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alikimjurov: yeah, I need to add that too, how do you do it, memorize when keys arrive and give them some time to decay?05:24
alikimhow much are cft, say q100, and how much are bp to make them, also say q100?05:27
diana_comanalikim, I can sell 284 cft at q109 for 265 coppers each06:27
diana_comanI can sell some cft bps q32 only, 20 coppers each06:29
alikimcan I have 35 of them?06:29
alikimkk I'll bein town in  amin06:29
alikimdo you have change, I don't have the exact amount06:32
diana_coman35×265 = 9275, I have change, yes 1 min06:32
diana_comanjust the 10k coin06:33
alikimit's funny how this game follows ancient believes that the sky is solid and is a sphere07:19
hanbotdiana_coman, tokens are ready08:05
diana_comantrade me hanbot08:07
diana_comanthank you08:08
euporium`Error: "you." is not a valid command.08:08
alikimdiana: can I buy 25 of those bps?09:38
alikimsomehow missed you message that you have them09:48
alikimgz mircea10:00
jurovalikim lol no, just throw all keys after login12:56
mircea_popescuholy shit 11!13:20
mircea_popescualikim :)13:21
mircea_popescunot coincidental. lotta ancient beliefs it follows.13:21
mircea_popescujurov what if you have an ord you forgot to storage ?13:22
alikimjurov: ouch, I made the bot to log all keys ids with timestamps, so now it throws out all keys older than 24 hours13:31
mircea_popescudoes it filter out for non-small/tiny ?13:32
alikimmircea: I only find tiny claims and I don't leave them locked so no, but yes I'll have to add more filtering later13:35
alikimI hope there won't be so many non-decaying keys, so instead of throwing them out I can just pull them from storage and manually check13:36
mircea_popescuwell, nobody came up with a % figure so far, so you can always do that an' call it research13:41
alikimI'll start using this log today and from now on I'll tell you exactly13:42
mircea_popescupretty cool.13:42
mircea_popescuin other news : i've been doing this bottle run for a while now. as it happnes it has almost exactly 5k OC. i'm about 5k bottles in or so. this means i oc'd a total of say 25mn in the past 3-4 days it's been going.13:43
mircea_popescui got a 11 mn and a 4mn pop. without THOSE TWO CLICKS, i'd be under the water about 50%. with them however, i'm 10% profitable.13:44
mircea_popescudifference betweeen 4998 and 5000 clicks.13:44
alikimyeah hofs help ;)13:44
alikimhow big is ath?13:45
mircea_popesculast night i was kinda waffling on the topic, "hey this craft ran for so long and it's underwater, kill it already".13:45
mircea_popescuall time high ?13:46
mircea_popescuhttp://trilema.com/2016/eulora-hall-of-fame/ << this'll prolly be of interest to you. like 25 or so iirc ?13:46
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Hall of Fame on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)13:46
mircea_popescuno, 17.13:46
mircea_popescubut the bitch is : the reporting's not been terribly accurate historically. for instance i got 40mn worth of samovars base value (362 pieces, prolly worth more towards 100mn market rate) that wasn't reported at all.13:47
mircea_popescugrenadine also got like 50k tpt last year (off a tiny no less!) that's also not in there.13:48
mircea_popescuand prolly others13:48
alikimstill nice13:48
alikimhow these hofs come? into your inventory or into a claim or table?13:50
mircea_popescuinto table like normal loot13:51
mircea_popescuif overflow goes to inv.13:51
mircea_popescuanyway, it's rather becoming a crafter's meta-skill, this. to somehow intuit when a craft's doing okay and when it's rotten.13:51
alikimshould be the same for exploring, I haven't had time to look at yet but it has its spikes as well even at my level13:53
mircea_popescuthat's the other thing : it's not as bad for noobs. they don't lose much, can't gain much. as you level up though the skies open up so to speak.13:54
mircea_popescualikim what's hof ?13:57
alikimhall of fame13:58
alikimwhat you call pop13:58
alikimath = the biggest hof13:59
mircea_popescuah i c.13:59
mircea_popescuud knows one, not the other :)13:59
mircea_popescu(ud = urban dictionary)13:59
alikimthey should play more ;)13:59
mircea_popescureally ath comes from trader dweebs i think.14:00
mircea_popescucourse they also think themselves payas n' shit so it all works out.14:00
alikimI've always been more of a miner than a crafter14:06
alikimbut I'll get to crafting a bit later14:06
alikimturning my account into AH is the last resort14:08
mircea_popescueventually you'll be able to buy/hire npcs14:39
mircea_popescusorry for teh inconvenience meanwhile.14:39
mircea_popescu(and i mean that buy literally - there will be slavery in eulora. up to each lord/township to decide if allowed in the perimeter.)14:40
alikimancien believes huh? all right, thanks for the heads up ;)14:48
alikimwill there be free land for exploration or everything will be under ownership?14:50
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zakorus123good morning14:58
diana_comanmircea_popescu> anyway, it's rather becoming a crafter's meta-skill, this. to somehow intuit when a craft's doing okay and when it's rotten. <- I think it's more a matter of being rich enough to just keep going until eventually you are in the green15:10
alikimdiana: can I buy 25 cft bps you mentioned earlier?15:38
mircea_popescualikim the way to acquire ownership of land will be to select a plot (sized as current map) and claim it as your own. but in general, game map = infinity of plots.15:56
mircea_popescu(and i mean infinity literally - 2^32 - 1 by 2^32 - 1 plots.)15:57
mircea_popescudiana_coman money surely helps.15:57
mircea_popescualikim then if you develop that plot - at first it's just an inn or w/e - but eventually you get walls around it and stuff, at which point you can claim a certain radius around it for tax. depending how developed you are etc. so then you get a certain % off people mining/crafting there results, or else they can buy a timed pass if you issue those.16:01
mircea_popescuthe downside being that spawned mobs will start attacking you, so you gotta spend on upkeep. and if they win... there goes your town.16:01
mircea_popescumob spawners will be related to down development, majesty style if you ever played that. so the higher you build the tower the tougher it gets to defend it. hopefully you have enough mercs, gold, friends etc.16:02
alikimsounds fun16:03
alikimit's all based on fighting mechanics16:04
mircea_popescuwell basically... suppose you have a town so-and-so developed, which creates so and so base value of mobs spawning / tick.16:05
mircea_popescunow suppose you... pop! and get a dragon coming for your town.16:05
mircea_popescusame mechanism - pops aren't always good tho :)16:05
mircea_popescu(ie, the idea of fairness is to allow player to take either side of the same mechanism. so - craft, maybe you pop. or administer town and hope you DONT pop.)16:06
mircea_popescubut otherwise, castle is essentially a large, stationary, hunting grounds. rather than you go into forest by self, or hire a bunch of npcs - build town. then mobs come over by themselves ; and you loot them just as well.16:06
mircea_popescusort of stage 3 of hunting. like irl.16:07
alikimI'd rather be involved in pure exploration with some cool twists then deal with castles management and social stuff16:09
mircea_popescuhey, each his own.16:09
alikimnot sure what kind of twists exploration might have16:10
mircea_popescubut re tax : it won't work like tax usually works, ie, someone steals your hard earned shit. instead, the tax you pay is a CREDIT to you. specifically : if you say have picks that decay 1000 per hit, and use one once in a land with 50% tax, you get credited by game as if you had spent 1500, not 1000.16:10
mircea_popescumeh. 2000, not 1000 i mean.16:10
mircea_popescuso then you get loot, suppose 2000, and obviously pay your tax of 50%. means castle owner gets 1k, and you get the 1k you'd have got anyway, if you mined in a land w/o tax.16:11
zakorus123diana_coman your click is done16:11
mircea_popescuso for this reason, the higher the castle, the better stuff around it.16:11
mircea_popescumeanwhile, the higher the tax, the higher the env pressure puts on the castle in question. so the lord will strive to tax AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE! just like irl, back i nthe medieval days.16:12
mircea_popescuie, tax is good for players.16:12
mircea_popescuso there's an example of a twist right there : do you use your picks next to Fort Kickass, and dodge all the angry invisible bloodsucking bats and five story tall ogres ? better loot. maybe you die.16:13
alikimso if you die you lose the account?16:14
mircea_popescuwell no, you're supposed to marry and have kids.16:14
mircea_popescupick a kid to continue the family line.16:14
mircea_popescuand will haveto you know, select wives properly to give you the talent you want. say you want a mage. well... fuck some elf chicks.16:15
alikimbut you can't play two chars at athe same time?16:15
mircea_popescuif you wanna move on, can just retire the old guy. make him a nice opium den or w/e.16:16
alikimso you switch to one of your kids when you die and then to his brother if he dies?16:16
mircea_popescuno, his brothers become npcs.16:16
mircea_popescuyou'd better marry him and get some offspring before you start risking its neck.16:16
alikimthere must be a gift of immortality in there somewhere16:17
mircea_popescuyeah, there's lines you can pursue to become immortal. but it won't be common.16:18
alikimgiven by the biggest dragon16:18
mircea_popescusuch as becoem a lich and fuck everyone's shit up. that'll be the ultimate griefing thing.16:18
mircea_popescuvampires ; ents ; a few other contemplated. and yes eventually you should be able to kill a god and become the god instead.16:18
alikimI'll screw immortal chicks and godesses, maybe some good will come out of it16:20
mircea_popescui suspect part of immortality includes removing the bits in question.16:20
mircea_popescubut i suppose a bj from a divine being can't be all that bad.16:21
alikimdivine being can give you much more than just a bj16:22
mircea_popescu10`000 shiva handjobs ?16:22
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mircea_popescuanyone selling low cft bps btw ?18:29
mircea_popesculike q 10ish18:29
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I can sell 1 stack of cft bps q918:37
diana_comanalikim> diana: can I buy 25 cft bps you mentioned earlier? <- sure18:37
diana_comanprobably best ping me with whole name alikim so I see it18:38
mircea_popescudiana_coman how much ?18:42
diana_comanhm, 50k total18:51
diana_comanmircea_popescu, ^18:51
diana_comanin other consideration news: put 1 mn in, without considering even the cost of the consideration itself, got about 370k out as bv bps18:54
jurov<mircea_popescu> jurov what if you have an ord < hahahaHAHAHAHA19:06
jurovsome people are buying literally "pls 5BTC just so that I don't have to care fo several months"19:07
jurovpresumably to plow whole world with chetty sticks... but I find such a burn rate abhorrent19:08
jurov(and yes, this means I am almost out of the 10 BTC i received for this purpose in March or so)19:11
jurovbut let's undisgress, yes I do filter tiny small etc. keys19:18
mircea_popescudiana_coman 5g each ? yeah i can do that. in town plox19:23
diana_comankk, 1 min to take them out19:23
mircea_popescujurov hey, everyone plays like they play ya ken ?19:23
jurovyea, and everyone has their opinions like they have, too :D19:24
mircea_popescuhehe yea.19:24
mircea_popescuanyway, i got 5 ords in about an hour of mining last i did it.19:24
mircea_popescuchetty sticks :D19:24
diana_comanmircea_popescu, trade19:27
diana_coman1mn for ...50k?19:29
mircea_popescumah bad.19:29
diana_comanhave fun19:29
diana_comanpondering if to click an apprentice tink to get yet again the craft-table plans that are totally useless19:30
Birdmani might have a bunch of those bps lemme see19:34
mircea_popescuit's so fucking epic when i see my bottle, and a bunch of feelings, and then THREE BOTTLES and more feelings etc.19:37
Birdmani've around 25k cft bps q36-38 if you're interested mircea_popescu19:37
mircea_popescuBirdman sure. how much ?19:37
Birdmanyeah congrats on 11mn pop on ltf!19:37
Birdmanso one single click was 11mn you got?19:37
Birdmanand thats pretty nuts19:38
mircea_popescuor thereabouts.19:39
Birdman308% i thought19:39
mircea_popescui meant the pop.19:39
* diana_coman is taking notes on how to price bps19:39
Birdmanoh, yeah19:39
* Birdman got his notes from diana_coman19:39
mircea_popescuanyway, i'm willing to go 400k, if you want it.19:39
Birdmanits the same % over qabv19:40
Birdmanin fact i retract that deal19:41
mircea_popescuwell mebbe after i digest this stack we talk moar.19:41
Birdmanmay as well shred them19:41
mircea_popescusuppose i trade you q 200 bps for your q 40 bps ?19:41
mircea_popescuthose should shred better.19:41
Birdmanlong as there's some extra on top im game19:42
mircea_popescuahahaha wait, what ?!19:42
* diana_coman is scribbling away19:42
Birdmanthere's value in being ~able~ to shred right19:42
Birdmanso i can shred 25k times or w/e, less if i trade it all up in quality19:42
mircea_popescuyou don't get extra going up the quality pole, what is this.19:42
Birdmani'd be willing to do that deal for some of them19:45
Birdmandoes loot sort inside of containers now?19:55
Birdmanjust built an ord and there's 6-7 spots filled with the resource, all same quality, and none in my inventory19:55
diana_comanloot goes into containers now, yes19:56
Birdmancool, and the last spot was higher quality19:56
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alikimdiana_coman: np, I finally found nick autocomplete on my current client ;)22:03
mircea_popescuo tomorrow's the big auction huh.22:10
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WiseWhy is my fsecure antivirus stopping the http://logs.minigame.bz webpage in my browser claiming it´s suspect?22:25
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora Log (at logs.minigame.bz)22:25
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mircea_popescuuh that's weird.22:43
mircea_popescuWise does it say anything specific ?22:43
WiseI get this (it´s in swedish and I cut away the browser info etc) http://postimg.org/image/x1by5r569/22:48
lobbesbotTitle: View image: viruspic (at postimg.org)22:48
WiseBut it´s in my browser (chrome)22:48
mircea_popescuWise : your browser must be somehow broken. for one thing, f-secure itself doesn't agree with you : https://search.f-secure.com/search?query=http%3A%2F%2Flogs.minigame.bz22:49
lobbesbotTitle: http://logs.minigame.bz - F-Secure Search (at search.f-secure.com)22:49
mircea_popescufor the other thing, virustotal concurs : site's clean. https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/7b2abc76d5cb81accc78954437375b4257104e0c82cbd7de4813104a75f017e9/analysis/1463266124/22:49
lobbesbotTitle: Scan report for http://logs.minigame.bz/ at 2016-05-14 22:48:44 UTC - VirusTotal (at www.virustotal.com)22:49
WiseB"Blocked. This website har been repported as dangerous. We recommend that you do not visit this website"22:49
mircea_popescuanyway, if you're concerned you can always load it through some sort of proxy service, or something like archive.is etc22:49
WiseI´m sure it´s nothing, however, I did get it, might be something in code or something22:50
mircea_popescuWise there's literally no code whatsoever on the page. it uses no javascript etc. it looks like this : http://dpaste.com/0ZQ803F22:51
lobbesbotTitle: dpaste: 0ZQ803F (at dpaste.com)22:51
WiseSo what do I need to download :)?22:52
WiseOh, does it work on Win 10 ?22:52
mircea_popescuwell depending on platform ? anyway, see http://www.eulorum.org/Eulora22:53
lobbesbotTitle: Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org)22:53
mircea_popescuif you haven't already22:53
WiseThank you!22:54
WiseWhat´s the difference between FoxyBot and upstream package?22:55
mircea_popescufoxybot is a bot that automates some in-game tasks.22:55
mircea_popescupretty nifty. player made.22:55
WiseSo that one is just + bot?22:56
WiseK, tx22:56
zakorus123is wise newer than me?23:10
WiseIm very new indeed23:10
WiseThank you23:11
zakorus123i joined about a couple weeks ago23:11
WiseI need to have the folder in C: root?23:11
WiseHello there :)23:11
zakorus123yes wise23:11
zakorus123all related folders should be in c root23:12
zakorus123have you made an account with mircae yet?23:12
zakorus123or in the process of making a pgpkey23:12
zakorus123also the final product of the game should be activated by a batch file23:13
zakorus123if you ahve a .exe you did something wrong23:13
zakorus123getting set up is a bit confusing at the moment23:14
zakorus123but its worth it23:14
WiseOk, I started it, and now it tells me to see Mircea :)23:16
zakorus123have you read the guide on the wiki23:16
zakorus123and have you read the manual for gnupg23:16
WiseNo, will go do that.. ;)23:16
WiseShould I run stable, modern or classic gnupg?23:18
Wisek, tx23:19
Wisehmm, is it "gpg4win" I should d/l?23:21
zakorus123hold on23:22
zakorus123lemme grab the site23:22
zakorus123could you wait 15 minutes23:22
zakorus123im actually playing ffxiv and doing a raid23:22
zakorus123ok looks like the group is going to wipe23:23
zakorus123so ill go grab the gpg key generator website23:23
zakorus123ok it looks like it is gpg4win23:24
zakorus123sorry got confused23:24
WiseSry, and thanx for taking your time23:24
zakorus123just remember to read the manual23:25
zakorus123and get the stable version not the beta23:25
WiseIt says "you want to extract the interior using 7zip to the C:/ directory ( DO NOT EXTRACT ANYWHERE ELSE ) run the installer after the installation open it up.", but I got an installer that want to install into program files (gpg4wain)23:25
zakorus123its not 4wain23:26
zakorus123its 4win23:26
zakorus123u might have mistyped it23:26
WiseI did ;)23:26
lobbesbotTitle: Gpg4win - Download Gpg4win (at www.gpg4win.org)23:26
Wiseyes, installing that, but that dosnt need to be installed in c: root then?23:27
zakorus123might be a new version23:27
zakorus123install that wherever23:27
zakorus123might have made a mistake when i made the guide23:27
zakorus123lemme check23:27
WiseOh, you did it :)23:27
zakorus123i just recently made that guide23:27
zakorus123ill edit it real quick23:27
zakorus123ok party wiped and need to try again just gimmie 15 minutes23:28
zakorus123and extracting to C: only for the actual gamefiles23:28
zakorus123sorry bout that23:34
zakorus123i fixed it23:36
zakorus123sorry about that23:36
Wisehmm, I´m lost at the key23:41
zakorus123yeah thats the hard part23:41
zakorus123reading the manual all the way down toencrypt and decrypt should help you23:41
zakorus123a pgp gpg key is just your name address and email encrypted into an all encompasing web-id23:42
zakorus123thats why you wont find scammers in this game23:42
zakorus123theyd be too afraid to sully their own name23:42
WiseI thank you for your time, but I read most of it now, and it´s mostly greek to me ;)23:44
WiseI have no ideá where to begin with all these commands, how or wher to use them23:44
zakorus123hmm well i was able to do it with no idea at first23:45
zakorus123im sure mircae can help you figure it out23:45
zakorus123as in not as much a techy as he23:45
zakorus123if i can figure it out23:45
zakorus123you can :)23:45
WiseHehe, it seems to be unix commands and Im on a pc23:45
zakorus123oh i see your reading the wrong manual23:46
zakorus123lemme see if i can find the correct manual23:46
zakorus123maybe i linked the wrong one23:46
lobbesbotTitle: Gpg4win - Documentation (at www.gpg4win.org)23:46
WiseI´m reading here23:47
lobbesbotTitle: Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG) Mini Howto (English): Using keys (at www.dewinter.com)23:47
zakorus123well thats not it23:47
zakorus123gpgmini isnt even the program ur using23:47
zakorus123oh well23:48
zakorus123dewinter helps too23:48
zakorus123im sure it will work23:48
Wisehehe, sry for my dumbness, but I´ll keep on readin gthe new one, lot´s of pages ^^23:48
zakorus123oh this guide is good23:48
zakorus123keep using dewinter23:48
zakorus123ill add it to my guide23:49
zakorus123sorry i havent done this in a while23:50
zakorus123mircae could be much more help23:50
zakorus123you've used a cmd line before correct?23:51
WiseYes, not much but yes23:55
zakorus123then you should be able to do this after a few hours of trying to figure it out lol23:56
zakorus123took me 3 hours to figure it out23:58
zakorus123might take you more or less23:58
zakorus123just dont give up23:59
mircea_popescuhow goes then ?23:59

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