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diana_comanuhm, you got 2 remarkables on wm?00:02
diana_comanthat's ...remarkable00:02
diana_comanwonder-lumberjack, lol00:02
mircea_popescu1 sm 1 tpt00:21
mircea_popescui haven't been mining wm yet00:21
mircea_popescugod damned.... so i try it across this time00:22
mircea_popescuthe order is 9999 30 1 700:22
mircea_popescu3 passes later (so try 120ish) it's HALF WAY up the fucking hill.00:23
mircea_popescuit moved forward 15 paces in 3 passes.00:23
mircea_popescui thought it wqas supposed to slide back not forward00:24
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danielpbarronhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2015-12-06.log.html#t21:45:22 << /me is here (paging diana_coman )02:10
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Sunday, 2015-12-06 (at logs.minigame.bz)02:10
mircea_popescuwhoa seems i discovered cr02:52
mircea_popescugot an ord too02:52
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Birdman2ill buy the ingreds and bp for 3 of the slags to see margins03:22
mircea_popescuyou can't buy the ingredients, as i dun have the flotsam.03:23
mircea_popescuonly got the sr03:23
Birdman2i see03:25
Birdman2Seems danielpbarron won the auction03:25
Birdman2claim your prise whenever bud03:31
Birdman2A shame too, i thought it was worth much more than that03:32
Birdman2or would at least get a little more action03:33
mircea_popescuwhy did you think that ?03:35
Birdman2Well its a usefull item, seemingly in short supply, not hard to get, but time consuming to get in high quantities. Where else will you get 100k+ grass, past using your own, what i assume is, valuable time and effort.03:37
Birdman2im also pretty positive im the most efficient at it, noob or otherwise at the moment03:38
Birdman2ords cant be used yet either03:39
mircea_popescui think i mined 50 ords or so. why couldn't they be used ?03:44
Birdman2st arent found yet03:46
Birdman2the grass spot is ordinary mountain03:46
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Birdman2anyways, mircea_popescu03:57
Birdman2are you still in need of sr03:58
mircea_popesculow q ? sure.03:58
Birdman2yeah, and you said you would pay 30% on top of base value?03:58
mircea_popescuat least. what q do you get again ?04:00
Birdman2it sounds like if we are even adjusting for q here im not going to bother04:04
Birdman2well if anyone wants to contract me to mine something, im pretty efficient. I was thinking of making a shop page for Eulorum, stating rates etc. Curbing the noob mining market :) Other than that seems ill just be boosting gathering for now till need arises04:20
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*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)07:55
diana_comandanielpbarron I'll be around for a few hours from now09:33
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mircea_popescuso just managed to mine a pure batch of 800 tpt!13:04
mircea_popescuthe secret to it is, short run.13:04
diana_comanha, well done13:04
mircea_popescuwhodda thunk it.13:05
diana_comanit makes sense really13:05
diana_comanas it doesn't accumulate I suppose13:05
mircea_popescui'd have expected it accumulates more, which is why i didn't try it before.13:06
mircea_popescusomehow i thought the error is per-run rather than per-step.13:06
mircea_popescubut yeah, if it is per-step, the fewer the steps, the lower the chances to get a "slippery" one.13:07
diana_comanah, no, per step as each step up the hill is shorter than the same down the hill13:07
mircea_popescuoh anmd two ordinaries no less.13:07
diana_comanwell done, maybe the moon is also turning around who knows13:07
mircea_popescuoddly enough i am on a very slight incline13:07
mircea_popescubut it doesn't seem to have moved even a whole pace, during ~8 hours.13:08
diana_comanbut tbh I noticed that spots that haven't been explored (or so I think) in quite a while, tend to throw ordinaries at you when you go there13:08
mircea_popescualso tpt comes at 100/hr it seems13:08
diana_comanahahahah, the tpt speed today is 100/hr13:08
mircea_popescuand it costs me roughly speaking 1 cft and 1 lbn each, plus 300k in tools for 800.13:09
mircea_popescu180 * 1.55 + 11 + 300000/800 = 665 in base cost each.13:09
diana_comaneach tpt? omg13:10
mircea_popescuBUT! and the important point here is - not only did i get 2 ordinaries now, but i got a remarkable yest etc.13:10
mircea_popescuso it would seem to me, on the basis of all these piles of mining i've done the past coupla weeks,13:10
mircea_popescuthat if the "normal" run, without counting specials, you know ? is about 1/3 of what you spend, then you're actually making a [slight] profit.13:10
mircea_popescuif it's below say 1/4, you're probably making a loss, depending how you value the skill gain.13:11
mircea_popescuin this case, i mine them at q190, making each tpt worth ~300.13:12
mircea_popescuwhich means i'm almost at half return on the "normal" run,13:12
diana_comanwhat I can say is that indeed overall it seems that intensive mining is profitable mainly on the basis of ordinaries/remarkables etc (I think danielpbarron came with this theory at some point earlier)13:12
diana_comanon the other hand, I used to get grass runs always positive regardless of ordinaries13:12
mircea_popescuand guess what : even counting the remarkables i got at 1mn each (i suspect they may well be worth more), over ~8 mn in mining costs i obtained ~11mn in results.13:12
diana_comanwith the 3 cft strategy13:12
diana_comanso dunno really13:12
mircea_popescui haven't done any work with alt-smalls. been only doing 7s.13:13
mircea_popescukinda intend to continue because lj levels.13:13
diana_comanyes, that's why I got back to 7s too13:13
diana_comanto level farming13:13
diana_comanquite curious now how much I get on basic13:13
mircea_popescuthe incredible thing for me is q stayed 190 overnight.13:14
diana_comanseeing how I levelled up sortage and at the same time your q dropped13:14
mircea_popescuwith the grass, i used to leave it going at say 270, come back coupla hours later to ditch the product, q was 267 or somesuch13:14
diana_comanoh, you leveled up and the quality didn't move this time?13:14
diana_comanoh, never had that but then again I did not really mine basics, maybe it's only there13:14
mircea_popescuah damn i mine 19313:14
mircea_popescuit's just the large pile in inv that sinks it13:15
mircea_popescuk gotta go drop stuff lol13:15
*** Joins: nubbins` (~leel@unaffiliated/nubbins)13:15
mircea_popescushame too, as my weight is only 12113:15
mircea_popescuheya nubbins`13:15
nubbins`you weigh 121kg?!13:15
mircea_popescuhehe yea13:15
nubbins`i thought i tipped the scales at 100 ;/13:15
mircea_popescudiana_coman you know the results of a 9999 5 1 7 run on the map are so great13:15
mircea_popescuthere's these THICK poles of claims like i'm building a bridge or some shit.13:15
mircea_popescunubbins` i happen to be carrying 800 tpt yo!13:16
diana_comanha ha, yes, making patterns on that map is quite surprisingly fascinating13:16
mircea_popescudiana_coman any chance you add angular movement ?13:16
diana_comanhmmm, I can add it easily, but kind of still imprecise (that's why I left it out of releases so far although I used it myself)13:17
diana_comanwhat do you have in mind exactly?13:17
mircea_popescudiana_coman you know, if there were polar coords i could make drawings :D13:17
mircea_popescudidja ever manage to get it to run nubbins` ?13:17
diana_comanhmmm, the easiest thing is to give waypoints really13:18
mircea_popescuon phf's thing ?13:18
diana_comanas in x1 y1 x2 y2 x3 y3 etc13:18
nubbins`haven't had time to dig at it, will be giving it a go over the holidays13:18
diana_comanand then it points to x1 y1 first, goes until it passes that or is there, then turns to x2 y2 etc13:18
diana_comansomething like that?13:18
nubbins`connect the dots 8)13:18
mircea_popescudiana_coman could work.13:19
diana_comanha ha, quite right nubbins`13:19
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Birdman2diana_conman if you have any statistics for your % hit rates for certain things id be very interested to hear14:02
diana_comanconman lool Birdman2 I've published some on the blog, look in the posts with data14:45
Birdman2i must crack you up huh :) are you talking about eulorum? or can i get a link14:46
Birdman2if you are interested in wpl enums id be happy to sell, but i just want to break even on them14:47
Birdman2which would make them more than your advertised price14:47
nubbins`i think diana_coman has her own blog14:48
nubbins`hmm reminds me eulorum.org is up for renewal14:48
diana_comanBirdman2 it's actually linked from Eulorum too:  http://www.dianacoman.com/category/eulora/14:50
diana_comanfwiw eulorum is a wiki not a blog in any case14:50
nubbins`o hey phf packaged this up as a homebrew install14:51
nubbins`that fucker better have a donation address set up.14:51
nubbins`hay mircea_popescu i can haz account?14:52
Birdman2how do i access screenshots?15:03
nubbins`closer / not really15:49
*** Quits: Birdman2 (~birdman@ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)16:05
mircea_popescunubbins` o, you regged it ?16:08
mircea_popescuand yes making you acct right nao.16:09
nubbins`yeah "eulorum, the eulora forum" was my creativity at work ;/16:11
mircea_popescuhaha, wd.16:12
lobbesbotTitle: dpaste: 09PNY7V (at dpaste.com)16:12
mircea_popescuonce you're in ping me ima give you some starter stuff.16:12
mircea_popescuand let me know if you manage to get phf to accept something, there's 1k wooly mushrooms with his name on them waiting for pickup because of the same work.16:12
nubbins`http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=j9M1VSbX not quite there yet16:13
mircea_popescuwhy does apple suck so bad.16:14
nubbins`in fairness this is GCC issue16:14
nubbins`(i guess)16:14
nubbins`same error w/ gcc 4.9, 5.316:14
mircea_popescui thought it just worked.16:15
nubbins`if you wanna make a photo album of your shitty kids, sure16:15
* mircea_popescu looks upon his 324 tpt and grins16:16
mircea_popescuthe 100/hr thing stands.16:16
mircea_popescuit moved about 4 paces in 140 runs, too. not bad.16:17
mircea_popescuhanbot hey, did you need a  bunch of tpt for the cs packages ?16:17
hanbotyeah lemme get a count16:18
mircea_popescuaaand lj is about halfway to level. so it's six hours per ding good god!16:18
mircea_popescunubbins` if memory serves he made it work on llvm ?16:19
nubbins`lol that bastard. ok.16:19
* nubbins` undoes many things16:19
hanboti'll buy 294 mircea_popescu16:20
mircea_popescuon the positive score, your homebrew skill increased.16:20
mircea_popescua cool, i got that many!16:20
nubbins`heh, not so sure.16:20
nubbins`some time ago, i'd symlined gcc-49 to "gcc"16:20
nubbins`prolly undo that and try again i guess16:21
mircea_popescui also have some pps higher q if you want it hanbot ?16:21
hanbotalso lookin' for some almost wine ftr. ~250. 57x high q tpt would be great too.16:22
hanbotoh pps16:22
hanbotyes i do16:22
mircea_popescuaite ima come to town then16:22
mircea_popescuso i got 140 pps q152, which is the best we'll get until someone actually gets mining16:26
mircea_popescu294*159*1.92*1.25 + 140 * 262 * 1.53 * 1.25 = 182340.916:26
mircea_popescuoooo, md is ALSO lumber innit!16:31
mircea_popescuoh joy of joys.16:31
* mircea_popescu is going to go dig himself up some high q md to go dig himself up his tpt ord claims16:31
mircea_popescuwhich mostly need slag, md and eps! all of which i make myself! high quality!16:32
diana_comanmircea_popescu> aaand lj is about halfway to level. so it's six hours per ding good god! <- ha, that's not THAT bad, I had it 1 night per ding, lol17:16
diana_comanlike 8 hours17:16
mircea_popescubtw you got any high q bbb ?17:43
diana_comanhm, should have about 1k 130+17:48
diana_comanif that's high q, lol17:48
mircea_popescumore like 200!17:50
mircea_popescuin other news, 25 tries for md, 0 hits.17:50
mircea_popescugot a tiny on 2617:50
mircea_popescuq196 md, just about pays for the 25 duds lol17:50
mircea_popescu2 in 3917:52
diana_comanwhy not use a stick on this kind of things?17:53
mircea_popescuwell i dunno, i wanna try this out.17:54
mircea_popescu3 in 4917:54
mircea_popescu4 in 9018:02
mircea_popescuthis is kinda exciting :D18:02
mircea_popescu(i really only want 8 for my tpt ords, so).18:02
diana_comansounds rather familiar, lol18:11
mircea_popescuit's actually fucking profitable18:11
diana_comanoh, due to your high q18:11
mircea_popescu131 * 187 / (5 * 1088 * 1.93) = 2.3318:12
mircea_popescui guess not profitable, but not really terrible either.18:12
diana_comanarghhhh now moving sideways is not enough of a difference for the explore to work18:13
diana_comanahahaha, so now my basics come out at 16218:25
diana_comansortage increased by 10 levels -> q down by 2018:26
diana_comanI guess this is good proof that indeed mircea_popescu you probably fucked up the quality all by yourself18:26
mircea_popescuwell the good news is that if this continues18:26
mircea_popescuwe won't be needing noobs so much18:26
diana_comandunno, so far it just basically seems that no matter what I do, I still end up in the lousiest middle ground possible18:27
mircea_popescuis everything you make like 130-160 q ?18:29
diana_comanquite, yes18:29
mircea_popescudiana_coman well yes but the thing is... you've been doing what, 5-6 different things ? so they all come out mediocre ?18:31
mircea_popescuwhat do you mean "no matter what i do".18:31
diana_comanuhm, no, not really18:31
mircea_popescubut you got tinkering, tools, cooking, basics, farming, booq and lapidary ?18:31
diana_comanuhm, it's rather: crafting, sortage and farming18:32
diana_comanif you want to count them separately18:32
diana_comanand I meant: if I try to increase sortage, then quality goes down on that18:32
diana_comanif I try to increase tinkering than quality goes down on that; possibly bad timing dunno18:32
mircea_popescuq 201 bundle! woots.18:32
diana_comananyways: grid exploring works fine, but since you got the hang of getting tpt I'd rather give this a few more days to see about the dots thing too at least18:34
diana_comanfwiw lapidary hasn't budged even one single quality point in 10 levels up18:35
mircea_popescuyeah, sounds reasonable.18:35
diana_comanI'll still grind down all the tables whatever18:35
mircea_popescuthat's a little bizarre as i've been doing ~0 crafting18:36
diana_comanbut you know, it's not for lack of banging it repeatedly / doing "too many things at once"18:36
diana_comanas I said: foxy is an idiot18:36
mircea_popescui mean, i can see why mining'd be doing not so well - i'm churning millions through it18:36
mircea_popescubut crafting i've not been doing.18:36
mircea_popescumaybe daniel's punching it18:36
diana_comanbut you know what? while you were crafting, I was building ALL THE FUCKING TIME18:36
diana_comanand so what?18:36
diana_comanwell, building + exploring, but somehow I don't think I was building less than you were building on eps and tpt18:37
diana_comanless than you on grass, yes; but not on tpt and eps18:37
mircea_popescuyeah i was thinking mostly of the grass period18:37
mircea_popescuthese last few days i've been doing lumber, nah, not SO much build volume18:38
mircea_popescubut lots of gathering18:38
mircea_popescuanyway, once i'm done with these ordinaries i'ma move to hoeing for WM18:38
mircea_popescuas i don't think anyone weants anymore tpt or eps ? do you ?18:39
diana_comanI'm fine for now on those two18:40
diana_comanI'll need to make more tables before I need any more, lol18:40
mircea_popescunubbins` yeah, that's right. brt18:53
nubbins`woo load me up18:55
mircea_popescuhit accept lol18:55
nubbins`sorry, slow ui 8)18:56
mircea_popescuand eeenjoy.18:56
mircea_popesculol nubbins sleekily moving towards an unclear direction18:59
mircea_popescudiana_coman what's wm ord again ? do ytou know ?19:02
mircea_popescuahaha check it out : google knows. because https://twitter.com/eulorian/status/67258614318406860919:02
lobbesbotTitle: Eulorian Elder on Twitter: "In which I prepared 5 ordinary bundles: 2 wooly mushroom and 3 widow's whisp berries. Had a noob build them. #Eulora https://t.co/lFV5qXQnuu" (at twitter.com)19:02
nubbins`i like the patchwork-quilt rocks19:08
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nubbins`You fell down and died.19:13
diana_comanjust wait nubbins and you'll be ok again19:16
diana_comanbtw, do you want to do a few craft runs for me to get some bps?19:16
diana_comanmircea_popescu Ordinary Wooly Mushroom 1 Pointy Clump of Slag 4 Shed Snakeskin 6  Shiny Rock 2 Better Bitterbean19:17
*** Joins: danielpbarron (~dpb@c-71-232-150-212.hsd1.ct.comcast.net)19:18
diana_comandanielpbarron last call for the rastrums, closing in 42minutes19:18
*** Joins: Birdman2 (~birdman@
nubbins`diana_coman yeah for sure. probably done for today, will pick it up again later19:25
nubbins`are ther19:25
nubbins`e any special things i need to do before quitting so i don't lose my items or w/e?19:26
*** Joins: xanthyos (~xanthyos@unaffiliated/xanthyos)19:26
nubbins`this is literally the most time i've ever put into an mmorpg19:26
diana_comanif you have them in inventory, they will be there when you log back in19:27
diana_comanyou can store them too if you prefer but you don't need to19:27
diana_comanjust don't leave them on the table19:27
mircea_popescuin other news, diana_coman : 19619:28
diana_comanlj? is that news?19:28
mircea_popescuwell was 193 prev.19:28
Birdman2seems i cant explore anywhere, says i cant explore in the same place twice no matter where i am19:29
mircea_popescu /unstick19:29
diana_comanthat your q in lj increases by 3 or so for every level is rather old news19:29
*** Parts: xanthyos (~xanthyos@unaffiliated/xanthyos) ()19:29
mircea_popescuaaaand 3k tpt19:31
nubbins`diana_coman ok cool19:32
mircea_popescuwhich totally saves the run.19:32
mircea_popescu(3718 * 1.98 + 732 * 1.93) * 159 = 1395129.6 in 8 ordinaries (with q201 bundles)19:34
mircea_popescuso about 175k base value each.19:35
mircea_popescuexcept, if it hadn't been for the last one, it'd be ~45k each over 7.19:35
mircea_popescuima move to wm now. and thinking about it... i think ill mine the smalkls with 1 low q cft.19:37
mircea_popescuwho wants q 199 wm ? ands how many ?19:43
*** Quits: Birdman2 (~birdman@ (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)19:44
danielpbarronnubbins`> woo load me up << i got stuff you can do, particularly if you get a craftbot/macro working20:02
danielpbarrondiana_coman> danielpbarron last call for the rastrums, closing in 42minutes << i only needed them for whatever Mircea has plans for20:03
diana_comangood as the auction finished 3 minutes ago anyway, lol20:03
diana_comanmircea_popescu you around to collect the rastrums?20:03
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> aaaand 3k tpt << i guess i could use some of it20:04
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> who wants q 199 wm ? ands how many ? << me! all of it20:04
diana_comanoh danielpbarron are you around/do you still want that slag and srs?20:05
diana_comanok, give me 5 minutes to take it all out20:06
diana_comandanielpbarron trade20:11
danielpbarronand thank you20:13
diana_comanwhat q do you craft nowadays?20:14
danielpbarronbeen 141 for weeks now20:15
diana_comanyou mean while levelling up in tinkering ?20:15
diana_comanI had something similar - a kind of plateau thing; broke out of it very recently really20:16
danielpbarronyou're not doing 155 anymore?20:17
diana_comanno, it's 157 on pure tinkering20:17
diana_comanand I'm still levelling up in tinkering too while grinding down my turning wheel anyway20:18
mircea_popescu16/335 wm.20:39
mircea_popescucould be worse.20:39
mircea_popescu(335 * 187 + 16 * 11) / (16 * 780*1.99)  = 2.52951456 factor.20:40
mircea_popescuie 10% worse than tpt20:40
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mircea_popescudanielpbarron there's not going to be an all of it, ima dig up 1mn if it comes to it.22:21
* mircea_popescu doesn't believe in this nickle and dime shit ; /me believes in crocodile approach to life.22:22
*** Joins: DianaComan (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)23:20
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mircea_popescu0.047761194 ; 0.037372593 ; 0.036717063 heh.23:49
mircea_popescuso i'm just a shade above the third.23:49

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