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* danielpbarron 06:49
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, server is down07:08
chettyup now08:56
*** Joins: Birdman (20d45712@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
BirdmanI need to buy the highest quality branches, boulders, floatsam, and slag09:37
Birdmanin bulk09:38
Birdmani also have an huge amount of threads for sale if anyone can put them to use09:39
chettyafraid all the stuff I mine is very low qual ;/09:47
Birdmanits ok, gonna try to boost my explore anyways in the meantime09:48
Birdmandoes the equipment you use to explore effect the exp you gain?09:50
Birdmanthen i need to wait to buy something of high quality as well09:57
chettywell I do a lot by hand still, but then I am not a very active player09:58
BirdmanIts getting pretty slow for me to do it by hand, i figure a few more levels and it'll be unbearable09:58
chettyI suppose thats why people are now making mining bots09:59
*** Quits: Birdman (20d45712@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)11:10
chettyeulora reset in 512:25
mircea_popescubirdman : i want the threads yes13:51
*** Joins: Birdman (20d45712@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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*** Joins: sueastside (~sueastsid@ip-62-235-175-75.dsl.scarlet.be)15:32
Birdmandanielpbarron: are you afk?15:43
mircea_popescubirdman : i want the threads yes <15:51
Birdmankk just trade me, although i need to buy any you have for claims15:51
Birdmanor grass so i can produce my own15:54
mircea_popescuima sell you high q stuff.15:57
mircea_popescucoming in nao15:57
mircea_popescuif you want, i can sell you some bottles, then you can go mine moss and mushrooms and make them into oil bottles.16:03
mircea_popescubut it'll be hard work to mine that. you like mining ?16:03
Birdmanas in /explore?16:03
Birdmani dont not like it16:04
Birdmanbut at the moment it isnt efficient to mine so far away from the trainer16:04
mircea_popescuthe moss and mushroom grounds are right off the hill, look it up on mod6 maps16:04
Birdmanand my focus right now is to level mcguyver and stockpile recipies for shredding16:04
mircea_popescui can sell you a shitton of those, but do you even have the skill and the tool ?16:06
Birdmani have the skill, but not the tool16:07
Birdmanand a shitton is what im after16:07
Birdmanthe recipies that are required to shred that is16:07
mircea_popescui can sell you the last remaining tool for 3mn.16:07
Birdmansounds good16:08
mircea_popescuiirc danielpbarron diana and jurov have the remainder. unless they broke them.16:08
Birdmandoes it degrade?16:08
Birdmanah ok16:08
Birdmani'll take it16:08
mircea_popescuwe do maybe have a way to make more, described in that trilema post, you read it ?16:08
Birdmani did not16:08
lobbesbotVaria varietatis, or your All-About-The-Mollusc guide. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)16:08
mircea_popescuand ima be in game in like 10 minutes to sell you that an' see what recipes you want.16:09
BirdmanI could offer my noob services in hopes to reproduce16:15
Birdmanbut it should be noted that i have terrible luck16:16
* danielpbarron 17:30
danielpbarronserver down17:42
*** Quits: Birdman (20d45712@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)17:56
danielpbarrondown again20:44
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)20:44
diana_comanis my half-baked automation thingie crashing the server?20:45
danielpbarroni had paid for training before it crashed the last time, and when it came back i had do it again, but i'm not sure if my first nulled training was refunded20:45
danielpbarronstuff i had done after training was still there20:46
diana_comanwhat can I say, I can't even find one claim which I know was kind of right next to me before the last crash20:46
danielpbarronfor example, i took enough stuff out of storage to be overweight, and after the crash it had transported me back to where i came from (not in town) but still overloaded (very annoying)20:46
danielpbarronand i did that after training20:46
diana_comansounds gleeful to actually be able to do that on purpose:D20:47
diana_comanchetty, do you need any info as to what I was doing? (I have no idea what action might be causing the crash, since I am not really trying to do anything weird)20:48
diana_comandanielpbarron: so don't become overweight I suppose20:48
diana_comanbut yeah, I can see what you mean20:48
diana_comanthe position and movement are handled in a rather strange way starting from the client really20:49
danielpbarroni was intentionally mixing multiple stacks of stuff together..20:49
danielpbarronwas supposed to be temporary20:49
diana_coman(that's why the movement part is killing me)20:49
danielpbarronnow i'm making multiple trips that i already made to get this stuff back to my storage20:49
diana_comanlol, what would you give me to transport them for you?20:50
diana_coman(I have a trick, lol)20:50
* danielpbarron 21:20
chettythe crash is related to crafting, actually removal of the recipe at the end. It could be an early click of just some bad timing. Its one issue I been trying to resolve for a couple of days21:26
danielpbarronweird, i had done that a while ago, long before the crash21:27
chettymoving items around is updated when it happens, movement only periodically. Thats why you get a bit of rollback when it crashes21:28
chettyskills that are a rank up get updated right away, just adding a few points will wait a bit (when we have combat dont want to update the db everytime you swing a sword)21:31
chettycause of that one was foxy, and bot might be a tad too quick, but of course I need to fix it21:35
danielpbarronit's up!21:35
chettytry not to crash anymore cause I am off for the night21:36
danielpbarronhad to buy training again21:37
diana_comanthanks chetty21:38
diana_comanI guess will try to slow it down a bit more atm21:39
*** Joins: Nama (c6ff8972@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
danielpbarronhi Nama21:47
Namais this where i go to get a log in account?21:48
danielpbarronyes :D21:48
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, ^^21:49
danielpbarronugh, server is down again!!21:49
diana_comanoh my21:49
diana_comanhi Nama, welcome21:49
diana_comanapparently still too fast, ugh21:50
diana_comankind of hard to calibrate blindly, sorry21:51
danielpbarronoh, Nama you should get in the WoT21:56
danielpbarronas you'll need to have done that when mircea_popescu is available21:56
Namanot sure what that is. I just stumbled on the game. I was looking to try it out21:57
lobbesbotfirst_steps_in_bitcoin-assets [bitcoin assets wiki] (at wiki.bitcoin-assets.com)21:57
*** thestrin1puller is now known as thestringpuller22:01
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diana_comanNama, it's basically a network of people you know22:05
NamaI am reading about it now22:06
ben_vulpesinvolves gpg keys etc22:20
ben_vulpesping if you get stuck22:20
danielpbarronwill be away for 1/2 hour please don't start thing w/o me22:22
mircea_popescui'm on it.22:29
mircea_popescuNama hello22:29
mircea_popescudanielpbarron back up.22:29
mircea_popescualso, anyone wanna sell me anything?22:29
diana_comanso mircea_popescu instead of getting all that moss and stuff, it seems I got yet another crash-button, lol22:30
mircea_popescuwhat is it this time ?22:30
diana_comannot sure exactly what action, but from what chetty said, the thing is too fast trying to build the claims (I suppose it's that part)22:30
diana_comanI have worn tools22:30
diana_comanfor sale I mean22:31
diana_comanI have purposefully slowed it down so that it kind of waits, moves, waits, explores, waits, build etc22:31
diana_comanbut ugh22:31
diana_comanmight need to really insert some wait between each action really22:32
mircea_popescuas an ad interim measure really.22:32
diana_comaneach 2 actions I meant22:32
mircea_popescuthe plan is to not have the server crash anymore. chetty's been working on it for about five weeks now.22:32
mircea_popescuit has ground all development of new feature to a near absolute halt, but she also has found and filled A LOT of hole in the original piece of shit code.22:33
diana_comanI get that, no worries there, it's just that I was really not expecting to manage that feat again, lol22:33
mircea_popescuin general, the reason planeshift doesn't do anything interesting becomes, upon experience, that they do not know how to, without crashing it.22:33
mircea_popescuso it's a sort of weird technological debt.22:33
mircea_popescuwe were able to get the game actually up in like a coupla years, instead of whatever, "Never". but it has its frustration packaged with it.22:34
diana_comanI thought oh well, craft bot is quite ok now, not really crashing the server anymore, so what could go wrong with some thrown-together experimental stuff on mining those shitty tiny claims? lol22:34
diana_comanand btw, ftr and fwiw, it has been exploring and building for a few good hours (on and off given issues, but still) and it got only tinies and smalls (and nothing, of course) with a pitiful total items22:36
diana_comanclearly it's way better to mine stuff like sb22:36
diana_comanor flotsam22:36
diana_comanat least one gets something, lol22:36
mircea_popescumatter of luck22:36
mircea_popescui had horrible sb results, but i left a clicker running on mushroom got like 7 in an hour22:36
diana_comannot sure if the pools are again getting low or something as it clearly felt when they were updated22:36
diana_comanor that, sure, though hmmm22:37
mircea_popescua 30% profit or so, and this with a tool.22:37
mircea_popescudiana_coman i dun think you ever felt when they were updated.22:37
diana_comanreally? there was a specific day+moment when all of a sudden everyone got better results22:37
diana_comanbut hey, I can't check, sure22:37
mircea_popescuwell which day was it ?22:37
diana_comanwould need to comb the logs to tell that22:38
mircea_popescubut you understand the fundamental problem with undocumentable claims.22:38
mircea_popescuwe could trivially check because i know when i did it.22:38
diana_comanthe thing is in the logs22:38
diana_comanit's not undocumentable; that's why I made it22:38
diana_comanas for 7 per hour, yeah, that's prolly what I get with this thing, sure :)))22:39
diana_comansomething more like 20 for moss for sure :))22:39
mircea_popescuwhat i mean is : you care enough about the thing to store the claim in your head, but not the documentation. "because everyone got better results ~unresolved reference~" instead of "everyone got better results december 15th afternoon"22:39
diana_coman(it has trouble with the shrooms as it's not exactly...ahem, *precise* in its movement)22:40
mircea_popescuthing is, i get like q 162 mushrooms. they're worth maybe hm...22:40
mircea_popescu1200 ea i guess ?22:40
mircea_popescumy thing moves and turns. it does this beautiful translated triangle pattern22:40
diana_comanyes, movement from eulora code is much much more difficult to get in any reasonable shape than from a macro for sure22:41
Namaim back now. how do i get signed up for the game?22:41
mircea_popescuNama are you registered with assbot ?22:41
Namanot that i know of22:41
mircea_popescujoin #bitcoin-assets would you.22:42
diana_comanre claim thing: I care about it hence stored ref in head, but I don't think I'll get any benefit from actually documenting it really, hence did not comb the logs before even mentioning it (at the time I hadn't known it happened so yeah, couldn't document it on the spot)22:43
diana_comanand crash button?22:44
diana_comanlol, this was fast22:44
mircea_popescubut you will. you definitely will! that's one of the i guess many things that makes eulora a different mmorpg from all others.22:44
mircea_popescudiana_coman backup. chetty will be thrilled in the morn22:45
diana_comanI quite feel for her after my mini-adventures in eulora-client-land22:45
mircea_popescuyeah. me too. (i've been privy to this for a while longer than most)22:46
diana_comanas for the claim of a claim: worth a check I guess, so added to the list and will get to it in max 2 days I guess22:46
mircea_popescuno big deal, really. but i wanted to make the point for the meta-point.22:47
mircea_popescunext time! all next times!22:47
diana_comanthat's precisely what I am *very* weary of really22:47
diana_comanbut yeah, I know22:47
mircea_popescuweary as in sick of ? or weary as in wary, worried about ?22:50
diana_comanyikes, I think I know where it might crash - just a possibility, but in any case, on the odd chance it helps: it might be that the thing grabs the bundle from a small claim a bit too soon22:50
mircea_popescuit's always been this.22:51
diana_comanprobably close to first (more like tired of)22:51
diana_comanwell, on crafting it seems to handle it ok22:51
mircea_popescunow, lol.22:51
diana_comanyes, sure, I know; my point was just for info that it's handled on crafting, but apparently/possibly not on claims22:53
diana_comannow I should hunt for those small claims for which I have only the bundle? ahahahaha22:54
mircea_popescuanyway, auction will be in game in about 30 minutes. paging danielpbarron hanbot and anyone might be interestingf.,22:54
hanbotcool deal.22:57
ben_vulpeswhere is this auction?23:01
ben_vulpesi have 546 coppers and i will spend them all23:01
mircea_popescuiirc reserve was 3k23:02
mircea_popescuand it'll be in game, usually happens around teh boxes.23:02
ben_vulpesso how does experience and leveling in Gathering work?23:03
ben_vulpesmore likely to produce higher quality claims, less likely to produce claims overall?23:04
diana_comanben_vulpes as a wild guess I'd hazard that for one thing it might make you slightly faster at it and for the other it's kind of a factor added to how much you "put into it" and hence what you might get; as a practical thing, when you are higher level, you tend to find things in places that are "blind spots" at lower level, but underline "tend to"23:08
ben_vulpesi have begun to grok the statistical nature of the thing23:10
* mircea_popescu smiles23:10
ben_vulpesso levels experience and such23:10
ben_vulpesi have Gathering 4 and then a half and half yellow/red bar23:10
ben_vulpes4 is level, yellow/red is how far along to next level i am?23:11
mircea_popescuroughly yes. except if it's not green you're not trained.23:11
diana_comanuhm, kind of, more like for how much practice and trained stuff you have23:11
ben_vulpesso 'wasting xp'23:11
mircea_popescutechnically you may have a 2nd level in there, which will be recovered in training. but past that yes, wasted xp23:12
ben_vulpeshow does 'training percent' work?23:13
mircea_popescuyou train a % of your next level23:14
mircea_popescu(in eulora - first you train, then you work out and level. exactly opposite of every other game,23:14
mircea_popescuexactly how it works irl. first you learn the theory then you go practice it)23:14
mircea_popescuyou may have some experience stashed in which allows you to train two levels at once. but that's as far as it goes.23:15
ben_vulpesso half green half red means that i've trained the next level fully but haven't gone and done the necessary work?23:15
mircea_popescufull green means that23:15
mircea_popescuhalf red prolly means you trained half23:15
ben_vulpesheina's telling me that 'i cannot train the skill any higher yet'23:16
diana_comanuhm, that doesn't sound right, since it slowly fills up green as I work23:16
ben_vulpesis there a faster way to toggle between nav an input modes?23:16
mircea_popescuhit enter23:17
mircea_popescudiana_coman mebbe you're right23:17
danielpbarroni always do 10023:19
ben_vulpesare there any downsides to ranking up in gathering similar to tinkering?23:19
danielpbarroni'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's always advantageous to rank up23:20
danielpbarronnot always advantageous to focus on whatever skill, but if focused, should train23:21
danielpbarronif everyone is tinkering, it's probably not profitable to train in tinkering23:21
ben_vulpesis anyone running the mining hustle particularly hard atm?23:21
danielpbarroni'm focusing on grass23:21
danielpbarronsince i have the skill sortage23:21
danielpbarronwhich makes my basic harvestables come out at over 250 quality23:22
diana_comantinkering is kind of a generic skill so it might help anyway, but then again, each with his own strategy23:22
mircea_popescuben_vulpes everyone's mining, really.23:22
danielpbarroni don't know how i got sortage23:22
danielpbarronalso i got a big grass find, and i want to auction it off as well, maybe tonight23:22
mircea_popescuanyway, logging in nao for teh auction!23:22
mircea_popescuo yay. please do.23:23
danielpbarronsomeone took my bandar toolkit23:23
danielpbarronand also my craft table23:23
ben_vulpes'twas me, holding it for someone to complain23:23
danielpbarronand i have mp's craft table and a flask bundle23:23
ben_vulpeslol@unmount flavor text23:31

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