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JybraelWho was I supposed to talk to about the uhm...eulora account?07:46
danielpbarrondoesn't it say in the game client?07:46
danielpbarronanyway I see you got your key registered with the bot -- good job!07:47
diana_comanhi Jybrael08:17
JybraelHi there mate08:23
JybraelHow are you?08:23
JybraelThank you08:29
JybraelBut I still need an account right?08:29
JybraelCause the last part said to ask here for the account08:29
Jybraelmircea_popescu: Hi08:42
Jybraeldiana_coman: hi08:42
diana_comanyes Jybrael you still need an account; have a look through the logs as I think danielpbarron already answered you yesterday; logs are here: http://logs.minigame.bz/latest.log.html08:43
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Thursday, 2016-07-28 (at logs.minigame.bz)08:43
JybraelYeah I went through the logs08:44
diana_comanhow did you make your way in here?08:44
JybraelIt said I have to wait for mircea_popescu08:44
diana_comanaha; I think you just missed him yest, lol;08:44
JybraelYeah I logged off a few minutes before he came on08:44
diana_comanjust leave the chat client on even if you are away08:44
JybraelBut can you tell me was that key the right one08:45
JybraelCause I dont know what I did08:45
diana_comanit seems fine, you are in the wot now as daniel rated you08:45
JybraelWhen I look at my gpg4win kleopatra thats the key that shows that08:45
JybraelHehe thank you08:45
JybraelWait wot doesnt show my user name Jybrael at all when I look for it08:46
diana_comanwhere did you look?08:46
lobbesbotTitle: WoT Overview - Btc Alpha (at www.btcalpha.com)08:46
JybraelI typed in my name there08:46
JybraelDeadbot said I was registered08:47
JybraelDid I do something wrong08:48
diana_comanno; it's just not updated it would seem08:49
JybraelHmm alright thanks08:49
JybraelI am too noob for tech stuff08:50
JybraelSo I always wondered if I did something wrong08:50
diana_comannot a bad thing by any means08:50
JybraelYeah but sometimes some people find it annoying asking too many questions08:51
diana_comanheh, no such thing as too many questions per se; that being said, asking questions is a skill too; and for the record, it's best to make it easy for people to help you otherwise: just say exactly what you did, where you got stuck and ask for help, that's quite all08:57
diana_comananyways, how did you find eulora?08:58
JybraelRead an article while browsing reddit09:11
JybraelNew to cryptos so I have been researching a lot on different coins09:11
JybraelHitting up faucets whenever I can09:11
JybraelGets tiring09:11
JybraelAnd I love playing games09:12
JybraelSo I wanted to give Eulora a try09:12
JybraelWanted to try out minequest..the minecraft version but sadly dont have a premium minecraft account09:13
diana_comaneulora beats any faucet by far if you really mean it and stick to it09:13
JybraelAnd I have played Entropia before09:13
JybraelAnother real cash economy game09:14
JybraelSo I thought of trying out Eulora too09:14
JybraelBy the way the source files are they editable?09:14
diana_comanyou might want to go through the logs as the eulora vs entropia thing has been discussed already several times (new people seem to pop entropia quite predictably in here)09:14
diana_comanJybrael> By the way the source files are they editable? <- what do you mean? any file is editable by definition, no?09:15
JybraelYeah but can someone with skills use eulora to make their own version?09:15
diana_comanthe client absolutely; they are even encouraged to do so09:16
diana_comanyou might want to read a bit the eulora category http://www.dianacoman.com/category/eulora/09:17
diana_comanre modifying client esp this http://www.dianacoman.com/2015/12/14/foxybots-v1-3/09:17
diana_comanand re bitcoin faucets and the like, have a look here Jybrael : http://trilema.com/2016/my-first-bitcoin-or-how-do-i-get-some-satoshi/09:18
lobbesbotTitle: My First Bitcoin, or How Do I Get Some Satoshi ? on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)09:18
JybraelYeah that was the one09:23
JybraelThe article that I read09:23
JybraelThank you for the links09:23
JybraelHmm really there were talks about Entropia09:23
diana_comanwait: did you find the trilema article on...reddit?09:24
diana_coman<Jybrael> Read an article while browsing reddit09:24
JybraelYeah I did09:25
JybraelIt was linked on Reddit09:26
JybraelI forgot what sub09:26
JybraelHeres the link09:28
lobbesbotTitle: My First Bitcoin, or How Do I Get Some Satoshi ? : FreeBits (at www.reddit.com)09:28
JybraelI went through all my subs ahaha09:28
JybraelSo basically someone can modify the client to make their own mmorpg.09:28
diana_comanfunny; but can't hurt09:28
JybraelWell gives more attention to eulora09:29
JybraelSO its good09:29
diana_comanuhm, how is the mmorpg client-only?09:29
JybraelI mean the source files09:29
JybraelSorry like I said09:29
JybraelBad with tech stuff09:29
diana_comanJybrael, you can change the client to your heart's content and therefore you'll get to interact with the game through the tool that you want/design/make; this however doesn't mean that you'll play a different mmorpg!09:33
diana_comanand you might want to read the S.MG category on Trilema too, lots of interesting and useful things there too09:34
JybraelS.MG? Roger that09:34
JybraelSo I just have to wait for my account to be set up and then try Eulora. I have dowloaded the client havent started it yet.09:36
JybraelIt was the foxybot version09:37
diana_comanwell, you can start it to make sure at least it works09:37
diana_comanmeanwhile read the stuff and the wiki too, can't hurt09:37
JybraelRoger that09:37
diana_comanwhen you get in eulora have a look around and then maybe ask for people if they have jobs for you - that's usually the best way to learn the game around here09:38
diana_comanquests are basically player-given, not npc09:38
JybraelI got error09:38
JybraelOpenAL32.dll is missing09:38
JybraelAh nice system09:38
JybraelPlayer given quests rather than npc09:39
diana_comansee above re asking questions: say clearly with links what you downloaded, what you did afterwards, what your system is etc; then ask maybe jurov can help you09:39
JybraelEulora version 0.1.1 + Foxybot 1.3 - Windows 32 package (297M) from http://minigame.bz/jurov/09:40
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Releases by Jurov (at minigame.bz)09:40
JybraelI am using Acer Aspire 5738PG laptop09:40
JybraelBut the game loaded I can see the login screen09:40
JybraelEven if I got an error09:40
diana_comanwhat graphics card do you have?09:42
diana_comaniirc that is part of the nvidia stuff09:42
JybraelATI Mobility Radeon HD 457009:43
diana_comanjurov probably knows best about this on windows, he'll hopefully be able to help when he gets around09:47
JybraelRoger that thank you09:47
diana_comanah, openal is the sound thing, ugh; must be some installer for it on windows I guess09:50
JybraelOh alright so I should update sound drivers09:50
diana_comanworth a try for sure10:26
JybraelAlright working on it trying to figure it all out10:38
JybraelSo hes still not here :(10:38
diana_comaneh, take it easy;eulora is not going anywhere11:10
JybraelOfcourse I am I am just itching to try it ahaha11:43
mircea_popescuhey there.14:03
mircea_popescuJybrael gimme a second ima make you a nacct.14:03
mircea_popescuJybrael http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/d96eae3d-0d00-4e0c-b62c-c15582816911/14:11
JybraelHi bro14:16
JybraelI think thats the key I posted14:16
JybraelMaybe not14:16
JybraelAh yeah no thats not mine ahaha14:18
mircea_popescuhttp://btcbase.org/log/2016-07-28#1510707 << it'd better be yours.14:19
lobbesbotTitle: tmsr (at btcbase.org)14:19
JybraelThis one is mine14:20
mircea_popescuum. you dunno how this works do you ?14:20
JybraelNot really14:20
mircea_popescuthat's a message, you have to decrypt it.14:20
JybraelHow do I decrypt that message?14:20
JybraelSorry bro total noob14:21
mircea_popescuwell, whichever software that created your key has a decrypt function somewhere.14:22
mircea_popescuwhat did you use ?14:22
mircea_popescutry https://www.puryear-it.com/decrypting-a-file-using-gpg4win-kleopatra14:23
JybraelRoger bro thank you14:24
JybraelGot it it was decrypted14:28
JybraelThank you bro14:28
JybraelSo thats my pass and userid14:28
mircea_popescuif you meet me in game ima give you a few things to get you started.14:31
JybraelRoger that bro. I will try logging14:31
mircea_popescuhow'd you find eulora btw ?14:32
mircea_popescua nm, it's in the logs i see :)14:33
JybraelTrilema post linked on reddit14:34
mircea_popescudiana_coman> wait: did you find the trilema article on...reddit? <<< crazy shit huh!14:35
mircea_popescubut there's various people who add trilema to various sm stuff. kinda nice of them.14:35
JybraelYeah I really think it is14:35
JybraelScreens stuck at verification complete14:36
JybraelAh cool loading world now14:36
JybraelI guess this will be a while14:36
mircea_popescuJybrael> So basically someone can modify the client to make their own mmorpg. << if someone wants to make their own mmorpg they'll have to also make a server to go with the client.14:38
JybraelRight right. But thats a lot of coding ahaha14:38
JybraelSomeday I want to learn to code14:38
mircea_popescuwell... someday maybe you will.14:39
JybraelI am in tried to climb the hill but fell down and died14:47
mircea_popescuhappens with steep climbs ya. give it a moment. death's not implemented yet.14:48
mircea_popescuso i'm at -237 52 -15214:48
mircea_popescusay /pilot and it'll point you to me.14:48
JybraelDid it14:49
JybraelHow far is that?14:53
mircea_popescushouldn't be too far.14:56
mircea_popescuquarter mile ?14:56
JybraelHes still running there15:01
JybraelA little difficult to get used to the controls15:01
JybraelI am beside you mate15:02
mircea_popescuhmm i dont' see you ?15:06
mircea_popescuah there you are. Jybrael trade me would you15:06
JybraelI have no idea of the commands yet15:07
mircea_popescucome closer15:07
JybraelAnd camera is hard to control15:07
mircea_popescuright click me, there's a button with a hand15:07
JybraelGot it bro15:08
JybraelI think I was clicking one of the things around there15:09
mircea_popescuaccept is on the lower left corner15:09
JybraelThank you15:09
mircea_popescuthat will let you mine tiny/small claims. go find some, make your fortune :)15:09
JybraelGot to learn a lot15:10
mircea_popescuyeah lol. but there's time.15:10
JybraelYup yup15:10
mircea_popesculemme know when you find something!15:10
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mircea_popescuhello pumpBTC15:11
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mircea_popescuthat was quick lol15:11
mircea_popescuJybrael oh also check out danielpbarron 's eulora blog/youtube channel, he knows a lot.15:11
mircea_popescuand diana_coman of course.15:12
JybraelRoger that15:12
JybraelThank you for the help bro15:12
mircea_popescudon]t mention it.15:12
JybraelWell I will hit the hay for now I will try to watch the videos and then try my hands again15:18
JybraelGoodnight guys thank you for the help15:18
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