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danielpbarroni was afraid my lumberjacking would have gone under 100 while i was busy tinkering, but nope! :D03:32
mircea_popescucool deal.04:03
mircea_popescui've really not done any mining since that remarkable, too much stuff to craft.04:03
danielpbarroni'm grinding out some ords to get that rank up before i take to the Eulora soil with my freshly minted adzes04:05
mircea_popescubut in other news, im now cooking q 15004:05
* danielpbarron still interested in wine!04:06
mircea_popescuyeah but it takes so much wwb i dun have.04:06
mircea_popescui'd make tons if only i had tons of wpl/wwb04:06
mircea_popescucould make 1k or some shit. but it burns 200 wwb/50 wpl per or somesuch.04:06
danielpbarrondoes quality matter?04:07
mircea_popescuyeah, i'd want 150+04:08
mircea_popescubtw, what were you asking for incons tokens again ?04:08
danielpbarronnever came to a price04:08
mircea_popescuwell ?04:09
danielpbarronwhat do they get used in?04:09
mircea_popescuteh consideration04:09
danielpbarronwhat is that?04:10
mircea_popescuyou know, apprentice bouquinist considerations04:11
danielpbarronyou paid 13 to 14 times the actual value for the considerations, by that logic I could say my tokens are worth 5.2k each.. and still not want to sell any of them04:36
mircea_popescui'm willing to pay 10k each, but that's about it.06:48
mircea_popescuan' somebody'd better sell me 'em or else we're never finding out wtf these even do.06:49
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I have 1 inconsequential sacrifice token and I have no problems parting with it for 10k ; it's 122q08:08
diana_comanalso: ~2.5k wwb and 1.5k wpl atm08:49
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Birdmanjurov will need to deposit in a few hours, but no rush09:10
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mircea_popescunice diana_coman12:55
mircea_popescudiana_coman nb, nb. make me 1/4 stacks, easier that way ?12:56
diana_coman2.5k you  mean? faster for sure, yes12:57
mircea_popescuno, i mean 1 stack of wpl 4 of wwb12:58
mircea_popescuthat'll be just enough for a measly ... 200 wine12:58
diana_comanwell, I'm picking both atm when I don't make tools basically13:07
diana_comanbut once again: ordinaries of wwb take canines so no way of getting that faster13:07
diana_comanand otherwise it's been pretty constant at 1.5k wwb/8hrs so unless I get some pop, it will take a while13:08
diana_comandanielpbarron> i was afraid my lumberjacking would have gone under 100 while i was busy tinkering, but nope! :D <- ftr I am focusing mainly on farming and otherwise mining rather in the hope of finding the bloody canines13:09
danielpbarronyes and that would effect my building output..13:09
diana_comanwell, not that much on lj from what I saw ; add to it that I had to tinker too unfortunately (and will still have to as I don't see anyone selling tools)13:09
mircea_popescuwow so omfg, does this mean wine is 40/1.5 * 8  /200 = 1+ hours of miner time each ?13:10
diana_comanwell, if you overcraft it13:10
diana_comanyou can always undercraft it13:10
diana_comangetting low q should mean higher quantity way faster13:10
diana_comanyou want BOTH high q AND huge quantity13:10
mircea_popescugot any wwb remarkables yet ?13:10
diana_comanI think I have ~30 ordinaries minimum13:11
mircea_popescusee, i say this : keep doing what you do, once you find a r noob mine that.13:11
diana_comanbut no remarkables13:11
mircea_popescuthen i'll put in an order for low q csw and i'll uc the wine.13:11
diana_comanwhat a well-thought plan that ASSUMES the remarkable is buildable13:11
mircea_popescuis it unseen yet ?13:12
diana_comanbut yeah, anyway on farming that's what I mine: wpl and wwb13:12
diana_comanas far as I know it's unseen13:12
diana_comanoh, do you want that token?13:12
diana_comankk, will get it out next time I get to town13:13
diana_comanftr I didn't even get a remarkable on wpl so far although some time ago I got a pop13:14
mircea_popescuin other news : anyone want an order to make 5 US ? i got materials q > 150, it's tinkering.13:15
mircea_popescuso each click should add ~450k or so of tink xp13:15
mircea_popescuand in even other news : server going down for a few fixes in about five minutes13:16
mircea_popescuexpected to be down ~5 minutes.13:16
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I can take that on same terms as previously (any q numina for the bv diff)13:24
mircea_popescuyou gonna have it noob crafted ?13:25
mircea_popescuserver is back, sorry for the interruption.13:26
diana_comanno, not noob crafted13:26
diana_comanbut I have enough numina, lol13:26
mircea_popescuwhat q do you make ?13:27
diana_coman123 now13:27
* mircea_popescu ponders13:27
mircea_popescu27% in numina vs make it q158 and then get 8% in mcguyver numina from the oc + 35% more mcguyver xp.13:28
mircea_popescuso is 19% more numina worth more than 35% more mcguyver xp ?13:28
mircea_popescuyet another q i can't answer.13:28
mircea_popescuhere DicePower got something for you. riddle me that ?13:28
mircea_popescudiana_coman what do you think ?13:30
diana_comanI don't really know what's the answer from your perspective: I have no idea what the numina are really worth as quantity for one thing13:31
mircea_popescuwell me either.13:32
diana_comanall I know is that from my perspective the xp is worth giving away the numina low q that I can anyway get relatively easily at this time13:32
mircea_popescui don't actually have THAT much numina.13:33
mircea_popescui suppose this is yet another one of those : top crafter necessarily is short numina, will ahve to trade for it with other crafters13:33
mircea_popescudamned socialism.13:33
diana_comanwell, I get that numina from noob crafters anyway13:33
mircea_popescuyeah. so this is like you know, numina equivalent of the proton, moving backwards through the charged conductor.13:34
mircea_popescuanywya, ima go for the deal. you want sb too or got your own ? ima need ~2 hrs to make the cordage.13:34
diana_comanI'll be around in ~5hrs more likely so prolly best then13:35
diana_comanhow much sb do I need?13:35
mircea_popescui got q 278 if memory serves.13:35
mircea_popescuyou'll also need 15 boulders, but you're on your own for those.13:36
diana_comanaha, boulders np; I would have sb, but only 178q; I don't think it would make a huge diff though, so I am fine to use mine too13:37
mircea_popescuany noob tinkerer got low q bct ?13:37
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I can actually sell 500 bct q713:37
diana_comanwant that?13:38
mircea_popescusplendid, yea, and i want it now if possibru13:38
diana_coman1 min to take it out13:38
mircea_popescukk. sell me 71 cc bps too ?13:38
mircea_popescusaves me having to unload to go through my own storage lol13:38
diana_comanwell, q38 but being bps...125% bv13:39
mircea_popescuno prob.13:39
mircea_popescu378×1.25×71+1589×500 ×.8 = 669147.513:40
mircea_popescuo no token ?13:40
diana_comanoh drat, forgot that one13:40
diana_comanwill get it13:40
mircea_popescuuh wrong item13:41
mircea_popescubtc is 540 not 158913:41
diana_comanahahah, so it is13:41
mircea_popescu378×1.25×71+540×500 ×.8 = 249547.513:41
diana_comanso 420k to give back to you, right?13:42
mircea_popescuye plox13:42
diana_comancurious what you get from that token13:42
mircea_popescuima announce when i do the click.13:42
mircea_popescuso far the bp situation is : i got all the needed bps ; i got 100 coal done ; i got all i need to make ampoules ; haven't yet looked at ink ; i got all i need to make the click except a) tools, which i'm working on hence the us production and wil lalso need to make some shoes and b) doubtful tomes, which i got all i need to make a few, but damned we need those canines already.13:44
mircea_popescueta ~two weeks for first click i would guess.13:44
diana_comando you have any mining ords?13:46
mircea_popescusome, yeah. got 3 wwbs for instance.13:46
diana_comanthat's farming!!!13:46
diana_comanAND it takes canine13:46
mircea_popescuoh. no, i never done any mining.13:46
mircea_popescuwell ? when!13:47
mircea_popescuim chained to a fucking bum stove all day. and it smokes13:47
diana_comanactually do you need wine for the bps at all?13:47
diana_comanor is that a side thing?13:47
mircea_popescuthat was mostly to feed the sacrificers to make me more tokens\13:47
mircea_popescuwhich are needed.13:47
diana_comanah, but DO they sell tokens?13:47
diana_comanbecause so far I gathered that no, they don't13:47
diana_comanso then13:47
mircea_popescuwell i figure they need me for wine, so eventually we'll come to some kjind of agreement eh.13:48
diana_comanI'm better off increasing mining skill to stand a chance finding canines than farming wpl and wwb13:48
mircea_popescuyou think ?13:48
diana_comanwell, dunno really13:48
mircea_popescui can see both angles, tbh13:48
diana_comanbut if they don't sell the tokens then...13:48
diana_comanI know, I can't quite decide, lol13:48
mircea_popescui plan to do something like "return token with each wine skin you get!" or something13:49
mircea_popescuspeaking of which, you still getting me tea ingredients danielpbarron ?13:49
diana_comanheh, kind of reminds me of communist shops for some reason13:49
mircea_popescui ~could~ do that.13:49
diana_comanwell, if it's the only way to get tokens...13:50
mircea_popescudiana_coman figure this wonder, if i make him 100 teas or w/e he wanted that's another two days of crafting or some shit.13:50
mircea_popescui'm a serf!13:50
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diana_comanbwahaha, apparently that's what happens when one CAN do things - one has to do them, hence one is a serf ; lolz13:50
mircea_popescuit's been almost a full week, i've been doing ~nothing but crafting non stop, churned millions of inventory,13:51
mircea_popescui'm maybe 30% on the way there to doing that click already ?13:51
mircea_popescudiana_coman if you can, you must eh ?13:51
diana_comanpretty much or so it would seem13:51
mircea_popescui feel so feminized ;/13:51
diana_comanas to the tinkering - at least it's not stuck or not yet, lol13:51
diana_comanhi hi13:52
mircea_popescuaw fuck. mp has low q cordage in inv, proceeds to make high q.14:01
* diana_coman knows that kind of mistake - sucks14:02
fghjAnyone has high q cft for sale?14:32
mircea_popescui guess i could... aucton a batch eh.14:33
fghjok thanks to my superior bad planning ability I was out of cft but I loaded for a few days now14:41
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> speaking of which, you still getting me tea ingredients danielpbarron ? << yep just need the nuts14:43
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> i plan to do something like "return token with each wine skin you get!" or something << not intersted unless i have renuable altars; i'm not wasting clicks on basic sacrifices and the rare ones use way more than 1 wine per14:44
danielpbarronspeaking of the nuts, i think i would like that deal you proposed the other day, where i buy your locked small and ordinary pacademia nut claims14:45
danielpbarroni think 3 ords (+ whatever smalls happen along the way) should do14:45
mircea_popescumeanwhile got swamped with crafting stuff again.14:46
mircea_popescudanielpbarron what are basic clicks ? and what do you like to click ?14:46
diana_comandanielpbarron, why not get the nut claims yourself?14:47
diana_comanthe location is public14:47
diana_comanyou prolly have higher lj by now too, don't you?14:47
mircea_popescui guess he should ?14:47
diana_comandunno, I am just trying to understand what is the problem14:47
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BlazswordHi there!15:02
BlazswordI recently found out about this game by searching bitcoin mmo.15:02
BlazswordAnd i were wondering, how do i actually start this game?15:02
BlazswordI cannot seem to find the .exe file for it.15:02
BlazswordIf anyone would be able to help me out as their back then that would be lovely! Thanks.15:06
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diana_comanhi Blazsword there are binaries15:07
diana_comanwhat operating system are you on?15:07
BlazswordI'm on windows15:08
diana_comanaha, here: http://minigame.bz/jurov/15:08
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Releases by Jurov (at minigame.bz)15:08
BlazswordBeware tho, i'm not that really good when it comes to technical stuff like java and such heh.15:08
BlazswordI'm on 64 bits thought.15:08
diana_comanas far as I know you just need to get the archive, unzip it, read the readme and run15:09
diana_comanhowever, you'll need to have also a gpg key15:10
diana_comangot one?15:10
BlazswordGpg key? No never heard about it until now when you told me.15:10
diana_comanBlazsword, if no gpg key yet, get yourself kleopatra15:11
BlazswordHow do i get one extacly?15:11
diana_comanthis looks like a step by step tutorial https://www.deepdotweb.com/2015/02/21/pgp-tutorial-for-windows-kleopatra-gpg4win/15:11
BlazswordHmm, okay. How come i need a key like this?15:13
diana_comaneulora allows only one account per person, where person is basically identified through their public key15:13
diana_comana pair public-private key effectively serves as an identity online15:14
BlazswordOh i see.15:14
diana_comanso you need basically an online identity to get your free eulora account15:14
mircea_popescudiana_coman your so/cc is ready15:14
diana_comanoh, goody, coming to town15:14
mircea_popescuhey Blazsword15:14
mircea_popescuyou hit just in time, miner noobs are in high demand it seems.15:15
diana_comanBlazsword, he means that it's a right time to join the game as there is demand for new people hence any new guy can make a pretty penny quite easily15:16
diana_comanmircea_popescu, trade?15:17
diana_comanuhm, bps?15:18
diana_comanI don't have the bps15:18
mircea_popescudiana_coman 15 * 290349 * .15 + 35 * 3780 * 1.58 = 862319.2515:18
mircea_popescuand ill get bps in a sec!15:18
mircea_popescuand wtf bs calc is that.15:18
BlazswordAlright i have the login window open now.15:18
diana_comanlol, I was just wondering wtf is that15:19
diana_comanaha, Blazsword got your key pair?15:19
mircea_popescu15 * 290349 * 1.5 + 35 * 3780 * 1.58 = 6741886.5 rather.15:19
BlazswordNope still trying to figure that out Diana15:19
mircea_popescudiana_coman accept this, ill get the bps.15:19
diana_comanafter you get that, mircea_popescu can make you an account so that you can get in15:19
diana_comanoh btw Blazsword hold on closely to your *private* key after you get it, whatever else you do15:20
mircea_popescu6741886.5 + 5 * .93 * 29035 = 6876899.25 < diana_coman15:20
BlazswordOkay i will.15:21
diana_comanok mircea_popescu, will go with that as total bv received15:22
BlazswordSo i just do exactly as it is on the guide?15:22
diana_comanyep, that guide walks you step by step to get everything installed and get your pair of keys15:23
mircea_popescupretty much yeah Blazsword15:23
BlazswordOkay i have the key, so i send that in pm to you?15:24
mircea_popescunah, upload it to sks and register with assbot. isn't that in the guide ?15:25
diana_comanI sent him a guide for win mircea_popescu15:25
diana_comanto get him started since he is  on windows really15:25
mircea_popescuaha. how does kleopatra even work, has a cmd line ?15:26
lobbesbotTitle: first_steps_in_bitcoin-assets [bitcoin assets wiki] (at wiki.bitcoin-assets.com)15:26
BlazswordI'm just confused at the moment haha.15:26
mircea_popescuBlazsword eulora is pretty complex, so brace yourself for a lifetime of confusion15:26
BlazswordSo i need to register my nick first before using the code.15:27
mircea_popescusure. not that hard to do.15:29
BlazswordBrb seems like i need to change name15:30
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*** Joins: Gaxaro (4e45222e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
mircea_popescudiana_coman what do you figure, tomorrow ?15:33
GaxaroThere we go, i did register now.15:33
mircea_popescuwd Gaxaro15:34
GaxaroSo i assume it's the public key and not the private key?15:35
mircea_popescuwhat "it" ?15:35
mircea_popescuthe private key you're supposed to keep private and never share, ever.15:35
mircea_popescuthe public key you upload to the keyservers.15:36
Gaxarookay i have the text document open with the public key15:36
GaxaroWhat now?15:36
mircea_popescuah you put it in here :15:36
GaxaroRight here in chat you mean?15:37
lobbesbotTitle: OpenPGP Keyserver: keys2.kfwebs.net (at sks-keyservers.net:11371)15:37
mircea_popescunah in that box.15:37
GaxaroAh okay15:37
GaxaroOkay i just sent it15:37
mircea_popescucool. give it a few minutes to digest and then talk to assbot.15:40
mircea_popescu!register [fingerprint with no spaces] that thing15:40
GaxaroOh okay15:41
GaxaroIs it the key id?15:42
GaxaroNot sure what is the fingerprint lol15:42
mircea_popescuwhole fingerprint, lengthy string like seen here : http://www.btcalpha.com/wot/user/mircea_popescu/15:42
lobbesbotTitle: mircea_popescu WoT Overview - Btc Alpha (at www.btcalpha.com)15:42
mircea_popescuhttp://pool.sks-keyservers.net:11371/ << you can search for it here, or else instruct your gpg implementation to spit it out15:43
lobbesbotTitle: SKS OpenPGP Public Key Server (at pool.sks-keyservers.net:11371)15:43
mircea_popescunot sure how that's done on windows tho.15:43
GaxaroOhh i got it!15:44
GaxaroI have the fingerprint code thingy15:44
mircea_popescuhey, pretty good :D15:44
mircea_popescuis it fun ?15:44
Gaxaro!register 48AA0C9A57A5E8773F3862DACFB8B44CD9628E4715:44
mircea_popescusay it in pm to assbot15:44
Gaxarooh xD15:44
GaxaroHmm i dont see a name called assbot in the list15:45
mircea_popescudoesn't matter just go /q assbot15:45
mircea_popescuotherwise you can also join #bitcoin-assets it's in there.15:46
Gaxarooh seems like i still need to wait since it couldn't find my key15:47
mircea_popescuyeah give it a little.15:47
mircea_popescumeanwhile you can read some of the guides etc. found any of that ?15:47
mircea_popescuthere's eulorum.org15:48
mircea_popescuthere's also diana's very good site, http://www.dianacoman.com/category/eulora/15:48
GaxaroThe game looks quite decent and i found it from reddit when i looked for bitcoin mmos15:54
GaxaroThe only one i used to play was BitFantasy i think15:54
mircea_popescuyeah. graphically it's still being worked on a lot, but the economy is quite copmplex15:54
lobbeswelcome to Eulora, Gaxaro! One of the few games where you can actually leverage being a n00b to your advantage15:56
GaxaroThanks. Games what i pretty been doing all my life haha.15:57
mircea_popescuo hey, lobbes ! is that you ?15:59
lobbeshey mircea_popescu. yeah, back from the dead lol16:00
mircea_popescujust so you get an idea Gaxaro, hre's a recipe for an item we're making right now because it's involved in some new bp research : http://dianacoman.com/Eulora/Unsteady-Scaffolding.html16:00
mircea_popescucheck out that bill of materials lol.16:00
mircea_popesculobbes o hey, wb!16:00
mircea_popescucan i lean on you do extend the bot some ?16:00
GaxaroYay i did register now16:00
lobbesmircea_popescu: yes, right now I'm trying to get it to parse log lines ala assbot. Is there a feature you'd prefer before any of the others?16:02
GaxaroHmm still cant login?16:02
GaxaroI did register the key but somehow i still cannot login?16:02
mircea_popescuone sec Gaxaro16:03
GaxaroOh okay16:03
DicePowerThe PGP key is not your password, it's just a right of passage to join the game ;)16:04
mircea_popescuGaxaro http://dpaste.com/0NCR1NQ.txt << decode that, you're good to go16:04
mircea_popesculobbes yes. i would like for there to be a command going !auction <string> <int(price)> <int(hours)> whereby lobbesbot announces that auction, repeats it once an hour (in a batch with all the others it has) and whenever someone asks, maintains a top bidder, by accepting !bid <int(coppers)> commands, and notifies winner and auctioneer of end result.16:06
mircea_popescuTHEN takes all the data from there, aggregates it, and publishes prices for all the items it has seen, by year/month/week16:06
mircea_popescuhow about THAT!16:06
GaxaroThere we go. I am in. My name is Blaz Knight :D16:09
mircea_popescuwell done16:09
mircea_popescunow find me in game i;ll give you some starter items.16:09
GaxaroNow to learn how to use the ingame camera¨ lol16:10
mircea_popescupress m16:10
GaxaroHmm not sure how i am gonna be able to find you lol16:12
mircea_popescuim up on that hill16:14
lobbesmircea_popescu: nifty! okay, that shall be my new bot-extension quest16:14
mircea_popesculobbes lovely! did you ever pick up your in-game prize btw ?16:14
Gaxarookay i did talk with the beginner npc at least lol16:15
mircea_popescuwd :)16:15
mircea_popesculobbes aha i see you did. may consider auctioning them off, there's a crazy shortage of slithy tove.16:16
mircea_popescu198 he got diana_coman imagine that.16:16
mircea_popescuTHINK OF ALL THE SAMOVARS.16:16
GaxaroHmm i somehow got myself stuck haha16:17
Gaxarooh nvm16:17
lobbesinteresting.. I may just do that lol. I dun think I've ever done an auction. 16:17
mircea_popescucan even be the inaugural auction of your bot extension :D16:18
mircea_popescuuse /pos Gaxaro16:19
mircea_popescuim at 176 55 15816:19
mircea_popescuif you have foxybot installed you can just go /pilot 176 55 158 and it will point your nose towards me16:25
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mircea_popescuwb dpb16:25
Gaxarohmm says unknown command16:26
mircea_popescuthen no foxybot for you. get it later i guess.16:26
GaxaroHow do i get it btw?16:27
danielpbarronvery odd, there was a planned (but nobody informed me) power outage for maintainance where i sit, and at the same time, the internet goes out where i run irc16:27
Gaxaromight as well get it right now16:27
mircea_popescudanielpbarron same router maybe ?16:27
danielpbarrondifferent counties16:27
danielpbarronah i see the topic was fixed :D16:28
GaxaroCan you link me the foxybot?16:28
mircea_popescuGaxaro did you get jurov's latest windows packlage ?16:29
mircea_popescuafaik it included it.16:29
mircea_popescuo there you are. trade me!16:29
GaxaroHmm nope?16:29
mircea_popescuaccept button is bottom left of window16:30
danielpbarronwhile i'm gone two people joined?16:31
mircea_popescuat least one16:31
mircea_popescuo yeah Azelphur too. two!16:32
mircea_popescuhey copypaste ever got the game to work ? davout ?16:32
GaxaroWell now to figure out what to do haha16:38
danielpbarronno i was here for Azelphur, i thought i saw another name; still catching up here16:39
GaxaroI'm still confused haha16:40
danielpbarronwhat are basic clicks ? and what do you like to click ? << basic clicks on the altar are the sacrifices of resources like stones and thorns; I like rather to do the more expensive clicks on skill items16:41
GaxaroI'll think i need a mentor haha.16:43
danielpbarronah, Gaxaro is Blazword16:44
GaxaroYup that's me.16:44
GaxaroBlaz knight that's me16:44
GaxaroRight now im just walking around endlessly haha16:46
Gaxarotrying to click on trees and what not16:46
danielpbarrondo you have the gathering skill?16:47
GaxaroWell mircea gave me some books that i used on myself16:47
danielpbarronso type /explore16:47
danielpbarrondid you get any tools?16:48
GaxaroI got a stone axe16:48
GaxaroAlso this foxybot could you give me the download for it?16:49
danielpbarrongo to coords  -138.00 55.00 279.00  with the adze equipped and type /explore16:50
GaxaroI need the foxybot thought so i can pilot haha16:50
danielpbarronyou don't ~need~ pilot but it sure does help16:50
danielpbarronyou do have /pos16:50
GaxaroWell pilot would help me a lot lol16:50
danielpbarronbut yeah you'll want foxybot, and wasn't it already linked to you?16:50
GaxaroNope it wasn't16:51
danielpbarroni don't know how to instruct a winbl0ws user16:51
GaxaroCan you link it for me? and oh okay lol16:51
danielpbarroni think it's as simple as do whatever you already did, but with the binary that includes the bot16:51
danielpbarronhttp://minigame.bz/jurov/ Gaxaro16:53
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Releases by Jurov (at minigame.bz)16:53
DicePowerWinbl0ws is the best.  Most platform specific programs work perfectly on Winbl0ws. >_>16:53
danielpbarronit is the worst. and only a few programs just barely work on it16:53
danielpbarronspecifically programs maintained by people in here16:54
danielpbarronthe rest are 'apps'16:54
danielpbarronUSG malware generally16:54
mircea_popescutell it like it is brother.16:54
DicePowerAnd speaking of Winbl0ws...16:55
GaxaroPretty hard to find the exact position i need to head too without pilot lol16:55
DicePowerjurov:  Are you here atm/available to help with Eulora compiling instructions?16:56
DicePowerI'm on step 4 and things are getting a bit confusing to me :P16:56
mircea_popescuwhat's step 4, asking for forgiveness ?16:56
DicePowerStep 4 is opening Linux on VirtualBox >_>16:57
DicePower4. Checkout CrystalSpace (revision 39798). Manually apply revision 39918 to fix crashes (patch available here).16:57
mircea_popescugot it ?16:58
DicePowerI sure hope "checkout CrystalSpace" doesn't mean "gain a basic understanding of 3-D animation programming :P16:58
mircea_popescuiirc it's saved on http://minigame.bz/eulora/source too16:58
mircea_popescuno, checkout from git16:58
DicePowerThe link to the code block is there.16:58
DicePowerI just have NO idea what to do with it.16:59
mircea_popescusave it in your project somewhere16:59
mircea_popescuprferrably under /CS/ iirc16:59
DicePowerThere is no Visual Studio project yet though at this point.  Do I create a new one, or am I downloading one with the game's source code later?17:00
mircea_popescui have never used visual studio, have absolutely no idea how it works.17:01
DicePower"<mircea_popescu> no, checkout from git"  Does this require some action on my part?17:02
lobbesbotTitle: Git - git-checkout Documentation (at git-scm.com)17:02
DicePowerNeed video version of this tutorial lol17:06
mircea_popescudiana_coman for your own recipe page : Worn Old Screens 7 GT 1 US ; Turning Wheel 1-2 BTK Bundle  1 US 1 PB17:07
mircea_popescuDicePower good time as any to move to linux.17:08
mircea_popescuthe ubuntu compile guide on eulorum is quite straightforward.17:08
DicePowerDoes it work on Zorin?17:08
mircea_popescuwhat is zorin17:09
lobbesbotTitle: Zorin OS - Home (at zorinos.com)17:09
mircea_popescuoh ubuntu for windows ppl.17:09
DicePowerA beautiful OS17:09
DicePowerThat looks like Windows :D17:09
mircea_popescuaha. should work, never been tested for eulora specifically. but i'd be interested to hear how it works.17:09
DicePowerI have a really old machine that I could try it on.17:10
mircea_popescudoes it have a functional gfx card ?17:10
DicePowerATI HD 465017:11
mircea_popescushould work.17:11
DicePowerI thought it was a goner for many years, turns out it just needs a powerful dusting.17:12
DicePowerI think I turned half the Windows services off when trying to fix it (was turning off all the time).17:12
mircea_popescusounds like overheating mb/cpu ya17:12
DicePowerAnd I probably don't have the disks needed to format Windows.17:13
DicePowerSo was thinking about putting Zorin on it.17:13
DicePowerEven if I messed something up partitioning the HD or something it wouldn't be a big deal.17:13
DicePowerNot sure how much low level stuff you have to do to get Linux17:13
DicePowerI've only ever used it on a Virtual Machine.17:14
mircea_popescuubuntu ? not really much at all.17:14
DicePowerImma try it now I think.17:15
DicePowerAny tips for not messing something up?17:15
mircea_popescucan't hurt.17:15
mircea_popescui'd be really surprised if you somehow manage.17:15
mircea_popescuto mess anything up, i mean.17:15
danielpbarronwhy in the.. would you want your computer to ~look~ like winbl0ws17:16
mircea_popescufound anything Gaxaro ?17:16
danielpbarronheh he's trying to figure out foxybot right near where i am17:16
mircea_popescuim curious what q he gets, with skill 1.17:16
DicePowerBecause the Winbl0ws 7 interface is good :P17:17
mircea_popescuguessing like 3 maybe ? or 517:17
GaxaroMircea nah i haven't found anything yet17:17
danielpbarronthe winbl0ws interface is retarded17:17
danielpbarron"start" menu .. why?17:17
danielpbarronthe newer thing is ever worse, made for touchscreens17:18
danielpbarronwho even needs an operating system to look like anything17:18
Gaxaromircea_popescu okay i just found something17:20
danielpbarronthorns or snails?17:20
danielpbarronyou should try that coords i gave you earlier17:20
danielpbarronfind me some nuts :D17:20
DicePowerYeah I don't like the touchscreen interface17:20
Gaxaro158 thorns17:20
danielpbarronnot bad!17:20
DicePowerOne of the reasons why I stick to 7.17:20
DicePowerThe start menu is super handy though17:21
danielpbarrona terminal is super handy17:21
danielpbarronstart menus are annoying17:21
DicePowerOkay, maybe I'll just use Unix instead ;)17:21
danielpbarroni recommend gentoo17:21
DicePowerI bet you don't have a lot of people coming in asking if Eulora runs on Bash.17:22
danielpbarrontrinque made a very nifty "auto installer" to build it without all the crud17:22
danielpbarroni run Eulora from terminal actually17:22
danielpbarronhow else?17:22
Gaxarookay got some more throns17:23
DicePowerTerminal requires more memorization to do things that are intuitive on GUI :P17:23
danielpbarronyou probably ranked up, but it's still an open question whether you should pay for training or not17:23
danielpbarronno, you are just suffering from a learning disability probably due to having growin up in the USA17:23
danielpbarronterminal is more intuitive and easier17:24
danielpbarronGaxaro, just know this, if you pay for training, as you rank up you will get less and less items from your claims17:25
danielpbarronthey will be higher quality, but seeing as how quality 5 stuff sold as if it were quality 107 yesterday, you probably don't want to rank up just yet17:25
danielpbarronyou don't want thorns though17:25
Gaxarooh okay17:25
danielpbarroni don't think anyone wants low quality thorns17:25
danielpbarronbut get me low quality nuts i'll buy them17:26
danielpbarron-138.00 55.00 279.0017:26
GaxaroStrange.. it just tells me autopilot done17:28
Gaxarowithout going anywhere17:29
danielpbarronthat's correct17:29
danielpbarronit just points you in the directin17:29
danielpbarronpress 'r'17:29
Gaxarooh okay17:30
danielpbarronand press up,enter  occasionally to pilot again17:30
GaxaroHmm it says ouch that hurts when i am exploreing18:01
GaxaroHow come?18:01
GaxaroAlso how do i heal myself?18:02
fghjyou don't you just die18:23
fghjbut not permanently yet18:23
diana_comanGaxaro, hurt is because you are exploring bare-handed18:29
diana_comanwhen you can't explore anymore, just type /die18:29
diana_comankill yourself as it's not permanent18:29
diana_comanyou'll just froze for a bit and then you are good to go again18:29
diana_comanyou won't lose anything in your inventory either18:29
diana_comanand btw, the bot does that too if you just start it to explore/mine barehanded18:30
diana_comanDicePower> I bet you don't have a lot of people coming in asking if Eulora runs on Bash. <- pretty much everyone I know around here playing Eulora for a significant amount of time would rather love a text-only client18:30
danielpbarronoh that's what he meant? Yes I would absolutely love such a thing18:32
DicePowerThat's not exactly what I meant, but interesting ideed19:06
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fghjAuction of  8x9999 of q5 grass start from 3.81M to +3h19:16
jurovBirdman: ping me19:36
jurovfghj: 4M19:37
diana_coman4.2mn for the grass fghj19:38
jurovand my claim with all the flotsams and sr and rf ..vanished, yay19:40
jurovi double check i'm locking it, apparently that won't help19:41
jurovmircea_popescu: no slag for ya, sorry19:41
jurovdiana_coman: danielpbarron: how do you actually store heavy stuff?19:44
diana_comanjurov, was that a tiny claim?19:44
diana_comanI personally still use storage because that is the ONLY safe way19:45
jurovno, small19:45
diana_comanclaims are risky19:45
jurovdo you have a bot to retrieve stuff from storage?19:45
diana_comanas far as I know there has been the clear statement some time ago that ALL claims go away after some time - it's only that they take longer19:45
diana_comanno, I still do that manually, sucks, yes19:45
diana_comanI got fast at it with lots of practice I suppose, lol19:45
diana_comanbut yeah, it would do for a nice bot command I suppose19:46
jurovwell, i have small claims older than this one was, that refuse to go away despite being empty and mined19:46
diana_comanI think there is something fishy depending on keys - I had some like that and they went away only after server reset basically19:46
jurovif i have to click like an idiot to get stuff out of storage, then i am *not* playing.19:49
diana_comanyou don't have to for sure - as I said, it's a nice bot feature, go ahead19:50
jurovno thanks, i have my share of dealing with insane APIs19:51
diana_comanwell, I suppose you can also wait until there will be the npcs that do that for payment or something20:00
jurovi have tried several times to sit and do something with the code and... i just can't :(20:00
diana_comanhonestly atm I can't promise I'll really get around any time really soon to do something else about the bot20:01
diana_comanthere is the storage part in there, it's not as if it's from scratch20:01
diana_comanbut I'm a bit caught up in a lot of things atm20:01
jurovi understand, me too20:07
*** Quits: Gaxaro (4e45222e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)20:30
*** Joins: Gaxaro (4e45222e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
GaxaroBut yeah im still a noob at this game xD20:33
GaxaroSo how does /bot explore work?20:35
GaxaroAnyone on?20:39
fghjI duno the details I just do /bot explore n20:42
fghjwhere n times I want to auto explore20:42
GaxaroHow comes it tells me ouch that hurts everytime i explore something?20:43
fghjapparently there are line/grid patterns timeouts and some other time dk what20:43
*** Joins: wyrdmantis (bcda8dbf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
fghjit hurts because you did'nt put tool in your hand20:44
GaxaroI need more tools, i only have stone axe xD20:44
fghjdid you het this tool is not useful message?20:45
fghjyep, so either explore by hand or go buy another one20:46
diana_comanGaxaro, everything in eulora has a cost20:46
GaxaroAh okay.20:46
diana_comanfor explore, that cost is either tool decay20:46
diana_comanor person decay as it were20:46
diana_comananyway, what resources are you gathering now?20:47
GaxaroWell i only have 306 thorns on me right now lol20:47
diana_comanlisten, have a look at this: http://www.dianacoman.com/Eulora/index.html20:47
lobbesbotTitle: Euloran Cookbook Version 1.2 (at www.dianacoman.com)20:47
diana_comanyou have there all the resources known so far20:47
diana_comanharvestable resources20:47
diana_comanthose basic are the ones you are best off mining right now20:48
diana_comanand especially grass, flotsam, shiny rock20:48
GaxaroHmm okay..20:48
diana_comanbasically any quantity of any of those will be bought off you as soon as you put it on offer20:48
diana_comanand for that matter you'll get a very good price for them20:48
diana_comanfor building you need at least cft (threads)20:49
diana_comangot enough still?20:49
GaxaroYeah i have 26 thread on me still20:49
diana_comanuhm, that's not enough, lol20:49
diana_comanI'm in the middle of a big craft so can't really trade right now20:49
diana_comanbut I'll set you up with some thread and you go mining some shiny rock, will you?20:50
diana_comanhave a look at that link on the page for shiny rock as there is a set of coordinates20:50
diana_comanso that you can find it20:50
GaxaroYeah i will do that20:50
diana_comango and mine with that 26 thread you have so that you get some shiny rock and I'll buy it off you when you get back and give you more thread and/or tools as you need20:51
GaxaroOkay cool!20:51
diana_comanmeanwhile read the vocabulary part at least (if nothing else) from here: http://www.eulorum.org/Eulora20:51
lobbesbotTitle: Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org)20:51
diana_comanand again, if you read just one post from the eulora cat on my blog, make it this one: http://www.dianacoman.com/2015/10/22/the-unbearably-unknown-value-of-things-in-eulora/20:52
GaxaroHmm okay!20:53
GaxaroI'm at those houses at the moment where the campfire is with this strange door going into a building?20:54
diana_comanthat's the graveyard, lol20:54
diana_comanbut no, shiny rock is not there20:54
diana_comanthere's moss there20:54
diana_comanand some dcs (crab shells)20:54
GaxaroI know, but how i am supposed to mine without a tool and i am almost dead by all that ouch that hurt message lol20:54
diana_comanso type /die20:54
diana_comanI did say that before, lol20:55
diana_comanget used to go and read the logs of this chan too, lots of info discussed http://logs.minigame.bz/latest.log.html20:55
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Saturday, 2016-02-20 (at logs.minigame.bz)20:55
diana_comanGaxaro, managed to kill yourself ?20:56
diana_coman(it won't hurt, lol)20:56
diana_comanthe other option is to go and throw yourself off the cliffs, but it's really way simpler to just type /die20:56
GaxaroOkay i killed myself lol20:56
diana_comanaha, well done you, lol20:56
diana_comanjust wait a bit and you'll be back springy and full of life as ever20:57
diana_comanbtw, the bot knows to kill your character too if needed20:57
diana_comanso you can just start the bot empty-handed and it will do its job20:57
GaxaroJust do /bot explore 100 and it will do the thing for me?20:58
diana_comanor /bot explore 100 line 10 1 7 for instance20:59
diana_comanso that it tries 100 times going in a line of 10 steps20:59
diana_comanso 10 steps forward then 10 back then repeat20:59
diana_comanbasically /bot explore 1000 line 10 1 7 means: go explore 100 times in a line of 10 steps, leaving the keys back in the claim after build (flip that 1 to 0 if you want to keep the keys but be aware that your inventory can become full) using 7 threads to build each small claim21:00
diana_comanotherwise with 100 steps you might get out of the shiny rock area I suppose, it depends on where you start exactly21:01
GaxaroHmm okay.21:01
Gaxaroso 10 steps does the 10 mean21:01
diana_comanbasically the bot has some default values for all its parameters, so yes, it can work as simply as /bot explore 10021:01
Gaxaroand 1 is 1 second?21:01
diana_comanno, 1 means "leave keys in claim after build"21:02
diana_comanput there 0 instead, if you want to keep the keys21:02
GaxaroDo i need the claim anymore after i find it?21:03
diana_comanafter you build it - no21:03
diana_comaneach claim can be built onle once21:03
diana_comanand after a while it will vanish21:03
Gaxaroand the 7 stands for?21:04
diana_comanthe keys of old claims turn into little bits of nothing when their claims vanish21:04
diana_coman7 threads to use when building a claim21:04
Gaxarooh okay i got it21:04
diana_comaniirc that is the default value21:04
diana_comanyou can build a small claim with anything between 1 and 7 threads basically21:04
diana_comanbut you probably want to use 721:04
diana_comanto get maximum out of the claim21:04
Gaxarookay im doing /bot explore 100 10 1 7 now21:05
diana_comanhow's it going?21:05
GaxaroWell it's going in a straight line backward and sometimes forward21:06
Gaxarobut still in a straight line21:06
diana_comanyes, "line" means straight line, no?21:06
diana_comanah, you skipped the line param, lol21:06
Gaxarowoops yeah i forgot that haha21:06
fghjbot can do funny stuff after you die or wore out tool if you see weird things going on use /bot stop or else it might move on without building21:06
diana_comanlisten, the bot reads them in order so then it took "10" for "line" and it used default there (which should be line indeed) and then as a result "1" for number of steps21:07
diana_comanas a rule of thumb, you can always use /bot reset best fghj21:08
diana_comanit's fine with /bot stop too, but it might end up sometimes in a messy step, so best /bot reset if you want to give it another job afterwards21:08
GaxaroI think i did it correctly now21:08
diana_comanheh, gets a bit using to, but it's a life saver and it can literally do the work for you, lol21:09
GaxaroIt seems like it's going 10 steps forward now and then once 10 steps forward is done it goes backward 10 steps21:12
GaxaroSo i just let it keep doing that until it finds something?21:13
diana_comanunless you want to click yourself I suppose?21:14
diana_comandid you find those thorns with the tool?21:14
diana_comanor barehanded?21:14
diana_comanaha, well, it will be faster with a tool for sure, that's the point21:14
diana_comanbasically the decay of a tool is worth more than your fingers21:14
diana_coman(from the game's perspective, even if you might disagree as the finger-owner character, lol)21:15
GaxaroThought will i eventually find something in this 10 steps line back and forth doing this?21:15
diana_comanyou should, but I have no idea after how many tries21:15
diana_comanwhat position did you go to?21:16
Gaxarothat -56 postion21:16
diana_comanyou should find something eventually, yes21:16
GaxaroHmm nothing so far lol21:23
mircea_popescuGaxaro feel free to walk the land tool in hand,21:25
mircea_popescuyou're not obliged to botmine21:25
Gaxarowell that tool i cannot use anymore because it has 0 uses now21:25
mircea_popescudid you get anything out of the ground ? i'll prolly buy it21:26
Gaxarowell 306 thorns i have haha21:27
mircea_popescuwhat quality ?21:27
GaxaroNo idea21:29
mircea_popescuright click the thorns21:29
Gaxarooh quality 521:29
mircea_popescu306 * 158 * .8 = 38678.421:29
mircea_popescui'll give ya 40k for it.21:29
Gaxaro304* thorns21:30
mircea_popescuand ill also pay 2k on your worn out tool.21:30
Gaxaromeet me at that -56 shiny rock postion21:31
mircea_popescunah i can't move around, im crafting21:31
mircea_popescuyou'll have to come back to me.21:31
Gaxarooh okay21:31
Gaxarowhat is your pos again?21:31
diana_comanGaxaro, 174 57 15921:32
diana_comanthat's in the village21:32
diana_comanbetter write that down somewhere21:32
mircea_popescueh eventually you'll learn your way around, isn't too hard.21:33
mircea_popescudo you want to buy more tools or anything ?21:33
diana_comanmircea_popescu, one us is ready; do you want them as they come or all of them when done?21:34
mircea_popescuall together.21:34
diana_comanaha, that's prolly tomorrow evening though as it doesn't make sense to leave it overnight on this21:35
mircea_popescuno particular rush have tons more things to od.21:35
*** Quits: wyrdmantis (bcda8dbf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)21:36
danielpbarronjurov> diana_coman: danielpbarron: how do you actually store heavy stuff? << i use storage as like what diana said claims are risky, although i do have an ordinary out in the water with flotsam and branches in it; you might be better off using a craft table in town as they don't seem to get cleaned up, especially if people are standing next to it all day21:42
jurovand then one day server gets hit by network problem and ... *poof*21:45
danielpbarrondiana_coman> the keys of old claims turn into little bits of nothing when their claims vanish << if you noobs wanna save up keys and turn them into bits, i'll buy them from ya21:46
diana_comanfor that matter one can also go around and looking into claims that lie around as some of them have the keys in so  one can get some free keys too21:47
danielpbarronGaxaro> It seems like it's going 10 steps forward now and then once 10 steps forward is done it goes backward 10 steps << you might notice that my bot was also going sideways; that's because i modified the source code to fix the built in but not intuitive 'grid' method21:47
GaxaroCool i found 206 shiny rocks lol21:48
Gaxaroquality 721:48
danielpbarronGaxaro> well 306 thorns i have haha << lol here's a tip : don't just 'sell' things to the first person who makes an offer; you can usually get more if you announce an auction in here21:49
diana_comanwell done Gaxaro21:50
danielpbarroni would bid on those shiny rock for example21:50
danielpbarronalthough 200 isn't a spectacular amount or anything21:50
diana_comankeep going  - shiny rocks will be bought around here in huge quantities21:50
danielpbarronGaxaro> quality 7 << actually a ~bad~ thing because higher quality means you'll get ~less~ from each claim, and we buy them at the price of 100 quality or more regardless of how low they are21:51
diana_comanon the same page where you found the location of shiny rock, you'll also see a base value for it - that is the "value" for 1 item of quality 10021:51
mircea_popescudanielpbarron really q 7 pays a little more than q 521:53
danielpbarronhttp://www.eulorum.org/User_talk:Danielpbarron << uber-list of base values21:53
lobbesbotTitle: User talk:Danielpbarron - Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org)21:53
danielpbarroni suppose but would it be enough to make up for getting less?21:54
danielpbarronto be honest when i was bidding on them the other day i wasn't taking into account their quality at all21:54
GaxaroSomeone said i could earn a pretty penny as a noob miner for people lol21:58
mircea_popescuGaxaro well... some of the more dedicated noobs do make millionz21:58
GaxaroI remember earning 0.1 bitcoin 1 year ago from some bitcoin game lol21:59
mircea_popescu.1 btc is 10mn ECu22:00
mircea_popescuso a ways to go yet.22:00
GaxaroOr maybe it was one of those dice games22:00
GaxaroNot sure to be honest lol22:00
diana_comanGaxaro, read perhaps through the logs and look for the trades to give you an idea of what money can be made and on what (as a hint: check out those on low q grass (cdg), flotsam, shiny rock for instance)22:05
danielpbarronGaxaro, you can make 0.1 easy here22:13
danielpbarron4.41mn on the grass22:14
mircea_popescuwhat grass is this ?!22:14
fghjmine probably?22:14
danielpbarron4 stacks of 5 q22:15
danielpbarronGaxaro, ^^ worth more like 250k22:15
danielpbarronselling for millions22:15
fghjno wait not mine I have 8 stacks22:15
danielpbarronwait huh22:15
danielpbarronoh yeah 8 my bad22:15
mircea_popescufghj> Auction of  8x9999 of q5 grass start from 3.81M to +3h << nice eh o.O22:16
danielpbarroni can't wait for you noobs to flood this market and i don't have to bid it up this high22:16
mircea_popescumeanwhile, 4 mn is what, 12 bux ?22:17
danielpbarronover 2 days worth of thread crafting22:20
fghjI think 3h has about passed so dpb is a winner22:20
danielpbarronoh wow yeah i got my bid in with 2 minutes to spare22:20
danielpbarrondidn't even notice that22:21
GaxaroCan i bot in different directions too?22:21
danielpbarronthere is a 'grid' method but unless you modify the source code it will just keep going forward22:21
danielpbarroni modified mine to keep to a square22:21
danielpbarronbut it's kinda annoying, only works well on flat ground22:22
danielpbarronif there is any slope nearby it will slowly creep up the hill22:22
Gaxarooh im just doing back and worth in a line 20 steps lol22:22
danielpbarroni actually use foxybot plus an xmacro in order to do fancy bot mining22:22
danielpbarronand i think foxy using a modified version that does a similar thing22:22
danielpbarronsome sort of circular method22:23
danielpbarroni saw a switch line for it that isn't used yet in my code22:23
Gaxarofound 379 shiny rock so far22:23
danielpbarronthank you fghj !22:25
danielpbarronGaxaro, that'll sell for at least 25k22:25
danielpbarronwhich will buy you at least 1 more tool and enough threads to go with it22:25
danielpbarroneventually if you can work your way up to like 50 spare tools you can just leave it running overnight22:26
danielpbarronor you can buy some coppers into the game via jurov to get a head start on that22:26
fghjactually that would reqire some auto tableloader22:27
* mircea_popescu reads the log with excitement22:27
mircea_popescuhey, my game comes with a game inside!22:27
danielpbarronauto table loader?22:27
danielpbarroni wouldn't worry too much about mixing the qualities22:28
danielpbarronif that's what you mean22:28
GaxaroSadly i dont have money to buy copper haha22:28
danielpbarroni keep them separate when i do ords since i'm doing those manually anyway22:28
fghjin case of grass i have to offload every 15min in case of flotsam every small claim22:28
danielpbarronGaxaro, well all that means is you spend the next week or so doing some manual labor to build up that capital22:28
danielpbarronwell shiny rock is a lot lighter22:29
mircea_popescuthan grass ? no way.22:29
mircea_popescugrass is like the lightest, blessfully.22:29
danielpbarroni think reeds is lighter22:29
*** DicePower is now known as DicePowerless22:29
danielpbarroni can hold almost half a stack of that22:29
mircea_popescuincidentally danielpbarron selling any cft ?22:29
diana_comanoh, fghj the code can be easily changed to put the things in a claim and lock it when you are overweight22:29
diana_comanand then move on22:29
diana_comanat the end you just go through the claims standing and collect22:29
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, probably not at a price you like22:29
mircea_popescu i can't wait for you noobs to flood danielpbarron market too and i don't have to not like his prices!22:30
diana_comanawww DicePowerless got to actually see the game ?22:30
danielpbarronwell i can't see lowering them when it ties me up for 2 days getting almost no exp22:30
diana_comanbwaahahahah mircea_popescu22:30
danielpbarronmaybe if i get some high quality stuff that actually ranks me up as i go22:30
diana_comanI thought YOU were going to auction some cft!22:30
mircea_popescubut but but.22:30
mircea_popescueh okay!22:30
danielpbarronthing is noobs buy my threads at my current prices so why would i lower them?22:31
diana_comanI will auction mine if you auction yours!!22:31
diana_comanomg yo noobs don't overpay!!22:31
danielpbarroni have a convenience store22:31
mircea_popescuselling 9936 cft q 157, starting 2.8mm, will go for a day.22:31
danielpbarron2.8 mn here22:32
GaxaroDoes it work to macro bind key "command" then?22:32
mircea_popescuselling 9936 cft q 157, starting 3mm heard diana_coman , eta 19:30 art22:32
danielpbarron3.15 mn22:32
mircea_popescuselling 9936 cft q 157, starting 3.5mn heard diana_coman , eta 19:30 art22:33
mircea_popescuGaxaro 379* 79 * .8  = 23952.822:34
mircea_popescugot change ?22:34
danielpbarronshouldn'ta bid firston that one :/22:34
*** DicePowerless is now known as DicePower22:34
Gaxaroyeah i do22:34
Gaxarohow much you need?22:34
danielpbarronauction it!22:34
danielpbarroni would pay more22:34
mircea_popescuGaxaro 6k22:35
mircea_popescudanielpbarron eh shush, what more, atm top q cft is at 125%22:35
Gaxarolet me see how to do this currency22:35
Gaxaroim new to it haha22:35
danielpbarronGaxaro, when you get several thousand you should auction it though22:35
danielpbarrona couple hundred isn't worth it i guess22:36
DicePowerdiana_coman:  Well I've seen the first hill and the orb :P22:36
Gaxarohmm 1 sec22:36
Gaxaroneed to use caculator lol22:36
diana_comandanielpbarron, you can always start the auction at a higher price too22:36
mircea_popescuGaxaro you need 60 coins of the yellow kind22:36
Gaxarooh okay22:37
danielpbarronyes that's what i mean in another way22:37
Gaxarohow do i exchange to bronze one to yellow?22:37
diana_comanGaxaro, you can use the bank for that for a fee22:38
mircea_popescuselling 9936 cft q 157, starting 3.5mn heard diana_coman , eta 19:30 art << pinging jurov mod6 an' hanbot  :D22:38
Gaxaroohh okay22:38
mircea_popescuwere there any other miners capable to eat a stack of cft ?22:38
Gaxarowhere is the bank at22:38
diana_comanright-click on one of the npc22:38
diana_comanand select, then type /bank personal22:38
diana_comanyeah, it's a bit tricky22:40
diana_comanfirst deposit the coin you want to exchange22:40
diana_comanthen click on the little tiny shiny nob at the bottom next to the coins you want to get22:40
diana_comanand then write in there how many you want and click exchange22:40
* danielpbarron never ever exchanges coinz22:41
Gaxarooh okay22:41
danielpbarroni have an enormous stockpile of the first two denominations22:41
GaxaroTrying to figure this out haha22:42
danielpbarronwhen you train, if you don't have any lower coins you get change made with the server for free22:43
danielpbarronplus the bezzle bag always gives only the lowest coin22:43
diana_comandanielpbarron, he doesn't have the bezzle bag22:43
GaxaroCant seem to do it weird..22:43
diana_comanGaxaro, you prolly forgot the tiny nob22:43
GaxaroYup i dont have one lol22:43
danielpbarroni'm speaking as to how ~I~ have so many little coins22:44
diana_comanas it doesn't look like a button22:44
danielpbarronthe golden goose also only gives the lowest coin22:44
danielpbarronso that's a minimum of 11337 coppers i get a day22:44
Gaxarotiny nob?22:44
diana_comanat the bottom row in the bank window22:44
diana_comannext to each denomination there is a little circle22:44
diana_comanyou need to click on the one for the denomination you want to exchange TO22:45
diana_comanit will lit up22:45
diana_comanmore like a dot than a circle, lol22:45
Gaxarolooks like this https://gyazo.com/020c7b007606607f645af09e8c85fb6022:45
lobbesbotTitle: Gyazo - 020c7b007606607f645af09e8c85fb60.png (at gyazo.com)22:45
diana_comanaha, exactly that22:46
diana_comannext to the coins at the bottom row22:46
diana_comando you see the little yellow dots?22:46
Gaxarosays my target must be a banker22:46
diana_comanoh, you lost target meanwhile, jeez22:47
diana_comanright click again on the npc and /bank personal22:47
GaxaroThere we go!22:48
GaxaroBtw is it possible to macro the /explore commands so you just press a key as you walk around?22:49
diana_comanyou don't need a macro for that22:50
diana_comanyou can do it from the game really, lol22:50
GaxaroHmm okay lol, how?22:50
GaxaroIs it already a button for it?22:50
diana_comango through the options (the wheel icon in the bar at the top)22:50
diana_comanand you can set keys for anything pretty much22:50
* diana_coman has a key for explore 22:50
diana_comanbut tbh I don't remember in detail the exact steps - read around there22:51
diana_comanoh yeah, it's there22:51
diana_comanand the last set in there, shortcuts22:52
GaxaroHmm it says i have no opponent to yield too lol22:52
diana_comanGaxaro, there are some shops in eulora, you can find the links on the wiki22:53
diana_comanso you prolly set it to the same key as for yield, lol22:53
diana_comandid you look through there what other keys are set?22:53
diana_comanGaxaro, atm I sell cruddy hoes for 25k as per http://www.dianacoman.com/eulora/foxystore/22:54
GaxaroI use those for when i look for shiny rock?22:54
diana_comanyou can use any tool22:55
diana_comanthere are some ideas floating around that some tools are better for some types of resources22:55
Gaxarohmm okay22:55
diana_comandunno what to say whether hoe or pickaxe is better for shiny rock precisely22:55
Gaxarotrying to set this /explore on keys atm first22:56
diana_comanor adze for that matter (third type of basic tool)22:56
Gaxarocant seem to do it lol22:56
lobbesbotTitle: Gyazo - 98957a357f53e384202e157185c63b45.png (at gyazo.com)22:56
diana_comanoh lol, so no22:56
diana_comango through the list in there until you find explore22:56
diana_comanor uhm, wait22:57
diana_comanI added it, lol22:57
diana_comanso somehow I added explore there with the shortcut ...well, g for me22:57
diana_comanyou seem to have added a shortcut, but without a corresponding command22:57
Gaxaroyeah that's what i meant lol22:58
Gaxaroim not sure how to do that22:59
GaxaroThat's what i am trying to figure out22:59
GaxaroWeird nothing is happening lol23:00
diana_comanwell, if no command set then...23:01
GaxaroHow i set a command?23:01
diana_comanif you are still stuck when I finish this craft I'll have a look23:01
GaxaroHow do i set a command*23:01
Gaxarodiana what is your pos?23:02
diana_comanI'm the only girl there in the village, lol23:02
* diana_coman is Foxy in game23:02
Gaxarooh okay23:02
diana_comanoh, lol, easy: click on Set and then in the window23:03
diana_comanclick on the "" and start typing the command23:03
Gaxarothe one which comes up when you click next?23:04
Gaxaroi mean set lol23:04
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GaxaroHmm i am clicking on it thought when i write nothing is happening23:05
*** Joins: lobbesbot (~limnoria@ec2-54-152-61-236.compute-1.amazonaws.com)23:05
GaxaroStrange that it aint working for me lol23:06
diana_comanhm, no, it seems to be something else, I can't remember, lol (I set this in the very beginning)23:07
Gaxarooh okay23:07
Gaxarolets figure it out what it is lol23:09
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Gaxaroif you do not mind of course23:14
diana_comanwell, I see the same as you there, lol23:16
GaxaroHmm okay, so it wont work?23:17
diana_comancan't seem to remember exactly how it worked23:21
diana_comansupposedly there should be a "enter the commands" box23:22
diana_comanbut what can I say: I found it ages ago; dig around there and find it23:22
Gaxarohmm okay23:22
*** Quits: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) (Quit: Leaving)23:24
GaxaroHuh i have something new on me23:31
mircea_popescudisease ?23:31
diana_comanGaxaro, I remembered23:32
diana_comanit's a different window all together23:32
diana_comantype /show shortcut23:32
diana_comanand what do you have on you? lol23:32
GaxaroSmall shiny rock ennumeration23:32
Gaxaroi have on my char window23:32
diana_comanthat is the scroll (blueprint or whatever) to build a claim23:32
diana_comanbut uhm, didn't the bot build it?23:33
diana_comanmaybe you are out of threads?23:33
diana_comangot the window I am talking about?23:33
Gaxaroohh i only have 3 thread left23:33
diana_comanyeah, so stop23:33
diana_comanas otherwise you'll wear down your tool and have nothing to show for it, lol23:33
diana_comanmaybe even lock the last small claim23:34
diana_comanget back to town and get yourself some thread23:34
diana_comanand yes, re your shortcut trouble: open that window, scroll in there at the bottom of it and right click on an empty square23:34
diana_comanyou'll get to the famous edit shortcut box23:34
* diana_coman hadn't realised she was the only one to have figured this one out 23:35
GaxaroDiana look at this23:40
lobbesbotTitle: Gyazo - 916422677ec6bb9d8ab5ad088f169123.gif (at gyazo.com)23:40
lobbesbotTitle: Gyazo - a4b09bcc905ae661551d39fcf5846f57.gif (at gyazo.com)23:40
Gaxaroyeaah.. still confused haha23:41
diana_comanuhm, you are not doing what I said23:41
diana_coman<diana_coman> type /show shortcut23:41
diana_comanGaxaro, ^23:42
Gaxarookay i did that23:42
diana_comandid you get a different window?23:42
Gaxarosweet there we go23:43
Gaxarogot it working23:43
diana_comanget used to digging deep and keeping at it as this is what the game is all about really23:44
GaxaroNow i need to buy thread lol23:44
GaxaroOkay who has thread for sale lol23:47
mircea_popescuselling 9936 cft q 157, starting 3.5mn heard diana_coman , eta 19:30 art <<23:48
GaxaroI can make my own thread i assume?23:49
mircea_popescuout of grass, if you have blueprints and a table, yes.23:49
diana_comanGaxaro, you can, but note that you'll likely get less output23:50
diana_comanI can sell you some of mine though23:50
Gaxaroi do not have blueprint lol23:50
GaxaroOkay Diana i will buy from you23:51
diana_comanGaxaro, it's quality 120, which means price is 180*1.2*1.25=270 coppers per thread23:52
diana_comanhow much do you want?23:52
GaxaroWell i assume i need a lot of thread?23:53
mircea_popescuif you're going to mine, yeah23:53
diana_coman7 per claim, so make your calculations Gaxaro23:53
mircea_popescuwell, 1 to 7 technically.23:54
GaxaroHmm how many can i get for 40k? lol23:55
diana_comanGaxaro, basic maths...23:55
GaxaroSorry im terrible at math haha.. never been good at it xD23:55
diana_comanwell, now is the time to learn23:55
diana_comancalculator says 14823:56
mircea_popescu1500ish ? hm ? hm ?23:56
diana_comanactually I can sell you some lower q as that should give you more thread if you prefer that23:59
diana_comanlower q = 10923:59
GaxaroWhat does higher quality thread help with?23:59
mircea_popescubelieve it or not that's not actually known.23:59

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