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danielpbarronBirdman> wow the base value of dans sizeable enum is nearly 2mil << more like 400:00
danielpbarronit's like 250 quality or whatever i was making then00:04
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danielpbarronBirdman, http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=16-12-2015#1344940 << heh, something you could comment on00:18
lobbesbotTitle: #bitcoin-assets log (at log.bitcoin-assets.com)00:18
Birdmannice lol00:19
Birdmanwell i lost out on 3/4 of the loot from the crash00:20
Birdmannot that it was much anyways00:21
Birdmanand still got the exp00:21
danielpbarronwhat's with the outages as of late00:21
danielpbarroni was thinking of doing a big sacrifice but with all this craziness i'm afraid to00:21
danielpbarronthat's a very expensive failure if a sacrifice gets interrupted00:22
Birdmanhow expensive?00:27
danielpbarroni don't know exactly00:27
Birdmanwell i lost ~ 120k on that last hiccup lol00:28
danielpbarroni paid a whole coin for this altar plus a skill giving item and a bunch of 1 million quality sacrificables00:28
Birdmanprobably should have saved those00:28
danielpbarronthe skill item base value is 1 million00:28
danielpbarronstill  have it00:28
danielpbarronand i still have parts of the sacrificables00:29
danielpbarroni didn't use any of them outright00:29
danielpbarroni mixed them down into piles00:29
danielpbarroni have small polished stones at like 250k and 500k quality00:29
danielpbarronand decent pile of 2000 quality berries00:29
danielpbarroni made that by accident heh00:30
danielpbarronand i think i have some thorns that are some ridiculous quality too00:30
danielpbarronbut i think i used up all the leather and whatever else was in that auction00:30
Birdmanherm, maybe you should sell some of that00:30
danielpbarronno way00:30
Birdmanq output is way down now?00:31
danielpbarroni will patiently wait for more altars00:31
Birdmani see00:31
danielpbarronyeah my sacrifice quality is down to 128 since hanbot has joined the party :<00:31
danielpbarronbut that's sorta a good thing too because i get more items00:31
Birdmanyeah, and the q threshold is larger i suspect00:32
danielpbarronthe most annoying part is i used up most of my stuff when the numbers were all wrong00:32
Birdmanmeaning you can get higher q in the end from more people joining00:32
danielpbarronthe base value of wine was way too low00:32
danielpbarronso i got like no loot00:32
Birdmanyeah that does suck00:32
danielpbarronit would only rarely spit out loot00:32
danielpbarronand now i get loot every time00:32
danielpbarronit'll take me a while to break even on all that :/00:33
Birdmansquandered your talents00:33
danielpbarronwell how was i supposed to know it wasn't working properly00:33
danielpbarroni'm pretty sure i said i didn't think it was working right, but nobody took it seriously until hanbot gave it a try00:34
danielpbarronanway, i'd love to try to make more of those scone things, and with my extra skill item i could enlist a noob to do it00:34
danielpbarronwell are you willing to pay for it?00:35
Birdmanill pay one mil for the skill00:35
danielpbarronwould you pay more than one million?00:35
danielpbarronone million is what all the other skill items sell for and their base value is more like 100k00:35
Birdmanmight be good later on when mp can sell me highest q sups i give him highest q enums for00:35
Birdmanlets see00:35
Birdmanis anyone else willing to pay more than 1mn for sacrifice skill item?00:36
danielpbarroni'd really like to do some sort of non-compete thing with it, but my altar is nearly spent...00:36
danielpbarroni don't care what other people are willing to pay00:36
danielpbarroni'm not selling it for so little00:36
Birdmani see00:36
danielpbarronyou could turn and work for hanbot and then what good is that for me00:37
Birdmancompete for teh noob skills00:37
danielpbarronbig whoop, 0.01 out of 1.0000:37
Birdmanwell if there's anything so true, its that what you pay for something isnt always what its worth00:38
danielpbarronespecially if i'm the one who paid it00:38
Birdmanso what does that tell you00:39
Birdmansb will be done pretty soon by the way00:40
Birdmani dont suppose you'll buy a locked claim for a discount?00:40
danielpbarronyeah i will00:40
Birdman5% off?00:40
danielpbarronoff of what?00:40
Birdmanprice of sb00:41
danielpbarronwhat price?00:41
Birdmanwhat you quoted me00:41
danielpbarronah, sure00:41
Birdmancool cool00:43
mircea_popescu<Birdman> well i lost ~ 120k on that last hiccup lol << how ?01:15
Birdmanits no big deal firstly, but it must have crashed right before a claim was done being built, because it disappeared with the bundle01:16
Birdmani guess i should say i lost ~60k, was just expecting a certain amount of over craft from it01:17
mircea_popescu<danielpbarron> anway, i'd love to try to make more of those scone things << waitwut ?01:17
mircea_popescuBirdman the claim is not gone for ~1hour anyway.01:18
danielpbarronwhy shouldn't i be able to make scones01:18
mircea_popescui dunno that you shouldn't.01:18
Birdmanyeah i just didnt stick around for the reboot, its no big deal01:18
mircea_popescuman paying 25mn for those was a short lived thrill01:18
danielpbarroni guess i'd rather get the mining skill item01:19
Birdmani want that01:19
danielpbarroni just want anyone to have it honestly01:20
Birdmandeprived of decent to high q mining items right?01:20
danielpbarronspicy moss annoyingly enough01:20
Birdmanyeah mining that now for that reason01:20
danielpbarronseeing as how i once produced 150+ anything01:20
danielpbarronand moss was never hard to find01:21
Birdmanpretty difficult now01:21
danielpbarronlet me know if you loot blueprints for a time machine01:21
danielpbarroni'll pay top dollar(tm)01:21
Birdmanwhats the tm for01:22
danielpbarronvariety speak i guess01:22
danielpbarronread the logs(tm)01:22
Birdmandiana_coman how many sm do you get from smalls?01:23
Birdmanwith cft ~ 14001:23
danielpbarronis my thread still foating around?01:24
Birdmani have a stack and change01:24
danielpbarronnext wave will be 107 quality01:24
Birdmanbeattt but im only doing ords for now anyways01:25
danielpbarronalmost out of grass01:25
Birdmani could sell you a few hundred locked claims if you want01:26
danielpbarronwhat kind of claims?01:26
Birdmanseeing as mining them isnt feasible with less output now01:26
Birdmansmalls, for your noob to mine you grass01:27
Birdmanthey'd probably get upwards over 150 per small01:27
danielpbarroni can make those01:27
Birdmanyeah but is that the best use of your time?01:27
danielpbarroni have sortage so i also get high quality on the side01:27
Birdmansupposed to say no man01:27
danielpbarronthis is how i prepare my other basics01:28
Birdmanhigh q what01:28
Birdmanif you mine it yourself01:28
danielpbarron143 at the moment01:28
danielpbarronsuck it!01:28
Birdmanare you saying thats what you're gonna do?!01:28
danielpbarronthat's how a good quality lol01:28
danielpbarronthat's now*01:28
Birdmangood luck with that man01:28
danielpbarroni used to get 280 grass01:28
danielpbarronanyway this is already how i prepare smalls for employees01:28
danielpbarroni go after basics01:29
Birdmanby mining them yourself?01:29
danielpbarronit doesn't take long and it is profitable01:29
danielpbarroni'm not buying smalls01:29
Birdmanalright dan01:29
Birdmanbut i think you're scrubbing it up01:29
danielpbarronand for future record, when disucssing the buying and selling of claims in public like this, it should be assumed that no size mentioned means ordinary01:29
Birdmanimagine all of this happening behind the scenes, you pay me x amount for claims, transfer keys to noobs, noob mines and delivers, profit with little to no work outside of management01:30
danielpbarroni will surely buy ordinaries01:30
danielpbarroneven grass, although not as much01:30
danielpbarronon account of toves not being found01:30
Birdmanget numbers for their output from a few runs with supervision and then you can verify amounts that should be there too and keep accountability for thieving01:30
danielpbarronit's not worth passing keys around for smalls01:31
danielpbarronwhat a headache01:31
danielpbarroni just keep them in my inventory for the whole cycle01:31
Birdmantrue, they dont stack01:31
Birdmanmircea_popescu  *keyring idea* :D01:32
danielpbarronit's not hard to let my macro grind out row after row, use up a few tools, and manually go back and lock the smalls that turned up01:32
danielpbarroni get nearly 100% hit rate on basic harvestables01:32
Birdmanyeah, without the key problem though im sure you could find a more profitable use of your time though01:33
Birdmani dont, though i dont get tinies01:33
danielpbarronthat is so weird01:33
Birdmanbut i also think i hit often enough for it to be better than having tinies01:33
Birdmanman i have terrible hit rates for sm01:38
Birdman13 over a tool01:38
danielpbarron13 smalls?01:39
danielpbarronthat's not bad01:39
danielpbarroni get less doing a basic01:39
Birdmanits pretty bad01:39
danielpbarroni'm telling you it's not bad01:39
Birdmanlolol dan you only get 13 smalls from a basic over a tool??01:40
danielpbarroni'll buy those i guess01:40
danielpbarroni get ~less~ than 1301:40
danielpbarronwhat kind of tool are we talking here?01:40
Birdmanno these are for diana_coman to mine so i can get best results from her mining a ord beetle claim so i can get the best beetles to use in mining flotsam for you01:40
Birdmanright now pick axe01:40
danielpbarronbasic though?01:41
danielpbarronwhat quality are those these days/01:41
danielpbarroni still have some of the 9k ones from electron01:41
danielpbarronthe hoes that is01:41
Birdmanstarted ~ 18k i think and it uses 187q per use01:41
Birdmanbut the ones i have are at 13k from accidental mixing01:41
Birdmanbut i somehow accidently mixed them to the point where the wear to 1q01:42
danielpbarronso 1 small per 1k tool quality01:42
danielpbarronwell that's an accidental win01:42
Birdmani know lol01:42
Birdmanthough i always suspected picks were better at mining things that are under mining cat01:43
Birdmangot caught up in cs before i did any real testing01:44
danielpbarronthen what is best for groceries?01:46
danielpbarronor is it the hoe that is best for those, and basic harvestables can take any tool?01:46
Birdmanhoes for basics01:46
Birdmanoh groceries01:46
Birdmanyeah that would make sense01:47
Birdmanfarming is for groceries, you hoe on a farm and farm with a hoe01:47
Birdman175 these use not 18701:53
Birdmani think 50 sm smalls is enough to last awhiles worth of beetle claims02:30
Birdmanmircea_popescu what was that one message of the day regarding democracy, something like 'true democracy is reserved for drunken men'?02:31
Birdmani just feel you put it in better words than i remember it02:32
Birdmanhuh, was unsuccessful with cs02:57
Birdmancrazy right, second time it happened, the first being with an off hand try03:00
mircea_popescumight be the first time ever. yo sure ?03:01
mircea_popescuthat might be a VERY valuable spot.03:01
Birdmanhundred %03:01
mircea_popescuwho knows, maybe diana_coman gets her bubbles.03:01
Birdmanwhatcha mean03:01
Birdmantee hee03:02
Birdmanagain unsuccessful03:03
Birdmanthough this time im pretty positive its in the beetle area03:04
mod6looking to buy some high q threads if you have any03:10
mod6anyway, no worries. i'll check back in tomorrow.03:17
Birdmanterrible hit rate on the beetles with cs03:23
mircea_popescuthing is q dropped, mod6 best we got now is 149 and i don't have nay low grass to make it03:41
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diana_comanBirdman I haven't really mined anything since the nerfing, so no idea on what I'd get out of smalls on sm now; for md it used to be like 3-4 dungbeetles from a cs small; for that matter it's prolly best to build the md claims with my older moss in any case; I get 117/116q now on mining/lumber, 135q on groceries and some 160+ on basics09:09
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Birdmandiana_coman its all good, ill just mine the sm smalls myself. what q is the moss you have and how much do you want from it?12:51
Birdmanmircea_popescu can i pay you to mine some beetle ords?12:51
mircea_popescugot a ton of crafting to do.12:52
Birdmanno worries12:52
diana_comanBirdman, 422 sm 136q, 150% as I can't replace it at all for now13:00
diana_comanbtw I also have some 500+ moss at 115q if you prefer that13:13
Birdmanwhat price?13:16
diana_coman135% for that13:18
diana_comanI don't usually do mining, but it gets in while I do mapping13:18
Birdmanill take the 136q13:30
Birdmanyeah definitely the 136, you down to mine the ords for 10% of profits?13:31
diana_comanif you have everything I can do it in 5 min13:31
Birdmandoing morning things for a bit13:31
diana_comanso then I'll do this craft run and then come to build them13:32
Birdmansounds good13:32
diana_comanshould be about 1 hr from now13:32
Birdmanwow a whole hour for a craf13:33
diana_comanbtw, did you get something from that spot where you said you failed with 2 cs in a row?13:33
diana_comanit's a craft *run*13:33
Birdmanyeah beetles13:33
diana_coman11 cs left out of it more precisely13:33
diana_comanoh, cs failed on beetles??13:33
Birdmanit was right next to the beetles and had a pretty shitty hit rate, failed like 4 times13:33
diana_comanwow, never seen a cs fail on beetles before13:34
Birdmanthough its the same old story13:34
Birdmani get worse hit rates with regular tools than you guys, but they are all smalls13:34
diana_comanand all ords with cs?13:35
Birdmani have never gotten worse than an ord from cs13:35
diana_comanaha, so then not that bad I suppose; still weird13:35
Birdmanyeah no complaints here lol13:35
Birdmani need to dig through the logs to find what i paid for all these ingreds to figure out the profits13:36
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Birdmandiana_coman are you around to sell those sm?17:16
diana_comanin 2 min Birdman I'll be in town17:16
Birdmanalright, just ping meh17:17
mircea_popescuis it me or has the floor level in eulora lowered a little ?17:18
mircea_popescuALL THIS MINING!17:18
diana_comanBirdman, trade17:24
diana_comanmircea_popescu, in other news, I got myself some 35 molluscs and will make them all cheez17:24
diana_comanofc now the st is even *more* needed than before if that's possible17:25
mircea_popescuwell also, im making myself a ton of srs and ft, but will need pps to craft cs.17:25
mircea_popescuyou got pss ?17:25
diana_comanI was mining earlier for that,lol17:25
diana_comanas I have the same problem basically17:25
diana_comanbtw, got any pickaxes ?17:26
diana_comanI wanted to see if those give any better results on mining resources17:26
diana_comansuch as pss17:26
Birdmani got some pss low q17:26
diana_coman422×1.36×1.5×157 Birdman17:27
diana_comanI've got the pipeline going to make some tools finally too, but it takes some time17:27
diana_coman135k Birdman17:28
Birdmanyes, was jusut making the bank my bitch17:28
Birdman<- bank master17:28
diana_comanha, well done17:28
Birdmanready to build the ords?17:28
diana_comanoh, I can, yes, let's go17:29
diana_comanugh, my character went wild17:29
Birdmangotta make bundles fast17:29
Birdmanbuild them for 10% of profits in copper?17:29
diana_comanmhm, how do you calculate then in copper?17:30
diana_coman10% gross were your own terms, lol17:30
Birdmanbase value of teh beetles17:30
diana_comanheh, no17:30
Birdmanwhat are your terms?17:31
Birdmanand i wanted 10% gross because like every 3 claims i used to spit out well over 10k17:31
Birdmansometimes 40k ya know, thats alot of profit17:31
diana_comaneither 10% in beetles as it were, or 10% in copper if you prefer, but calculate them at base adjusted q + 1.3 at least17:31
Birdmanim thinking i might not even be profiting on these, but will enable me to make profits on the flotsam17:31
diana_comanwell, it's my time17:31
diana_comanI'm fine to do something else17:31
Birdmani cant adjust for quality17:32
Birdmani might as well just over craft them myself at that point though the beetles suck at low q17:32
diana_comankk then, no worries17:32
diana_comangeez Birdman had caught Foxy in his table!!!17:33
Birdmanwhatcha mean17:33
diana_comanFoxy was stuck in your table, lol17:33
diana_comancouldn't move anywhere17:33
Birdmanoh heh, that was the 'public' table17:34
Birdmanguess ill boost as much as i can from these 50 sm claims then build the beetles17:35
Birdmanmaybe get near q 6017:35
diana_comanthen how the hell did foxy get stuck in the public table? pfft17:38
Birdmanthe barrel that it props itself up on you cant walk through17:39
diana_comanI know you can't walk through, but this was: you can't walk ANYWHERE17:39
diana_comanI could rotate and nothing else17:39
Birdmanbuilding levels much easier than gathering17:44
diana_comanwith ords indeed17:55
diana_comanbtw mircea_popescu want any low q molluscs too?17:55
mircea_popescuwell... st is becoming a problem.17:55
Birdmananyone seen differences in q output since ive been leveling?17:59
Birdmanmircea_popescu we should talk in the future of hiring you to build wm ords for me18:05
mircea_popescunot too likely.18:05
Birdmaneh alright man, but you shant be the only lumberjack forever18:06
mircea_popescuwell prolly not.18:07
mircea_popescubut atm trying to keep up with crafting18:07
Birdmanfeel it18:07
Birdmandiana_coman i shall agree to your terms if you wanna do that18:10
Birdmanbecause me doing it myself cuts my money in half, and gives me crap q beetles18:10
Birdmanbut its sort of an urgent thing because i unlocked the claims and threw away the keys18:11
Birdmanwas only 2 of em18:11
* mircea_popescu looks if he has some beetles in storage.18:11
mircea_popescuhow many do you actually need ?18:11
Birdmanprobably all that you have18:12
mircea_popescumk nevermind.18:12
mircea_popescuyou gotta stick t oa story.18:12
mircea_popescu"omg please help i lost some keys need to build these claims asap" || "all the beetles you have"18:12
Birdmani think you mis understand, they are beetle claims18:13
Birdmani dont need beetles for the claims18:13
mircea_popescui did misunderstand.18:13
mircea_popescueh just build them, coupla claims are what, 20k18:13
Birdmanaaand it was only 2 of them so thats why i threw away the keys, just shocking how shitty of an output i got from the first one18:13
Birdmanits more the ingreds i put into em, costing me 60k per claim build, getting 35k worth of beetles adjusting for q18:14
mircea_popescuresults aren't linear.18:15
Birdmanlooking for tpt pointy slags and birds nests\ for 160% at q 120 or better18:20
diana_comanBirdman, I can try to build them18:21
diana_comanwhat q is your bundle?18:21
Birdmanit was 135, now it is non existent18:21
Birdmanalready built em18:22
diana_comanlol, ok18:22
diana_comanand no, I did not see any diff in q18:22
Birdmanoh and all the snake skins i can possibly buy at 160%18:22
diana_comanI just used them up some 10 minutes ago, but I should have more by tomorrow18:23
diana_comanwhat are the skins for? flotsam?18:23
Birdmanif it helps my endeavours i can mine a shit load of  ss claims18:27
Birdmanis it known where they are or undisclosed?18:28
Birdmandanielpbarron whatcha payin for flotsam ~ 43q18:38
*** Quits: nubbins` (~leel@unaffiliated/nubbins) (Quit: Quit)18:48
diana_comanundisclosed so far18:49
diana_comanthough in any case, it's high q that's needed, not low q, is it?18:50
Birdmani think im going to give up on over crafting18:50
Birdmandoes over crafting effect exp output at all?18:50
diana_comanin my xp it does18:51
Birdmanwell i dont think its profitable in any rate and thats really the end goal, i may just start gathering piles of my own ingreds to build ords with and try to break even until i can start making money off stuff being high q18:52
Birdmani think ill only be able to profit off things that are bought qi18:54
Birdmanlike dcs18:54
Birdmanso i thnink that will be my next project, just dcs ords and power through gathering and building18:55
diana_comanmhm, aren't all bought qi atm too?18:57
diana_comanbut sure18:58
Birdmanand im just going by the shop that buys infinite for that info, is anyone looking for beetles at qi?18:59
danielpbarronBirdman> danielpbarron whatcha payin for flotsam ~ 43q << 8719:11
Birdmancool i break even19:12
Birdmanuntil i train next lol19:12
danielpbarronyou get ordinaries so easily it might make sense to intentionally undercraft them19:12
danielpbarronor sell them to me already19:12
danielpbarroni'm already set up to build them19:12
danielpbarronyou used to make money working for me and now it sounds like you're losing money trying to do it alone19:13
Birdmanits not doing it alone19:14
Birdmanand this is the first ive dicked around with building19:14
Birdmanpretty sure ill be running a loss for the time being that im using the ingreds i bought19:14
danielpbarronit is too alone19:15
Birdmanbut then when i gather my own ill be profiting, not as much, but its for the sake of being the best builder19:15
Birdmanits not why im not profiting i mean19:15
Birdmanthough i am doing it alone19:15
Birdmanand i was making money working for mp19:16
Birdmanlots when grass was 80 a piece lol19:16
Birdmani mined like 10mil worth of grass19:16
Birdmandanielpbarron you in town in like 4 min19:23
Birdman2705 flots19:30
Birdmantrade when ready19:30
danielpbarronmove closer19:31
Birdmanim keeping some for lotus claims actually but ok19:31
Birdmandiana_coman ill get you the info for eps ords when i go mine some for your website19:32
Birdmananyone know where some birds nests are?19:53
* Birdman is buying lumberjack, farmer, and mining skill items19:56
*** Joins: DianaComan (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)20:04
danielpbarronoh really are you?20:04
danielpbarronand what do you mean know where bird's nests are?20:05
danielpbarronyou mean where to find them?20:05
Birdmani found them20:06
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)20:06
Birdmanhow much you payin for ords anyways danielpbarron20:16
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danielpbarronmore like how much you selling them for20:22
danielpbarronwhich ones?20:23
danielpbarroni could see paying that for the ones that don't need unfound ingredients20:23
Birdmanthats the beauty of it20:24
Birdmanany ones you want by request20:24
Birdmanmaking 10-20 lotus right now20:25
danielpbarronwhat do those need?20:26
BirdmanOrdinary Lotus Harlot20:26
Birdman13 Elusive Purple Snails20:26
Birdman7 Magical Dungbeetles20:26
Birdman9 Bird's Nest20:26
Birdman9 Flotsam20:26
Birdman1 Three-Pointed Thorn20:26
Birdmanpretty easy huh20:26
Birdmanmp buys em qi20:26
danielpbarronyeah i'll buy those20:27
Birdmanseems perfect for some wyrd work20:27
Birdmanthese ones are for me20:27
Birdmansubmit your request and ill mine them20:27
Birdmanjust remember dan20:27
* Birdman cant read minds20:27
danielpbarronwell start20:28
Birdmanso make 1k of them?20:28
Birdmanwell let me know when you have some numbers to run by me20:29
danielpbarroni'll get you a number in a bit20:29
danielpbarroni'm out in the field20:29
* danielpbarron set nick to daniel_field20:29
Birdmanlh is very small space too20:29
Birdmanthe one i know exists at least20:30
Birdmancan only fit like 7 ords on it20:30
*** Joins: jurov (~jurov@impr-2-pt.tunnel.tserv5.lon1.ipv6.he.net)20:31
Birdmani know the potential for these profits20:32
Birdmanmaybe ill hire wyrdmantis20:32
Birdmanhey bud how do you feel about building ords for 20% gross?20:32
Birdmandanielpbarron maybe some grub ords tickle your fancy?20:37
wyrdmantishey Birdmand20:37
Birdmaneven hairy shrooms (which seem to be really hard for me to get smalls of)20:38
wyrdmantisBirdman :)20:38
Birdmanhello mantis20:38
wyrdmantisi'm busy with daniel now20:38
wyrdmantisbut later20:38
wyrdmantiswe can make a deal20:38
Birdmanwe've got all the time in the world dont sweat it20:38
Birdmanplus ill pay ya better than those other scrubs20:39
Birdmaneta though wyrdmantis ?21:00
wyrdmantisdon't know for sure... maybe 30 min21:02
wyrdmantismaybe more21:02
wyrdmantisdanielpbarron how many of those bird nests you have?21:02
*** Joins: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl)21:05
danielpbarronwyrdmantis, 521:15
danielpbarronand these two more flotsam21:15
Birdmanmircea_popescu trying to sell any high q tpt?21:22
fghjHow much WoT is needed for eulora account?21:22
danielpbarronwhatever it is i'm sure it can be arranged21:22
Birdmanerm, i think you just need to be in the wot21:23
danielpbarronregistering a key isn't "getting in the wot"21:23
danielpbarronhe's not wrong to ask that21:23
Birdmanmm, well im not the guy to ask thats for sure21:23
danielpbarronlooks like he's loosly connected to jurov21:24
danielpbarronthrough namworld21:24
fghjIs it enough?21:24
danielpbarroni mean i don't mind giving you a token rating21:25
danielpbarronor maybe mircea_popescu will21:25
danielpbarrondid you get it installed yet?21:25
fghjnot yet, downolading21:26
danielpbarronwhat operating system you on?21:26
fghjdebian 721:26
Birdmandan wanna make me some pointed slags?21:49
Birdmanid pay 170% for you to get it done21:50
danielpbarronhow many?21:51
Birdmanis more worse?21:54
Birdmanor do you want it to be alot21:54
Birdmanseems i started leveling my building at the right time, with this influx of noobs21:55
Birdmani see the low q market driven down in the times to come21:55
danielpbarroni have a finite amount of oil21:56
Birdmanbut then again, i havent the slightest idea on how all these low q items are being used, for all i know you people burn through crazy amounts while crafting21:56
Birdmanhow about 50 danielpbarron21:56
danielpbarroni'm almost done processing your last batch of grass21:56
danielpbarroni can do 5021:56
Birdmansweet let me know when finished21:57
Birdmanand still adamant about not selling me birds nests?21:57
DianaComanfghj as far as I know it's enough to be in the WOT to get an account, just ask mircea_popescu for it22:00
fghjargh looks like crystal space too has servers on the dark side of the moon (or am I on  the moon today?).  Guess I will continue trying to get to login screen tomorrow before bugging mp for account. Bye22:00
DianaComanBirdman, check on my website as I've put up one location for each resource22:00
*** Quits: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) (Quit: Leaving)22:00
danielpbarronwhich WoT DianaComan ?22:03
danielpbarronhe's not in mine or assbot's or oh wait, he *is* in mircea_popescu's WoT22:04
Birdmani think she means it's as in what he has22:04
danielpbarronturns out namworld is in Mircea's l1, making fghj in his l222:05
DianaComan^ yes, not specifically someone's from here really, it's not as if it's a closed world or something as far as I know22:05
danielpbarronwell let's say he wasn't in Mircea's l2..22:05
danielpbarronhow is that "in the WoT" ?22:06
danielpbarronif he's not actually connected to anyone here22:06
Birdmanwell then he wouldnt be in our wot22:06
danielpbarron"in the WoT" doesn't mean "has key registered" is my point22:07
DianaComandanielpbarron, sure, not arguing that point22:07
DianaComansetting it straight: as far as I know it's enough to have your key registered in order to be able to get an account in eulora22:08
danielpbarronyep, I'd give an "easy come easy go" sort of rating22:08
DianaComanthat was my point there really, hence I said "in the wot", but you are right, strictly speaking the above is correct22:09
DianaComanBirdman, would you mind telling me what value does wyrdmantis get out of one of your ord claims? I'm curious as to how it compares to my smalls (cs still)22:11
Birdmanhavent used him yet, is he level 1?22:11
Birdmanthis all depends on q input too you know22:11
DianaComannot really, but something not far from that22:11
DianaComanah, with ords esp it's quite a difference, true22:12
Birdmanat level 19 building with like 130 ish bundles ive gotten well over 10k from ords before22:12
Birdmannon basic ords22:12
Birdmanbasics? lol close to 50k22:12
DianaComan10k base value you mean or 10k items?22:12
DianaComanlike 10k wooly mushrooms?22:12
DianaComanor whatever, dungbeetles??22:13
Birdmannever did the hairy shrooms22:13
DianaComanthen what exactly?22:13
Birdmanbut sm once i got 15k for danielpbarron22:13
Birdmanitd go something like 2k, 2k, 15k on some sort of cycle,  every few ords hits a big one22:14
danielpbarron2 hours 15 minutes for the slags22:14
DianaComanwell, that was on daniel's claims; I was more curious whether your ordinaries that you get all the time are also high output somehow or similar to my/daniel's ords or what22:14
Birdmanmy smalls output the same as his with the same threads22:15
Birdmanand my highest claim hit was on my ord22:15
DianaComanthe 15k moss is anyway a very good 500k coppers or some such, but that was one you said22:15
Birdmanwhy have you not seen these results with wyrd?22:15
DianaComanmhm, not really, no22:16
Birdmanid imagine it would only be better22:16
DianaComanthen again, haven't mined moss22:16
Birdmanhaha what!22:16
DianaComanI mined wooly mushrooms with him22:16
DianaComanyou say you haven't done that22:16
Birdmanyeah but he should still be pulling in some crazy numbers, how about you danielpbarron22:16
Birdmanno i haven't, i assumed you had done a decent amount of mining with him by now22:17
Birdmanmy fault22:17
DianaComanwell danielpbarron got those mountains of moss but out of 1 ord with those huge q molluscs as far as I know22:17
Birdmanhe got that 100k moss from one ord?22:17
DianaComanask him, I don't know, lol22:18
Birdmanif so thats insane22:18
Birdmanmight as well quit his day job22:18
DianaComanthing is Birdman that given your explore talent or whatever it is, it's actually you who should be doing the map, lol22:22
Birdmanyeah i guess but no bot for it22:22
DianaComanyeah, I made the bot and all the work, but foxy's too idiot to benefit from it, lol22:23
Birdmanwhat is the highest output you saw on the wm with wyrd?22:26
DianaComanmhm, highest so far I suppose was about 450+ wm ; but really it's a rather tiny sample - I've been crafting most of the time these days, mainly cs, lol22:27
DianaComanthat was an ord btw22:27
Birdman450 from an ord for low level huh22:28
DianaComan1 wm = 778 though22:28
Birdmanwell we'll find out if that other noob comes cause imma hire him, but that seems pretty small22:28
Birdman778 qi?22:28
DianaComanthat's base value at 100q22:28
DianaComanit still matters in terms of the amount you get22:28
DianaComanthat's why I asked you in coppers, not in number of items22:28
Birdmanyes i know, thats why i always wanted a pop on building an ord cause itd give me shit tons and id sell for more22:29
Birdmani would have been paying you coppers based on the qi price  id be getting from selling them22:29
Birdmanbut not 130% of base value22:30
DianaComanI needed those shrooms and it actually is less expensive than getting stuff from you at this point it seems22:30
DianaComanthose low q shrooms I mean22:30
Birdmanwhatcha mean22:31
Birdmani was never sellin shrooms22:31
DianaComanyes, but looking at the rest wrt base value at 100q22:31
Birdmanim hoping i prove to be quite an adept builder22:34
Birdmandanielpbarron im done building all my crap so if you have numbers for ords you want let me know22:48
Birdmanpretty much just gonna be derping around with these cs leveling22:48
DianaComanupdated http://www.dianacoman.com/Eulora/MiningRecipes.txt22:50
DianaComanI had a bunch more that hadn't made it online previously22:50
DianaComanso I guess I should make some more cs then22:52
Birdmanyes ill buy them all22:53
DianaComanwhat's your building skill Birdman and what q does that give? curious if it's some bonus there obvious or not22:55
Birdmanwill you tell me your building level?22:56
DianaComandidn't I tell it yest? lol22:56
Birdmani am making q 44 and just leveled up22:57
Birdmanso 45 now22:57
Birdmanand im level 6622:57
DianaComanso q 44 for building 6622:57
Birdmanmm, 2/3 you thinking?22:57
Birdmandoubt it correlates up to your level like that but itd be awesome if it did22:58
DianaComanwell, I obviously don't really know, but assuming that it is not linear, you should see at some point a sharp increase in number of levels needed to get one additional q point22:59
DianaComanso far you are clearly far better off22:59
Birdmandanielpbarron just gonna start making lotus ords for ya23:01
Birdmanif anyone else is interested in commisioning me for ord claims lemme know23:02
DianaComanhow much do you want per ord claim?23:02
Birdman80k for any ords you could ever dream of23:03
danielpbarronBirdman, get shrooms too23:03
Birdmancould also mine certain undisclosed areas and contract to secrecy of locations23:04
danielpbarronman why does shiny rock gotta need toves23:04
Birdmanyeah its a pain23:04
DianaComanI know danielpbarron23:04
danielpbarronat least i can get smalls easily on it23:04
DianaComanBirdman, st ordinary then?23:05
danielpbarronlol yeah!23:05
Birdmanif you show me where to get it heh23:05
DianaComannot to mention a petrified bubble ordinary too at 80k,since it's what we can dream of23:05
DianaComanwell, there was no if there :p23:05
Birdmanya ya23:05
danielpbarronget me a glowing pin ordinary23:06
danielpbarronhighest value thing i can think of23:06
Birdmanthought glowing pin was a potion23:06
DianaComanreally? the glowing pin? not the altar?23:06
DianaComanI mean ok, you get the skill item , but ...23:07
Birdmansizeable is highest value thing i can think of23:07
danielpbarronheh, get ma an altar ordinary23:07
DianaComanthere are some bigger than sizeable from what I glanced in the icons23:07
danielpbarronlarge, massive, huge, gigantic23:07
Birdmani will find them all23:07
DianaComanjust find the st better23:09
Birdmanchances are pretty slim23:09
Birdmanlooking at this lotus area which is the size of like ten claims, st etc will just be stupid luck23:10
DianaComanor work, I know23:10
Birdmanplus i need the money before i really start looking around23:10
Birdmancant run myself into the ground23:10
Birdmanalready fighting to keep this building leveling profitable23:10
jurovlol did foxy teleport into the barrel?23:35
jurovand i heard someone needs money?23:38
DianaComanno jurov I did not teleport23:40
Birdmanare you the guy to talk to about withdrawls23:40
DianaComanI managed to get stuck into it by walking somehow - no idea *how*23:40
jurovBirdman yes23:40
Birdmancool, id like .02523:41
danielpbarronso you won't be needing me then?23:53

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