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*** Joins: Gaxaro (~Blazsword@78-69-34-46-no154.tbcn.telia.com)02:16
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*** Joins: DianaComan (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)02:23
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GaxaroPlaying bitquest atm while i am waiting lol02:30
*** Joins: Birdman (~birdman@c-76-24-149-124.hsd1.ct.comcast.net)02:30
GaxaroHey there Birdman02:31
Birdmanare you playing yet?02:34
danielpbarronGaxaro, i think the wait is over02:35
danielpbarronserver was updated this afternoon02:35
GaxaroHmm okay02:36
GaxaroI have no idea if i am able to login yet, so i am gonna try now02:36
GaxaroYes i am able to log in!02:37
Birdmanmeet me in town and we'll start you off mining this claim02:38
* danielpbarron braces himself for the lulz that are about to ensue 02:38
GaxaroTrying to figure out a good name atm02:39
Birdmanoh right, need to skill item02:39
Birdmanso whats that cost danielpbarron02:39
danielpbarroni'd like him to try it without the skill item02:40
danielpbarronlemme see if i'd even part with one02:40
Birdmanit will simply crash the server02:40
danielpbarronif i have a multiple of 3 then probably not02:40
danielpbarronwell that's my hypothesis but i don't know for sure02:40
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, are you around just incase i'm right?02:40
danielpbarronwhich one is building, the rock?02:41
danielpbarronif so then i could part with one02:41
danielpbarronseems like a waste though02:41
danielpbarroni'd charge way more than you could probably get the book for02:41
Birdmanyou think?02:41
Birdmanlooking at bp costs in the 1500% range so02:41
danielpbarronwell the book is what, 100k02:41
Birdmandoubt it02:41
danielpbarroni'm gonna want at least 2 mn probably more02:42
Birdmanwho has the 1-100 books for building?02:42
GaxaroBlazblue Godefray is my name02:42
GaxaroI am in town right now02:42
Birdmangotta get you a skill book before anything02:43
Birdmanand one for gathering02:43
danielpbarronhe don't need gathering lolz02:43
Birdmani can make the tinkering one myself02:43
Birdmanhe will eventually right?02:43
Birdmanthats the one skill leveling up makes sense for noobing02:43
Birdmaneffective noobing from level 1-200 in my case02:44
danielpbarronyou don't ~need~ any skills02:44
danielpbarronhe could just stand in town buying low and selling high02:44
Birdmannow that i need to level building, noob gathering ords makes sense02:45
Birdmanif i wasnt trying to be the best gatherer02:45
danielpbarrongive me warning if you're gonna have him tinker or build without skill02:49
danielpbarronwhich I ~do~ want him to try02:49
Birdmanwell its on you if he does but we all know what will happen02:49
danielpbarronbut preferably when Mircea is here to start server again when it crashes02:49
danielpbarronwe don't know02:49
danielpbarronwe only know sacrifice without skill crashes it02:50
Birdmanyeah, but for what reason?02:50
danielpbarronthis will be a very useful point of data if tinkering and building also crashes02:50
Birdmanim sure its the same thing why itll crash any other try on whatever skill02:50
danielpbarronwell mcguyvering without skill doesn't crash it02:51
danielpbarronso it's not simply not having a skill02:51
danielpbarronmy hypothesis is that it's in not having the main skill for the tab02:51
Birdmanoh i wasnt aware02:51
Birdmanahh no kidding02:51
danielpbarronyeah you can mcguyver without the skill02:51
danielpbarronand gung-ho gumbo02:51
danielpbarronin fact most of us gung-ho'd without a skill for most of the game02:52
danielpbarrononly recently did the book come out02:52
danielpbarronbut as far as i know, nobody has ever tried to tinker or build without a skill02:52
danielpbarronif it doesn't crash, he'd probably get the lowest quality too02:52
danielpbarronlower than 502:53
mircea_popescuBirdman> it will simply crash the server << no, it won't.02:53
Birdmanah so then i should wait to have him try a build without the skill02:53
mircea_popescuall crafting/exploring should work just fine w/o skills.02:53
danielpbarronif you have the skill, you only get one click of the lowest quality and then you get a forced rank up02:53
danielpbarronexploring even?02:53
danielpbarronGaxaro, type /explore02:53
danielpbarronthat didn't work for me when i didn't have gathering02:53
Gaxaroalright i will do that02:54
danielpbarronand also, build a claim, and tinker something02:54
danielpbarroni'll give you 3 grass and a blueprint or something02:54
GaxaroWell i have no skills yet02:54
danielpbarronyou don't need skill, or so we shall see02:54
danielpbarrondid /explore work?02:55
GaxaroWell it said that i didn't find anything02:55
danielpbarronyou saw the loading bar??02:56
danielpbarronok so you don't even need any skills02:56
danielpbarronbut let's do tinkering real quick02:56
danielpbarroncome trade me02:56
mircea_popescudanielpbarron> we only know sacrifice without skill crashes it << not any longer, was fixed today.02:57
danielpbarronoh cool02:57
mircea_popescuthere's loads more stuff coming, but by and by.02:58
danielpbarronGaxaro, where did you go?03:00
GaxaroIm here03:00
GaxaroSorry lol03:00
Gaxarowas getting a drink03:00
Birdmanwanna get started on that build Gaxaro ?03:00
danielpbarronok go click that03:00
danielpbarrondo the tinker first03:01
GaxaroBut i dont have the tinker book yet03:01
danielpbarrongo over to the communal craft table03:01
Birdmando dps test, ill be back in like 10 min03:01
Gaxaroor well the tinker skill03:01
* danielpbarron stabs Gaxaro 03:01
GaxaroBut yeah let me try lol03:01
Birdmanmp just said you dont need them anymore03:01
Birdmanjust cant rank it up without the skill03:01
danielpbarronwhich seeing as how you went and committed suicide over having ranked up, probably isn't a problem for you03:02
danielpbarronhehe you're about to get pinned to the floor with numina03:03
danielpbarronput the blueprint in your mind03:03
danielpbarronnot that craft table03:03
danielpbarronit worked!03:03
danielpbarronand it's quality 2!03:03
danielpbarronhow much loot did that get you?03:03
danielpbarronyou can keep it whateve it is03:04
Gaxaro1 thread and 9k tinker feeling and 7k more03:05
mircea_popescuelectron eats well today.03:05
danielpbarroni'd say just put it in storage until someone wants sit03:06
danielpbarronprobably aren't worth enough to even get copper from Electron03:06
mircea_popescuoh there is that huh.03:06
mircea_popescuwell... they do get used in your craftline danielpbarron neh ?03:06
danielpbarronbut 999 feelings are potentially 21 high quality sentiments in the right hand03:06
mircea_popescuor 875. why oc.03:07
danielpbarronyeah i just don't need them now, already have enough high quality ones03:07
danielpbarronand storage is nearly full03:07
danielpbarronor did that also get fixed?03:07
mircea_popescunope, that's iffier.03:07
Birdmanyupp Gaxaro looks like things worked out best this way huh03:08
GaxaroYeah, tho i wont be able to see what my levels are lol03:09
* danielpbarron slaps Gaxaro around a bit with a large skill03:09
danielpbarronyou don't need to see it!03:09
Birdmanits not there03:09
danielpbarronyou don't want to rank up03:09
Gaxarooh okay03:09
danielpbarronyou now have an edge over even fghj03:09
Birdmanthink of it as your guy can make anything, but no matter how much he does he wont remember how to do it better next time03:09
mircea_popescufancy that one.03:09
GaxaroYeah makes sense03:10
GaxaroWas i gonna try that build?03:11
Birdmanmight take you an entire 24 hours though03:11
mircea_popescuhaha is he doing your tlc ?03:11
GaxaroThat's fine lol03:11
Birdmanwhere you cant disconnect or anything03:11
mircea_popescupretty cool.03:11
Birdmanthis will be pure awesome03:11
GaxaroStill in town btw03:12
danielpbarronwho will hold the key?03:13
danielpbarronyou could have him click and then lock it03:13
mircea_popescui guess prices of low q raw materials finally are going down now huh!03:13
danielpbarronif his build quality is also 2, then yeah that's 3 times more for the same work03:14
mircea_popescuhe's tinkering at 2 ?03:14
* danielpbarron nods03:14
mircea_popescupretty sweet.03:14
danielpbarronmaybe there is some hidden stat that boosted it from 103:15
Birdmansooo mircea_popescu you still gonna buy these tlc 1.8k a pop?03:16
Birdmanand Gaxaro how familiar are you with building claims?03:17
Birdmani puut the bundle in the claim, im gonna unlock it and walk away and then you have to start the build, ill walk back over and lock it then we just wait till its done03:18
GaxaroWell, i just know about the bot building claims for you when you find rescoures03:18
Birdmanso right click on it03:18
Birdmanand top left is where the lock / unlock button is for claims03:19
Birdmanif you have the key, of course, you can lock and unlock claims03:19
Birdmanwe lock after starting an expensive long build because if the server crashes or you are afk when its finished it will disappear with your stuff03:20
Birdmanbut not if locked03:20
GaxaroDo i use or combine?03:20
GaxaroOkay got it.03:20
Birdmannah, thats if you put the ingredients in the claim which turns them into a bundle03:20
Birdmanif you already have the right bundle you just put it in the claim and click the 'use' button03:20
Birdmannow we wait for mircea_popescu's answer as to whether or not we have a green light for this03:21
Birdmanso ill be back in 10 min03:21
GaxaroWell, i'm not extacly sure what is gonna happen once i click use.03:24
GaxaroI know it will build. I wonder how i know it's ready tho.03:25
danielpbarronyou realize the thing he's having you do will take literally all night03:26
*** Quits: mircea_popescu (~Mircea@pdpc/supporter/silver/mircea-popescu) (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)03:26
danielpbarronmaybe even a day03:26
GaxaroThat's fine with me03:27
danielpbarronyou'll know it's done when you have so many clovers on you that you can't move03:28
GaxaroOkay lol03:28
Birdmanmight have to wait till tomorrow thhough, as i dont want to do this before i get an answer from mp03:29
danielpbarronwhat is the alternative? you build it yourself?03:31
danielpbarronand if that's your plan, plan on holding on to it for a long while03:31
danielpbarroni'm not even high enough build rank to want to do a remarkable03:31
GaxaroWell it's 04:32 in the morning here atm03:32
Birdmanyeah well the scarcity isnt changed due to my remark, thats my luxury to enjoy03:32
GaxaroSo it would be a waste not doing it now lol03:32
Birdmanso i have no problems with sittin on it03:33
GaxaroBut yeah just waiting until you get a-okay lol03:38
GaxaroWell then lol05:01
DianaComanoo, nice new shop danielpbarron07:07
DianaComanfghj, Gaxaro Birdman if I were you, I'd wait a bit with building the remarkable at low q output due to numbers involved;07:25
Birdmanlike what?07:26
GaxaroPlaying far cry primal atm08:57
Gaxarowont respond much lol08:57
fghjwhat could possibly go wrong? Server will catch fire?09:37
DianaComanlol, no fghj ; I meant it more from a player perspective; take it as my own personal opinion ("if I were you"), nothing more09:37
DianaComanfeel free to ignore, too09:38
DianaComanbtw, want to use some cs for me?09:38
DianaComanor are you actually building the remarkable now?09:38
DianaComanfghj, ^09:39
fghjyep 12h ago, probably somewhere aroud 4-6 left09:39
GaxaroI'm back.09:49
GaxaroAlso it's worst day ever today.09:49
GaxaroSince i need to head to the dentist heh.09:50
DianaComanthought that was yest Gaxaro , lol09:50
GaxaroI hate that place so much.09:50
DianaComanoh, as they say: let that truly be the worst thing you'll ever face09:50
DianaComanso go to a different dentist? lol09:50
GaxaroWell, a dentist is a dentist..09:52
GaxaroI hate every place :P09:52
GaxaroWell not much i can do right now because birdman aint here and Mircea haven't answerd him yet lol09:57
DianaComanjust start it and leave it on Gaxaro09:57
DianaComanyou can explore barehanded and it doesn't cost anything09:57
DianaComanso you know, whatever you find is good09:57
DianaComando you have any bits of nothing/threads?09:57
GaxaroWell, at least i dont need any books for now because that would ruin my noob status i guess.09:59
GaxaroWell i have nothing at all on me atm lol09:59
DianaComanlol, trade me09:59
Gaxaroalright gonna log in then10:00
DianaComanthere, use them wisely10:03
GaxaroThank you.10:03
Gaxaro./botexplore 500 line 10 2 0 i think it was?10:07
DianaComantype: /bot explore 500 line 10 1 7 7500 15000 for instance10:08
DianaComanor replace that 1 with 0 if you want to keep the keys10:08
DianaComanthey will turn into bits of nothing10:08
DianaComanso probably best for you10:08
DianaComanso: /bot explore 500 line 10 0 7 7500 15000 for instance10:09
Gaxarookay will do! and i am gonna do grass10:09
DianaComanthat's a good idea, yes10:10
DianaComanbtw, if you are away for hours, give it a bigger number there instead of 50010:11
DianaComanmake it 1000010:11
DianaComano.o got 530 dcs out of my own ordinary10:11
GaxaroOh i might as well change it to that then10:13
GaxaroAt least i don't need books for now.10:14
GaxaroI'm just gonna let it run while i do my irl things10:18
DianaComanthat's precisely the idea, yes10:19
GaxaroHopefully it wont randomly stop10:19
GaxaroAnyway, im just listening on what birdman has to tell me since he's my wingman it seems lol10:19
DianaComanit doesn't randomly do anything, lol; in the worst case, your connection drops or lags but you still won't lose anything, it will just stop so waht10:20
Gaxaro24 hours it will take to build and i cannot be afk and i need to lock sometimes so the claim does not go away right?10:20
Gaxarowhen it comes to noob building birdmans claim10:21
GaxaroWell im off for now.10:22
GaxaroQuestion is if i will actually be able to find something since i haven't used the gathering book10:23
DianaComanGaxaro, you can lock the claim immediately after starting to build it10:23
GaxaroWe will see.10:23
DianaComanand yes, you will be able to10:23
GaxaroOh okay i didn't know that10:23
DianaComanbut you CAN be afk10:23
DianaComanjust start it, lock it, go afk10:23
GaxaroBirdman told me i could not be afk10:24
DianaComancome back to it 24 hours later or whatever and get the results10:24
DianaComanuhm, I think he said you cannot be disconnected10:24
DianaComandifferent story10:24
GaxaroOh i see10:24
GaxaroWell that's all i needed to know. Brb later10:24
*** Quits: Gaxaro (~Blazsword@78-69-34-46-no154.tbcn.telia.com) (Read error: Connection reset by peer)12:07
danielpbarronGaxaro> 24 hours it will take to build and i cannot be afk << where did you get that? the whole point is you ~should~ be afk12:37
danielpbarronif you stay at your keyboad you run the risk of accidentally doing something12:37
*** Joins: epicowner97 (51ccd2f3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
epicowner97hi!, how can i register an account?13:35
fghjare you in wot? first register in wot.14:30
DianaComanhi epicowner9714:32
DianaComanyou just need a gpg key; here's a guide http://wiki.bitcoin-assets.com/first_steps_in_bitcoin-assets#get-in-the-wot14:33
lobbesbotTitle: first_steps_in_bitcoin-assets [bitcoin assets wiki] (at wiki.bitcoin-assets.com)14:33
lobbesbotNews from eulora: MiniGame (S.MG), February 2016 Statement <http://trilema.com/2016/minigame-smg-february-2016-statement/>14:57
*** Joins: mircea_popescu (~Mircea@pdpc/supporter/silver/mircea-popescu)14:58
epicowner97Hi how do i get an account?15:10
mircea_popescuepicowner97 are you in the wot ?15:10
epicowner97oh nvm i was slackinh15:10
epicowner97hmm no youtube vids about the game, now i'm even more curious15:13
mircea_popescuyeah there are some, there's a coupla players that like youtube15:14
mircea_popescuwhat was danielpbarron's, elder euloran or somesuch ?15:14
epicowner97found it15:15
epicowner97eulorian elder15:15
mircea_popescuso there you go.15:16
*** Quits: epicowner97 (51ccd2f3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)15:17
fghj185898 mostly q515:19
mircea_popescuahahaha win.15:20
mircea_popescuhm... and no pop ?!15:20
fghjwhat pop?15:20
mircea_popescu"fghj has managed X BTC worth of building"15:20
mircea_popescuwhat's your in-game, oberer ?15:20
fghjnidhogg 0,003btc15:21
fghjweren't pops above 0,01?15:21
mircea_popescuthey got changed.15:22
mircea_popescuaite, i'm in town whenever.15:22
mircea_popescudo you want cash or crop for your share ?15:23
mircea_popescuAUCTION : WOS, d580k, 1,45mn heard hanbot . eta 17:00 ART15:26
mircea_popescugoes in about 4.5 hours if anyone's interested.15:26
fghjIf you buy at 70%bv I'll take the cash15:30
mircea_popescuDianaComan here's a warm welcome abroad from your friend the throatcutter : https://gitlab.com/embeddable-common-lisp/ecl/issues/22515:39
lobbesbotTitle: this simple function always segfaults - at least on linux amd64 (#225) · Issues · Embeddable Common-Lisp / ECL · GitLab (at gitlab.com)15:39
mircea_popescuo wait... this seems unrelated to eulora codebase ?15:40
DianaComanI don't see any connection15:40
mircea_popescui guess jurov just trolled me ;/ i saw eul prefix and got overexcited.15:41
mircea_popescusorry about thatr.15:41
DianaComannp, nice to see problems which turn out to be NOT MINE :)))15:42
mircea_popescuand it turns out it was both an old bug and a duplicate report. jurov gets DOCKED.15:43
DianaComan<fghj> nidhogg 0,003btc <- did you get a message about this ? I can't seem to find anything in my logs15:47
fghjnope no messages15:50
mircea_popescuwell it is sub 0.01 so.15:51
DianaComanyeah, I was just confused15:52
*** Quits: DianaComan (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)15:54
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)15:55
Birdmanmircea_popescu you still want those tlc, q2?16:35
mircea_popescuima take 5k16:36
Birdmanestimated output is well over that so im gonna hold off16:37
mircea_popescuhow much do you figure you'll get ?16:37
mircea_popesculike 2-3mn worth of tlc at 20c a pop, ie 100k+ huh.16:37
Birdmanwell 360k/.002/105016:37
mircea_popescuwhy 360k ?16:38
mircea_popescudid i just do the bp thing in reverse ? lol16:38
Birdmanbundle bv i think16:38
mircea_popescu17k... yeah that's a lot. i mean tlc is good, but no way in fuck i'm getting 17k bottles atm16:38
mircea_popescuplus they're needed also for oil16:38
* diana_coman is doing another 300 ltf run if anyone interested16:40
*** Joins: Gaxaro (~Blazsword@78-69-34-46-no154.tbcn.telia.com)16:40
GaxaroSo Birdman did you get any answer from Mircea yet16:41
diana_comanhi Gaxaro , how did the barehanded explore go? found anything at all?16:41
mircea_popescuanswer re what ?16:41
mircea_popescudiana_coman quite interested.16:41
mircea_popescuif i make them io will you want to make shaped slag ?16:41
Birdmanyes its a no go16:41
Birdmanfor now at least16:41
mircea_popescuwow, is this the first time eulora had a resource oversupply problem ? in 8-9 months ?16:42
Birdmanwell i would say the market is teeming with tlc16:43
diana_comano.o and tlc no less16:43
mircea_popescucheck out Birdman the oilman lol. "am i turning the pumps up boss ? is there space over at cushing, ok ?"16:43
Birdmani just happen to have a remarkable16:43
mircea_popescudiana_coman ikr?16:43
diana_comanthe weird world of eulora I suppose16:43
mircea_popescu"you don't like the market ? wait 5 weeks."16:44
Birdmansomethin like that, i dont see anyone going to dig up a ton other than foxy, and those aren't low q soo there should be some price appreciation16:45
diana_comanquite; re shaped slag I might be able to do it, got to check the whole craft log thing when I'm done with the ltf16:45
diana_comanmhm, if there is a market for low q tlc (and I think there is) I'll get a noob to build some ord, don't see a problem with that really16:45
mircea_popescuwell there is a market, for sure, but not in the 20k items range.16:46
diana_comanso exactly: ordinary, not remarkable16:46
mircea_popescui mean i just said, i'd take 5k for cash right now.16:46
GaxaroSoo anything i can do? Anything that need to be noob mined? I can do it.16:46
Birdmanyeh i just dont have any ords left and barely any cs16:46
diana_comantbh I'd rather build that remarkable myself16:46
Birdmanwhy though?16:46
mircea_popescuGaxaro sure. flotsam and sr. tons.16:46
mircea_popescuTHOSE i would gladly take 100k of.16:46
Birdmani do have a stray tlc ord bundle16:47
mircea_popescufghj you still dragging it ?16:47
GaxaroAlright cool. I can get to work right now.16:47
diana_comanso Gaxaro anything out of your barehanded run?16:47
GaxaroNothing at all lol16:47
fghjyes, I took several breaks but I'm close16:47
Birdmanill scare up some work for you too Gaxaro16:48
mircea_popescui guess this'd be a good time for16:48
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 100 SA, d 14379. opening 2.5mn. eta 17:00 ART mar 4th.16:48
diana_comanmircea_popescu, would you make 100 ft for me? I can provide everything (including bps); is this 125% on the base value diff?16:49
mircea_popescudiana_coman + 200% on the samovar decay.16:49
diana_comanso 125% on base value of stuff + 2933*100*2?16:50
mircea_popescuor you can provide own samovar. i won't charge for the uh.16:50
Birdmanstill want some tubers mp?16:51
mircea_popescuBirdman atm good on tubers.16:51
fghjmircea_popescu I dropped table behind you, calculate and take grass16:51
diana_comanhm, do you sell any samovars? or I might rather commission a samovar if that's usual 125% on base value diff16:51
mircea_popescufghj grass taken16:51
mircea_popescudiana_coman if you got the items, will make yo usamovars, 125% diff + 150% on toolkit decay.16:52
GaxaroAlright im at the village now16:52
mircea_popescu(and yes i'll also make toolkit)16:52
diana_comanI can provide toolkit16:52
mircea_popescuwhat can i do!16:52
mircea_popescuso fghj : (16229 + 25756 + 21729 + 26687 + 5784 + 62688 + 27025) * .1 * 60 * .7 =16:53
diana_comankk, will put together everything for a set of samovars then I suppose16:53
mircea_popescuthat about right ?16:53
mircea_popescugot change ?16:54
mircea_popescupleasxure doin' business.16:54
fghjyeah, me too16:55
mircea_popescudiana_coman ima be processin' this grass for a coupla days, so you got time.16:55
diana_comanok, I prolly have everything already, but gotta run some numbers anyway, so it can wait16:56
mircea_popescuas far as remarkables go not a very impressive one, i must say. barely half mil worth of grass ?16:56
mircea_popescukinda 1/6 of my other ones.16:56
diana_comanwhat did you get on the other ones mircea_popescu ? 6mn on first and what on second?16:57
mircea_popescubout 416:57
diana_comanaha, that's what I got on mine, about 416:57
mircea_popescumaybe mining remarks with noobs isn't actuallyt such a brilliant plan.17:02
Birdmanwhy not?17:02
mircea_popescuwhat do you mean why not. for the reasons we're just discussing literally right here!17:02
Birdmanso you think the output is qi?17:05
mircea_popescuhuh ?17:07
Birdmanim just not following your logic17:07
mircea_popescui got 6 and 4 mn. diana_coman got 4mn. he got 500k.17:08
Birdmanoh wow17:10
Birdmani guess that needs some testing17:10
mircea_popescuprolly yeah17:10
Birdmanso maybe remarks are chock full of loot for the deserving or something17:11
Birdmanmore valuable the higher your level17:11
danielpbarron2.5 mn on the sa17:17
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, ^17:17
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 100 SA, d 14379. 2.5mn heard danielpbarron . eta 17:00 ART mar 4th.17:18
diana_coman&item sa17:19
euporiumOrdinary Flotsam Ennumeration(1) cat: Mining Techniques base value: 1425, 9 other items match17:19
mircea_popescuthat's broken17:23
mircea_popescudiana_coman stone adze17:23
diana_comanyeah, I was thinking that I just found a bug in euporium or something17:23
diana_comanclearly NOT the flotsam enum17:23
mircea_popescubutg it does say "9 otjhert items"17:24
mircea_popescuprolly matched the flotSAm17:24
diana_comananyway mircea_popescu if you are after shaped slag, I think I'd rather make it all the way there - the loot I get doesn't seem to have any real chances to cover the money diff I'd pay + I'd lose out on some xp that I quite want being sortage17:24
danielpbarron&item sizeable slithy tove ennumeration17:24
euporiumI know nothing of sizeable slithy tove ennumeration17:24
mircea_popescu&item ennum17:25
euporiumOrdinary Better Bitterbean Ennumeration(1) cat: Mining Techniques base value: 1345, 11 other items match17:25
mircea_popescuhas 12 total.17:25
diana_comanweird; anyway maybe jurov knows best what happened there with the sa17:26
diana_comanit can't just match any part of the words, or it would end up with more I'd think17:26
diana_comaneven famous mock-a-sillies17:26
danielpbarronoh i just got that17:27
jurovdiana_coman: yes it matches part of a word as last recourse when neither abbreviation nor start of any name matches17:27
jurov&item sillies17:27
euporiumTreebark Mockasillies Bundle(1) cat: Armor Parts I base value: 1787, 2 other items match17:27
diana_comanoh, so then was it that I used low case? or what?17:28
diana_coman&item SA17:28
euporiumOrdinary Flotsam Ennumeration(1) cat: Mining Techniques base value: 1425, 9 other items match17:28
jurovno it's case insisitive17:28
jurovit just does not have "sa" abbreviaiton defined17:28
diana_comanoh, I thought you got the full list from mp - was that just on the resources?17:29
mircea_popescuthey didn;t get the full list, recall at the time in the log i said it's 1.2k items they got like 45017:29
jurovi don't quickly remember  if the abbrevs were ther etoo17:29
jurovwill be added as we go17:30
mircea_popescui think not. the categories were tho17:30
*** Quits: Gaxaro (~Blazsword@78-69-34-46-no154.tbcn.telia.com) (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:35
mircea_popescubah down to 157 tinkering. this blows.17:46
Birdmanhowd it drop?17:56
diana_comanha, have I tinkered too much or something ?17:58
* diana_coman has seen quite an increase in tink level lately due to crafting all the ltf and shaped slag stuff17:58
Birdmanhas that theory been tested?18:03
diana_comanwhat theory?18:19
Birdmanwell the theory that your level's product is related to another players level18:21
Birdmanor dependant18:21
mircea_popescuwell it now and again happens that your q output changes even if you didn't do anything18:36
mircea_popescuusually for the worse, but not always18:36
diana_comanI don't think it is related to another player's specifically, but clearly related to the environment - of which all the other players are a big part19:13
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)19:35
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)19:36
Birdman2.75 mircea_popescu19:41
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)19:46
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)19:51
diana_comanfor sale: 2 stacks of flotsam q6, price  1.4mn20:22
diana_comanmircea_popescu, danielpbarron or who else wanted low q flotsam ^20:22
*** Quits: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) (Quit: Leaving)20:47
danielpbarron1 mn20:49
diana_comanlol, I'm not auctioning it really; that's the offer, if nobody wants it, I'll process it myself and sell the output20:50
danielpbarronwow, someone bought one of each basic sizeable bundle from electron21:10
danielpbarronand some non basics too21:10
Birdmanprobably get it cheaper from the shop than piecing it together21:25
Birdmanthe sizeables are only q150 right?21:25
Birdmanthink it may be certain claims that pop21:55
Birdmannot just any random one when you're building them21:55
Birdmanalso pops give you more exp21:57
Birdmani guess its not a pop, but the claims and crafts that yield alot more loot than normal21:58
danielpbarroni've noticed that too21:59
danielpbarronexp based on value out, not value in21:59
Birdmanhanbot what's your gathering level?22:12
diana_comanupdated shop - mainly resources basic/grocery/mining: http://www.dianacoman.com/Eulora/foxystore.html22:22
danielpbarrondifferent url?22:24
danielpbarronah it redirected22:24
diana_comanyeah, set it to work either way, won't trip people over that, lol22:25
danielpbarroni set mine up to redirect from my shop.txt too22:25
* diana_coman is starting to dream of an automatically updated shop22:27
Birdmanup to 82 on my groceries23:33
Birdmanreally its the building levels i need to help it out23:34

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