table can't be traded, pick that far one up once im gone far enough13:25
mircea_popesculike now.13:25
mircea_popescucongrats on your first talbe :)13:26
mircea_popescuit can also be used to craft tinkering stuff, so. good thing to have.13:26
PeterLand what did you think of my character name, sufficiently midievalified?13:30
mircea_popescuit's fine13:30
mircea_popescuneways, get these ords done, make your bitcent, then i'll give you a monster task which will make a bitcent all by its own and can be automated, will take about half a day so you can leave it going overnight13:31
PeterLok, cool13:31
* mircea_popescu is happy to finally start cutting down on this backlog of noob labour.13:33
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PeterLnot sure I understand how to start the bot tablewalking? Do I start with table in inventory or on the ground?13:44
PeterLhi yipdard13:44
Yipdardso, diana_coman13:44
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Yipdarddiana_coman, hello13:45
diana_comanhello Yipdard13:46
Yipdardi have a problem with eulora13:47
diana_comanPeterL, table in inventory, just start the bot13:47
mircea_popescuaaactually here's an idea!13:47
mircea_popescuhey shinohai : make hm. where's your bot ?13:47
diana_comanYipdard, and what would that problem be exactly?13:48
shinohaimake hm?13:48
diana_comanlooots of hmmms shinohai , it's a thing :D13:48
mircea_popescuanyway, make it read lines from eulora world chat and put them in here, like with an [EULORA] prefix. an' ima pay you a bitcent13:48
mircea_popescuit's not hard, the client dumps chat in a logfile, can just tail -r that13:48
Yipdarddiana_coman, when i click on psclient.exe, I have a message in french (my language) that says there is not crystalspace-2.1-vc10.dll13:48
mircea_popescuor w/e you use13:48
Yipdarddiana_coman, when I start eulora.bat, I have a CMD, then nothing13:49
shinohaifirst I need a working Eulora client13:49
mircea_popescuPeterL table in inventory, but put the heavy shit inside it13:49
shinohaiSo gimmie few hours to do it in stupid Debian Jessie, which has no libjpeg813:49
diana_comanhm, jurov might be able to help with that more precisely, but it sounds to me like you are either missing something or otherwise not have the CRYSTAL thing set13:49
mircea_popescuim in no hurry shinohai13:49
mircea_popescudiana_coman game for the sentiments now ?13:50
diana_comanYipdard, what binary did you get and what steps did you follow?13:50
diana_comanmircea_popescu, let me log in and see where I am with my table lol13:50
mircea_popescuhacemos que todo succeda!!113:50
diana_comanand what sentiments, NO sentiments!13:51
diana_comanfeelings only13:51
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mircea_popescuyeah yeah numinae13:51
shinohaiLove dat Algerian 4g13:51
mircea_popescu"perhaps you noticed, miss X, that my feelings for you have ripened into deeper sentiments..."13:51
mircea_popescuif only elliot & friends were playing eulora - he could have saved the feelings of all the mino maio or w/e blondies he was infatuated with.13:52
diana_comanhe wasn't infatuated with any blondy - he was just annoyed with the idea of there being blondies (which is unfair!! because if there are, those undeserving ungentelmenly pigs will get them!)13:55
diana_comanthat is his complaint, he keeps repeating how great it was before there being blondies aka before puberty13:56
mircea_popescuyeah he doesn't actually seem to even perceive any of them in any sense.13:56
mircea_popescuoutside of conformity with pregiven matrix.13:56
mircea_popescushinohai then when you're done with THAT, ima have you bridge the other way : have your bot read the chan lines into game.13:57
mircea_popescuthat'll require editing foxybot so 2 bitcents for that one.13:57
mircea_popescuima even make you a special account, town crier.13:58
mircea_popescuoh no, first. diana_coman rdy ?13:59
diana_comangetting them out, 1 min13:59
shinohai"town crier"14:00
mircea_popescuYe Olde Towne Spoke14:01
diana_comanlol mircea_popescu  it was some 363k14:01
mircea_popescuya but i need change for all teh noob bundles!14:01
mircea_popescuyou no got ?14:01
diana_comanwasn't it? ain't no change from mn for that14:01
diana_comanbuy some tomes!14:01
mircea_popescudanke schon14:02
diana_comannow the question is how exactly does one *stack* those hairs?14:02
mircea_popesculike the icon looks - you make a small pile of nose pubes14:03
diana_comana pile is not a stack!14:03
mircea_popescua pile can be a stack...14:03
mircea_popescusee, if they're volatile, like smoke, then it's a smoke-stack, not a smoke pile14:03
mircea_popescuwhereas if they're sticky, like shit, it's a shitpile. not a shitstack.14:03
mircea_popescuexcept in computing , which is all dry goods.14:03
PeterL<mircea_popescu> PeterL table in inventory, but put the heavy shit inside it << I get "Command passed on to bot" but then nothing happens14:29
mircea_popescuhit a /bot reset for good measure15:07
mircea_popescusometimes it ends up in messed state PeterL15:07
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YipdardSorry, i disconnected last time16:26
Yipdarddiana_coman, you have a solution for my problem?16:26
jurovYipdard: did you install it in c:\eulora ?16:27
jurovIf not please edit eulora.bat in notepad and correct the path.16:28
Yipdardjurov, yes, sure, i moved it there16:28
Yipdardhave something to edit if i moved it?16:28
jurovOk, then please run eulora.bat from commanline to see any output16:28
Yipdardhow can i do this?16:29
jurovWin+R, type cmd16:29
jurovcommandline should open16:29
Yipdardah cmd16:30
jurovthen run c:\eulora\eulora.bat in there16:30
Yipdardyes, i see the same thing when i run eulora.bat16:31
shinohaiCopy output and paste then, it might be helpful16:31
jurovhuh it just silently died :( so you need to root out any error log in %APPDATA%\eulora16:34
jurovyou can try remove that directory, too, it's safe16:34
Yipdardappdata directory?16:35
Yipdardnothing there lol16:35
Yipdardwhy it's safe?16:37
jurovi meant safe to remove16:39
jurovand if there's nothing there, then i don't know16:39
Yipdardso i am fucked :(16:40
jurovcan't you try another computer? turn off antivirus?16:40
shinohaiBy Algerians yet Yipdard16:40
jurovbtw, which windows version is it?16:43
Yipdardyaaa shinohai16:44
YipdardWindows 8.116:44
jurovoh and can you look in event log for anything relevant?16:49
lobbesbotTitle: Event Viewer - Open and Use in Windows 7 - Windows 7 Help Forums (at www.sevenforums.com)16:50
PeterLmircea_popescu I pushed my table full of flotsam up to electrum16:54
Yipdardopened it16:55
Yipdardi am tired from this, there is nothing16:55
Yipdardwhen i open psclient, i have a error message of a dll, normal?16:55
shinohaiDoes your attention span falter?16:56
jurovthat's why the .bat is there, to set path to the dlls16:57
jurovofc it will complain if ran otherwise16:57
Yipdardshinohai no16:59
Yipdardso, what to do jurov?16:59
jurov*sigh* install linux?17:02
Yipdardit's a joke?17:05
shinohaiSadly, no.17:05
PeterLwinblows is a joke17:06
Yipdardbill gates is a joke?17:06
PeterLjust not very funny17:06
mircea_popescuPeterL will be right there to take it from ya17:08
Yipdardhey el puta17:08
Yipdardgame don't work, can i have a compensation?17:10
mircea_popescuahaha what ?17:10
Yipdardsome btc because it don't work :)17:11
mircea_popescuyeah, like how much, 50 or so ?17:11
Yipdardwhy not 20017:12
Yipdardseriously, 0.005 if you want17:12
shinohaiThe deal was you complete *all* steps no?17:12
mircea_popescuYipdard if i paid people for being idiots i'd be bankrupt.17:12
danielpbarronask bill gates right? it's his thing that dun work17:12
mircea_popescuit's kinda how the usg ruined america in the first place.17:12
*** Joins: mihi (~mihi@p5B079EF2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de)17:12
shinohaiI should charge *you* for wasting my time.17:12
Yipdardmircea_popescu yeah, i know that, but this game is to give money for peoples, so...17:13
mircea_popescucheck him out lol.17:13
mircea_popescuhow do you know what it's for, you've not managed to run it yet ?17:13
Yipdardmircea_popescu guy that played it said it to me, that's all17:14
mircea_popescuin other news, let's sell some tools.17:14
PeterLmircea_popescu  do I just leave the table there?17:15
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 100 SP, d 10784 ea, openining 3mn. ETA 17:00 ART sept 3rd17:15
mircea_popescuPeterL works17:15
mircea_popescubut you gotta move further out, you're still guarding it17:15
mircea_popescuok PeterL trade me for the 2nd ord claim17:16
mircea_popescuand you can take your table back of course17:16
mihisorry had to leave yesterday quickly17:18
mircea_popescueulora isn't going anywhere, dun worry about it.17:18
mihiso how do I go oon now and get an account for eulora?17:18
mihideedbot said my pgp key is registered17:18
mircea_popescuabout 1 minute mihi17:19
mircea_popescumihi http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/b5b80175-2ff9-4f37-a980-b2bd2180ea7a/17:20
Yipdardstill nothing for me, game don't run17:21
mircea_popescuwhat exactly is the problem with it ?17:21
Yipdardwhen i run the .bat, i see a cmd with some text, then nothing17:22
Yipdardwhen i run psclien.exe, error17:22
mircea_popescuwhat error ?17:22
mihimircea_popescu, thanks :)17:23
Yipdardit says no crystalspace-2.1-vc10.dll17:23
mihiYipdard, what Windows version? Where did you extract it to?17:23
mihi(I had to tweak the .bat slightly to work for me too)17:23
YipdardWindows 8.1, moved it to  C/17:23
mircea_popescuwhat did you do to it mihi ?17:24
Yipdardwhat did you do mihi?17:24
mihiYipdard, 8.1 Home or Pro?17:24
Yipdardmihi pro17:24
mihiright-click the Eulora folder and under Security add "Full access" to your own user (not any group, your own user), for this folder, subfolder and files17:25
mihithen add "pause" to the end of the bat file and click it again (so you will see if still any error occurs)17:25
mircea_popescumihi if you don't mind adding this to wiki too that'd be helpful.17:25
mihimy final .bat file looks like this, so it will look up script directory, and will pause if an error occurs: http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/527c545f-1b72-45ce-8a8f-442f8941ca4b/17:26
Yipdardmihi have to edit bat file?17:26
mihiYipdard, you should not have to (if folder is C:\Eulora) but if you do it may be easier to troubleshoot.17:27
Yipdardmihi will do, i am trying17:27
Yipdardtried with your .bat and edited location with C, have now more messages showing17:29
Yipdardbut still nothing17:29
mihiYipdard, can you pastebin the messages you are seeing?17:31
mihiright click on title bar, select Mark, then mark and right-click to copy17:31
mihimircea_popescu, are there any cpu or performance settings? Even with nothing moving on screen, it completely kills a CPU core here (and makes my notebook fan loud...)17:34
mircea_popescuhm. well, lots of settings in euclient.cfg17:34
mircea_popescuftr, this is starting to look like some sort of windows issue ; on ubuntu i'm seeing 120+ fps on a 10 yo gfx card with minimal load whatsoever.17:35
mihior more some graphics issue (I know intel integrated gfx is shitty, but I don't need any shiny shaders if the game is playable)17:35
mircea_popescufeel free to cut things out, game will be fine.17:36
mircea_popescuwhere's that link one sec17:36
mircea_popescuhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2015-07-21.log.html#t16:27:06 < there17:36
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Tuesday, 2015-07-21 (at logs.minigame.bz)17:37
mihibtw I'm in the game now. what to do now for getting bitcoin bonus?17:37
mircea_popescumihi : /t Mircea hi17:37
lobbesbotTitle: C:\Windows\system32>set CRYSTAL=C:\Eulora\cs C:\Windows\system32>set PATH=C - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)17:37
mihiYipdard, no output after "psclient"?17:38
mircea_popescuthis is starting to look like no 3d gfx. Yipdard do you have a gfx card ?17:38
Yipdardmihi, now, no, but when i tried your .bat, there was something17:39
mihiYipdard, anything in c:\Eulora\EuloraV0.1.2\errorlog.txt17:39
Yipdardmircea_popescu have a amd card, but i have to active it manually when i run a game17:39
mircea_popescuthis is likely the culprit i say. what do you mean activate manually ?17:40
Yipdardmihi, no file with this name17:40
Yipdardmircea_popescu, have to go to amd radeon settings, then find the processus, and activate it17:40
mircea_popescuin other news, since i'm setting up to do a large-ish slag run, anyone want shaped slags or anything of the sort ?17:40
mircea_popescuand holy shit, is quality calculation complex. first you gotta get the stacks right ; but THEN you gotta get the bundles right. so recursion.17:41
mihiYipdard, you can try changing the bat file so it calls "psclient -console", but that will output really a lot (at least for me) before the game starts...17:42
Yipdardmihi, can you do me a pastebin please?17:43
mihiYipdard, http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/46989604-b6a5-4bd8-8fb4-13c16cf51092/17:44
*** Joins: wyrdmantis (~wyrdmanti@host253-131-dynamic.1-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it)17:45
Yipdardmihi, another cmd with something like: "crystal plugin not load" yellow17:45
Yipdardcould not load17:46
mircea_popescumihi ok, you got 1 bitcent. would you like some tasks to make another ?17:46
Yipdardi want to join, fuck it17:47
mihiYipdard, I have 3 plugins I cannot load, which are renderer.openal, sound.soundmngr, and iSoundManager, and it cannot find several fonts, but it works nevertheless...17:47
mihi(but no sound, not sure if there should be any)17:48
mircea_popescunah, no sound yet anyway.17:48
mircea_popescuwell, greyhawk has some spoken lines etc, but you can just listen to them directly.17:48
mihimircea_popescu, I think 1 bitcent is enough, I'd rather help Yipdard with getting his too :)17:49
mihi(not so much into medieval setting)17:49
Yipdardmihi, thanks, i am uninstalling crystalpalace to install it again17:49
mircea_popescuyou can have it either on blockchain (post address) or else in game (1mn ECu, come trade me whenever)17:49
mircea_popescumihi in principle nothing keeps you from making your own scifi skin or w/e. client's wide open.17:50
mihimircea_popescu: 1G16ZUtPUbnUpMvvEkRz5CcUBPaj6rucx17:50
mircea_popescuwill do.17:51
Yipdardwant to ask something17:53
Yipdardso, we have to download the full game, then extract it and move it to C/17:53
mircea_popescuc/eulora iirc17:54
Yipdardand to install crystal palace, that's it?17:54
YipdardYes, folder name "Eulora"17:54
mircea_popescuhttp://minigame.bz/jurov/ << see the first one there, jurov made complete package.17:54
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Releases by Jurov (at minigame.bz)17:54
Yipdardthat's what i downloaded, the full package and the crystal palace17:55
mircea_popescuthat;s what works for most people.17:55
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)17:55
Yipdardah no, i downloaded: "Eulora version 0.1.2 - Windows 32 package complete (322M) with Crystalspace for new installations." and also crystalspace17:55
mircea_popescuthen you prolly have a cs conflict. wipe and start over.17:56
jurovyes crystalspace is included in 0.1.217:56
Yipdardso why when i launch psclient.exe jurov, i have an error saying no crystalspace17:57
mircea_popescubecause you didn't export the paths and it can't find it.17:57
mircea_popescuthat's why the .bat is there.17:57
jurovbecaus it needs crystalspace dir in PATH17:57
Yipdardah, please give me how to do that17:57
jurovand also CRYSTAL environment var set17:57
jurovYipdard: the .bat sets it17:58
jurovjust use the SET commands from .bat file17:58
Yipdardbut .bat file don't work18:00
jurovwell there's some problem and i need more info18:02
jurovhave you tried running with -console as mihi said?18:02
jurovi see it did nothing18:03
Yipdardit open another cmd saying "your configuration files are in... "user"18:03
jurovnothing else?18:03
Yipdardand "could not loan plugin crystalspace"18:03
jurovdoes this file exist? c:\eulora\cs\crystalspace-2.1-vc10.dll18:05
Yipdardah yes it exist18:05
jurovwhat was the "your configuration files are in..." exactly?18:06
Yipdarduser appdata roaming eulora18:08
jurovyou tried removing that directory?18:08
Yipdardnothing there, I tried when mihi said, but nothing18:10
jurovidk, try some other computer18:13
jurovi'm going to compile linux binary, you can maybe boot ubuntu livecd and run it from there18:13
mircea_popescuYipdard dump your vidcard hw model / make / driver version for future reference please18:14
YipdardAMD Radeon HD 8500M18:15
mihihmm jurov, you compiled Eulora for Windows?18:16
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 100 SP, d 10784 ea, opening 3mn ; one stack LBN q 361, opening 3 mn . ETA 17:00 ART sept 3rd18:16
mihidoes it need any vcredist DLLs?18:16
mircea_popescuyes, it's what he does, makes the binaries.18:16
jurovmihi yes these are mine: http://minigame.bz/jurov/18:16
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Releases by Jurov (at minigame.bz)18:16
mihi(I have almost every one here on my machine, so maybe that is why it worked for me)18:17
jurovthis is maybe second time ever we could not get it to work18:17
mircea_popescumihi he's the first of a few dozen windows uisers to die this way.18:17
mihihmm, let me boot up a naked Win7 VM, and increase error logging. let's see if any DLL is missing :)18:18
mircea_popescugood idea.18:19
jurovAlso VS2010 redistributable dll is needed, but it usually complains loudly that vcredistsomething.dll is missing18:19
mircea_popescumno, i got multiple AMD Radeon HD 8k series here, including 8650G, 8800M etc.18:20
mihijurov, win10 does not, depending on what error reporting settings you have. it just silently reports via WER to Microsoft (and if your binary is not signed you have no way to get those WER reports from them, and if it is signed I believe they want some money for that too)18:21
mircea_popescuit shouldn't be the video card.18:21
* shinohai waves hi to mircea_popescu in game18:21
mircea_popescuo hey. you got yourself a bitcent too! or did you get this before shinohai ?18:22
shinohaiI didn't I think you gave me some threads or something last time I was here.18:22
jurovmihi good to know, i'm not a windows guy18:22
mircea_popescushinohai aite. you want btc or ecu ?18:22
mircea_popescutrade me.18:23
shinohaione sec gotta remember how to do all this18:24
mircea_popesculol. right click me18:24
mircea_popescuand god damned these library mites are hard to get.18:25
mihijurov, in my experience it is easiest to statically link the runtime, if file size does not matter too much (use /MT instead of /MTd switch to C++ compiler)18:26
mircea_popescushiny new coin for you!18:26
jurovmihi the solution is rather sprawling and thinking of messing with MSVC linker fill me with dread18:27
mircea_popescushinohai says you cancelled it ? did you get the  coin ?18:27
shinohainope I musta clicked off, the fps is a bit laggy18:28
shinohaithere we go18:29
shinohaiworks better than last time though, figured may as well set up if I am going to interact with noobs.18:30
Yipdardwhat i can do now? :(18:32
Yipdardtried to play yesterday and today18:33
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)18:34
Yipdarddiana_coman i love you18:34
diana_comanhello to you too Yipdard18:34
Yipdarddiana_coman no18:35
mihiYipdard, can you try installing https://www.microsoft.com/download/details.aspx?id=5555 (for the language matching to your Windows version)?18:35
lobbesbotTitle: Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) from Official Microsoft Download Center (at www.microsoft.com)18:35
Yipdardmihi, what is it?18:36
mihiI just tried on a fresh Win7 VM and I only needed 7-Zip (to unpack jurov's archive) and this redistributable to start it. The graphics look very garbled, but that's probably because VirtualBox emulates crappy graphics card...18:36
mihiit is a library from Microsoft (VC redistributable) which is needed by many programs compiled with Visual C that do not want to mess with the linker options (or make small exes)18:37
mihiyou can think of it as common parts needed by many programs, so that the programs can just refer to that DLL instead of all containing the same code...18:37
diana_comanlol Yipdard make up your mind18:38
Yipdarddiana_coman just joking lol18:38
mircea_popescushinohai this makes sense.18:42
mircea_popescumihi if you're looking, we've been wanting a text-only client for a while. there's some primitives in foxybot to see how it works...18:43
* shinohai would jump for joy at a text client.18:46
mircea_popescucool deal PeterL . another bitcent for you. or do you want ecu ?18:47
PeterLbitcent is cool18:47
mircea_popescuaddy ?18:47
mircea_popescuyou're still guarding it18:48
mircea_popescuPeterL ok, so let me fish out your next task, a second.18:50
mircea_popescuPeterL trade me please.18:54
mircea_popescuthatr's it. you put the bps in your head, and the grass in inventory. then you say /bot craft 6852 1000 M 1500018:55
mircea_popescuand you let it be, it'll be fine till done.18:55
PeterLsays Wrong container targeted ?18:59
mircea_popescuso select the table19:00
mircea_popescuright click on it19:00
mircea_popescuPeterL it's got to be on the ground you realise.19:02
PeterLumm, I am clicking on table and nothing is happening?19:02
mircea_popescuno look : you put table on ground. you right-click it. you then say /bot craft 6852 1000 M 1500019:03
PeterLI don't have a table, was trying to use the one over there next to you19:04
diana_comanPeterL, you can use the pulic table, but not someone else's table19:04
PeterLwhere is a public table?19:05
diana_comanthe one where foxy is now19:05
diana_comanbut you won't get your skill trained (if you have a skill)19:06
PeterLbut I can't move while holding so much stuff ...19:06
diana_comanso drag it over...19:06
PeterLhow do you get skills?19:06
mircea_popescuPeterL oh oh i think im still guarding it.19:06
diana_comanby using a book19:06
mircea_popesculisten ill move andf you can take it then19:06
mircea_popescuthat's your table over there anyway.19:06
PeterLoh, where do you get books?19:06
diana_comanyou can buy them19:07
diana_comanfrom others, lol19:07
mircea_popescugo aheasd and pick the craft table up PeterL19:08
PeterLstill nothing happens when I click on it19:08
mircea_popescupick it up first19:08
mircea_popescuthen drop it, so it's seen as yours.19:09
mircea_popescudiana_coman you know it occurs to me the interface is about as straightforward as tunisian backstreets.19:09
PeterLhrm, how to pick it up?19:09
mircea_popescuright click and there's a hand-like button19:09
PeterLI got nothing when I right-clicked19:09
mihimircea_popescu, how long will it take until you give my my 0.01?19:10
mircea_popescuare you close enough ?19:10
mircea_popescumihi prolly an hour or so ?19:10
mircea_popesculess, really.19:10
PeterLdunno, is there a way to tell?19:10
mihiso you already sent it? Can you give me the txid?19:10
mircea_popescuPeterL yes, it says "you're nto in range"19:10
PeterLnope, just no response when I click on it19:11
mircea_popescumihi i dunno, it's a process. lemme see here.19:11
mircea_popescuPeterL you might be trying to interact with the public table by heina. yours is over there by electron\19:12
mircea_popescuthere's also a perma-fixed table nobody can pick up. from back in the days the game was getting bootstrapped and nobody actually had a table of his own19:12
PeterLdoes it have something to do with shinohai standing between me and the table?19:15
mircea_popescudoubt it really ?19:15
mircea_popescumihi c75ac8e25dd616ab3cf03c402da0052ff002a99bc3de86d2a4d5fe123026787f19:15
PeterLmaybe to far away?19:16
mircea_popescuaand PeterL 74db67d134d6e7d36823584466c828be35f5b8cdec45a1e07f559d5c513a97dd19:16
mircea_popescuPeterL so get closer.19:16
mihimircea_popescu, thanks, got it (got confirmed meanwhile :D)19:18
mircea_popescudiana_coman i gotta say the numeric notation looks so great now :D19:23
PeterLis there a quick way to pick up a whole stack of stuff from inventory at once?19:25
mircea_popescuhold ctrl19:25
PeterLdo I put the grass on the table or leave it in my inventory?19:29
*** Quits: mihi (~mihi@p5B079EF2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) (Quit: Leaving)19:30
PeterLbot says craft activity finished, but it dun look like anything happened?19:30
mircea_popescuhit a /bot reset19:34
mircea_popescusometimes it messes state.19:35
mircea_popescuand leave table empty, it knows what to do19:35
PeterLhave you noticed things getting mangled while typing them into the command box?19:36
mircea_popescuno ? mangled how ?19:36
PeterLI just tryed to type /bot reset, the first time got /bot rest, the second time got /bot rsete19:36
PeterLlike it randomly switches the order of letters19:37
mircea_popescuso simmer down and type properly ? what ?19:37
mircea_popescuno way ?19:37
PeterLor leaves them out entirely19:37
mircea_popescudo /ping what does it say ?19:37
PeterLI have noticed it happening when typing numbers, it does not seem to like getting more than one of the same character in a row19:37
mircea_popescuya that's pretty good. weird.19:38
mircea_popescumaybe this is some weird utf bug ?19:38
PeterLstill saying "activity finished" without doing anything19:40
mircea_popescushinohai [0.06 BTC PAID SO FAR] > [0.08 BTC + 1mn ECu PAID SO FAR] for great justic!19:40
mircea_popescuPeterL what command line are you using ?19:41
*** Quits: wyrdmantis (~wyrdmanti@host253-131-dynamic.1-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) (Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)19:41
shinohaimircea_popescu: updated19:41
*** Joins: wyrdmantis (~wyrdmanti@host253-131-dynamic.1-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it)19:41
shinohaiand am I the only person to accept ecu ?19:41
PeterLI used /bot craft 6852 1000 M 15000 like you said19:42
mircea_popescuso far.19:42
PeterLIf I get this to work I will take ECu next19:42
mircea_popescuPeterL so : 1. you put blueprints in hear ; 2. you put table on ground ; 3. you right click table ; 4. you type /bot reset ; 5. you type  /bot craft 6852 1000 M 1500019:43
mircea_popescu1. you put blueprints in head*19:43
mircea_popescugo through all the steps once for my peace of mind.19:43
mircea_popescuthe ecu thing is that well, eulora coppers are freely convertible to btc ; and one-bitcent payments ain't exactly what the network is for. it'll do it, but...19:45
shinohaiI kinda thought it'd be spammy to accept a mere bitcent in single tx19:46
mircea_popescuyeah, it kinda is. on the other hand, from the horror stories of the "faucet" community... a bitcent is like this immense sum constituting too wild a promise to accept without PROOF19:47
shinohaiWell I have post after post now showing it is for real. I'm gonna need crayons to get any more simple than that.19:48
PeterLmircea_popescu bot told me "wrong container type" again19:48
mircea_popesculisten, ima give you a tink book, maybe you actually need to have the skill and i forget ?19:49
mircea_popescubut don't level it up! till my craft is done.19:49
PeterLooo, I got some feelings19:50
PeterL(doing manually)19:51
mircea_popescuoh so it does work!19:51
PeterLbut it would be nice if the bot worked...19:51
PeterLif I stick in more than 3 grass what happens?19:52
mircea_popescueh, the bot does work, you're just doing something weird.19:52
mircea_popescustick in where ?19:52
PeterLon the table?19:52
mircea_popescuno dawg, leave table empty19:52
mircea_popescubot knows to take from inv what's needed19:52
PeterLI mean if doing without bot19:52
mircea_popescuah. it dun work.19:52
mircea_popescugo ahead an' try.19:53
PeterLah, I see19:53
mircea_popescubtw, when you 3. right click table, do you also click that eye which pops up ?19:53
PeterLyes, I cliked on eye19:55
PeterLwas that right?19:56
* mircea_popescu is thoroughly baffled.19:56
mircea_popescudanielpbarron at some point you gotta do a video tutorial of this.19:56
shinohaiThe bracket at end of log link needs a space (in topic)19:57
mircea_popescuah k19:57
*** yorick_ is now known as yorick20:07
danielpbarronPeterL, do it once manually with a stopwatch to measure how many seconds it takes20:09
danielpbarronthen type /bot craft 6850 <seconds * 1000>20:10
PeterLtakes about 10 seconds20:11
danielpbarronso there's your problem, mircea_popescu was telling you to tell it only 1 second20:11
danielpbarronuse 10000 as the 2nd number20:11
danielpbarronand leave 'M' out20:12
danielpbarroncft has no range, and the default is M anyway20:12
*** Quits: Yipdard (9af2520e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)20:12
danielpbarronand i'm not even sure what that 3rd number is20:13
danielpbarronleave that out too20:13
PeterLstill says "wrong container type"20:14
danielpbarrondo /bot reset and reopen the table20:14
PeterLso now I have 23 coarse frangible threads and 702 petrified tinkerer feelings20:19
danielpbarronis it going on its own now?20:21
danielpbarronand lol at having a noob craft threads (as if there were any demand for feelingses)20:21
PeterLnope, that was just from manualy doing it20:21
danielpbarronwhat's it say now?20:22
PeterLstill says "Wrong container targeted!"20:23
danielpbarronwhat container are you targeting?20:23
PeterLI'm using a crafting table20:23
danielpbarronsounds like the problem i had to fix in foxybot 220:24
PeterLhow did you fix it?20:24
danielpbarronbut you could only be using the latest version20:24
danielpbarronit shouldn't need a fix20:24
danielpbarroni have bot crafted in the latest version, no modifications requires20:25
danielpbarronif you can manually craft, the bot should also work20:26
danielpbarroninteresting if this is specifically a winbl0wz thinh20:26
danielpbarronis it possible the winbl0wz thing has an old version of the bot?20:27
danielpbarronseems implausible20:27
danielpbarronis there anything else in your inventory? maybe try putting everything but the blueprints and grass in your storage for now20:28
PeterLI'm runnin it on ubuntu, so not winblows20:29
jurovhttp://minigame.bz/jurov/ .deb of 0.1.2 added20:29
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Releases by Jurov (at minigame.bz)20:29
shinohai\o/ jurov20:29
danielpbarronalso make sure no other tables are near you20:29
PeterLhow to put stuff in storage?20:29
shinohaiEven though I already went ahead and built it. xD20:29
danielpbarronnot that that should matter, it should use the one you have open20:29
danielpbarronright click either boxy guy and click the empty space in the bottom right corner20:30
jurovshinohai: I'd appreciate if you can test it20:30
danielpbarronit's empty because you're overweight20:30
danielpbarronbut it's still clickable20:30
shinohaisure thing jurov20:31
danielpbarronthis table of yours PeterL is placed on the ground right?20:32
PeterLumm, yes20:32
danielpbarroni don't know what else to suggest, this is very strange20:33
danielpbarronmaybe /unstick20:33
danielpbarronoh if you do get it to work, make sure all your piles of grass are in multiples of 320:36
danielpbarronotherwise the bot will get stuck when one gets down to 2 or 120:37
PeterLmircea_popescu do you want the petrified feelings or just the threads?20:42
diana_comanPeterL, do you get the error in the bot's window or in main window?20:43
PeterLin the bot window20:44
diana_comanhm,you might have lag20:44
PeterLis there any way around that?20:44
diana_comanthere is, but let me figure out something else first20:45
diana_comandoes it report any type of container?20:45
diana_coman<mircea_popescu> diana_coman you know it occurs to me the interface is about as straightforward as tunisian backstreets <- never seen tunisian backstreets but if they are as crooked as I imagine them to be, then quite, yes20:46
mircea_popescuPeterL all of it20:46
PeterL>Craft-Table (next line) >Wrong container targeted! Kindly target the right container for the task and /bot craft again.20:47
diana_comando this for me:20:47
mircea_popescuso you right click the table20:47
diana_coman1. right click on your table and then on the eye icon to open it20:47
diana_comanthen /bot craft 6852 1000 M 1500020:47
diana_comanif it complains, repeat that20:47
diana_comanwithout the reset please20:47
diana_comanif you have lag, the contents of the recipe don't make it in time hence the bot confused re what container20:48
mircea_popescuPeterL dun put stuff in storage it'll take forever to get back out20:48
mircea_popescudiana_coman his ping was like 80 though20:48
diana_comanPeterL, does that mean it says first Crafttablel and then an empty line ? (or before that an empty line)20:49
diana_comanone is the container it expect20:49
diana_comanexpects, the other one is the container you have targeted20:49
diana_comanso either you have targeted the wrong container or it expects the wrong container (because lag hence bp not made it in time)20:50
diana_comanbtw, you DO have the bps in your mind *before* starting the bot , yes?20:50
diana_comanin the brain, equipped20:50
diana_comanall of them, in a stack20:50
* mircea_popescu imagines what this game would be old style : without internet ; without dlh ; without manuals. "figure it out"20:51
PeterLit is two consecutive lines, >craft-table >the rest20:51
diana_comanand before >craft-table ?20:51
PeterLyes, bps is sitting on my brain icon20:51
PeterLempty line before >craft-table20:52
diana_comanso that's the thing, yes20:52
diana_comanthe bp does not make it in time20:52
diana_comanhence bot expects....no container, lol20:52
diana_comanjust restart it *without* reset please20:52
diana_comanmircea_popescu, how would this game be in the first place w/o internet?20:53
diana_comanboard game? lol20:53
PeterL>craft activity started. >Reading the recipe... >craft action combining... >Done 0 items, 1 left to do. > {empty line}20:53
diana_coman1left to do? what did you give it?20:53
mircea_popescudiana_coman hey, most platformers i played i had to figure out the keys by kbd mashing20:53
diana_comanPeterL restart means typing again this: /bot craft 6852 1000 M 1500020:54
mircea_popescudanielpbarron ftr i deliberately gave him all the stacks divisible by 3 so he won't have that problem :D20:55
diana_comanif it says "1 left to do" it means you gave him some weird thing, not that20:55
PeterLI typed it in again and nothing happened20:56
diana_comandanielpbarron, the fact that first number is basically for 1 sec has nothing to do with the trouble here: it means the bot will check every second if the thing is ready, but nothing more20:56
diana_comanhm, let's do this step by step20:57
diana_comanPeterL, first: /bot reset20:57
PeterLok, reset20:58
*** Joins: jhvh1 (jhvh1@ny1.hashbang.sh)20:58
diana_comandanielpbarron, as to 2nd number that you don't know about: it is the timeout ie after that number of milliseconds the bot will just grab the thing done or not and try again20:58
diana_comangood, now tell me where is the table, what's in it, where are the bps, where is the grass20:58
PeterLstill having trouble, I have to pause a couple seconds after the s or it just hears rest20:58
diana_comanthat sounds like a weird thing on your machine really, don't know what that is; does your keyboard work fine here or otherwise?20:59
diana_comanit really sounds like some awfully slow client for some reason20:59
PeterLthe table is on the ground next to me, nothing in it, bps are on my brain icon, grass is in my inventory20:59
mircea_popescuoh. yeah, that weird misspelling thing may be the culprit20:59
diana_comannow /bot craft 6852 1000 M 1500020:59
diana_comanand tell me what it says20:59
PeterLkeyboard works fine everywhere except eulora20:59
PeterL>Craft started >reading recipe >craft combining >done 0 items, 6818 left >{empty line} >craft-table >wrong container targeted21:02
jhvh1PeterL: Error: "Craft" is not a valid command.21:02
PeterLoh, hi jhvh121:03
PeterL(I lowered the number since I used some manually crafting)21:03
mircea_popescuthere's no real detriment if the number's too big21:03
diana_comanmyeah, bot is expecting no container21:07
diana_comanthe bp just doesn't make it in time for some reason21:07
PeterLwhere is bp going? It is already in brain21:07
mircea_popescudiana_coman so the ping measurement is innacurate ?21:08
diana_comanPeterL, the bot needs to read the bp so it sends message to server to read it; server replies but apparently not quickly enough21:08
mircea_popescuwould right clicking on bp fix this ?21:08
diana_comanI suspect his client is for some reason very slow see the typing troule21:08
diana_comanthat would be an idea; PeterL try right click on the bp in brain21:08
mircea_popescuyou know various people have complained about client being very slow lately ?21:08
diana_comanhave they?21:09
diana_comansince when?21:09
mircea_popescui thought it may be windows-related, but he says he's on ubuntu21:09
mircea_popescusince buncha noobs.21:09
diana_comanweird; did you notice it being slow?21:09
PeterLyeah, client is reaaaaaly slow21:09
mircea_popescume ? no. for me it's easily the fastest game i ever saw.21:09
PeterLlike I click something and a second later it responds21:10
mircea_popescuPeterL are your gfx drivers up to date ?21:10
PeterLhmm, dunno21:10
diana_comanPeterL, type /fps and tell me what it shows21:10
diana_comanalso: if you right-clicked on the bp, did it show already the contents?21:10
PeterL1.03 hiding FPS21:10
mircea_popescuholy hell21:10
PeterLI clicked on the bp, so it has the scroll open, then reset the bot and tried it, still got the error21:11
diana_comanPeterL, that's your trouble there21:11
diana_comanwith that fps it's a wonder it works at all21:11
mircea_popescuyeah this is very wrong. how the heck 1fps21:11
diana_comanwhat graphics card do you have and what driver PeterL ?21:11
mircea_popescualways a good sign21:12
diana_comanso look?21:12
PeterLwhere do I find that?21:12
mircea_popesculspci | grep "VGA"21:12
PeterL00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH VirtualBox Graphics Adapter21:13
mircea_popescuis this an onboard thing on a laptop ?21:13
diana_comansounds like some virtualbox21:14
diana_comanare you running it inside a virtual machine?21:14
mircea_popesculspci -v | grep "VGA" -A 121:14
PeterLyes, is that bad?21:14
diana_comanvirtual machines are horrible for graphics support21:14
mircea_popescuoh for the love of lolz.21:14
diana_comanbut really, why PeterL ?21:14
mircea_popescuyes it's bad. this is the known achiles heel of virtual machines : they fuck up gfx21:14
mircea_popescuwhy did you think alf was raging about how x without gfx is pointless.21:14
PeterLbecause that's where I got it to build and run?21:14
diana_comanPeterL, what do you have on your host machine?21:15
mircea_popescuwell yes but it has so many layers to go through that your video card ram is hitting new pages only, so works horribly.21:15
PeterLhost is winblows21:15
diana_comanwhat OS?21:15
diana_comanso run it on winblows ffs21:15
diana_comanget jurov's binary and run it there21:15
mircea_popescuso you're running windows -> virtual machine -> ubuntu -> eulora ?21:15
PeterLaha, will give that a try21:16
diana_comanthat's what I understood mircea_popescu21:16
PeterLumm, yeah21:16
mircea_popescujus' making sure, it's pretty unexpected21:16
mircea_popescuah yeah ok. well PeterL this isn't really how anyone else'd do it. as a rule of thumb, virtual machines are for anything but games.21:16
diana_comanheh mircea_popescu I ran all sorts of combinations really so I don't find it totally unexpected (although it quite manages to stick to the letter while eschewing all the points to it to my mind but hey)21:17
mircea_popescui was here holding my own jaw in place cuz wtf.21:18
mircea_popescui have to limit its fps on ancient thinkpad because otherwise it tries for 70.21:18
wyrdmantisi'm running mac, virtualbox, ubuntu, eulora21:20
wyrdmantisand it's crap but it works21:20
* diana_coman will never understand what do people have for the half-munched apple 21:21
diana_comanand I must say I *did* use apples plenty at uni21:21
mircea_popescuwyrdmantis why not just compile it for your os ?21:21
mircea_popescuor wait, we don't actually have a working osx yet ?21:21
wyrdmantisi tried, it does not works21:21
wyrdmantisi also gave to phf the error logz21:22
PeterLmy os does not know what to do with this archive file, , having to install an unzippler21:22
wyrdmantisback months ago21:22
mircea_popescuPeterL can just copy over from the virtual box lol21:23
wyrdmantisdiana_coman i know, but i hate windows and can't use ubuntu for works21:23
diana_comanwyrdmantis, is that the work laptop? or do you work on your own laptop or how does it go?21:24
mircea_popescumost people doing printing/graphics/movies etc tend to use macs for some reason21:24
diana_comanI can say why: because pretty21:24
mircea_popescumacs used to work better for eg typographic work. back in the 90s21:25
wyrdmantisyes, i admit, retina screen is pretty21:25
diana_comansame thing: pretty fonts etc21:25
shinohaiPretty is being able to decently compile code and watch it run on a non-locked down pc21:25
shinohaiAlso, jurov your new .deb seems to work fine for me w/ addition of libjpeg821:27
*** Quits: PeterL (~peter@unaffiliated/peterl) (Quit: Leaving)21:30
*** Joins: rowtan (2e0b2866@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
rowtanHi di I need to create an account here if I registered with deedbot?22:21
shinohaiask mircea_popescu to make one for you22:21
*** Quits: rowtan (2e0b2866@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)22:47

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