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danielpbarrondiana_coman, can you make me a few wedding rings?00:49
danielpbarroni can't remember, did you get more of those things used to make the wheel? or are your few remaining uses still prohibitively expensive?00:50
diana_comandanielpbarron I got a few more yes and that certainly lowers the prices, but I still have to run the numbers and see to how much exactly08:31
diana_comanmircea_popescu are you around?08:33
BirdmanI need more tools if anyone is around11:10
diana_comando you want hoes Birdman?11:14
Birdmanyes please11:14
diana_comanthey are merchant hoes, so I'll want 13k for each, does that work for you? if yes, how many?11:15
Birdmanso just regular, not improved?11:15
diana_comanyes, regular11:15
Birdmanlet me get five of them for now, if the numbers come back well id probably buy you out11:16
diana_comansure on the five11:16
diana_comantrade me11:16
diana_coman65k not 650k11:17
Birdmanyes i realize11:18
Birdmanty ty11:19
Birdmanso no bps have come up for the next tier of tools yet?11:22
diana_comanwhat next tier of tools Birdman?11:50
Birdmananswers my question11:50
diana_comanthere are basic tools, improved tools and chetty sticks11:50
diana_coman3 tiers so far if you want to call them that11:50
Birdmanid be more surprised if chetty sticks were the end of the line11:50
diana_comanwell, they are *at the moment*11:51
Birdmanright right11:51
diana_comanobviously, there will be many more releases etc11:51
Birdmanso disheartening to go explore and mine 60+ claims, just to end with one enum left over11:53
diana_comanhow is that left over? missed one claim or what?11:55
Birdmanand its -ev to go find it11:57
Birdmanto combat that i usually count the numbers in the rows so i know where i missed as i go11:58
Birdmanbuuut i lost track this time, did it too big and too fast this time11:58
diana_comanuse the bot and it does the build for you12:03
diana_comanI'll have some imp hoes in half hour or so12:04
Birdmandoesnt work on windows yet12:09
diana_comanoh, isn't it in jurov's binaries?12:09
Birdmanget my attention when you get on, ill be around, and did we square up for those bps yet?12:16
BirdmanI have 100k grass up for auction, starting bid is 68.5mil ending in 36 hours12:35
Birdmanand i guess the increments should be no less than quarter millions12:36
Birdmanq 2312:36
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danielpbarroni bid 6.85 mn then15:42
Birdmanheard dpb15:46
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danielpbarronnubbins`, do you have an account?16:49
nubbins`mm don't think so16:49
danielpbarronif you ever get around to that, i have stuff you can do for me in Eulora16:50
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diana_comannubbins there's lots to do for beginners17:02
diana_comanI'd love someone to do some crafting for me to get blueprints and/or to build my claims for higher gain17:02
nubbins`perhaps in the new year i'll tackle the rat's nest of a working osx build again17:03
diana_comanI am selling 10 improved cruddy hoes at 22590q each; starting at 34k each; closing in 4 hours; anyone interested? Birdman danielpbarron jurov?17:04
diana_comangot 34k17:05
diana_comanBirdman what q do you get from mcguyver?17:25
diana_comanand also, do you want to do some low q bms and slag for me?17:26
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diana_comanBirdman are you around to collect your improved hoes?21:59
danielpbarrondiana_coman, he said I could get them for him22:09
diana_comanok, on my way to town then22:10
mircea_popescuo look at that, sm remarkable.22:31
mircea_popescudo we have the recipe for this 1 ?22:32
mircea_popescudiana_coman btw got 1.6k tpt, you want it ?22:32
diana_comanyes mircea_popescu22:32
diana_comanalso: any bird's nest?22:32
mircea_popescuaite coming to town22:32
diana_comanthank you22:32
mircea_popescui migjht have some. lower q tho22:32
diana_comanif it's above 200 or really there, I'll take it22:32
mircea_popescushould be ya.22:33
diana_comanI think I have a sm remarkable22:33
mircea_popescuready to trade ?22:36
diana_comanyes, trade me please22:37
mircea_popescu1657 * 1.82 * 159 * 1.25 + 419 * 2.11 * 1.25 * 7122:38
diana_comanah, I used 1600 instead of 1657, sorry22:39
diana_comanyou said 1600 tpt and I did not check, lol; 678k22:40
mircea_popescuyou want even more than this ?22:40
diana_comanyes, but I really need some bird's nest too22:40
diana_comanuhm, that's all I have, lol22:41
mircea_popescuit's good\22:41
mircea_popescui suppose i could go check what q i get22:41
diana_comangreat, thanks22:41
diana_comanyou were still getting above 200 weren't you?22:41
mircea_popescuthink so yea22:41
diana_comanwell, I'm still at something like 160 and tbh given Foxy's stupidity it'll probably get above 200 only with sortage at 400 or something22:42
diana_comanfoxy would probably be better off by *not* training anything but it's kind of too late for it22:43
mircea_popescuanyway, anyone selling gathering 1-200 books yet ?22:45
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mircea_popescudiana_coman comes out 20623:18
mircea_popescuthat suit you ?23:18
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mircea_popescuBirdmanI have 100k grass up for auction, starting bid is 68.5mil ending in 36 hours << 100k grass q 22 base value is 100000×.22×60 = 1.32mn. suppose you start your auction with that ?23:31

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