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mircea_popescuo hhhlola00:25
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t2yaxhey there06:53
diana_comanhi t2yax06:57
t2yaxdiana yesterday mircea told me07:00
t2yaxdiana can give you tasks07:00
t2yaxfor you to earn money07:00
t2yaxdo you have any ?07:01
diana_comanlet me see07:01
diana_comanhmm, should have something in 10-15 minutes, namely some claims for you to build; note though that I'll pay you in coppers in game and it works as 10% of what you bring me from the claim; fine with that?07:03
diana_comant2yax, ^07:04
mircea_popescuo shit, check me out murdering the pop top07:05
diana_coman2.5, not bad07:05
t2yaxgive me example diana07:05
t2yaxsince my english is not so good07:06
t2yaxso if i make you earn 100000 copper you will give me 10k copper ?07:06
diana_comanI give you claim + bundle + mining enum (all those COST money by the way); you go and build the claim and bring me back the grass you get; if that grass is worth 100k coppers, I'll give you 10k coppers, yes; if I am happy with your work, you'll get more work;07:09
t2yaxafter 1 or 2 hours07:11
t2yaxi will make it07:11
diana_comanalternatively you can buy yourself some tools and thread and go try to get yourself the claims07:11
t2yaxnow i need to make something07:11
t2yaxhow ?07:11
diana_comanand then sell the grass or whatever it is you get out of it07:11
t2yaxhmm sounds good but how07:12
diana_comanyou obtain claims by exploring; go somewhere and type /explore07:12
diana_comanso listen if you are away for a few hours anyway07:12
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 1k SRS bps, q 825, opening 3.7mn ; 1k DG bps, q 884, opening 4.1mn ; 2k IBS bps, q 884, opening 4.5 mn. ETA 17:00 aug 26th.07:12
diana_comanleave the game on and start the bot07:12
diana_comantype /bot explore 100000 line 30 1 1 7500 850007:12
diana_comansomething like that07:12
diana_comanand when you come back you'll see if you got any claims07:13
diana_coman(how often you get claims depends on your character's skills/levels so as you are brand new, it might take a lot of time to get something like that)07:13
diana_comanlol mircea_popescu I wanted to ask if you wanted some srs, ibs bps07:13
diana_comanand dg, yeah07:13
diana_comanweird how the game seems to work in phases: clicking cons now apparently yields mainly these bps; some time ago it was mainly cft and craft-tables iirc07:14
diana_comant2yax, to start with, you can explore bare handed too so it won't cost you anything07:15
diana_comanchances are even lower to find something like that, but since there is nothing to lose and there ARE some chances to win...07:15
t2yaxyou start to explore07:15
t2yaxouch that hurts :)07:15
diana_comanyeah, that's bare handed07:15
diana_comanyour character will die, but that's not a problem for now07:15
mircea_popescucurious if he finds anything07:15
t2yaxcan you clarify this command ?07:17
t2yaxwhat all those numbers mean07:17
mircea_popescuis it on the wiki yet ?07:17
t2yax½ /bot explore 100000 line 30 1 1 7500 850007:17
diana_comantype /bot help t2yax it will give you some idea07:18
diana_comanand read this: http://www.dianacoman.com/2016/08/04/craft-table-tourism-with-foxybot-1-4/07:18
t2yaxhow to stop exploring ?07:19
diana_comant2yax, the wiki is a good thing to read too: http://www.eulorum.org/Gameplay07:19
lobbesbotTitle: Gameplay - Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org)07:19
diana_comantype /bot reset07:19
diana_comankeep in mind though that people routinely leave the bot exploring over the night/24hours or more07:20
t2yaxso it can find something useful ?07:20
diana_comanit's not a matter of doing a few explores only07:21
diana_comanyes, that is how the claims (all those sticks around) are found07:21
diana_comanfrom the claims you get resources07:21
diana_comanwith resources you can craft all sorts07:21
diana_comanand on it goes07:21
t2yaxoh i need to close computer07:22
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diana_comanha mircea_popescu congrats again, lol07:24
diana_comantop says 1.31 :p07:24
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diana_comanhi pi2u did you ever get your account?09:04
pi2unope XD09:14
pi2unot yet09:14
pi2ustill waiting09:14
pi2ubut i have to work. So it isnt urgent ;) I'm patient09:16
diana_comanthat's a good thing to be in eulora09:19
diana_comanit might be worth just pinging mircea and asking him for an account really; as long as you are still around whenever he sees it he'll make it and then you can get to it when you are back too; the channel is logged too so you can check the logs if you miss something otherwise09:38
pi2ui did yesterday, but there is no log for PMs09:56
pi2uBut i'll try again09:56
diana_comanso don't do it in PM, do it here with his full name (that's pinging someone)10:02
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pi2uAh ok, thx11:27
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mircea_popescusooo who needs accounts ?13:37
*** Joins: khaos49 (29cba279@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
pi2ume ;)13:47
mircea_popescuo hi there. a second pi2u13:53
mircea_popescupi2u http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/ef575a8a-3635-431a-83f2-ac73254e14f6/13:55
mircea_popescui just sent you your credentials are in there, decrypt the thing14:00
pi2uah ok XD14:00
mircea_popescusay hi to me in game, i'll give you some tasks14:03
mircea_popescusame goes for you khaos4914:04
khaos49ok cool14:04
mircea_popescui'm at 172, 15914:04
khaos49noob q: how do i get there14:05
diana_comankhaos49, use /pilot command to point your character towards those coords14:06
mircea_popescuwell, type /pos to see your position ; type /pilot x z y to point your nose towards x z y14:06
mircea_popescualso check out the wiki, ttp://www.eulorum.org/Eulora14:07
* shinohai chuckles at thought of folks actually entering `xzy`14:07
mircea_popescuit's community run so feel free to improve it.14:07
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danielpbarronmircea_popescu, 4.5 mn the ibss16:09
danielpbarronhow do i make the top pops window appear?16:10
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 1k SRS bps, q 825, opening 3.7mn ; 1k DG bps, q 884, opening 4.1mn ; 2k IBS bps, q 884, 4.5 mn heard danielpbarron . ETA 17:00 aug 26th.16:10
mircea_popescu type /show top16:10
danielpbarron2.5 m ECu ?16:10
danielpbarronshould that say 2.5 btc?16:11
diana_comanno danielpbarron it's 2.5 mn ecu so 2.5 bitcents , not btc16:11
danielpbarronah cool i see the tabs now16:11
danielpbarronso mine is still #1 :D16:12
diana_comanit is :)16:12
diana_comanat least got confirmation that all tops apparently show the same thing :p17:07
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wyrdmantisgood evening18:54
wyrdmantisdiana_coman i have somthing for ya18:55
diana_comanhi wyrdmantis 1 sec18:57
diana_comanready wyrdmantis18:58
wyrdmantiseh i'm coming to town18:58
wyrdmantisdiana_coman trade?19:01
diana_comantrade wyrdmantis19:01
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wyrdmantisit keeps me saying, you cannot explore same place twice in a row :( any suggestion?21:49
danielpbarrontype /unstick22:04
danielpbarronwyrdmantis, ^22:04
wyrdmantisthanks danielpbarron22:06
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