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mircea_popescudanielpbarron i think ima sell 'em, i don't have the stuff to make bods01:16
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danielpbarroncongrats mircea_popescu !16:30
danielpbarron0.01 worth of ampoule loot16:30
Birdmanpast level 250 and it still only takes a couple cs smalls to level up :)19:16
Birdmanbuilding, that is19:16
mircea_popescuapparenjtly was mostly shards19:22
diana_comanmaking some 351q mites out of 148q dusts; this might actually turn ok19:26
Birdmanin that case, use my q450 dusts19:30
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vtheimpaler_howdy all! I followed the instructions and am here now to ask for a new account setup?20:47
diana_comanhi vtheimpaler_20:55
vtheimpaler_Hi there Diana :)20:56
diana_comanmircea_popescu can make you an account when he's around20:56
diana_comanwhich instructions have you followed?20:57
vtheimpaler_Understood. I'll hang around.20:57
diana_comanare you in the wot?20:57
vtheimpaler_There was a new player setup guide?20:58
vtheimpaler_I only recently set up a PGP?20:58
vtheimpaler_So I would assume that my trust rating is zero21:00
diana_comanrecent is good, but hmm, did you register with deedbot?21:00
diana_comanit says it doesn't know you21:00
vtheimpaler_Bugger, I went and did the query, attempted to use my full code off of the Windows Kleopatra but kept failing.21:01
diana_comantrust rating being 0 is not a problem - I will give you a 1 rating to start with, but you need to register with deedbot21:01
vtheimpaler_I then used the code that was found off of Connectil21:01
vtheimpaler_I will spend more time attempting to query deedbot with my full code :)21:02
diana_comanvtheimpaler_, is this the guide you followed? http://www.eulorum.org/Account_Setup21:02
lobbesbot`Title: Account Setup - Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org)21:02
vtheimpaler_yes Diana that is the one21:03
diana_comandid deedbot reply/accept what you fed it?21:04
diana_comanit might just be that it takes a bit of time to process21:04
vtheimpaler_One sec, let me reload the page I was on.21:05
vtheimpaler_Thank you for taking the time :)21:05
vtheimpaler_hmm.. My fingerprint is registered to vtheimpaler  without the underscore.21:09
diana_comanah, let me see21:10
vtheimpaler_I will attempt to login here again, I am not sure why the underscore was added21:10
diana_comanaha, works21:11
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vtheimpalerWould you kindly help me make an account? :)21:38
vtheimpalerI think I followed all steps correctly and am ready to join the game.21:41
mircea_popescuone sec and i will yeah.21:42
vtheimpalerMany thanks to you :D21:42
mircea_popescuvtheimpaler http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/c488a1af-dd46-4eca-b923-db199eeba79b/21:48
danielpbarronhi vtheimpaler21:50
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vtheimpalerHey Mircea, I followed the link but am not sure how to make that into a new account.23:41
danielpbarronvtheimpaler, decrypt it with your key and it should be a username/password23:51

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