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DicePowerhowdy :)03:18
DicePowerJust added my few clarifications to the Windows installation guide page.  Someone should probably read it at some point and make sure I didn't say anything incorrect.  :P03:20
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mircea_popescuhow's your project ocming along ?03:51
DicePowerPretty smoothly, I've removed quite a few obstacles from the login process.03:56
DicePowerLearned some pretty interesting things about the game too, by viewing the code.03:57
DicePowerIf anyone was wondering, when you remove the character preview in the character creation screen, there is no race button to go back to the default Euklidian race or w/e it's called :P03:58
DicePowerThere's just the one button for Eulorian.03:59
DicePowerLearned that the minimum character limit for a First Name or Last Name is only checked on the client side, while the "no capital letter except for the first letter" rule appears to be checked a second time on the server.04:00
DicePowerI found that kinda interesting.04:00
DicePowerI had one character named M lol.04:00
DicePowerOne of the "philosophical" questions I've been pondering is what to do with this program once I have a character.04:01
DicePowerIt's dangerous04:01
DicePowerThe program, when started, will delete my character and create a new one over and over.04:02
mircea_popescuso what's the danger ?04:02
DicePowerThat means, if I EVER somehow ran the executable later by mistake, my character would be deleted :P04:02
DicePowerI thought of a couple things I could do, but I'm thinking the safest thing might be to just remove the program from existence entirely.04:03
DicePowerI have kept handwritten instructions on every piece I change, in case I wanted to create it again when multiple characters are implemented or something.04:04
mircea_popescuheh. yeah, or add a check or something.04:05
DicePowerI think I would avoid using the autologin feature pre-implemented in the code though, for future characters.04:05
mircea_popescuput the date in the code, so it doesn't run past march 31st for example.04:05
DicePowerYeah, but like, if you have a bug in the code and part doesn't run somehow, even once, even in debug mode...04:06
DicePowerI think this program is kinda dangerous.04:06
DicePowerNoticed a lot of other character attributes in the code, like religion, mother's/father's status, mother's/father's job, etc.04:12
DicePowerI wonder how many attributes there are for a character in the database :P04:13
DicePower...and if there's a way to have the client send those unimplemented database values for your character at character creation time.  XD04:15
DicePower...and if there will be any synergy between any "hidden" character attribute and particular stat distributions?  :O04:16
DicePower...and if I've reached insanity yet.04:16
*** Joins: alikim (1b20321a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
DicePowerHello :)04:46
alikimI can't register with assbot, it says not a valid fingerprint04:48
alikimdo I need to wait?04:49
DicePowerDoes it say "No valid OpenPGP data found on pgp.mit.edu."04:49
alikimno, it says what I typed before04:50
DicePowerHmm, I didn't run into that error.04:51
alikimcan anyone help?04:51
alikimwhom do I ask for an account?05:06
alikimis he here?05:09
alikimor do I contact him by email?05:09
DicePowerHe's in the chat quite often.05:10
alikimok, I'm asking for an account, not sure how this irc thing works05:21
hanbotalikim this channel is logged, so he'll see your message next time he's around (which is often enough).05:26
hanbotanyway if you'd just sent your key to a keyserver you may need to wait a little while, yeah05:26
alikimI've registered with assbot here, not sure what else I need to do05:28
hanbotah then you just need an account, yeah. meantime there's eulorum.org, maybe peruse folks' blog posts listed there etc.05:42
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)07:11
alikimwhen I start the game I get system error message OpenAL32.dll is missing but then the game log screen opens OK, can't tell if the game actually runs w/o an account10:45
diana_comanalikim, the client should run w/o an account up to the log screen, yes10:48
diana_comanyou'll get an account as soon as mircea_popescu comes around basically, just hang around a bit more10:49
diana_comanhave a look at the wiki meanwhile?10:49
diana_comanare you on windows alikim ?10:50
diana_comanbtw do a search and fix your openal32.dll missing thing as it seems to be a common/known issue10:52
alikimyeah I read some wiki notes, Win 8 notebook10:54
diana_comanfrom a quick look I got at it, the openal32.dll thing might be due to graphic drivers messed up or something similar; have a look around a bit10:56
diana_comanhow did you find your way here?10:57
alikimgoogled real cache economy games11:00
diana_comanheh, that it certainly is; have you found the reports of some of the auctions that have been going on in game?11:04
alikimno, I actually want to play the game11:06
alikimI tried to download a few openal32.dll files but the game crashes11:20
diana_comanuhm, downloading dlls is not a very good idea in general, I meant more along the lines: check and/or update/reinstall the graphic drivers for instance12:15
diana_comanbut anyway, you said the log screen opens ok ?12:15
mircea_popescuan hour after i go to bed, dc.12:43
mircea_popescuANOTHER night lost.12:43
mircea_popescuat this rate...12:43
alikimcan I have an account?12:46
mircea_popescugot a pgp key alikim ?12:50
alikimyes I registered it here with assbot12:50
mircea_popesculink me ?12:50
alikimwhat's that?12:51
mircea_popescui need your public key, put it in dpaste.com or something ?12:52
lobbesbot`Title: dpaste: 3P9VQ4Q: alikim public key, by alikims@gmail.com (at dpaste.com)12:55
mircea_popescuaite one second.12:56
mircea_popescualikim http://dpaste.com/3E6QE2X.txt12:59
alikimwhat's this for?13:00
alikimI know nothing about cryptography this is all weird13:00
diana_comandecrypt that alikim as it is your username+pwd to get in game13:00
mircea_popescuyour login13:00
alikimit doesn't work13:07
alikimwhat's my login? alikim or email?13:08
diana_comansurely *not* email13:09
diana_comanso if you have alikim in the decrypted thing, then it must be alikim13:09
mircea_popescudiana_coman is there reference to email made in the client or something ? too many ppls confused.13:10
diana_comanyes, there is unfortunately13:11
diana_comanthe log in screen says email13:11
mircea_popescuah. will hafta change that.13:11
mircea_popescualikim : first item is your login, 2nd item is your password.13:11
alikimok I'm in thanks!13:12
mircea_popescuhey well done.13:12
diana_comanwell done alikim13:12
diana_comanand welcome!13:12
mircea_popescucome find me up on the town hill, ima give you some starter stuff.13:12
alikimcan I move camera?13:12
mircea_popescupress M or middle button13:13
mircea_popescudiana_coman danielpbarron hey, do you use the mouse to direct movement ?13:37
diana_comanugh, no13:37
mircea_popescui thought it can be done but alikim apparently having trouble with it.13:37
diana_comanI think it can be done, alikim have you checked out the controls in game?13:38
mircea_popescuoh btw alikim if you set right click to something else of course you can't interact with things anymore13:38
mircea_popescuright click was the default for that :D13:38
mircea_popescudiana_coman apparently there IS a mousemove item, but setting it does nothing.13:38
diana_comanat options (the cog in the bar at the top of the screen) you can see/set everything13:38
diana_comanoohhhh, I remember that from the code of the client13:39
mircea_popescuo ?13:39
diana_comanand ah, sometimes I accidently set it I think and I barely can get out of it, lol13:39
diana_comanhmmmm, was it both buttons pressed at same time?13:39
diana_comanI think that's how I get out of it at least13:40
mircea_popescupretty sure there is some way except nobody seems to be using it o.O13:40
diana_comanI hate it, lol13:40
mircea_popescuguy's been doing pirouettes around me for the past half hour :D13:40
diana_comanthat's good, the euloran ballet corps is hiring13:41
diana_comanhey, gotta have right stats for ballet!13:41
diana_coman1k hits with the hoe and not even one single rf ord13:53
diana_comanpoor foxy will just go and hurl those hoes off the cliff13:54
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> diana_coman danielpbarron hey, do you use the mouse to direct movement ? << sometimes rarely14:14
mircea_popescueeeeh, smalls not good enough for foxy anymoere eh!14:14
mircea_popescudanielpbarron how does it work ?14:14
danielpbarronpress tab14:16
danielpbarronalikim, what's your character's first name?14:17
mircea_popescua bless you!14:17
mircea_popescuhe's ali14:17
mircea_popescuhey danielpbarron what'd you pay me if i clicked your tinker toils with your bundles and gave you teh sentiments resulting ?14:22
danielpbarroni think i'd rather have the lapidary exp14:22
mircea_popescuah k14:22
mircea_popescuwhat'd you pay me to make the waters for you ? :D14:23
danielpbarroni think i wanna make those too14:24
mircea_popescujeez what's a poor top crafter to do! nobody wants his q!\14:24
danielpbarroni'm not really confident in what's what yet since the last update14:28
diana_comanbwahaha "extraordinary disgusting goop"14:31
diana_coman<mircea_popescu> jeez what's a poor top crafter to do! nobody wants his q!\ <- wipe his account! moar to do!14:32
alikimhow do I use the stone axe?14:36
mircea_popescuis it in your hand ?14:39
mircea_popescuhey diana_coman : im perusing your shop, and so14:43
mircea_popescuCoarse Frangible Thread (CFT) q<=150, 115%. << how much you got ? what q ?14:43
diana_comanI'm buying that, lol14:43
mircea_popescuoooo heh.14:43
mircea_popescukk nm me. leseee.14:43
mircea_popescutuyrns out all i want is bb. you getting those this week ?14:44
diana_comanhm, do you have any hoes or flat slag?14:44
diana_coman(I think it's flat for them,right?)14:44
mircea_popescuim making sharp.14:44
mircea_popescuyou want flat specifically ?14:44
diana_comanyeah, I am running out of hoes14:44
mircea_popescuaite ima make you some then, what can i say.14:45
diana_comanlemme see what bbb I got so far14:45
diana_coman661 bb at 229q14:46
diana_comannot much, lol14:46
mircea_popescui want like 3k, so you know... keep at it i guess.14:48
diana_comankk, I'm on it (at least as long as I have tools basically)14:49
diana_comanI keep thinking I should make some imps, but the process is such a pain with all that bms14:50
mircea_popescui got a few bms, but saving them for clogs.14:51
mircea_popescudiana_coman so here's the scoop : fcs i make q 148. scs i make q 208.14:51
diana_comanI suppose you have better scs bps14:51
mircea_popescuthis constitutes a significant coo [cost of opportunity] for me, obviously.14:52
diana_comanhm, do you make/have high q ltf bps?14:52
mircea_popescuare you positively sure the hoes are actually worth it ?14:52
diana_comannope, I'm not going to pay that much for them14:52
mircea_popescui don't make any bps, how would i ? you bought the tink cons iirc14:52
diana_comanI can make my own, but it will just take longer, hence you will prolly wait for the bb longer I suppose14:52
diana_comanI meant from before, lol14:52
mircea_popescuoh. i got tons low q is the bitch of it.14:53
diana_comanmyeah, me too14:53
mircea_popescucuz we were smart :D14:53
diana_comanI guess a few more days then to put together all the things to click some more cons14:53
diana_comanhopefully some useful bps come out this time14:53
mircea_popescuthat's what im gonna doi with the bb too, make some emo ink14:54
diana_comanI will wear down what hoes I still have on bb14:54
diana_comanbut they are really not that many, that's all14:54
mircea_popescuanyway im switching back to adze14:55
alikimI used up half the axe didn't find anything14:55
mircea_popescudo we even know adze is worse than hoe for bb ?14:56
mircea_popescualikim sucks huh.14:56
mircea_popescugotta level your skills a little.14:56
danielpbarroni guess the pickaxe is the best tool since it uses the most quality per use14:57
mircea_popescualikim ah, you gotta buy skill books.14:57
diana_comanalikim the whole thing is a complexity-wolf hidden in a simplicity-lamb's skin kind of thing14:57
danielpbarronaww noobs don't get free skill books now that nobody even wants them low skill anymore? harsh14:57
diana_comandanielpbarron, I always got that thing really, I was basically using only pickaxes at some point14:57
danielpbarronwell i doubt it was actually the case until the lastest change14:58
mircea_popescui guess he can have a gathering book, what's it to me.14:58
mircea_popescuhey alikim come back to where i am, ima gift you on.14:58
diana_comandanielpbarron, dunno, I had that data from long time ago and over a long period of time14:58
diana_comanalikim, I suppose you are probably better off by doing some jobs for people to get started maybe14:59
diana_comando you want to build a few small claims for me to see how it goes?14:59
danielpbarronoh maybe better hit rates, but i mean the pickaxe should yield higher quality even14:59
diana_comanah, I meant hit rates indeed danielpbarron15:00
diana_comanand that is an interesting theory, possible indeed15:00
mircea_popescushould be checked15:00
alikimI'm back15:03
alikimhow do I use that book?15:06
mircea_popescujust drag it to your statue in inv15:06
hanbotso mircea_popescu & diana_coman : there's an empty page for the March 2016 update on the wiki i'm trying to fill, but details of what all changed are fairly sketchy. would you care to note what changes were made? especially re claims but any & all nonsecret notes are most welcome15:21
hanbotgoogled real cache economy games << also this is pretty great15:22
mircea_popescudidja dig up the exact date it was deployed ?15:22
hanbotnot only for the lol but if eulora's in results for it haha15:22
mircea_popescuchanges include : electron got 1k of each ord bundle, q 250 ; 50 of each remark q 200, and iirc 10 of each small q 150 ?15:22
mircea_popescusomething like that.15:22
hanbotmircea_popescu i'm sure the date's in the logs, i'ma find it15:22
mircea_popescualso, the process through which output quality of both mining and crafting was changed. all that's known currently is that both bundle and bp quality matter ; it was said ex cathedra the previous value (which was somehow skill related) also is considered.15:23
mircea_popescuthere were some minor changes like some base values15:23
mircea_popescunew category of items introduced - numina I. lbn reclassified there, as well as the tokens, and a bunch of new items introduced.15:24
mircea_popescualso, the blueprint creation process was changed. before, you looted bps as part of craft, of the type of your craft. now - not anymore, just loot the new items from above.15:24
mircea_popescua whole new lapidary line was introduced (toil of X) which changes numina from one level to another (10c and 1000c)15:24
mircea_popescuand finally a whole new bouq line was introduced, takes "considerations", produces bps.15:25
hanbotlooks like electron bundle influx was feb 22nd (http://logs.minigame.bz/2016-02-22.log.html#t20:36:51)15:25
lobbesbot`Title: #Eulora log for Monday, 2016-02-22 (at logs.minigame.bz)15:25
hanbotthe other changes were a separate update, no?15:25
mircea_popescuwell i guess in implementation it was dribbled out in installments15:26
mircea_popescubut afaic, it's one thing.15:26
alikimhow do you make small rekeety bundle?15:26
mircea_popescualikim read the enumeration, it says15:26
mircea_popescuright click on it15:26
hanbotkk, muchas gracias15:26
alikimi tried what it says it doesn't work15:26
alikimI tried it in a crafting table and in the marker, it says wrong amount, tried from 1 to 715:27
mircea_popescualikim it wouldn't be on crafting table, you have to put it in the claim stick.15:28
alikimi tried that it says wrong amount15:28
mircea_popescuare you clicking the puzzle-like button ?15:28
mircea_popescuis the enumeration on your mind ?15:28
alikimi tried all amounts from 1 to 715:30
mircea_popescuyes, but did you put enumeration in mind.15:30
alikimI don't even unrstand what it means15:32
alikimput enumeration in mind?15:32
mircea_popescuyou got a "small rickety reeds enumeration" scroll yes ?15:33
mircea_popescuand there is a slot if you open your inventory, with a brain faintly drawn on it, your mind.15:35
alikimcan I use this container again?15:38
mircea_popescugotta make a new claim.15:38
mircea_popescuwhat did you get ?15:38
alikimdo I lose my items if I die?15:40
alikimI got rickety reeds15:42
mircea_popescuyou don't lose anything if you die as it is.15:43
mircea_popescuhow many, what quality ?15:43
alikim254 215:44
alikimcan I make a new axe owith them or sell?15:44
mircea_popescuyou need a blueprint and ingredients to make an axe.15:45
mircea_popescuhttp://www.dianacoman.com/Eulora/Stone-Adze.html << recipe15:45
mircea_popescui'd be willing to pay you 500 coppers for the 242 rickety reeds q 215:46
alikimyou dont have any auction house only personal trade?15:47
alikimand how do I turn in game coppers into btc?15:49
hanbothttp://www.eulorum.org/Eulora#I.27m_new.21_What_should_I_do.3F << alikim do read.15:50
lobbesbot`Title: Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org)15:50
mircea_popescualikim to turn coppers into btc you gotta talk to a merchant. like jurov15:55
alikimcan I repair the axe or just drop it?15:55
mircea_popescuno auction house as of yet.15:55
mircea_popescuyou used to be able to sell worn axes for 2k, but not anymore it doens't seem15:55
alikimok thanks15:55
mircea_popescuthey can't be repaired so far.15:55
mircea_popescuanyway, did you install the bot also ?15:56
alikimno notyet15:56
mircea_popescuif you type /pilot 1 1 1 what happens ? does it turn you around ?15:56
alikimso what else can I do? can I buy an axe?15:56
mircea_popescuwell you could, but they've been selling for something like 20k iirc.15:57
alikimso if there are no players online you can't buy anything15:57
mircea_popescuyeah, there is electron15:57
mircea_popescuhas some stuff on sale, and will buy most anything15:58
mircea_popescubut i don't recall a time when there were no players online.15:58
alikimis that a player?15:58
mircea_popescunah, it's a npc15:58
alikimso you can trade with npcs as well?15:58
mircea_popescuheina trains you, and electron buys/sells15:59
mircea_popescuyou generally get a better deal than what electron offers, from players.15:59
mircea_popescufor instance the rr you sold me, are worth 340c to him15:59
alikimso if I can't buy another tool or make one what can I do?16:06
danielpbarronbarehanded gathering16:06
mircea_popescualikim if you type /pilot 1 1 1 what happens ? does it turn you around ?16:06
mircea_popescua then you have the bot16:08
mircea_popescuyou can do something like /bot explore or somesuch, see its window or the wiki for details on how to use.16:08
alikimwhere can I see my points i gathering? skill stats says 116:15
mircea_popescuso you got 1.16:16
alikimyeah but it says after each attempt that I've gained some points16:16
mircea_popescuyou gotta get heina to level you up.16:17
mircea_popescuthen you'll see the bar move.16:17
alikimat which level you can find stuff with bare hands?16:35
mircea_popescuvery much depends, and on the stuff.16:37
mircea_popescubut in general, look at the quality of your enumerations. once it's over 50 or so i'd guess16:37
alikimI'm stuck at level 12, it syas I don't hve money to buy skill and it doesn't grow when I dig16:39
mircea_popescuwell cause you ran out of moneyz.16:40
alikimno I still have 500 copper you gave me16:44
mircea_popescuso then level up ?16:44
mircea_popescuhow did you get it to 12 ?16:44
alikimyou press buy button for 100% skill and it works but doesn't take any money16:46
mircea_popescuno way ?16:46
alikimbut at level 12 it stops and I'm stuck16:46
mircea_popescuoh, listen, maybe it didn't update your screen ?16:46
alikimcan't even buy 1%16:46
mircea_popescuyou actually see 500 copper if you press I ?16:47
alikimnow I see 0 after I reopened everything16:47
mircea_popescuaha. it didn't update. you spent teh money training to 12.16:48
alikimso how do I get more money?16:48
mircea_popescuwell, a bitcent buys you 1mn ECu.16:48
mircea_popescuor otherwise, find a player to work for ?16:48
mircea_popescudanielpbarron was lending at some point also, dunno if he still does that.16:48
alikimok thanks I guess that's it for me for today, maybe log in tomorrow16:49
*** Quits: alikim (1b20321a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)16:49
danielpbarronyeah i'd lend again17:45
mircea_popescuwhat were you charging in vig ?18:43
danielpbarroni don't recall19:08

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