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mircea_popescudiana_coman i looked at my st batch, you're prolly right re 5093!13:23
diana_comando you have/make any more cft?13:33
mircea_popescumnop, outta grass.13:36
diana_comanugh, the game get grass to make grass13:36
mircea_popescuwell ?13:36
diana_comandanielpbarron, what do you sell grass or cft for?13:36
mircea_popescuyou got like what, >1k cft ? where's the 5k grass from it!!1113:37
mircea_popescudidja use it to mine other shit ?13:37
diana_comanwhat are you saying?13:37
diana_comanyou sold me 600 cft for that matter, not 1k13:37
mircea_popescuthat if you don't maintain grass-positive operations do not expect there to be grass lol.13:37
diana_comanand that was already for the > 3k grass I sold you before13:37
diana_comanand yes, I did mine grass mainly with it, but grass never worked well for me and there is no change in there, lol13:38
mircea_popescuyou got 500 of which 250 was from your own and then 660 or somethinf also 250 from your own iirc. point being :13:38
mircea_popescuit doesn't matter it wasa "from before", 1%, 50%, 100%.13:38
mircea_popescubecause i can't put into crafting the same grass twice.13:38
diana_comanthe k's sold before don't matter, right?13:38
diana_comanall of a sudden13:38
mircea_popescuwell, they don't, because they went into cft, also sold before eh ?13:38
diana_comanthat's the thing, lol13:38
mircea_popescuso if you bring 1mn grass, take 300k thread, and then do not bring back 1mn grass,13:39
diana_comanmaybe you sold it, but not to me13:39
mircea_popescuthere's not going to be 300k thread no matter what,13:39
mircea_popescuand irrespective of any considerations.13:39
diana_comansure, I get that and I am not disputing that13:39
mircea_popescuwell, i didn't keep very close tabs, but i can assure you that grenadine dug up most of the grass ever dug up, like 55k of it.13:39
mircea_popescuso EVERYONE but her got more cft than they brought grass.13:39
mircea_popescuthat's a fact.13:39
diana_comanoh, considering it from the start I surely got more cft and I brought grass, fully agree on that13:40
mircea_popescunow, the chain of history may or may not be reconstructed, but in any case it doesn't so much matter.13:40
mircea_popescugrass' been on alert for weeks now, and what that means is, broadly, that if you use it to dig other things you draw down the supply.13:40
diana_comananyway, I don't get now: what is this about exactly?13:40
mircea_popescuthat cft takes grass to make!13:40
mircea_popescuso bringeth grasses to me!13:40
diana_comanI did not use it to dig up other things, that was entirely your assumption there13:41
diana_comanall I said was that mining grass is (and has always been) in the negative for me13:41
diana_comanjust that13:41
mircea_popescui asked, yo.13:41
mircea_popescu<mircea_popescu> didja use it to mine other shit ?13:41
chettyI got some grass, couple hundred I think13:41
mircea_popescunice. you need cft chetty ?13:43
diana_comanwell, I have about 800 grass and will get some out of some ordinaries too, but the thing is that basically I am blocked for more than half the time waiting for cft anyway13:47
diana_comanbut whatever13:47
chettywell diana_coman I can make cft, but doubt you would like the q13:48
diana_comanyes chetty, I can make cft too and I still don't like the quality13:48
diana_comanthat's the trouble13:48
mircea_popescudiana_coman if you used 1k+ cft in one day, 800 grass isn't helping you much is it.13:49
diana_comanessentially if I make it myself or get it lower quality13:49
diana_comanI am basically getting even less return probably13:49
diana_comanas in even less grass out of it13:49
diana_comanso even worse13:49
mircea_popescuwhat qual grass you dig up ?13:49
diana_coman164 or there13:49
chettyso not long ago we wanting more lower players, now we wantmore higher?13:50
diana_comanI still want more lower players, chetty13:50
mircea_popescudiana_coman so you actually took 1160 q203 thread, went mining and got 800 q 164 grass back ?13:50
mircea_popescunow that sucks.13:50
diana_comanthey might actually get more grass out of it13:51
diana_comanno mircea_popescu it's not that bad (or even worse, depending on how you put it): since I was stuck for quite a while on this, I did make about 300 cft of my own too and use it to get at least the data on how it fares compared to higher q13:52
diana_comanand yeah, unsurprisingly, not recommended13:52
mircea_popescuok so then you still got the thread i sold you ?13:52
diana_comanmight I add that my cft is not *that* bad (about 155 or a bit higher iirc)13:52
diana_coman1. used up all the thread and dug up about 2k of grass 2. made 300 cft out of 1k grass 3. dug up about 500 grass13:53
mircea_popescuthat's pretty bad still.13:54
diana_comanyes, of course13:54
mircea_popescu;;calc 2000 * 1.64 / (1160*2.03*3)13:54
mircea_popescu< 50% ffs.13:54
mircea_popescuthis is a large part of our problem really. in fact by far the largest : if grass mining is < 100% cft stores draw down.13:55
diana_comanwell, if you compute it globally13:55
diana_comanyou'd have to add in daniel's hit13:55
mircea_popescuand i suspect a large part of WHY grass mining is < 100% is because of remarkable and above finds which we store rather than dig13:55
diana_comanand then it prolly gets up13:55
mircea_popescuexactly. but daniel wait a second13:55
mircea_popescuNO. you don't add that in. because thread is not used there.13:55
diana_comandid he get it out of a tiny?13:56
mircea_popescuyou use 0 thread to find13:56
mircea_popescua sizable or anything.13:56
diana_comanI don't mean that, no13:56
diana_comanI meant the 22k of grass he got out of a small or smth13:56
diana_comanand dunno, maybe it would make more sense for me to just sell *all* the claims, small and above, but who wants to build them ?13:57
mircea_popescuhe did ?13:57
diana_comanI don't really mind either way, as I wouldn't mine grass if it weren't needed13:57
diana_comanyes, he did13:57
mircea_popescudiana_coman i suspect that may not be the case for strict grass counts (not for value per se) because well, you get lower q13:57
diana_comanor so he said13:57
mircea_popescudanielpbarron you got 20k grass yo ?13:58
diana_comanthat supposition should really be tested sometime as I start doubting it13:58
diana_comanchetty, whenever you are in, would you like to make a test? I give you some claims and stuff and you mine them so that we can compare your yield with mine ?13:58
diana_comanor hanbot? ^13:58
diana_comanor mod6, jurov13:59
diana_comanand btw, fwiw re that theory of yours, daniel gets higher q on grass than me so by your theory he should get less than me <- doesn't seem to be the case, lol14:00
chettyI always get 1 on tiny and I havent had a small in along time but back when I did it was 1or2, but my qual stinks14:00
diana_comangot 148 out of an ordianry....14:00
mircea_popescuchetty o you should do that. what q grass do you mine, under 100 ?14:00
diana_comanchetty, it doesn't matter what quality you get14:00
diana_comanand I'll give you the claims with all14:00
diana_comanmy idea is to test simply on a set of my claims (all of them): like I give you 20 small claims and you mine them, we make total; then I mine 20 small claims of mine too and we compare output or something like that14:01
diana_comansame thread quality too14:01
diana_comanwell, assuming we have thread for that kind of experiment, lol14:02
mircea_popescu^ good idea.14:02
chettyuh, ok, let me put some stuff in storage and I will mine some for ya14:02
chettyI have 54 threads I can contribute14:02
diana_comanwhat q?14:02
diana_comanmircea_popescu I have 883 grass, would you make some cft out of it for the above exp?14:04
chetty42 (prophectic)14:04
diana_comanand even better chetty, I just built one ordinary and got the grand total of 14814:05
diana_comanI have another ordinary14:05
diana_comanI'll give it to you to build14:05
diana_comanI am really curious what you get out of it14:05
chettywow what does that take?14:05
diana_comanwill give you everything for it too, of course14:05
diana_comanno worries, I'll give you all the stuff14:05
diana_coman*just* some lotus harlots, slithy tove, 14 eps and all that jazz14:05
diana_comanbut hey, it's all positive in about 1million years, lol14:06
mircea_popescudiana_coman aite. i usually prefer to you know, put larger batches and forget it, but for experiument who can say no.14:06
mircea_popescufiring it up.14:06
diana_comanI know, I wouldn't have asked if not the exp thing, thank you14:06
chettyok I am all set, not carrying extra grass or anything, just the threads and som little bits14:08
diana_coman1 sec to give mp the grass14:08
diana_comanyou can live the threads too14:08
diana_comanwe need high q ones14:08
diana_comanwill go now for the ordinary only14:09
diana_coman1 sec14:09
diana_comanwhile mp makes the thread14:09
chettyhmm I suspect I should have gotten your pilot program :P14:10
chettyftr my building rank is 1614:11
diana_comanoh, no worries, will go with you then14:11
chettyoops wait a sec srry14:12
chettyI had a snail ..14:13
mircea_popescuapparently danielpbarron took a bite out of crafting too. making q 201 now14:14
diana_comanoh, use those as I got everything as high q as I can14:14
diana_comanyeah, I think he has been crafting pretty much all the time with short breaks for mining grass14:14
chettyyeah thats why I cancled, so I could store the snail :)14:15
diana_comanthough he is surely on crafting mainly14:15
diana_comanfrom what he said earlier, I am quite a bit ahead on building+gathering still14:15
mircea_popescuanyway, i guess ima go try dig up some grass myself after this.14:19
diana_comanI'll prolly get all the data together and calculate it exactly, though I did not log the quality of thread so it will be approximate anyway14:21
diana_comanI started digging up some claims now and will not mine the small ones14:25
diana_comanwhile chetty is building the ordinary14:25
diana_comanif I get enough of them, you can build some too and then we have 3 sets of different q to compare14:25
diana_comanand now I got 59 grass out of ..uhm, 3 tinies?14:26
mircea_popescume you mean ?14:26
diana_comanyes, if you want to14:26
mircea_popescusure. i'll dig up a bunch of what, ordinaries ? smalls ?14:26
diana_comansmalls prolly, I am out of ordinaries for now14:27
diana_comanuhm, I got 1 ord14:28
diana_comanso you can dig one of that too, lol14:28
diana_comanlet me know when you are done with the cft14:28
mircea_popescuit's literally 2k seconds. has it been that long ?14:28
mircea_popescumebbe in 10 minutes or so.14:28
diana_comanI did not check/keep track, sorry, but no hurry, the more smalls I dig, the more for the exp anyway14:29
diana_comanso chetty got 595 grass at q5514:30
diana_comanfrom the ordinary14:30
diana_comanI got earlier 148 at q164 or there14:30
diana_comanand the bundles were quite the same as I gave here everything as I did mine14:30
chettyI had a bundle q of 13614:31
diana_comanyeah, there are a few things that drag it down14:32
diana_comansuch as the st14:32
diana_comanwhich is about 80q14:32
mircea_popescumeh, so i started some ibs.14:52
diana_comanI was away for about 8 minutes, true14:55
diana_comananyway, I have only about 20 smalls for now, so will dig some more14:55
diana_comanwhen do you finish the ibs round?14:56
diana_comanmircea_popescu? ^14:56
mircea_popescuheh! horribly chosen 8 minutes. anyway, want this cft ?14:56
diana_comanyes, of course14:56
mircea_popescuok trade me. i won't be able to move till it's done, be maybe 3 hours or so.14:56
diana_comanoh, ok, will be in town in 2 min14:56
diana_comanso far I am basically better off building only tiny, lol14:58
diana_comanon this new run14:59
diana_comantalking about grinding14:59
mircea_popescutinies are great tho14:59
mircea_popescuthey add to the grass engine without using any, see ?14:59
diana_comanyes, they are great for almost everyone else except me mining them15:00
diana_comannot that it surprises me15:00
mircea_popescuyou can't possibly make a loss on tinies ?15:00
diana_comanon money terms no or highly unlikely, but why the hell to mine tinies of grass when in the same time I would clearly make more money mining tinies of eps or wm or whatever rare you name15:01
diana_comanmoss for that matter15:02
mircea_popescuwell, do you find them as frequently ?15:03
mircea_popescui quess that's not so much a consideration15:03
diana_comanand oh, do you mean danielpbarron overtook you in crafting? o.O15:03
diana_comanbut neah, bullshit15:03
diana_comanhe makes 162q15:04
diana_coman(peeked at his table, lol)15:04
mircea_popescuovertake me ? no ?15:07
mircea_popescuwut ?15:07
diana_comanyou said earlier that he was making quality 201?15:07
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Saturday, 2015-08-29 (at logs.minigame.bz)15:07
mircea_popescuno, i said i was making q 20115:10
mircea_popescuused to be 20315:10
diana_comanoh, I got confused then, my bad15:10
diana_comanhe makes 162 and I make (or made) some 155+15:11
mircea_popescutbh, thinking about it, it's prolly MY OWN crafting that sunk me15:13
mircea_popescubecause i made lots and lots of hoes15:13
diana_comanuhm, not sure I follow: why would your own crafting sunk you? I gather you still made those with high q ingredients so you got considerable exp?15:14
diana_comanor is it as they take a lot of time to make?15:14
mircea_popescuwell cuz i am shittier in mcguyver, they're only like 19515:15
mircea_popescuthen again that doesn't make so much sense either15:15
diana_comanyeah, can't really see how would that be other than perhaps as in less exp/unit of time than what daniel (or me perhaps though I haven't been crafting much lately) got15:16
diana_comanI think it's most just that the gap got smaller15:16
mircea_popescuwell the thing is, when grenadine hit those major finds my quality shot up.15:17
mircea_popescuand since iirc the .17 btc i found on tools is the largest to date,15:17
mircea_popescuit may account for the move15:17
diana_comanugh, now that I can't follow at all; earlier daniel said that his quality went down when he hit the major grass find15:17
diana_comanoh, that one15:17
diana_comanif indeed the quality goes down after major finds, I guess that could be indeed, not as much the crafting, as that major loot15:19
mircea_popescuprobably daniel's went down like did mine because we were doing over 100 q15:20
mircea_popescuwhereas grenadine was doing under 10015:20
diana_comanin approx 1h, I got about 200 grass from tiny claims only, so would need about 5 hrs to get..1k of grass aka 330 cft that would be only slightly more than would go into the 40 small claims found in this 1 hr, lol16:05
diana_comananyone wants to buy small grass claims?16:06
diana_comanahaha, so now it says "extraordinary stone adze bundle" - wonder what is so extraordinary about it16:12
* mircea_popescu wonders if he should sell 10k q345 ibs recipes or keep em16:20
diana_comanI'll be back for the experiment in about 2.5 hours; by that time all the tinies should be gone too, so that it's not such a mess to get to the small claims16:22
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> diana_coman if you used 1k+ cft in one day << sounds about right :D16:29
diana_comanI suspect I would use more than that now really, see above, danielpbarron16:30
diana_coman(at least if I explore for grass)16:31
danielpbarrondiana_coman> anyone wants to buy small grass claims? << yes but here's what you need to do: mine in rows and call me over when you have just finished16:37
danielpbarronby that time all the tinies should be gone too << do NOT lock smalls for the love of all other players please do not lock smalls!16:38
danielpbarronsomeone spammed up my grass hill with small sticks everywhere / very annoying16:39
danielpbarroni am not interested in buying locked smalls; only unlocked freshly gathered smalls16:40
* mircea_popescu foresees his foresight is abundantly correct, and the playerbase will be absolutely thrilled to defend its notions of "my grass hill" and so forth with sword in hand16:40
diana_comanlol danielpbarron I did lock those smalls because I want to make the exp hence I need to make sure they are still there16:42
diana_comanbut I will unlock and use them, of course, lol16:43
diana_comanand yeah, if you want to buy smalls, I'm happy to sell them on the spot16:43
diana_comanlol @ my grass hill, indeed16:44
mircea_popescumostly because THATS MY GRASS HILL DAMNIT16:45
diana_comanhe he, at least until there is fighting, there can then be ...blackmail? I'll SPAM your grass hill if you don't x and y :)))16:45
danielpbarronyes i had that thought16:46
* diana_coman ponders a "spam" mode for the bot :)))))16:46
danielpbarron"is someone doing this to mess with me?"16:46
danielpbarroni think i would be ok with you dedicating your efforts to spam16:46
danielpbarronbecause that would mean you are forgoing building exp16:46
diana_comanha ha, no, why?16:47
diana_comanI lock only tinies for instance16:47
diana_comanstill get the exp for the rest16:47
* danielpbarron narrows his eyes16:47
mircea_popescuclearly land ownership gotta get added soonish16:47
diana_comanthere is claim ownership, what's wrong with that?16:48
diana_comandaniel's problem is mainly an artefact of how his macro works16:48
diana_comanmy bot couldn't care less if there are 100 claims on the *very spot* on which it got a new one for that matter16:49
danielpbarronit doesn't interfere with my macro16:50
diana_comanso then what's the problem?16:50
danielpbarronalthough i suppose it could16:50
danielpbarronwell it's sorta my macro, in that it dosen't mine smalls and i have to go back through picking them out16:50
diana_comanso then what, "my grass hill has been defaced" or what? lol16:50
diana_comanoh, so yes16:50
danielpbarroni put the key on my sticks so it's still easy to find the right ones16:51
diana_comanoh, so not *that* bad really16:51
diana_comanmore a matter of *my* hill then16:51
danielpbarronbut it could be bad i guess, if you were to intentionally cover the hill in locked tinies16:51
diana_comanha ha, lol16:51
diana_comanI guess so16:51
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mircea_popescusoo which one of you wants 7k ibs ~200 q ?18:42
chetty7k of em eh? that would be a busy miner18:44
danielpbarroni do18:46
mircea_popescui'd have loved to sell them packaged with some thread, but apparently grass is a foregone conclusion.18:47
mircea_popescuanyway, you selling the bottles back ?18:48
danielpbarronhadn't planned on it18:48
danielpbarron5 million for the lot?18:52
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)18:58
diana_comanI'm back for the build exp, I have 1 ord if you want to build it, mircea_popescu and 20 small if you want to build them, chetty?18:59
diana_comanI'd sell back the ltf mircea_popescu if you are still selling those ibs19:00
diana_comanbut of course it will take some time until I get all that cft too19:01
danielpbarrongernika> mircea_popescu can I snag a eulora account?19:06
*** Joins: gernika (~gernika@unaffiliated/gernika)19:07
phf^ successful eulora build on another person's machine19:07
phf*mac build19:08
diana_comanwow, that's great, phf19:11
phfalso for the curious the build is done with the recent clang, rather then gcc-4.219:11
phfi've used autogen.sh from eulora to regenerate configure etc. with clang relevant modifications, it's not fully portable yet, but i think with few modifications patches can just be integrated back into our cs/eulora code19:13
chettyvery cool phf, ty19:31
diana_comanchetty, are you still available to mine some small claims?19:43
*** Joins: ben_vulpes (~user@unaffiliated/benkay)20:35
ben_vulpeshey phf where does eulora keep its configs on os x?20:35
phfapplication support?20:37
phfor ~/.eulora20:38
ben_vulpeslooks like application support20:38
mircea_popescudiana_coman ok, youy aroyund ?20:42
mircea_popescugernika yeah20:42
diana_comanyes, will get back to village then20:43
mircea_popesculemme make his acct, 5 mins20:43
ben_vulpesphf: seems to work even20:45
diana_comanoh and gernika when you get your account maybe you want to build some claims too?20:46
mircea_popescugernika http://dpaste.com/1YWXRH520:47
lobbesbotTitle: dpaste: 1YWXRH5 (at dpaste.com)20:47
gernikadiana_coman perhaps - my screen time is limited atm - recovering from an eye operation20:49
gernikaI'm in!20:56
diana_comanno worries gernika, it's mainly if you want something to do quickly and get free exp basically20:56
danielpbarronfigure out how to bot and then leave your character doing stuff all day20:59
danielpbarronit's like the early days of bitcoin mining20:59
danielpbarroncan be done with your laptop21:00
danielpbarronwhatever you make, it will sell21:00
danielpbarroni don't know why more people aren't doing this21:00
gernikawill do21:07
mircea_popescuso danielpbarron your offer's not bad, but ideally i would want a deal whereby i get either IO or LTF back for em21:40
mircea_popescugernika meet me in town, ima give you some starter items21:40
jurovhanbot and daniel are going to drain me of coppers21:46
mircea_popescudiana_coman btw, you got a working tiny miner ?21:47
jurovGrundin needs resupply21:47
diana_comanand small, yeah21:48
mircea_popescujurov o srsly ?21:48
diana_comanso what of it?21:48
mircea_popescudiana_coman it occurs to me the best use for my char is prolly mining. since high q21:48
mircea_popescuwell, you releasing it ?21:48
diana_comanit explores in patterns (linear or radial so far), it builds whatever it can and leaves the key in the claim after it's done21:48
diana_comanand it locks whatever it can't build21:48
mircea_popescusounds pretty good. how do i define its area and spacings for linear ?21:49
diana_comanuhm, you get high q for basic, not for rare21:49
diana_comanbut dunno21:49
diana_comanit's just starting from the point you are in and you give it the number of steps21:49
diana_comanas in explore linear 1021:49
diana_comanso it goes 10 steps in that direction and then back and again21:49
mircea_popescuand it changes tools too ?21:50
diana_comanit actually tries to train too, but that is such as mess21:50
mircea_popescuand it goes train ? :D21:50
diana_comanit tries to...21:50
diana_comanbut what can I say21:50
mircea_popescuaha. what makes it fail ?21:50
diana_comanthat's the thing why I wouldn't really say it's ready for release21:50
diana_comanwell, if I set it to actually walk to the merchant thing, it can get stuck/fall off a cliff whatever21:51
mircea_popescuyeah but... for instance right now im not doing anything cuz out of craftables.21:51
mircea_popescuif i could dig up grass it'd ease the grass issue21:51
diana_comanhow is that out of craft tables?21:51
mircea_popescucraftables! not craft tables.21:51
diana_comanyeah, I keep making things easier for others, lol21:52
* mircea_popescu looks through his lists21:52
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, you have nothing to craft? want to make me thread? 3k grass at 284 quality for 1k threads at ~200q ?21:53
diana_comanahahahaha, love this21:53
* mircea_popescu maffs21:54
mircea_popescui gotta save that fucking formula somewhere proeminent21:54
mircea_popescu955 danielpbarron21:55
mircea_popescuand i think i make them 20221:55
danielpbarron3k grass for 955 thread?21:55
diana_comanand tbh about the training thing with the bot: there are some funny instances when it fails and I don't know why (it's rather difficult to test in the first place)21:55
diana_coman+ some corner cases, such as if you happen to rank in more than 1 skill at a time I suppose21:56
danielpbarronok deal21:56
mircea_popescumeet me in game!21:57
mircea_popescuo btw, care to make it 30k ?21:57
mircea_popescuheh today was just my crafting day22:44
diana_comandanielpbarron I have 2 more ordinaries for grass, do you want them?22:45
mircea_popescunono sell them to me22:47
mircea_popescu50 grass guartanteed!22:47
diana_comanhe pays 10k and tbh atm I'll sell them instead for that value in cft22:48
diana_comanwant them?22:48
mircea_popescunah im knee deep in crafting, was just beinf funny22:48
diana_comanthought so22:48
diana_comanupdated shop with current stock, let me know if there is something specific you want more of (rare items only): http://www.dianacoman.com/Eulora/foxystore.html23:08
lobbesbotTitle: Foxy's Useful Items (at www.dianacoman.com)23:08
diana_comandanielpbarron, mircea_popescu and anyone interested ^23:08
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)23:26
mircea_popescui mostly want basics tbh23:30
gernikamircea_popescu  how do I find town?23:35
mircea_popescuup on a hill slightly, where a coupla animated fruitboxes and a few people are.23:36
gernikafound it23:40
mircea_popescuok brt23:42

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