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mircea_popescusoo... a whole day and a whole night of work, no skill increase ;/12:24
mircea_popescu* Topic for #eulora set by davout!~david@unaffiliated/davout at Wed Dec  2 12:39:25 2015 << da fuck is this ?!12:24
davoutnovember fox india12:27
mircea_popescucan you actgually change it ?12:27
davoutjust tried12:28
davout"Error(482): #eulora You're not a channel operator"12:28
mircea_popescuso basically freenode mungled a db.12:29
* mircea_popescu is kinda sad about it.12:29
davoutmy client says the chan was created on Dec 2 2015 a well, couple minutes before the topic change12:29
davoutlooks to me like there was some sort of netsplit, that i was first to re-join the chan, was made +o and changed the topic automagically12:31
davout    98[16:40:49] -tepper.freenode.net- *** Notice -- TS for #eulora changed from 1449070632 to 139307782712:31
mircea_popescuDec 02 12:06:31 *Topic for #eulora is: [Talk about all things Eulora! Wiki:http://www.eulorum.org/Eulora, Channel Log: http://logs.minigame.bz]12:31
mircea_popescuDec 02 12:06:31 *Topic for #eulora set by chetty!~chet@unaffiliated/chetty at Wed Jul  8 16:12:04 201512:31
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora Log (at logs.minigame.bz)12:31
mircea_popescuis what i get from that day's log12:31
davoutlooks like earlier that day12:32
mircea_popescuand then12:32
mircea_popescuDec 09 09:35:14 *Topic for #eulora is: [Talk about all things Eulora! Wiki:http://www.eulorum.org/Eulora, Channel Log: http://logs.minigame.bz]12:32
mircea_popescuDec 09 09:35:14 *Topic for #eulora set by chetty!~chet@unaffiliated/chetty at Wed Jul  8 16:12:04 201512:32
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora Log (at logs.minigame.bz)12:32
mircea_popescuand as late as yest,12:33
mircea_popescuJan 20 13:33:11 *Topic for #eulora set by chetty!~chet@unaffiliated/chetty at Wed Jul  8 16:12:04 201512:33
davoutsuch weird, very strange, wow12:33
mircea_popescui guess ima go ask them12:33
davoutmy log for that day -> http://dpaste.com/2JR9TX8.txt12:34
mircea_popescuuh. you suppose I had the topic cached and only now refreshed, but as far as the servers are concerned it changed two moinths ago ?12:35
mircea_popescuweird. anyway.12:36
davoutif you ever find out let me know, i'm mildly interested12:40
mircea_popescuso far seems they're busy with cloaks.12:43
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diana_comanmircea_popescu, do you have any acg (gin) for sale? I have tlc for it if needed19:38
diana_coman70 gins would be great19:38
mircea_popescunone yet, gotta make the samovars first.20:24
mircea_popescube a while.20:24
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mircea_popescubtw danielpbarron you almost done with those shaped slags ?21:01
jurovi am done21:40
*** Joins: bagels7 (~bagels7@unaffiliated/bagels7)22:13
mircea_popescuhow did this set come out ?22:34
jurovi'm ready to sell in a moment22:45
bagels7Hello mircea, May I have a login account?22:49
jurovbagels7: you got it running?22:53
jurovwhich os?22:53
bagels7windows 822:55
bagels7I have the login screen22:55
mircea_popescudiana_coman incidentally, cft ready23:06
mircea_popescubagels7 aite one second23:06
diana_comanyay, 3-4 min to finish this craft23:06
mircea_popescujurov i meant more in financial terms. do you want anothjer batch ?23:07
jurovwon't be online next few days, maybe then23:07
jurovand the overcraft was about the same as first batch23:07
mircea_popescuthat's pretty miserable.23:09
jurovcan i trade you?23:10
mircea_popescubagels7 http://dpaste.com/0WRY10823:11
lobbesbotTitle: dpaste: 0WRY108 (at dpaste.com)23:11
mircea_popescujurov go ahead yerah23:11
mircea_popescu500 * 1.256 * 8824 = 554147223:12
mircea_popescudid we have carryover from last time ?23:13
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> btw danielpbarron you almost done with those shaped slags ? << yes ready when you are23:13
mircea_popescunow works.23:13
mircea_popescuwell oh i thought it was daniel23:14
mircea_popescu3000 * 180 * 1.54 * 1.25 = 103950023:15
jurovoh, thanks too23:17
mircea_popescuhehe dun mention it23:17
diana_comanquite curious what you make in the end of bp price23:17
mircea_popescui have nfi23:17
jurovimma prolly start a contest for ideas how to become profitable23:17
diana_comanthing is: it was 0.81 so anyway that's what it takes at 81q even without any markup whatsoever23:18
mircea_popescuthe who ?23:18
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i got 800 more oil, you want a futher run ?23:18
diana_comanhmmmm, jurov's in the dreaded middle of everything I gather23:19
mircea_popescu280 * .8 * 8824 = 197657623:19
mircea_popescudo you have slag or want slag also ?23:19
diana_comanprobably best bet is: by getting loads of noobs in and waiting a bit OR by getting something new basically (mining?)23:19
danielpbarronyou don't pay any markup on these things?23:19
mircea_popescuwell .8 vs .07 ?23:20
mircea_popescui pay like 1100%23:20
danielpbarronyour shop says it's like harvestables, quality adjusted value plus half way between my quality and yours23:21
mircea_popescuright ?23:21
mircea_popescu0.07 + (1.54 - 0.07)/ 2 =0.80523:21
danielpbarronoh whoops i read your 0.8 as 0.0823:22
danielpbarronsorry, ok then23:22
mircea_popescui figured, which is why i said.23:22
mircea_popescudid we have a carryover ?23:22
mircea_popescui remember i had with someone!23:22
danielpbarroni think we're square23:22
mircea_popescuima dig the slag out after.23:22
danielpbarronand i have slag but i'd rather you provide23:22
diana_comanmircea_popescu, maybe that 1.5k or whatever it was with me, but we settled that too when I gave you change23:22
mircea_popescunah like 40k or something23:22
mircea_popescubrb getting slag.23:23
mircea_popescudanielpbarron trade me plox23:24
mircea_popescuJan 12 17:05:02 <mircea_popescu>im 4 coins short eh.23:25
mircea_popescuJan 12 17:05:08 <mircea_popescu>carry to next time ?23:25
mircea_popescuJan 12 17:05:12 <diana_coman>sure23:25
mircea_popescuheh ok23:25
mircea_popescushit i didn';t get out enough slag.23:25
mircea_popescubrb #2 ;/23:25
mircea_popescufor some reason did x3 not x523:25
mircea_popescure-trade pls danielpbarron23:27
mircea_popescu4000 * 677 * 1.5 * 1.25 + 800 * 5439 * 1.54 * 1.25= 1345356023:27
mircea_popescuand i want it made 80 flat ; 370 sharp 350 pointy please.23:28
diana_comanthat one is older mircea_popescu , I think we settled in meanwhile, haven't we?23:28
mircea_popescudiana_coman pretty sure yea. was just stuck.23:28
mircea_popescupleasure doin' business witcha23:29
mircea_popescuso in the end - it'll be 30 samovars.23:30
mircea_popescuhow many gins didja want diana_coman ?23:30
danielpbarronyou want any shaped slag blueprints?23:30
mircea_popescudanielpbarron yeah but i dunno how to price 'em ;/23:30
danielpbarroni value them at base value for 100 quality23:31
jurovsince i overcraft only 1/3rd, i can sell for 3*base value23:31
diana_coman30 samovars sounds like a more reasonable number in any case23:31
diana_comanheh danielpbarron , do you buy them at that price?23:32
mircea_popescudanielpbarron that's a thought. but i sadly can't proceed till i figure out a theory or something.23:32
diana_comanmircea_popescu, found 0.81 to be too much in the light of the latest big batch-sale23:32
mircea_popescui suspect this may well be one of those fields where only supply/demand can price23:32
danielpbarrondiana_coman, not on flat and pointy of which i already have enough23:32
jurovdanielpbarron: how much do you overcraft (if any)?23:33
mircea_popescuwell in this case it was like 140ish23:33
danielpbarroni try not to overcraft23:33
jurovyou buy all the bps?23:33
danielpbarrondepends which ones23:34
jurovthe ones you use23:34
danielpbarroni have them made, or i would also buy if i needed to23:35
mircea_popescupart of the problem here is... what does bp q even do ?23:36
mircea_popescui mean, for the ones that get burned for lbn, i can see.23:36
danielpbarroni don't think it does anything23:36
danielpbarroni'd go under base value on flat and pointy23:37
danielpbarronfor like a stack or two on each23:37
danielpbarronand by base value i mean value at 100 quality23:38
jurovstak = 9999?23:38
mircea_popescuquite possibly it's worth that23:39
diana_comanmircea_popescu, the last 150 flasks are ready23:41
mircea_popescua cool.23:42
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