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*** Joins: VariaVarietatis (~vv@unaffiliated/variavarietatis)00:10
VariaVarietatishello mircea_popescu can I please have an account?00:10
mircea_popescugotta be in the wot! why aren't you in the wot ?00:30
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: I am in the wot. can't auth becuase no one has rated me.00:31
mircea_popescuaha. alrighty, let's see.00:33
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: why doesn't eulora use its own wot?00:34
VariaVarietatislike bitcoin-otc?00:34
mircea_popescuwhat'd be the benefit of that ?00:35
VariaVarietatishold on my gpg has locked me out!00:38
VariaVarietatisit won't let me enter a passphrase00:39
mircea_popescuwell that sucks, because that was your one shot.00:39
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: relex its working.00:40
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: i can't get the bot to voice me.00:40
mircea_popescuVariaVarietatis http://dpaste.com/1WE0JWC00:40
lobbesbotTitle: dpaste: 1WE0JWC (at dpaste.com)00:40
mircea_popescuVariaVarietatis say when you're in ima give you a starter package01:08
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: im in. got lost looking for my start items.01:10
mircea_popescucome back to the village01:10
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: how do can I find my back does the game have a map?01:11
mircea_popescuyeah check the wiki01:20
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: /explore crashed my game.01:21
mircea_popescuthe client crashes sometimes. just reload it shoudl be fine01:21
VariaVarietatisjurov: can you help me with some copper?01:27
VariaVarietatiswould anyone be willing to give me a claim haven't found one yet and wanna try building.02:48
mircea_popescuVariaVarietatis ever tried the merchant hoes or any other tool ?02:50
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: haven't tried the merchant hoes where are they?02:51
mircea_popescuthere's a boxy guy called electron02:51
VariaVarietatisdon't I need skill 30 for tools?02:51
mircea_popescuoh you got no money at all do yo u?02:51
mircea_popescunope, no skill requirements for anything in eulora02:51
VariaVarietatisnah danielpbarron hooked me up with some copper02:51
mircea_popescua hoe is like 12k iirc02:51
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: how do I buy it?02:53
mircea_popescuyou go to electron, click the topleft button, look into tools.02:53
mircea_popescu(right click the guy to bring up contextual menu)02:54
VariaVarietatisyea I found a cgruddy hoe but its telling me don't have the money to buy it02:54
mircea_popescuwell do yo u?02:54
VariaVarietatishave 9170 it only costs 483002:55
mircea_popescunah 4830 is the item count02:55
mircea_popescu(merchant has that many hoes)02:55
VariaVarietatisWant to give me some money so I can buy a hoe?02:55
mircea_popesculol k.02:57
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: how does this hoe help me land a claim?02:59
mircea_popescushould improve your chance of success. wear it in your hand03:02
VariaVarietatisgot my hoe in hand03:03
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: found a claim but it wont let me build on it says don't have the right items.03:07
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: its tellng me I can only work on one item at a time.03:10
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: nvm not a claim just some leather.03:13
VariaVarietatiswhere does it tell me what I need to put for a claim to be built?03:19
mircea_popescuyou get an ennumeration03:20
VariaVarietatiswoo mircea_popescu got it got some stones.03:23
mircea_popescuwell done!03:23
mircea_popescutalk to some of the players i'm pretty sure both danielpbarron and diana coman were looking for a miner apprentice03:24
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: both seem afk gonna keep exploring.03:26
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: I don't have the mining skill yet ony exploring/building03:27
* danielpbarron is here03:27
VariaVarietatisdanielpbarron: got your message in game come to the crafting table.03:29
VariaVarietatiswant me to come to you?03:31
danielpbarronif you want03:31
VariaVarietatisdanielpbarron: sure give me your pos and i will head over03:32
danielpbarronor just save stuff up and i'll be in town eventually03:32
danielpbarron-175  20003:32
danielpbarronfirst look at what the base value of the stuff is03:32
danielpbarrongo to storage03:32
danielpbarroneither npc03:33
VariaVarietatis2 inferrior polished small stones 26203:34
danielpbarronif no one is around and you really want to sell something, electron will buy it03:34
danielpbarronand you can check his price from storage03:34
danielpbarron262 is the base value i guess03:34
VariaVarietatiswhat will you pay?03:34
danielpbarronper stone03:34
danielpbarronwhat quality are they?03:35
danielpbarrondouble click the line item03:35
danielpbarroni'm curious what is inferior03:35
VariaVarietatisInferior Polished small stone (2)03:36
danielpbarronFinest means 286 quality for basic harvestables03:36
VariaVarietatisquailty 19*03:36
danielpbarronbase value is 262 and quality is 19?03:36
danielpbarronare those so rare?03:36
VariaVarietatisdanielpbarron: they don't say rare.03:37
danielpbarronthey wouldn't03:37
danielpbarroni'll give you 500 each03:37
danielpbarron1k for lot03:37
VariaVarietatissounds fair let me head over.03:38
VariaVarietatisdanielpbarron: sec having hard time with pos movement :)03:43
VariaVarietatiswoo first claim and trade done03:47
VariaVarietatisthanks, need to skill up again.03:58
VariaVarietatiswhere can I find a bot/macro for this didn't you post one on your blog mircea_popescu ?04:02
mircea_popescuyes i did. two kinds.04:04
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: why two, and where what are the post(s) called?04:04
danielpbarronVariaVarietatis, xmacro04:04
danielpbarronwhat's your operating system?04:05
VariaVarietatisdanielpbarron: how do i get the tar.gz out?04:09
VariaVarietatisoh its just a text file am i looking for that version of of xmacro?04:10
VariaVarietatisdanielpbarron: got it working but how can I use it to explore got nothing to craft yet.04:17
danielpbarronyou can optionally   $ sudo cp xmacro-master/xmacrorec2 /usr/bin/ ; sudo cp xmacro-master/xmacroplay /usr/bin/04:20
danielpbarronand then   $ xmacrorec2 > temp04:21
danielpbarronpick an escape key04:21
danielpbarroni use 'g' for no reason in particular04:21
danielpbarronbesides that i don't think 'g' is used in Eulora for anything04:22
danielpbarrontab back to game, alt+enter to fullscreen04:22
danielpbarrondo whatever is the thing to be repeated04:22
danielpbarronpress escape key04:23
danielpbarronback in terminal,  $ nano temp04:23
danielpbarronctrl+k the first group of lines where you were alt+tabbing to the game04:23
danielpbarronadd delays as needed04:24
danielpbarronto make the macro wait three seconds, add this line:04:24
danielpbarronDelay 304:24
VariaVarietatisdanielpbarron: how do I set an escape key?04:24
danielpbarronpress it04:24
VariaVarietatisah ok04:24
danielpbarronif possible, arrange the macro script so that there is a longer delay at the very start04:26
danielpbarron2 or 3 seconds is enough for you to switch back to game after starting the macro04:26
danielpbarronand here is how to run the script:04:26
danielpbarron$ while :; do xmacroplay "$DISPLAY" < temp; done;04:26
danielpbarronwhen you have confirmed that it works the way you wanted it to, you can:04:26
danielpbarronmv temp whatever_this_action_is.txt04:27
danielpbarroni have a library of these kinds of files04:27
danielpbarronthis method means that you need to always have the in-game windows in the same positions04:27
VariaVarietatisgot it working but its going too fast. need larger delay04:29
VariaVarietatisdoing sed /\n/\nDelay 0.9\n/ herp.txt but its not adding a delay04:31
danielpbarronyeah that won't work04:42
danielpbarrononly use integers04:42
VariaVarietatisgot it working exploring without any hands.04:43
VariaVarietatisneeds a bit of tweaking but working for now.04:44
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)06:21
diana_comanhi VariaVarietatis, was that you Varia in game? I just saw the messages now, I was afk, sorry06:22
diana_comanlet me know when you get back in game and will set you up for some mining, sure06:23
diana_comanor even tinkering if you want to06:23
mircea_popescuVariaVarietatis xmacro only considers integer delay values, sadly.06:23
mircea_popescunfi who came up with that stupidity.06:23
diana_comanoh, ordinary eps06:24
diana_coman302 eps? omg06:25
mircea_popescuhuh ?06:25
diana_comanI've been looking for elusive snails the whole night, lol06:29
diana_comanand I got 302 eps and 1 ordinary06:30
diana_comanoverweight with eps06:30
diana_comanthis is a first, lol06:30
diana_comanas another first, it is actually a quite clearly positive run06:31
diana_comanso I guess I'm doing all right, mircea_popescu: 41 worn-out hoes for 302 eps that makes it a very good 135 coppers/eps06:32
mircea_popescugood for you.06:32
diana_comanI got more sb too06:32
mircea_popescuso you ready to do the same with the wm ?06:32
diana_comanwill you make pps and toothepaste?06:32
diana_comanI will try, though yesterday I poked around them and ugh, it was horrible06:33
diana_comanI got onto eps as they are needed for the sb ordinaries (of which I had a bunch)06:33
mircea_popescuwell what would you prefer, the stick branch first ?06:33
mircea_popescuok, mine all the sb ords, then bring me back the lot.06:33
mircea_popescuill convert to ppb and ft tomorrow.06:33
diana_comanI might use some to get wm if it is otherwise still horrible06:33
mircea_popesculeaving it to thread overnight06:34
diana_comansounds good06:34
mircea_popescuthen with the sticks you can wm/moss and make the io06:34
mircea_popescuthen i make slag you make tools then you wear down tools and then i make toolkits06:34
mircea_popescuwhich is about fucking time, im on my last one06:34
mircea_popescuand without toolkits we can't bms which means no imp hoes.06:35
diana_comanoh about toolkits I prolly have a few tools, though not really for a proper run06:39
diana_comanalso: do you need any recipes to shred a bit? I am getting very low on bits of nothing really06:40
mircea_popescuehehe. my table is gone. i won't be doing any further shredding for a while.06:41
mircea_popescubut i do have plenty of recipes.06:41
diana_comanoh, then I'd buy some for sure06:41
diana_comanwill go through the list and see what I need exactly06:41
mircea_popescuit's a pretty hefty list, i spent ~1 hour getting everything prepped when i did my shredding run few days ago.06:42
mircea_popescuif you want advice from experience : split the recipes in two types. type A you don't have enough of, and make stacks of 101. type B you have plenty of, make stacks of 999906:42
mircea_popescuthen once all is piled up together, sort them in your inv, shift-click on the 101 stacks, then move on to the 9999 stacks (take 99 out of them)06:43
mircea_popescua full run like this will cut ~200k durability off the table. and produce... 101 lbn06:43
diana_comanyeah, I was doing something like that, but it was ages ago06:52
diana_comanI am quite sure there are now a few that I am really low on, so will have to see06:52
*** Quits: VariaVarietatis (~vv@unaffiliated/variavarietatis) (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)07:18
*** Joins: VariaVarietatis (~vv@unaffiliated/variavarietatis)07:33
diana_comanmorning chetty07:54
diana_comanhow's it going?07:55
chettypretty good, nice to see the server keeps on running :)07:57
diana_comanindeed, that's great really :)08:08
chettyletting me get some work done on the next upgrade :)08:36
mircea_popescuyeah, it never crashed once did it.09:58
diana_comanahahaha mircea_popescu and the stairs of shiny rock shards11:16
diana_comanis that on purpose or something wrong with the macro? lolz11:17
chettypretty sure he isnt around just running bot, is it going crazy?11:21
diana_comanhe went it11:21
diana_comanand yeah, it was the macro running crazy I think :))11:21
chettyI am left wondering if I should kick players when their bots act up11:24
diana_comandepends on definition of "act up"11:24
diana_comanI mean: he built some stairs of shiny rock shard recipes, so what's the trouble exactly?11:24
diana_comanI would see it making sense if it's acting up in the sense of stuck and bombarding the server with repeat unproductive requests11:25
diana_comanor such11:25
diana_comanbut otherwise can't really see the point11:25
chettyyeah well unless someone says something I only notice the ones that hit the server weird anyway :)11:55
*** Quits: sueastside (~sueastsid@ip-83-134-143-202.dsl.scarlet.be) (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)12:06
*** Joins: sueastside (~sueastsid@ip-62-235-179-128.dsl.scarlet.be)12:08
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)13:09
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)13:12
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*** Joins: VariaVarietatis (~vv@unaffiliated/variavarietatis)13:37
chettyserver reset in 514:08
danielpbarronwere those my recipes?14:58
danielpbarroni lost all my looted recipes from last night14:59
danielpbarroncould only find my slag and slag ingredients when i noticed it was "acting up"14:59
danielpbarronand wtf why does the macro have to start dumping everything on the ground when it messes up??15:00
danielpbarronand why do people have to keep walking over my table when i'm away15:00
diana_comanI'm actually quite curious how/why does the macro act up in the first place, danielpbarron?15:30
danielpbarronwhen people stand on my craft table15:30
diana_coman(not sure what recipes you're talking about and/or what walking over tables but we)15:30
danielpbarronor when they offer a trade15:31
danielpbarronanything that makes the mouseclick hit the wrong thing15:31
danielpbarronand once it's off the rails it stays off15:31
danielpbarronwhat happened to the "staircase" of recipes?15:31
diana_comanI see, guess it's time I get back on the foxybot15:32
diana_comanmp got them back15:32
chettymaybe make a craft table and use it away from the area to reduce interference?15:32
diana_comanhe got in game and got them back, but surely they were not yours15:32
danielpbarroni need to stand next to the npc for training15:32
diana_comanuhm, you could make the macro walk for training too?15:32
diana_comanif you need it?15:32
danielpbarronthat is not possible15:33
diana_comanhow's that, doesn't the macro for mining walk?15:33
danielpbarronit doesn't know where it is walking15:33
danielpbarronand it runs supervised15:33
chettythe simple clicker macro really cant tell whats going on15:33
danielpbarronyes you have an extreme advantage in mining right now15:33
diana_comanlolz, I "have" as if it fell on me from the skies15:34
danielpbarroni didn't say how you got it, but I don't know why you would ever release it15:34
danielpbarroni'm gonna have to get back into programming15:34
diana_comanabout your recipes I guess that if they were dumped on the ground and stayed for long, the sweeper got them in the end, no?15:35
danielpbarroni guess so15:35
danielpbarronwhen then do i still have the slag flotsam and shiny rock?15:36
danielpbarronthose were also dumped on the ground15:36
diana_comanthat's interesting15:36
diana_comanomg, a bit earlier I *did* see those things next to you15:36
diana_comanincluding some recipes15:36
diana_comanI did not know what you were doing, lol15:36
diana_comanbut I just thought you took them again at some point15:37
diana_comanI guess though that if you are that close to heina you can't really expect nobody will ever get in your way15:37
diana_comanfor one thing for instance my bot comes back for training and well, it doesn't know where you are really15:38
lobbeshttp://logs.minigame.bz/2015-08-30.log.html#t19:16:09 << mircea_popescu, @seen should work15:38
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Sunday, 2015-08-30 (at logs.minigame.bz)15:38
lobbes@seen birdman15:38
lobbesbotlobbes: birdman was last seen in #eulora 2 days, 9 hours, 17 minutes, and 1 second ago: <Birdman> woot15:38
diana_comanit just heads towards heina15:38
diana_comanit might have walked over your table for all I know (I have no idea)15:38
thestringpuller@seen lobbes15:38
lobbesbotthestringpuller: lobbes was last seen in #eulora 14 seconds ago: <lobbes> @seen birdman15:38
chettyahh thats nice, we are getting fancy with the chan bot here :)15:39
diana_comanmhm, things got *suspiciously* positive on the mining front, gotta wonder whether there was a trickle of new loot into the pools, lol15:40
diana_comanor I got that much ahead or my luck turned all of a sudden in mysterious ways (ha ha)15:40
chettyonly the shadow knows15:42
diana_comanas for the bots I plan to release a new version of the craft bot for sure, but I just did not get around to it at all those days15:42
diana_comanso not sure when will that be15:43
danielpbarronif the craftbot will be able to work while overloaded and still train, then i should prefer it to my macro15:44
danielpbarronfor most of september october and november i'm going to be too busy to actually play15:45
danielpbarrongonna mostly leave my character crafting15:45
danielpbarronoh that reminds me15:46
danielpbarrondiana_coman, do you have basic supplication drafts somehow?15:47
danielpbarronor is birdman the only one who has those?15:47
diana_comanwhat is "basic"?15:47
danielpbarronleather etc15:47
diana_comanI think I have some, gotta check next time when I'm back in town15:47
danielpbarroni don't want the drafts per se15:47
danielpbarroni want high quality supplications15:47
danielpbarronbirdman's rank is too low15:47
danielpbarronand he doesn't think he can afford to train it right now15:48
diana_comanuhm, I think that supplications themselves are made with bouq?15:48
diana_coman(I can't quite remember, haven't done any bouq in some time)15:48
danielpbarronthey are15:48
danielpbarroni think i'd prefer mircea_popescu to make them15:48
danielpbarroni think he has the highest rank15:48
diana_comanI would have to check what q I get, but as I said, I haven't done it in ages so not sure, logically I'd expect birdman's to be higher perhaps?15:48
diana_comanhe is out of screens, lol15:49
danielpbarronno he's the lowest15:49
danielpbarronno he has screens15:49
danielpbarronhe lost one but has more15:49
diana_comanmp told me that his screens are worn out15:49
danielpbarroncan't be15:49
diana_comanI asked him about some bits of nothing, lolz15:49
danielpbarronoh mp's are15:49
diana_comanso what q does birdman get?15:50
danielpbarronvery low15:50
danielpbarronhe has barely practiced it15:50
danielpbarroni get higher15:50
diana_comanoh, I thought he was seriously onto that15:50
danielpbarronbut i sold my screens to him15:50
danielpbarronso sacrifice is waiting on that situation15:50
diana_comanprecisely my point, he was all about monopoly etc that I thought he was seriously onto it15:50
diana_comanugh, sucks15:51
danielpbarroni dont' want to waste my very expensive altar on low quality ingredients15:51
diana_comancan't he at least sell those screens back?15:51
danielpbarronyes that was my thought15:51
danielpbarroni will have to yell at him15:51
diana_comananyway, I'll have a look at what q I get15:51
danielpbarroni think i recall you saying you had basic supplication drafts somehow15:51
diana_comanI am all for training my bouq higher, but really I have lots of things going on too so this was kind of put on the back burner for a while15:51
danielpbarronwhich confused me because why did birdman pay 1mn for the leather ones if you could also get them15:51
diana_comanI think he wondered that too15:52
danielpbarronso that is in fact the case?15:52
diana_comanand yes, iirc I have supplication draft15:52
danielpbarronanyone can get the basic supplication drafts as loot from the advanced ones?15:52
diana_comanand mp has more so prolly I can even buy some more from him if I need them15:52
danielpbarronnot just any drafts15:52
diana_comanI think I got them from shredding15:52
danielpbarronspecifically the basic ones15:52
diana_comanyeah, the wpl for sure15:53
danielpbarronyes i have drafts too from shredding, but they are for things like murky and mysterious rocks etc15:53
diana_comanwell, the supplication of leather thing15:53
danielpbarronyeah then why did birdman pay 1mn?15:53
diana_comanI think it was broken initially and it did not give those, but then it was fixed15:53
danielpbarronif it trigged everyone to get them for free?15:53
diana_comanthat only he knows, but I suspect he just did not realise he could get them from shredding esp as his level was low15:54
danielpbarroni didn't realize that either15:54
danielpbarrondid everyone realize this but us?15:54
diana_comanhow would I know that?15:54
diana_comanI wasn't sure, but I did the test and I got them, that's all I know, lol15:55
diana_comananyway, 5 min and I'll check what I have15:55
diana_comanmaybe it's still not those, though I think I remember birdman wondering at some point exactly why did he pay to get them when he would get a ton for free15:56
chettyseems we are all learning how this works ....15:57
diana_comanI have "standard supplication of leather"15:57
diana_comanis that what you meant, danielpbarron?15:57
diana_comanthough quality on it is 59 so not big thing15:58
diana_comanI might get more (or less) now15:58
danielpbarronit should be possible for me to buy them at quailty 20015:58
danielpbarronas that is the quality of the bits of nothing i have seen15:59
danielpbarronif yours come out 59 then my rank is higher15:59
diana_comanI think that's what mp gets15:59
diana_comanas I said, I did not use bouq in ages, so quite probably it is15:59
diana_comanwhat quality do you get?15:59
danielpbarronover 100 i believe15:59
diana_comanuhm, the funny thing is that I surely got the bits of nothing at higher q than that16:00
diana_comanso not sure what is going on, lolz16:00
danielpbarronthan what? 200?16:00
diana_comanoh well, time for a shred then16:00
diana_comanno, greather than 59 I meant16:00
diana_comanomg, how can this be?16:10
diana_comanI got 1 bit of nothing? 1??16:11
diana_comanand yeah danielpbarron, I got as it were only creaky vellum, but quality is 158 on it16:11
diana_comanso that should be what I get for the leather supp too, but obviously *if* I get them16:12
jurovVariaVarietatis: tell me when you're online16:12
danielpbarronmake me some quality 150+ supplications16:14
diana_comando you have any blueprints for: hoof gloves, neckerbocker, somewhat fashionable hat, flinty toothpaste,indistinguishable toupe?16:15
diana_comanas in: do you sell?16:15
danielpbarroni have something like 50 of each of those16:16
diana_comanugh, everybody seems to be low on those16:17
danielpbarroni've already tried the leather and berries, and would like to try the other basic supplications16:17
danielpbarroni can provide the enumerations16:17
diana_comanwhat are other basic? (knew only about the leather ones)16:17
diana_comanas basic I mean16:17
danielpbarronleather, berries, polished stones,16:17
danielpbarronbirdman published a list16:18
diana_comanoh, those were basic16:18
danielpbarronthorns and moss16:18
danielpbarronare the other two16:18
diana_comanwell, I can try, but this test run got me no supp whatsoever (only creaky vellum)16:19
danielpbarronso yeah i want supplication of thorns, moss, and stones16:19
diana_comanok, will let you know if I get any16:19
danielpbarronoh you don't have the blueprints?16:19
danielpbarronwell hold on a sec16:19
diana_comanI have only for leather I think16:19
danielpbarronbirdman has plenty of the drafts16:19
diana_comannot bp16:19
diana_comanjust supps16:19
diana_comanI mean: not drafts, just supps (they are bps of course)16:20
danielpbarrondrafts are supplication blueprints16:20
diana_comanso what I have is called "supplication of leather" (those q59 of earlier) and it is a blueprint to obtain "inconsequential sacrifice token", yes16:21
danielpbarronso if i get drafts from birdman, and provide my own enumerations, what do you want in exchange for making them into supplications? is the exp enough?16:21
diana_comanbut I guess I need the drafts of those bp as it were to make more16:21
danielpbarronoh you don't have any drafts of the leather?16:21
diana_comanI would do a couple for exp only, but prolly after that we see16:21
danielpbarronhow did you get the supplication then?16:22
diana_comanwell, xp and loot16:22
diana_comanI would give you the result, but I keep the loot16:22
danielpbarronthat is fine16:22
diana_comanI start thinking I might have gotten those from birdman maybe, that would explain the low q too16:23
diana_comanmaybe that's the thing16:23
danielpbarronah so he just sold you a finished supplication? and not a draft16:23
diana_comanand yes, he would get a ton of free drafts but basically because of having the first/starter ones as it were16:23
diana_comanI prolly gave him the enums and he gave me that in return16:23
diana_comanI suppose, I really don't quite remember16:24
danielpbarronso then i guess he does in fact have the only basic supplication drafts16:24
diana_comanin any case: if you give me the supp drafts and enums, I will give you the result for now16:24
diana_comanit might be16:24
danielpbarronwell that changes things quite a bit16:24
diana_comanguess so16:25
diana_comanbut tbh I'd say you should prolly shred16:27
diana_comanas you might get those easier than me16:27
diana_comanseeing your bouq level is lower16:27
danielpbarronthey don't come from shredding16:28
danielpbarronthey come from making basic supplications16:28
diana_comanI think they DO come from shredding too16:28
diana_comanthey surely come from making basic supps, of course16:28
diana_comanas any other bp, you get more of what you are making16:29
danielpbarroni never got any from shredding, or you're saying they do now?16:29
diana_comanbut iirc they were supposed to come from shredding but there was a glitch/error and they didn't and then that got fixed16:29
danielpbarronno i mean making basic supplications gives you drafts of the other ones16:29
diana_comanguess no other way to check than to do a proper shred run16:29
diana_comanyes, the leather ones16:29
danielpbarroni think the error was mp forgot you need basic supplications to make other basic supplications16:29
danielpbarrondrafts rather16:30
danielpbarronand he never put any of those drafts out there16:30
danielpbarroni told birdman to get on irc16:30
danielpbarronif anyone knows, he does16:30
diana_comanmy understanding was that he forgot to add them to get looted from bouq and then he added then, but well, could be what you say, I don't know16:31
diana_comandid he actually do a lot of shredding?16:31
diana_comanafter the correction I mean16:31
diana_comanok, ask him then16:34
diana_comanactually maybe meanwhile they even moved entirely for all I know, lol16:48
diana_comanso I guess if you want to get this moving,the fastest/surest way is to just buy some drafts from birdman16:48
diana_comanmircea_popescu do you have any drafts of supplication of leather/berries/moss/stones/thorns?16:50
danielpbarronthing is, once he sells even 1 of them, the cat is out of the bagt16:51
diana_comanmp might have got some or at least we will know if you can still get them16:51
danielpbarronsomeone who has an interest in advancing bouq should buy them from him16:51
diana_comanhe did a big run a bit earlier and he got a lot16:52
diana_comanI thought you had an interest in that really16:52
danielpbarronnot in ranking it up16:52
danielpbarronmy interest is in sacrifice16:52
diana_comanno, in having someone with high bouq skill16:52
danielpbarroni will pay premiums to get supplications16:52
diana_comanI'll wait for mp first in any case and tbh atm I am not that much on bouq - I am willing to train it, sure, but I am not into all this monopoly game thing16:53
diana_comanI think we need to get the sacrifice line going16:54
danielpbarronmonopoly isn't possible in eulora16:54
diana_comanit's been more than 1 month16:54
diana_comanwell, that is my  thinking, yes, but you seem to keep trying, lol16:54
diana_comanor you and birdman16:54
danielpbarronwas not my intention16:54
diana_comananyway: any answer from birdman?16:55
diana_comanchetty, it seems that any combine with wrong ingredients or the like basically fails afterwards to reset the state to peace/not working (one needs to move in order to do that, so surely not the end of anything, but it can get truly annoying and not sure it's intended really)16:58
danielpbarronjumping works16:59
chettydiana_coman, can you say what error message you get on those fails?17:00
diana_comanthis time I had the wrong ingredients17:00
diana_comanthat was correct btw17:00
chettyyes, but what does the server say? you don't seem to have the right ... or something like that?17:01
diana_comanlemme check exactly17:01
diana_comanyou do not have the right amount of the right items for what you have in mind17:02
diana_comanand then "you cannot check storage because you are already busy" (hence I thought it doesn't reset the "working" state)17:02
diana_comanand yeah, after movement it gives: you stopped workgin17:03
chettyok, got it, next time I reset I'll fix that17:05
diana_comanthat's great, thanks17:05
diana_comandanielpbarron how much do you want for those hat blueprints?17:11
diana_comansomewhat fashionable hat17:12
VariaVarietatisI broke my hoe how many uses do you get from a hoe before it breaks?17:16
diana_comaneach attempt wears it down a bit17:17
diana_comancheck its quality17:17
diana_comanwhen the quality is too low, you can't use it anymore17:17
danielpbarroni think i'll hold onto the blueprints for now17:17
diana_comanI think I wear it down about 200 points per attempt, but not sure if that is constant for everyone (it might depend on skill?)17:17
danielpbarronsee what birdman wants to do17:18
diana_comandanielpbarron, do you have the bps then?17:18
diana_comanI don't follow anymore, lol17:18
diana_comanI thought only birdman had them?17:18
danielpbarronyes i have all the blueprints needed to shred17:18
diana_comanoh, those17:18
diana_comannot the draft ones17:18
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: its quality 217:18
danielpbarronand really, tool wear is different per player?17:18
diana_comanyes, now that it is worn out17:18
diana_comantake a new one, check its quality, do 1 explore, check again the quality of the tool17:19
diana_comannot per player, but maybe per skill?17:19
diana_comannot sure, I did not really track it properly17:19
danielpbarroni doubt it's skill based; the numbers didn't change for me while i was making the 3 sets of 9 tools for the event17:19
diana_comanoh, ok then17:19
danielpbarronmight be stat based17:20
danielpbarronas in, different for each character17:20
diana_comancould be17:20
danielpbarroni published my numbers17:20
danielpbarroncan't recall off top of my head17:20
diana_comananyway VariaVarietatis if you want, I can just dig some claims for you, pass you the scrolls and some thread and you split the loot with me17:21
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: sounds good need to skill up my building.17:21
diana_comanyes, that will help with that for sure17:21
diana_comando you have any coarse frangible thread?17:22
diana_comanand/or any bits of nothing?17:22
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: 3x17:22
diana_comanoh, that won't get you far, lol17:22
VariaVarietatisI have over 100 nothing.17:22
diana_comanthat's ok for the tiny then17:22
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: let me skill up then I will help over your dig site.17:23
diana_comantrain if that's what you mean17:23
VariaVarietatistrain yea17:23
diana_comanbut after that just come as it's ok, I'm not after quality17:23
diana_comananyway, atm I am doing a shredding thing and will go and dig a bit for you after that17:24
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: what are you shreadding, and what does it do?17:24
diana_comanhave a look here: http://www.dianacoman.com/Eulora/index.html17:24
lobbesbotTitle: Euloran Cookbook Version 1.1 (at www.dianacoman.com)17:24
diana_comanit makes bits of nothing basically17:24
diana_comanbut you need a diff skill17:24
diana_comanhave you read the wiki? and http://www.dianacoman.com/2015/08/30/euloras-first-grade-how-to-get-a-skill-build-a-claim-make-your-own-grass-etc/ ?17:25
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: yea yesterday great post. still reading the wiki17:26
diana_comanthanks :)17:26
diana_comanok, shredding done, are you ready?17:27
VariaVarietatisnope just finding my way to crafting table area17:27
diana_comanugh, I need to go in about 5-10 minutes so maybe we leave it for when I get back then, in about 1.5 hrs17:27
diana_comanyou can still find me (will leave it exploring) and get the keys from my claims perhaps as they will turn into bits of nothing17:28
diana_comanjust better not mix them with any higher quality bits you have (they'll be 1 or some such)17:28
VariaVarietatisok diana_coman thanks.17:28
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: pos?17:31
diana_coman79.25 36.44 232.8717:31
diana_comanquite close to the village, just come down to the side towards the starting place17:31
diana_comancome to think about it curious if you can get the keys, as the claims might still be "guarded" unless I get far enough from them17:32
diana_comanwell, have a look and see17:32
diana_comanI wear down 187 from a cruddy hoe per /explore17:33
diana_comanI think it used to be different, danielpbarron17:33
diana_comanbut I might be wrong17:33
danielpbarronthat sounds like the same number17:33
danielpbarronthat i had17:33
diana_comanoh, so then that's it, it's fixed, simple17:33
danielpbarronyou can use up 3 of the 9k hoes (mining tinies as you go) before your first claim is swept up17:35
danielpbarronbut that's cutting it really close17:35
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: I found a foxy lady but can't click her sticks?17:35
diana_comanwhat does it say?17:35
diana_comanthat's me, yes17:35
diana_comantry those that are furthest from me17:35
diana_comanI think you should be able to at least open them17:36
VariaVarietatisyou cannot take an item from locked container17:36
diana_comanoh, you got a locked one17:36
diana_comantry a fresh one that is not locked17:36
diana_comanI don't lock them17:36
diana_comanyou must have tried on an older one17:36
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: got a key from your stick.17:37
danielpbarronjust tested my altar, thing has 89 uses left in it17:46
VariaVarietatiscant seem to put anything in your sticks. getting locked still. text says Guarded by foxy foxster17:46
danielpbarronVariaVarietatis, you are supposed to just take the keys17:47
danielpbarronand they will turn into bits of nothing in an hour or so17:47
VariaVarietatisah ok danielpbarron thanks.17:47
danielpbarrondon't follow me around taking my keys though17:47
danielpbarroni have a different method17:47
danielpbarronand yeah, 89 sacrifices i can make17:48
danielpbarrondefo want the highest quality stuff17:48
VariaVarietatisdanielpbarron: only farming keys for foxy right now.17:48
danielpbarronit's not for her17:49
danielpbarronit's for you17:49
VariaVarietatisdanielpbarron: how can i build a more powerful hoe that wont break when im botting?17:49
danielpbarronthe keys would go away otherwise17:49
danielpbarronyou can't17:49
danielpbarronall tools break17:49
danielpbarronfoxy wrote her own thing that replaces tools as it breaks them17:49
danielpbarronand xmacro could be used to do something similar17:50
danielpbarronyou can periodically place the working tool into the stack of new tools17:50
danielpbarronand they will all average out quality17:50
danielpbarronnot the most efficient way..17:50
danielpbarronand you'd still be missing all claims greater than tiny17:50
danielpbarronunless you checked in on the thing every half hour or so17:51
danielpbarronand in that case, what's the point17:51
VariaVarietatisdanielpbarron: gonna try that in a little gotta get some more stuff to vendor so I can buy a new hoe17:52
jurovVariaVarietatis: you still want to buy coppers?17:55
VariaVarietatisjurov: no I got some to train and no money.17:56
jurovi don'tunderstand17:56
jurovoh you don't have bitcoin , you mean?17:57
VariaVarietatisjurov: yea.17:57
VariaVarietatisalready in debt to danielpbarron too.17:57
VariaVarietatisdanielpbarron: how do I go from keys to building again?18:18
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)18:19
VariaVarietatiscan I xmacro picking up keys the sticks seem to be in random spots18:26
jurovVariaVarietatis: there's much simpler method without need for xmacro, even18:33
VariaVarietatisjurov: how?18:33
jurovoh you mean inside the sticks.. nm then18:34
VariaVarietatisyea I went a little wild letting my macro break my only tool last night after getting it working.18:35
VariaVarietatisdidnt build anything. opps18:35
jurovyou mean you started messing with macros immediately after arriving?18:37
VariaVarietatisjurov: followed diana_coman's guide it was the last step. I was just so happy to not be /exploring by hand let it run until tool broke18:38
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)18:44
diana_comanVariaVarietatis are you coming for a mine run?18:47
jurovdiana_coman: check last few log lines18:49
diana_comanwill do, thanks jurov18:50
diana_comanoh, so no btc and burnt the tool19:02
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: trying to build on what you gave me but it keep saying you need to target the item what does that mean?19:03
diana_comanclick on the claim again19:03
diana_comanit lost target of the claim19:03
diana_comana click on the right stick or open it again and it should be fine19:03
diana_comanbots/macros do the work for you but you still need to decide on what should be done I guess19:04
diana_comanmaybe I should add a warning there or you leave a comment to that effect I guess19:04
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: yea not getting anywhere tried thread tried the grass says it doens't know what do with x number of what I give it,19:05
diana_comandoes it match what it's written on the scroll?19:05
diana_comanmaybe go through the guide again and look at that step19:05
diana_comanit's quite detailed in there19:06
diana_comanif it's a small and you put more than 1 thread (as you should btw) put all of them in a single stack19:06
diana_comanNOT separate19:06
diana_comanas it will not know what to do with them19:06
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: now its telling me can only work on one item at a time.19:07
diana_comanyou need "combine" for a small claim19:07
VariaVarietatisI added thread and dried grass stack to my small clump of dry grass19:07
diana_comanjust thread, lol19:08
diana_comanso: small enumeration into the brain, got that?19:08
diana_comanyour 3 threads (all of them in one stack) into the claim19:08
diana_comanclick combine19:08
diana_comanthat's it19:08
VariaVarietatisnot sure what to do with 3 thread19:08
diana_comanmove them to the claim container19:09
diana_comanhave you opened the claim container?19:09
VariaVarietatisthey are in the container19:09
VariaVarietatisthats the error19:09
diana_comananything else in the container?19:09
diana_comanthen click on combine19:09
diana_comannot "use"19:09
diana_comansecond button from top19:09
diana_comanlefthand side of the claim19:09
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: got it19:09
diana_comanciting from the guide: "Then click on “use” for a tiny claim or “combine” for a small claim (buttons on the left-hand side of the claim window, first from top and second from top respectively)"19:10
diana_comando read please19:10
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: need to reread it and your other posts just found them yesterday sadly.19:10
diana_comanthey won't go anywhere19:10
diana_comanno hurry19:10
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: now im out of thread how do i keep building?19:10
diana_comanbuild the tiny claims19:11
diana_comanas you need just bits of nothing19:11
diana_comanbut check if you don't need to train19:11
diana_comanas otherwise you'll lose the exp19:11
diana_comanbtw how much grass did you get from that small claim and what quality were your threads?19:12
VariaVarietatisI need to train building its yellow/red but small bit of nothing wont combine on my tiny clump of dried grass19:12
diana_comanyes, the bits of nothing don't combine19:12
diana_comanthey get used19:12
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: 2319:12
diana_comanit's "use" for a tiny, "combine" for a small19:12
diana_comanso go back to village and train19:12
diana_comanand while you are there come so that I give you some higher q threads19:12
diana_comandid you get 23 grass?19:13
diana_comanthat's quite cool actually for 3 low q threads19:13
diana_comanyou are on the positive there19:13
VariaVarietatis:) running hot today19:14
VariaVarietatistraiend up going back to build some more.19:17
diana_comanwell done19:18
diana_comando you have the tinkering skill? (Craft tab)19:19
VariaVarietatisno should I get it?19:19
VariaVarietatisdon't I need to find my skills on the ground? coudln't find anything after spawning had to get it my skills from mircea_popescu.19:20
diana_comanthey are not spawning anymore so you can't find them anymore19:20
diana_comanso yes19:20
diana_comanyou need to get them from someone19:21
diana_comanif they give them away or if they sell them19:21
diana_comanyou'd need the chicken scribblings, do you have that?19:21
VariaVarietatisNope don't have it.19:22
VariaVarietatisI only got the building/exploring ones.19:22
diana_comanI see19:24
diana_comanno worries, work on getting those up19:24
VariaVarietatistrying to find my way back to our claims19:25
VariaVarietatis-169 -14419:25
VariaVarietatisback at it.19:26
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: my mind wants thread for this tiny clump of dry grass.19:28
VariaVarietatisbut thought you said I only need nothing?19:28
diana_comanyes, you need bit of nothing, but did you change the enum to a tiny enum?19:29
VariaVarietatisoh its a small scroll don't have a tiny one.19:29
diana_comancheck in inventory...19:29
VariaVarietatisyea don't see it, you gave me two but only have this one?19:29
VariaVarietatisdid I lose it when i trained?19:29
diana_comanI gave you 2 small enums19:31
diana_comanand about 20 I think tiny19:31
diana_comanthe enums get used up when you build a claim19:31
VariaVarietatisah, found it thought that was the grass19:31
diana_comanso yes, you built 1 small claim hence 1 enum is gone19:31
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: it tells me "You can not practice your trade when working." after clicking use with 102 nothing in the container19:34
diana_comanoh, move a bit19:34
diana_comanand then try again the whole thing19:34
diana_comanchetty, not sure if that's the same issue we were talking about earlier ^19:37
VariaVarietatistiny clump of dry grass ennum and tiny dry grass maker, 105 nothing. this doesn't seem to be right amount to do anythign useful19:37
diana_comanread the scroll VariaVarietatis...19:37
diana_comanwhat does it say?19:37
jurovtiny claims take exactly 1 piece of nothing19:37
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: extract with little bit of nothing.19:37
jurovdiana_coman: he's prolly too overjoyed to read scrolls :D19:37
diana_comanseems so, yeah19:38
diana_comanas jurov said: only 119:38
diana_comanand "use" (not combine)19:38
VariaVarietatisjurov: seems to have the right idea this game is great.19:38
diana_comanit is :)19:38
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: ok got some grass for you sadly couldn't use my other small claim due to using all my thread up on the first one opps.19:48
VariaVarietatismust be why I got so much grass? 3 thread19:48
diana_comanthat's ok, I'll give you more thread19:48
VariaVarietatiscome to me?19:49
diana_comanI did not want to give you thread at the start because it would have mixed19:49
diana_comanno, I'm at 6.50  44 29219:49
VariaVarietatison my way.19:49
diana_comanand no, you'll prolly get even more grass with my thread (and use all 7 of them)19:50
diana_comanbut keep the grass you got so far as you used your own thread and bits of nothing19:50
diana_comanit's yours19:50
diana_comanbtw, what client do you have? do you have /pilot?19:52
diana_comanwhat OS?19:52
diana_comanoh, so then you should be able to recompile easily, maybe get my code with the craft bot and /pilot19:53
diana_comanthe /pilot will help you a lot with getting to precise pos19:53
VariaVarietatisi got /pilot points me in the right direction?19:53
VariaVarietatisfound you.19:54
jurovif you feel adventurous, i published patch for /mine too (does /explore + build tiny and small automatically)19:55
diana_comanso 138 grass out of 21 tiny claims + 1 small claim with 3 threads (low q)19:57
diana_comanquite good19:57
chetty<diana_coman> chetty, not sure if that's the same issue we were talking about earlier ^// not sure I follow what the action was, "use with 102 nothing"????20:00
diana_comanhe put 102 bits of nothing in a tiny claim20:00
diana_comanand tried to use that20:00
diana_comanof course it failed, but then apparently it still considered he was working20:01
diana_comanso no state reset again20:01
chettyoh haha interesting try and yeah that would be the same errors20:01
chettyI put found fixes for several similar conditions, but I dont really want to do another reset right now20:02
diana_comanno worries, just wasn't sure if it was the same error20:02
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: everything seems locked now or can't find the stick?20:04
diana_comanyou can't find it or it got sweeped away possibly20:04
chettyVariaVarietatis, unlocked markers are cleaned up after about an hour, in a useless to keep the landscape cleaned up20:10
diana_comanchetty I certainly messed up the things without meaning too as I thought the claims without a key will get sweeped too, even if locked20:12
diana_comanso now there are quite a number of claims that are locked but without keys I'm afraid :(20:12
chettyall tiny?20:14
diana_comansmalls too20:14
diana_comaninitially the bot would lock anything that it couldn't build20:15
diana_comanI foolishly did not think it would run out of bits of nothing over night...20:15
diana_comanbut it did20:15
diana_comanso it locked the claims:)))20:15
diana_comanand I thought that if I just throw away the keys, they would get sweeped and then the claims too20:15
chettywell one of these days we will have to try and figure out a way to clean them up without hurting claims people want20:16
diana_comanafter that I changed it to lock only ordinaries or better, but ...20:16
diana_comanwell, locked and without key I guess would be good to go as anyway nobody can access them20:17
chettyI am afraid the key/marker function is not transitive20:17
chettybut I think we can do some script to search the db for keys that go with locked markers and make a list of those not found ...something along those lines20:19
diana_comanthat sounds pretty much it20:19
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: got your sticks20:30
diana_comanwell done20:30
diana_comanwhat do you want to do really? happy to mine some more ?20:30
danielpbarrontop item is located right in town20:53
danielpbarronclaim stick is like a showroom20:53
danielpbarroni learned a bit about the naming scheme20:54
danielpbarronand that piles of items are 'colored'20:55
danielpbarronthey keep a memory of what was mixed together to make that average quality and name20:55
danielpbarronso two stacks of quality 285 fruit are not identical20:55
danielpbarroni don't know if the name effects anything20:56
danielpbarronbut if you mix 5 'finest' something with 1 standard/no-name you get 6 'finest'20:57
danielpbarronbut those 6 finest are different from say 6 finest from the original pile20:57
danielpbarronif you mix in another standard, it downgrades to 'extraordinary'20:57
danielpbarronsame quality20:58
diana_comanthat's interesting20:58
danielpbarronand extraordinary will eventually get bumped down to 'superior'20:58
diana_comanis that eps from the altar?20:58
danielpbarronthose are what i want to buy20:58
diana_comanI read that as 1k q, my bad20:58
danielpbarronand i guess i should say that i want extraordinary or superior and not finest20:59
danielpbarronfinest is particularly hard to aquire20:59
danielpbarronfor example, your bot cannot get finest20:59
diana_comanI make finest20:59
diana_comanoh yes20:59
diana_comanit does20:59
danielpbarroneven the looted items are finest?20:59
danielpbarronthey aren't one quality point less?20:59
diana_comanthey are I think, but still finest21:00
danielpbarroni wonder if that's because you don't have sortage21:00
danielpbarronwell then i'll leave it as finest21:00
diana_comanI got confused though as you wrote there finest and now you say you want superior or extraordinary and not fines?T21:00
diana_comanoh, I got it now21:00
danielpbarroni suspect that the name doesn't matter, and is just a way of showing about how good that quality is in the world21:01
diana_comanI think it's more about the level or something, as it used to be as you say21:01
diana_comanit seems that we would quite do well with a proper bid/ask system and place but uhm21:02
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: I got too many branchs and cant move now21:02
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: want to come make a pickup?21:02
diana_comanmove some of them into a claim21:02
diana_comanugh, ok21:02
VariaVarietatis-348.29 8.33 -38.0721:03
diana_comanok, wait21:03
diana_comanyou there VariaVarietatis?21:04
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: yea acc21:04
danielpbarroni think the finest/extraordinar/superior/standard thing is so I can say "i want the finest whichever thing, whatever quality that turns out to be"21:04
danielpbarronmy basic harvestable loot is always without the extra name21:05
diana_comancould be21:05
danielpbarronthe stuff that appears in the claim is "finest" and the loot that appears in my inventory is just the name of the item with no qualifier21:05
diana_comananyway, tbh the stocks I have are probably not finest21:05
danielpbarronand always 1 less quality point21:05
diana_comanas this is recent21:06
danielpbarronextraordinary also acceptable21:06
danielpbarronbut i figured out the bids assuming finest21:06
danielpbarronwhat quality is finest for the uncommons and rares?21:07
danielpbarronfinest is currently 288 for basics21:07
diana_comannot sure exactly at what quality it happened, but I get 168 now I think21:07
danielpbarronah, i made my bids using 175, so not too bad21:08
diana_comanthing is danielpbarron: I am selling stuff as per my shop page and I'm not going to run around asking people or something21:08
diana_comanmight hold an auction if there is interest21:09
diana_comanand that is that21:09
danielpbarroni'll buy your polished stones21:11
diana_comanok, 1 min21:12
VariaVarietatisWhat is the best way to buy and hold a little bit of btc so I can buy copper from jurov ?21:40
jurovwhere are yu located?21:41
jurovand are you over 18?21:41
mircea_popescujurov got his job cut out for himself huh21:41
diana_comanhi mircea_popescu do you have any supplication of berries/moss/leather *drafts*?21:42
jurovbitcents can be done with paypal21:42
mircea_popescuiirc that was in the previous auction21:42
mircea_popescudiana_coman the one with 100 drafts neh ?21:43
diana_comanyes, but I was wondering whether you got any from the shredding?21:43
diana_comanor they are not in the loot for that?21:43
jurovVariaVarietatis: I can, but won't do more than 0.1BTC for newbs, tho21:43
diana_comanI got confused on that so I wasn't sure whether they were given only through the auction or not21:43
VariaVarietatisjurov: thats fine just need a little bit of copper to get started. how much is that in terms of fiat money?21:44
mircea_popescudiana_coman i dunno how you get 'em.21:45
jurov1 copper = 1 satoshi21:45
diana_comanoh, ok21:45
diana_comanso then danielpbarron it turns out you are right and so far at least it's only those that birdman has21:45
VariaVarietatisso buy on bitcents send to you, then you send me the copper sounds good.21:45
diana_comanI'm willing to pay some premium on that, but not any crazy stuff as he paid at the auction21:45
VariaVarietatisunless your offering to sell me btc?21:45
jurovso you want 10bitcents (10 mil coppers) for  $22?21:46
jurovi'll sell you coppers directly21:46
jurovVariaVarietatis: see private irc message21:47
diana_comanmircea_popescu I still want to buy those small stacks of recipes for shredding (hat, neckerbocker etc)21:49
mircea_popescuah ok diana_coman ill be in game in ~522:21
diana_comangreat, will wait then22:21
diana_comanchetty, there is something funny going on with the inventory22:47
diana_comanI get things from storage22:47
diana_comanbut they don't show in my inventory window22:47
diana_comanthey are there when I go to put them back in storage22:47
diana_comanbut otherwise I can't see them anywhere22:47
diana_coman(my inventory is *not* full)22:48
mircea_popescuyou know, i had an issue yesterday where i took an item out of a craft table and put it straight into the trade window, and itdisappeared. was there when i relogged, but the thing struck me as maybe novel.22:48
mircea_popesculeaving here just in case it's useful.22:48
diana_comanI had that before22:49
chettygremlins in the code ....22:49
diana_comanit tends to do it when taking it from the container and trying to get it into the trade window directly22:49
diana_comanbut never had this thing with the storage22:49
diana_comanI re-logged in and still the same22:49
chettywell nothing to do with inventory has been touched in a long time, got to be gremlins to have it suddenly appear now22:50
chettybut I will look into it, at least things arent actually getting lost22:53
diana_comanindeed, they seem to be ok so that's fine, just confusing22:58
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: craft bot still going nuts even after talking with trainer and restarting22:58
diana_comanoh wow danielpbarron, asking for what, 30% on top of value for those rf and the like?22:59
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: says its stopped but it hasnt22:59
diana_comanVariaVarietatis you can't sort it out that way22:59
diana_comanuhm, that is really weird22:59
diana_comanhow is that it hasn't ?22:59
diana_comanthe last message in its window is "stopped"22:59
diana_comanbut ?23:00
VariaVarietatisyou need to target a container but have open trainer window and craft table.23:00
VariaVarietatisbut it says craft bot has stopped.23:00
diana_comandon't mix the messages...23:00
diana_comanif the bot says it stopped, it stopped23:00
diana_comanyou might still get some messages from the server in response to previous actions I suppose23:01
VariaVarietatisdiana_coman: it hasn't stopped thats my issue.23:01
diana_comanin any case, you can't just move about and craft at the same time23:01
diana_comanVariaVarietatis what exactly is happening when you say it hasn't stopped?23:01
VariaVarietatisthe crafting table still looks to be making the item but not using anything out of my bags23:02
diana_comanhow does it "look" to be making the itme?23:02
VariaVarietatisbundle thread bundle thread23:02
VariaVarietatison loop23:02
VariaVarietatisand grass tossed in for .1 secs23:02
diana_comanit is someone else's table by any chance?23:02
VariaVarietatisrofl yea23:03
VariaVarietatisguy is always here crafting23:03
diana_comanyou can't use other people's tables...23:03
mircea_popescuyou can't ?23:03
diana_comanthat's why I took you to the public one23:03
diana_comanuhm, not while they are working?23:03
diana_comanas they are guarding them23:03
diana_comanI think it's only the public one that you can share, isn't it?23:03
mircea_popescui have no idea23:04
diana_comaneasy to test23:04
mircea_popescuanyway, im on the tail end of a ~85k grass craft.23:04
mircea_popescuback to making q > 200 normals!23:05
diana_comanand hope you'll make those ppb next :p23:05
diana_comanI am now looking sadly at my almost vanished stash of bits of nothing!23:05
diana_comanof all things23:05
diana_comanthis is crazy23:05
* mircea_popescu remembers an auction he held23:06
diana_comanI remember I bought a lot of them23:07
diana_comanand that's why it's crazy23:07
diana_comanthat I used them all, lol23:07
diana_comananyway, if one calculates the actual cost of a bit of nothing (based on the shredding thing), not sure about that idea that tiny claims are great etc23:09
diana_comanalso not very sure where spirover got his base value for it given how it's actually made :)))23:10
VariaVarietatisi got a slag recipe23:11
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)23:14
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: can't seem to get the sed command working on your blog tried "sed /\n/\nDelay 0.2\n/ temp >test.txt" it makes the test.txt but it has nothing in it temp still does but nothing is changed any idea what im doing wrong?23:38
mircea_popescudelay must be an integer.23:39
VariaVarietatisWhat does that mean, isnt it already an integer 0.2?23:40
mircea_popescu0.2 is not an integer.23:44
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: tried 1 a whole number but still isnt working what am I missing?23:45
mircea_popescuno idea.23:46
VariaVarietatistried this "sed /\n/\nDelay 1\n/ temp > test.txt" maybe i'm misunderstanding integer?23:47

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