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danielpbarronmircea_popescu, you wanted to see me in game?00:48
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mod6I updated the wiki03:04
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mod6np :]03:54
mod6i finally figured out what i was doing wrong.  just needed to /read/ and then add some numbers up. lol.03:54
mircea_popescuyou could also make an acct03:56
mircea_popescuit's just for the asking03:56
danielpbarronmay i have an account?04:01
mircea_popescuno, it's self serve, go there and click make an acct04:17
mircea_popescudanielpbarron ^04:17
mircea_popescubtw, done with the slags ?04:18
phfeulora experience so far https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7qT-C-0ajI&t=1m17s06:02
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diana_comanit's probably my bot09:29
diana_comanthough not sure why/how09:29
chettywell it has been stable a whole day ..09:31
diana_comanand it had enough of so long stability? lol09:32
chettyBad container slot % when trying to add item instance -- looks like moving something while still working09:32
diana_comanhmm, again those pesky messages :(09:32
chettythats one I thought I had fixed yesterday too, so back to the drawing board09:33
diana_comanahhh, interesting09:35
diana_comanbefore the crash09:35
diana_comanI had ended up with about 4 bundles in my inventory09:35
diana_comanit turns out they were "fake"09:36
diana_comanas in : the bot grabbed them from the table too fast09:36
diana_comankind of multiplying them because of that, lol09:36
diana_comanit turns out there should have been at most 1 and they were 4...09:36
chettyahh that would do it, server and client disagree on whats in your invnetory09:37
chettyyou did it again I think, pulled too soon, server complaining about an item it doesnt have09:40
diana_comanand uhm, now there is no tinkering exp when making a bundle?09:41
diana_comanor it seems as if it loses focus in the middle of combining items?09:41
chettynever has been exp for bundles09:41
diana_comanoh, both exp messages were sent at the end of the whole process?09:41
diana_comanI thought there was one for combine and one for use/craft09:42
diana_comanand sent at the end of each phase resp09:42
chettynope, if it sent a message (possible) it would have been for zero, might not notice if you were always doing the transform09:44
diana_comanhmmm, not sure how to notice&recover from arbitrary loss of target then :(09:48
diana_comansince basically there doesn't seem to be any message notifying of that09:48
diana_comanit just remains stuck with the bundle it seems09:48
diana_comanand the bot waiting for it to finish09:48
chettyis it loss of target that is hanging it? hmm09:49
diana_comanit seems so from what I can see manually in game09:51
diana_comanif I try to click myself on the "use",only then it complains that "you need to target the item"09:51
diana_comanI guess I can try to just throw in a re-target and use straight after combine, but that will probably be too fast coming from the bot09:52
chettyok thanks, I'll see if we can spt more errors when we lose target09:52
diana_comanno problem09:52
chettyprolly better on my end too09:52
diana_comanit ate my toolkit!!10:13
diana_comanapparently at the last crash10:13
diana_comanit's nowhere :(10:13
diana_comanit seems that re-targeting works better, but apparently I need to really do it before each and every op, including take all, lol10:22
diana_comanoh my10:24
diana_comanwhat did I do this time?10:24
diana_comanI really hope it does not eat this toolkit too...10:25
diana_comanchetty or mircea_popescu?10:26
mircea_popescuima restart it10:32
mircea_popescuhow long ago did you set it down ? :D10:32
mircea_popescudiana_coman u10:33
diana_comanapparently it was the same issue as before10:34
diana_comancrashing the server10:34
diana_comanand again?10:35
mircea_popescuah come on.10:35
diana_comanI have a crash button for the server it seems10:35
diana_comanwell, I'll try to slow the bot down or something10:36
diana_comanas otherwise it will surely crash it again10:37
mircea_popescui think im just gonna lock it down.10:37
mircea_popescustart a craft, can't do anything else until done.10:37
diana_comanwell, that would work if the messages were reliable10:38
diana_comanotherwise it will just hang10:38
diana_comangiven the arbitrary loss of target10:38
diana_comanif I can't re-target10:38
diana_comanthen ...10:38
mircea_popescuwlel yeah, but it won't crash the server.10:39
diana_comanahahaha, lol10:39
diana_comanthen we shelve the bot until the messages are reliable or there is a special message for job done10:39
diana_comanhmmm, wonder if a close/open to the container would do the trick really10:42
diana_comanas a kind of making sure it is updated10:42
mircea_popescucan't leave the hole there tho.10:43
diana_comanas it's really taking the bundle when the work is supposedly done, but it's just that the client doesn't yet know about it10:43
mircea_popescuif it crashes the server, whatever it is, function message whatever, it gotta go.10:43
diana_comanthe container I mean10:43
diana_comanyeah, I agree, but well, it can go in different ways10:44
diana_comancutting a leg is surely a method for becoming immune to leg-attacks, but well10:44
diana_comanouch, again10:51
mircea_popescuwhat exactly are you doing ?10:52
diana_comancrafting and taking the thing when it's supposedly done10:53
chettywell that crash was a little different anyway10:53
diana_comanI tried to re-open the container now before taking it10:53
diana_comanhoping it updates in time10:53
diana_comanI suspect it's basically that the container does not yet know to update from bundle to item10:53
diana_comanalthough the item was finished, hence the bot got the messages10:54
diana_comanso it kind of grabs the contents of the container after the job is done but before the container updated10:54
diana_comanhence it ends up with a bundle (according to the container's outdated knowledge) instead of the item as the server thinks10:54
chettyactually I think you are taking it before it finishes diana_coman10:58
chettyTransformContainedItem did not create new item10:58
diana_comanhmmm, weird10:58
diana_comanI made a change now, let me see if this fixes it10:58
diana_comanit might be the issue with the unreliable mod messages10:59
diana_comanif I can count on there being 2 of them each time, one for combining and one for finishing the item, then it should be ok10:59
diana_comanbut well10:59
diana_comanso far so good11:00
diana_comanworked fine this time11:00
diana_comanso I guess the whole is there and exposed as it will crash if you grab the items before they finish (although I guess it is at a precise point in there as otherwise it would crash when taking them manually too?)11:01
diana_comanbut as long as the mod messages arrive as expected, I can avoid that I think11:01
diana_comanon the client side, of course11:01
chettyyeah its a very precise point that does it, never have managed to do it manually so I am not sure exactly where11:03
diana_comanwell, I can tell you that it's after 1 mod and 2 exp message received11:05
diana_coman1 peace mod I mean11:05
diana_comanI guess it is very near to completion11:05
diana_comansince the exp messages are both sent11:05
chettyhm do you track the work mode messages?11:06
diana_comanpeace messages, yes11:07
diana_comanthe thing is that they do not seem very reliable11:07
diana_comanyesterday I was getting only one instead of 211:08
diana_comanmaybe with the re-targetting they are more reliable11:08
diana_comanI hope11:08
chettywell between the 2 peace messages should be a work message11:08
diana_comando you mean a system message saying "you start work etc"?11:10
chettyno, a mode set, just like peace11:10
diana_comanor a mode one setting the stance to something else than peace?11:10
diana_comanthat's a good idea11:10
diana_comanso far it works now :D11:10
diana_coman(I'll have a look into that anyway as it seems a good thing)11:11
chettydoing it on peace might in the end be bad, mode might come back as overweight instead too11:11
diana_comanwell, but anyway I can't do it only on work, can I?11:12
diana_comanor is that when it finishes?11:12
diana_comanthe overweight is a good obs, I'll add that as alternative11:12
chettyno, just sorta thinkging outloud here, cause I need to trap this on my end too11:12
diana_comanit certainly helps me too :)11:12
diana_comanand I crashed it again, but this time it was something else11:15
diana_comanit trained11:15
diana_comanand I think it messed up with the rest11:15
diana_comanI might pause the crafting for the training11:15
diana_comanas now it didn't care, it was going ahead with both, lol11:15
diana_comananyway, making a bot seems like a very good way of testing the server :)))11:16
mircea_popescuthat was the plan to begin with.11:17
mircea_popescui nany case, it's the "take all" process that fails, each and every time.11:17
mircea_popescuonce we figure this one out should hopefully be good to go.11:17
diana_comanyeah, but this time it was probably at the wrong moment for sure due to unexpected messages thrown in11:17
diana_comanthat moment before everything is loaded, when I wonder if my toolkit is still there or not11:25
mircea_popescuso pick it up now and again11:27
diana_comanI mean: after the crash, when I log in back again11:27
diana_comanthere is nothing to do against that, lol11:27
diana_comanotherwise I always pick it up as soon as I finish something11:28
diana_comanactually this might be another issue, but not sure if I can sort it out from the bot11:28
diana_comanmaybe it should pick up the container when done11:28
diana_comanbut uhm11:28
diana_comanI've made 28 shavings, but I think there should have been ingredients for more?11:29
mircea_popescuif you crash it you generally lose the itam.11:30
mircea_popescurecall the case of the 14 mushrooms -> 12 oils ?11:30
chettywith so many crashes bound to lose something11:30
diana_comanwell, it's weird in that I still have 2 flotsam and 1 rock, lol11:30
diana_comanyeah, I just wasn't sure and I did not yet get around to sort out the chat_base thing to get the full logs11:30
diana_comanwill do11:30
mircea_popescuit's rather useful.11:31
mircea_popescuhttp://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=24-07-2015#1211915 << me either, but like "Avengers" - someone somewhere will be clinging on to anything.11:32
mircea_popescuwhat's stars wars at , episode 500 ?11:32
mircea_popescuthe bold and the beautiful still running am i rite ?11:32
diana_comanno idea11:32
chettywhats that?11:32
mircea_popescuwrong chan :11:33
mircea_popescuexcuse the nonsequitur explosion :)11:34
diana_comanhmmm, clearly the bot is too fast for its own good16:40
diana_comanchetty is there any specific message sent at the end of the loot messages? (it seems I need to know when the loot is done, as otherwise the storage messages for the next craft can get mixed up :( )16:45
chettyI dont think so diana_coman , its just part to the crafting process, and it stops when it runs out of loot to send and goes back to finish the craft17:20
diana_comanoh, I see17:20
diana_comannevermind, I found a different way to do that17:20
diana_comanthe bot will basically just keep checking with every update message received if the item it wants is finally in the inventory17:21
diana_comannot the brightest thing to do, but the only one that will work really17:21
diana_comanthanks anyway17:21
mod6i'll have some map updates available today.17:22
diana_comancool mod617:22
mod6diana_coman: in the map, http://www.mod6.net/eulora/map/eulora-map4.jpg -- looking at the upper left hand corner of the island where the mountain is mainly empty.. you said that the first half was mainly WPL and the more northern half, or upper half is WWB right?17:24
diana_comanthat sounds right as far as I remember17:45
diana_comanprolly safer to get from the logs17:45
mod6I guess i gotta look back.17:46
diana_comansorry, I just focused those days on the bot and I don't really remember that17:47
mod6so yeah, you said a bunch of things in there really :]17:53
mod6(end of the log area)17:54
mod6specifically: logs.minigame.bz/2015-07-14.log.html#t23:18:2717:55
danielpbarronbtw am I the only one who uses the Eulora friend list?17:55
danielpbarronthe best* greatest** bestest*** social network!17:55
danielpbarronI have 11 friends17:56
danielpbarronso i think that means Eulora has 12 characters total17:56
mod6greyhawk dissed you?17:57
mod6oh i suppose you can't "friend" yourself. haha17:57
danielpbarronand i can't friend reginald17:58
danielpbarronalthough i was able to friend "Test"17:58
danielpbarronand then someone removed it17:58
mircea_popescui was gonna ask who did https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eulora/143997548631773918:19
mircea_popescubut then i followed the twitter. https://twitter.com/playeulora18:19
mircea_popesculobbes, can you make the bot post there from here ? like with a command ?18:20
mod6the maps have been updated.18:49
mod6not by a whole lot, but it's a big area.  will continue to work through the interior as time permits.18:50
mircea_popescuanything good found ? magical dungbeetle is the latest discovery in the crafter camp19:00
mod6naw, i just updated to cover some more ground; added mainly SRs & RRs.  Some SGs, BBBs mixed in.19:04
mod6I thought i saw that about the MDB in the log; but then i thought i mis-read that it was actually found: http://logs.minigame.bz/2015-07-23.log.html#t15:52:3519:05
mod6im pretty sure i have some of those horded up.19:06
mod6but never found any yet :/19:06
mircea_popescui'd buy em19:16
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danielpbarroni'd buy em19:24
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)19:24
mod6i've got 219:35
mod63 pacademia nuts19:35
mod61 wm19:35
danielpbarronwell 2 is the multiple needed so that's good19:37
danielpbarroni will buy all those things19:37
danielpbarronactually if your wm is low q you should sell it to mp19:38
danielpbarroni'll buy the beetles at any quality19:38
mod6did you ever find any other mining claims?19:38
danielpbarronof what?19:38
danielpbarronno i guess19:38
mod6MDB, WM (in a different location?)19:38
danielpbarroni may have found another elusive snail location but you had one already19:39
danielpbarronwait mdb is found??19:39
mod6it sounds like there was confusion around that.19:39
mod6i don't think it has, no.19:39
danielpbarroni don't know what the nuts are for yet19:40
danielpbarroni'll pay over base value for the beetles19:41
danielpbarronfoxy and I need those to progress in a couple skill lines19:41
danielpbarronactually maybe sell them to foxy19:41
danielpbarronit may be a moot point for now because i don't think there is a working samovar19:42
danielpbarronmeaning we need slithy toves above all else19:42
mod6i sold my horded STs and my Samovar a while ago.19:42
danielpbarronit's nice to get a stack but we really need a reliable source19:43
danielpbarronfor now i burn most of my tools on shrooms19:44
danielpbarronto make more tools19:44
danielpbarronand the spent tools make toolkits19:44
mod6yeah, i19:45
mod6ve burned a lot of tools on the map19:45
danielpbarronyou can do that bare-handed19:46
danielpbarroni have a macro19:46
mod6har she blows?19:57
mod6i /explor'd then nothing, took 2 steps, /explored again, nothing... figured maybe the server was already not responding or some such19:58
danielpbarronoh same here20:01
chettyserver appears to be cooking along just fine atm20:02
danielpbarroneh at least my tool doesn't get used when /explore misfired20:04
danielpbarronbut yeah the last 5 to 10 minutes sometimes it seems to complete the loading bar but then it doesn't give a "you were not successful"20:05
danielpbarronseems to be working now20:06
danielpbarroni wonder if it was because 3 of us were /exploring at once20:06
danielpbarronit's happening again20:07
danielpbarron5 /explores in a row20:07
chettywell I know there are a few small glitches in it, a lot of me trying to correct for bots, keeping logs to see if I can figure it out20:07
jurovheyo, i should be online tmrw afternoon/night .. if anyone is starving for coppers20:10
danielpbarroni'll get some20:10
diana_comandanielpbarron there IS a working samovar20:11
diana_comanand yes, I'll buy the beetles mod20:12
danielpbarronwell mod6 has 2 beetles20:12
diana_comanah mod6, I think I did not mention it before: I've explore more the underwater area out in front of the hill with the tree on it20:18
diana_comanbasically I found only RF everywhere there20:18
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mod6hill with a tree?20:54
mod6is that the three-legged try adjacent from "town"?20:55
mod6yeah, i found a lot of RF along the banks there.  the only place I've found it, infact.20:55
diana_comanyes, but it goes a lot into the water too20:55
diana_comanI was hoping to find something else, but nope20:56
diana_comanonly rf there all the way20:56
diana_comanas far as I can tell20:56
chettyI think the next release is gonna need a few more landmarks21:14
diana_comanspiron's grave?21:15
diana_comanthis time it wasn't me, lol21:28
diana_comanmircea_popescu or chetty?21:32
danielpbarroni got 19 * 175q flotsam21:38
danielpbarronout of 2 of my enumerations21:39
danielpbarronwith keys i bought for 8k per :/21:39
danielpbarrondo the markers have quality too?21:40
danielpbarronwell i know it varies21:40
danielpbarroni may still have gotten a good price21:40
diana_comannot sure if quality per se, but I think they have each different "odds" or whatever21:40
danielpbarronsometimes they give me 2 or 3 hundred21:40
diana_comanwere those small?21:40
diana_comanand yes, you need to average over a long period to make any sense21:41
danielpbarroni'm keeping track of data now21:41
diana_comanwow, do you have the building skills?21:41
diana_comannow I saw the q21:41
danielpbarronmy building rank is not low21:41
diana_comanok, let me ask it differently21:42
danielpbarronnot high either though21:42
diana_comando you get the same quality for moss for instance?21:42
danielpbarroni can't recall exact number and the server is down21:42
danielpbarronoh wait i wrote it down21:42
danielpbarronin my data21:42
diana_comanI mean: I have more than that for sure but I had the impression my flotsam was lower in quality21:42
diana_comanso : are you sure you don't have additional skills?21:43
danielpbarronyou probably are getting better flotsam than me21:43
diana_coman(or I REALLY need to check again the q of my flotsam)21:43
danielpbarronmp's come out in the 700s i think21:43
diana_comanbut mp DOES have those pesky skills21:43
danielpbarronor something high21:43
diana_comanso yeah21:43
danielpbarroni have samples21:44
danielpbarronbut can't check now21:44
diana_comanthey might be from earlier21:44
diana_comanthose around 830q21:44
danielpbarronno i got some very recently21:44
danielpbarroni got a reduced price by picking them up from the dig location21:44
diana_comananyway, mp has some building skills that help him with ordinary resources21:44
danielpbarronpretty clever?21:45
diana_comanso yeah, his flotsam will be better than mine21:45
danielpbarronone guy mining hires others to get the stuff so he doesn't have to break stride21:45
diana_comanalthough the rarer resources prolly not21:45
diana_comanof course, if there are enough people willing to21:45
diana_comanatm I think it's really people we miss most21:45
diana_comannot enough players really21:45
diana_comanhow are the sacrifices going?21:46
danielpbarroni'm on a lot21:46
diana_comando you need anything?21:46
danielpbarronyeah i need blueprints and wine21:46
danielpbarronso that's pretty much on hold for now21:46
diana_comanwell yes, but there is only that much that one person can do and then there is also the need for more diversity I think21:46
diana_comanwhat kind of blueprints?21:46
danielpbarronyou could get me 1 blueprint possibly with the beetles21:46
diana_comanoh, you finished all the supplications?21:47
diana_comanI see21:47
danielpbarron12 wine, 1 murky, 1 rock21:47
diana_comandid you use those tokens too in the end?21:47
danielpbarronthe murky yielded a token of very high valule21:47
danielpbarronlike over 30k21:47
danielpbarronbut no extras21:47
diana_comanwell, that makes sense21:47
danielpbarronthe later wines gave me a bunch of 2-leaf clovers21:47
danielpbarronand pretty much worthless tokens21:48
danielpbarronlike 300 or so21:48
diana_comanwhat wine is that? the uppity thing you mean?21:48
danielpbarron"almost wine"21:48
danielpbarronso far all my supplications have needed 1 "almost wine" per21:48
diana_comanuhm, isn't that made with the samovar? I'm confused21:48
danielpbarronand three of the thing being sacrificed21:48
danielpbarronso three berries, 3 mysterious stones, 3 smelly murky somethings21:48
diana_comanwell, not that bad21:49
danielpbarroni like the number 321:49
diana_comanha ha21:49
danielpbarroni get my groceries in 3s21:49
danielpbarron3 avocados, 3 jalepenos, 3 mushrooms21:49
*** Guest43168 is now known as cazalla21:49
danielpbarroni traded 24 or so clovers to mp and the deal is he'll make me some thing that i need and i'll only have to pay for the other materials that went into it21:50
*** cazalla is now known as Guest3623621:50
diana_comanwhat's that?21:50
*** Guest36236 is now known as cazalla21:50
danielpbarronand for the extra value he embues it with from being high rank21:50
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danielpbarroni don't recall21:50
danielpbarronthere's some thing that i need21:50
danielpbarronand he can make with clovers21:50
danielpbarroni sold him my average clovers actually21:51
danielpbarroni have a few that are higher quality than even those21:51
danielpbarronand he was impressed at how high quality the ones i gave were21:51
danielpbarroni have a few that are 300q21:51
danielpbarronvery very lucky clovers21:51
danielpbarronor so i imagine21:52
danielpbarronthe ones i sold were mid 200s i think21:52
danielpbarronerr, not sold but whatever the word is for that21:52
diana_comanwell yes, they sound quite high quality really21:52
diana_comankind of bartered I suppose in the end21:52
danielpbarroni didn't want to sell them outright21:53
diana_comandid you do all the shreddings too?21:53
danielpbarroni'm sure in the future there will be more liquidity in the clover market21:53
danielpbarronbut for now these are the only ones that will exist for some time21:53
danielpbarronand i don't want to just sell them21:53
diana_comanwell, once we actually manage to find them I suppose21:54
danielpbarronwhat if that's the only way to get them?21:54
diana_comanI didn't really get that impression at all21:55
diana_comanbut yeah, anything is possible I guess21:55
diana_comanI think though that those items were all supposed to be found really, it's just that some of them are VERY elusive and/or require much higher skill and/or tools21:56
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