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phfyeap, building eulora on mac os x is exactly the amount of torture that i thought it was going to be01:21
mircea_popescuyay wd!01:49
mircea_popescuyou got one ?01:49
mircea_popescunice ping too.01:50
phfso far it's not an easily reproducible result. half the files were built by calling gcc directly01:51
phfmircea_popescu: no, can i have an account?01:51
mircea_popescuah yes, coming right up01:51
mircea_popescuphf http://dpaste.com/0V0AJEG01:54
mircea_popescuima hop in game in a minute get you some starter stuff.01:55
phflet's see if it really works first. cs3d test had some visual glitches01:59
phfha, i spoke too soon. can't even type into the account box. something to do with focus02:00
mircea_popescudiana_comana couple of times I somehow ended up with making 2 slags out of the same ingredients :))) << can you document how this works ?02:17
mircea_popesculol it's a start.02:23
phfnot sure if bug, or intentional graphics style :p02:24
mod6lol, i just read the trilema article: An image is worth ten thousand words of sadness.02:45
mod6omg.  that's incredible.  this is lvl1!02:45
mircea_popesculol mod602:58
mircea_popescuwell, there's a further update afoot. introducing a whole new skill line, and so far > 100 more items.03:27
mod6wow! all for L1??03:30
mircea_popescuwell yes. tier 2 starts once we get fighting. it may happen this year but i dun think so03:32
mircea_popescuthen there's magic, and land ownership, and and and.03:33
mod6that's probably just fine anyway, hard to imagine trying to fight people at this stage.03:34
mod6gotta do some mining tomorrow!03:52
danielpbarronmy client crashed and now I always get the message "You cannot explore the same place twice in a row." no matter where I type /explore04:51
mircea_popescui had that happen to me once and i could never reproduce it04:56
mircea_popescutry logging off, waiting 5 minutes, logging back on and tell me i fit still does it04:57
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danielpbarronworks now05:22
mircea_popescui suspect it's a client issue somehow.05:25
lobbesbotNew post: http://trilema.com/category/smg/feed/ Eulora News Bulletin of today. <http://trilema.com/2015/eulora-news-bulletin-of-today/>05:28
lobbesbotNew post: http://trilema.com/category/smg/feed/ Eulora skills update <http://trilema.com/2015/eulora-skills-update/>05:28
lobbesbotNew post: http://trilema.com/category/smg/feed/ MiniGame (S.MG), June 2015 Statement <http://trilema.com/2015/minigame-smg-june-2015-statement/>05:28
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chetty<phf> ha, i spoke too soon. can't even type into the account box. something to do with focus// I seem to recall thats how far nubbins got trying to install the very first release on a mac07:05
mircea_popescuhe fixed it.07:05
mircea_popescui traded with him in game etc.07:05
chettyooo really, thats very cool07:06
chettyanyways server rest coming up unless someone wants to object, in 507:07
mircea_popescuyeah we now have os/x in the os list too!07:09
phfit will take another pass though, to get it build automatically. for example i have a python script that conditionally switches between clang and gcc-4.6. i'm not even sure if that's required07:11
mircea_popescuit'd be very nice if you make a proper guide for the wiki07:12
mircea_popescuan' ima give you a drink for it.07:12
chettywow thats really a big step, the theory it could be done was always there, but actually having it done :D07:12
phfoh i thought someone has done it before. there's a .app artifact there, etc.07:13
chettyserver reset done, up now07:14
mircea_popescui don't see the thing on the wiki, so...07:14
mircea_popescuben_vulpes tried and failed like twice, so did nubbins`07:14
phfoh interesting07:16
phfwell, if i maange to do a reproducible build, i'll put it on wiki07:18
phfi was hoping to have a patch by the end of today's attempt, but the whole thing took longer then i thought it would07:19
mircea_popescutomorrow is another night.07:20
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diana_comanmircea_popescu not sure what to document beyond what I already described in the channel: it's a timing issue - if you take the bundle from the table at just the right moment, you end up with both the bundle and the item08:31
diana_comanit's relatively difficult to reproduce reliably given that you need to get the time just right08:31
mircea_popescuyeah i saw it meanwhile08:32
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diana_comanjurov I left only the keys, true08:45
diana_comanI didn't know there was anyone to get the claims anyway08:45
diana_comanuhm, I thought the disappearing claims issue was fixed?08:50
diana_comanit seems that my ordinary of yesterday is gone08:50
*** Joins: HeySteve (~Lizard__W@unaffiliated/heysteve)08:53
diana_comanha, 100 flotsam out of small claim08:56
mircea_popescuah wd!09:01
mircea_popescuHeySteve you ever managed to get it going ?09:01
chettyyou had a claim dissappear diana_coman ?09:03
diana_comanit seems so, but I will check thoroughly in a moment09:03
HeySteveyep, I did mircea_popescu09:08
mircea_popescudid you manage to do anything ?09:09
HeySteveyeah I explored the world, found a couple of resources, crafted a few basic things09:09
mircea_popescua cool.09:09
diana_comanyay, it turns out the claim is still there, so false alarm, sorry chetty09:10
diana_comanit was just not visible from where I was, gee09:10
diana_comansometimes it makes funny stuff and you can't see things right next to you really09:10
chettyyeah I havenoticed sometimes face on graphic blinks out09:11
chettyand whew, if we still had claims going away I think I would just throw up my hands in defeat09:14
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diana_comanjurov do you have copper for 1 btc?09:27
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jurov1BTC? lol this escalates quickly12:07
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*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)12:38
diana_comanwell jurov, eulorian good life is expensive on one hand and I'd rather make 1 transaction than several on the other hand12:39
diana_comanI guess that makes me lazy or something12:39
diana_comanbut if you don't have that much now no worries, it's not urgent now anyway12:43
jurovi have, like 0.812:55
jurov<mircea_popescu> "people are working to make a map of known resources" lol where?12:56
diana_comanwell ok then, I'll just take that 0.8BTC and that's it12:56
diana_comanmod was working on one12:56
diana_comanon a map12:56
jurovthe question was, where? not who :)12:57
jurovit's on wiki?12:57
diana_comanah, as far as I got it, he was working on it...on a piece of paper, lol12:58
diana_comanbut maybe just ask him? mod6?12:58
jurovhttp://www.explo.yt/eulora/MAP.ods << time to spill my beans13:04
jurovbut i fear it's outdated13:04
diana_comanthat's nice jurov, we can use it for a start anyway13:05
diana_comanI can certainly add to it what I know now13:06
diana_comanmy older records are also quite outdated now, but since I started searching for that bloody slithy tove, I kind of got a much better mental map of it13:07
jurovany crumbly rocks?13:08
diana_comanno :(13:08
diana_comanbitterbeans, snails13:08
diana_comaneven that grub thing13:08
diana_comanbut nothing really useful like crumbly rocks, lol13:09
diana_comanapparently 80M coppers is a number too big for the display in the trade window, lol13:11
mod6< diana_coman> but maybe just ask him? mod6? << yup, am working on something.  Been a bit side tracked with the foundation stuff last few days.  I'll keep workin on it today if I can.  What I'm doing: I've went around the island to first map where stuff is in relative areas. Now going around trying to re-map with some more exact loactions.13:24
diana_comanhave a look at jurov's map too as it's not bad even if some things are out of date indeed13:25
diana_comanand no worries mod6 :)13:25
mod6I'm recording these findings on your fly-over shots so it's easy to tell where stuff is at; the other map is a bit difficult to tell for exactness.  The plan is to turn this into a electronic map using gimp or some other tool to put a layer on top of the existing .jpgs.13:26
diana_comansounds great :)13:27
mod6The easy to find stuff will just define a general area, the more hard to find stuff will specify coordinates.13:27
mod6< jurov> http://www.explo.yt/eulora/MAP.ods << time to spill my beans << DNE13:29
jurovDNE "does not exist"?13:31
diana_comanthat's strange, I got the file13:45
* mod6 checks again13:46
diana_comanthat was the map I was talking about a bit earlier13:46
mod6i keep getting doc not found. *shrug*13:46
mod6no worries.13:46
mod6im making my own :]13:46
diana_comannot the one on the wiki (I think that one is made by mike_c?)13:46
diana_comanha ha13:46
mod6yah, mike_c's map was what i used to first get the generalized places recorded.  but it's not quite elaborate enough for my purposes.  so the overhead shots are better.13:47
mod6hopefully I'll get further with it today.13:47
mod6have something maybe to look at by the end of the week.13:47
mod6i've found a fair amount of dead spots.13:48
diana_comanit would surely be very very useful :)13:48
diana_comanI ran out of my very expensive chetty sticks, but at least I can tell you where there are things OTHER than mushrooms or crumbly rocks :D13:49
mod6you find the Tove?!13:49
diana_comanthat's the very sad part13:49
diana_comanI found some places where I could not get anything even after destroying lots of tools13:49
diana_comanand then used the stick13:49
mod6ah yeah, i've got 2 spots where to find that, and 2 spots to find AEs too.13:50
diana_comanyes, the annoying thing is that I had found those things before even without any 1mill a piece chetty stick13:50
diana_comanit hurt, lol13:50
diana_comanand you can use it only once...13:52
diana_comanwell, it could be used 2 times if it were higher quality13:52
diana_comanbut who can make higher quality than that...13:52
diana_comanthing is: you can't know in advance if that's indeed a spot with slithy tove or with something else13:53
diana_comanthat's why I personally think that it's rather a better bet to just level up insanely in building until it becomes more likely to find things13:54
diana_comanbut well, leveling up in building requires tools too13:54
diana_comanwhich require mushrooom13:54
jurovlevel up in gathering, you mean?14:04
diana_comanyes, in gathering14:26
diana_comangot it mixed up14:26
jurovmp implied that if you're highly above average, additional levels don't mean much14:27
diana_comanwell, my practical experience show that if you are the first, you can feel it14:28
diana_comanso yes, I think that it doesn't make a big difference if you are 50 levels above average or 51 or 5514:28
diana_comanbut on one hand given that we are few, one can actually increase the average relatively easily I guess14:29
diana_comanand on the other hand, it does make a difference from what I saw whether one is first or even just a few levels below first14:29
diana_comanI noticed it instantly when mp slightly overtook me, lol14:30
chettyI need to play more and bring those averages down :P14:30
diana_comanha ha chetty14:31
diana_comanbtw, what message is sent when you rank up ?14:31
diana_comanis it just a generic thing?14:31
diana_comanas I'd need to catch that one too if the bot is to buy the level when available14:31
diana_comannot sure if it's better to rely on that message or just to check each time the numbers really14:32
chettyits pretty much just the announcement you get in chat, client really doesnt know much about ranks other than to draw the skills page14:34
jurovage tends to get lost among the loot14:34
jurovchety, really?14:34
diana_comanwell, for the bot it would surely not get lost14:34
diana_comanand yeah, that was my understanding of it too, so far14:34
diana_comanthat's why I was thinking that it might be better to check the numbers rather14:35
diana_comanas the only other option is to subscribe to all announcement messages and then ..compare the message string?14:35
chettyI dont recall exactly ... You gained a rank in ...., something like that14:35
diana_comanbut then basically I assume a fixed string and I don't like that14:35
diana_comanbut ugh14:36
diana_comanyou ranked up in ..14:36
jurovthere are specific skill messages from the server every time the value updates14:37
diana_comansometimes it does get lost in the sense that it doesn't flash on the screen in big letters (well, it prolly does but too quickly), but it always appears int he chat window14:37
jurovwhen "knowledge" goes to zero, you know you need to go to heinous heina14:37
diana_comanyes jurov, that's what I was thinking as 2nd option, to get those instead and then just check whether you can buy another level14:37
diana_comanha ha14:37
diana_comanyou clearly love heina14:37
diana_comanso yeah chetty, the mod messages are somehow unreliable really in the sense that I can't even count them and assume the first one to be for the bundle and the 2nd one for the item :(14:55
diana_comannow somehow there was no message for the bundle :(14:55
diana_comanthe best I can do at the moment is probably to get and check both the mod and the skill update messages :(14:55
danielpbarronhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2015-07-14.log.html#t12:07:05 << I want some more too, jurov14:56
jurovwell then mircea must reload me14:56
jurover, not then, before :)14:57
diana_comanif I check only the skill update messages, so far it really seemed to be way more reliable, but the issue is that one can't check then the skills while the bot is working as it messes it up15:01
chettyyeah I am still thinking about those messages, theing is if somethin goes wrong, like bad tool for the final transform we dont want to leave the character in a 'busy' state15:02
diana_comanoh, I see what you mean15:07
danielpbarronis there an advantage to using a tool to /explore beyond sparing myself the HP loss?15:23
diana_comanyes danielpbarron15:26
diana_comanyou gain more experience15:26
diana_comanthe experience you gain is directly linked to how much money you spend on the thing you are trying to do15:27
diana_comanand well, in principle you also increase the chances of finding bigger /better stuff15:27
diana_comanbut that is less clear to what extent15:27
diana_coman(meaning: you CAN still find rarer/bigger claims even bare handed, but the odds are lower I guess)15:28
diana_comanI guess I should better add this stuff to the wiki, huh15:29
chettywell unless you are keeping secrets :)15:37
juroveh get away with the secrets... economy is going to grind to halt soon it everyone's keeping secrets15:40
chettywell I seem to recall folks trying to protect resource locations ... but seems to me you are right, at least for now that doesnt seem to be a good idea15:45
chettymaybe when we get more maps ..15:46
diana_comanthere, I've added a bit15:48
diana_comanit's more that I don't really get enough time for everything as it is15:49
diana_comannot about keeping secrets15:49
diana_comandanielpbarron maybe you have a look at the wiki and let me know if it makes sense15:49
diana_comanit's kind of a first draft and I am usually horrible with those15:49
diana_comanuhm chetty, I got again some experience points in...gathering while I was making some slag?15:53
chettydiana_coman, its part of that losing the target thing, it gets confused about what to give you points in and defaults to gathering rather than give none15:58
diana_comanah, I see15:58
diana_comanhappily the bot was unperturbed as it re-targets for every new item anyway15:59
diana_comanprecisely to avoid issues with losing target15:59
diana_comanat least that part works, lol15:59
chettyI have tried various ways to correct for it but people do all sorts of stuff like tab off screen and just too unpredictable16:00
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mod6finally, a wooly mushroom16:08
diana_comanwow, well done mod!16:09
mod6same place as you already know about.16:09
mod6found some deserted crab shells too.16:09
diana_comanyes, nearer to the tent16:09
diana_comanthose wooly mushrooms however seem to have become more difficult to find16:09
diana_comanI'm trying to level up and maybe I get better chances again16:10
diana_comanthe first time when I had just discovered the spot, I got quite a few claims as you probably saw16:10
diana_comanbut then it kind of dried up very quickly16:10
diana_comanpossibly as mp was catching up, ha ha16:11
mod6yeah, i saw you had a ton of claims there16:12
chettywelcome sueastside16:22
sueastsideDid not know there was another CS game out there...16:29
danielpbarronit only recently officially released16:30
diana_comansueastside it's still in beta as we speak16:41
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danielpbarronmod6, i got 18 of your boulders17:20
mod6yea, no worries.17:36
mod6i've got a zillion boulders, but can only carry so many ;)17:36
mod6yeah, i see that.17:38
chettyup now18:20
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mod6thx chetty18:24
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*** Joins: mircea_popescu (~Mircea@pdpc/supporter/silver/mircea-popescu)18:47
danielpbarronchetty, crashed19:22
chettykeys :(19:26
chettyback up19:26
danielpbarronwhat should I do with keys?19:26
danielpbarroni started to put them in the used claims, but then someone was saying they turn into bits of nothing19:26
danielpbarronso i started saving them again, but none turned into bits of nothing19:26
danielpbarronand now I go and crash the server again trying to put them in storage19:27
chettywell the new ones do, but any old ones hanging around from the first week or so cause crashes when you examine them19:27
mircea_popescuor putting them in db19:27
chettythe new keys will turn into little bits when the claim is swept up19:28
danielpbarronwhen my inventory is too full to the point where i cannot move, the option to open up storage is removed from the NPC menu19:33
danielpbarronI can get around this by dropping a bandar toolkit, opening it up, putting the heavy stuff in there19:33
danielpbarronthen open storage menu, then move items back into real inventory19:34
danielpbarronso if the goal was to stop me from stacking lots of heavy things into one pile, I found a loophole19:34
mircea_popescuyou can also click the storage place whether icon is dsisplayed or not.19:35
chettyno real goal about storage, just a bit of realism, you cant carry the whole game on your back at once :)19:37
sueastsidethe game fits on my HDD, i can carry my HDD, i can put the hdd in a backpack on my back, therefor I can carry the whole game on my back at once.19:45
jurovchetty that's already accomplished by unability to move19:45
chettyyeah, I honestly dont know why the storage button disappears, not something I worried about19:48
mircea_popescuwho're you sueastside ?19:52
sueastsideA lonely traveler just passing by and spreading the word of illogical logic to those in need of it.19:53
sueastsideIn any case, I'll shut up.19:53
mircea_popescuwasn't my intention.19:55
mircea_popescudo you have a game account ? do you want one ?19:55
sueastsideNot right now, thank you. Just lurking a bit, seeing what you people are up to :)19:56
chettyshes from the crystalspace team, a magian with blender stuffs19:58
mircea_popescuah! you know there's Bitcoin to be made working blender for us.19:58
sueastsideJust to pull in a Johnny Cash reference: A boy named Sue.19:59
mircea_popescuso what's ast side ?19:59
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i think i wiped the offending item. if you find it within your heart to go through your inventory and right click everything when you haver a moment...20:00
sueastsideThere have been many legends concerning the mystery that is my appointed pseudonym. Many of them urban. Some say it is Super-User from the East-Side, others believe it is a homonym for suicide, since I'm a rather depressive and pessimistic personality. But I digress, just call me Sue.20:03
mircea_popescuso sue, wanna make us a model ?20:04
sueastsideDo I get BC for working on the blender to CS exporter?20:04
sueastsideDo I get BC for having worked on the blender to CS exporter??20:05
sueastsidedamn :P20:05
mircea_popescudja understand what pgp is ?20:05
chettywell if you could come up with a good way in blender to figure out how to get the tri numbers ...for sockets ...20:06
sueastsidethe encryption?20:06
sueastsideyes, what about it?20:08
sueastsidechetty: hmm a socket is nothing but a special bone (well just a transform really) to be able to attach objects to a skeleton...so the tri nr seems irrelevant?20:09
chettycal3d wants a number20:11
sueastsideoh, right cal3d...yeah it wants the triangle index as it transforms the attached object using the vert locs of that triangle. 2) Don't use cal3d :P20:13
sueastside...or why not use animesh? PS animation code should support it now iirc20:14
chettyisnt there some way to pry that information out of blender?20:15
sueastsidenot out of blender directly, you would need to alter the cal3d exporter (as it will internally sort the triangles and write them out, the index will be different from the blender internal one), wasn't there some option in viewmesh to find the tri index of a location on the mesh you clicked?20:18
chettyhmm maybe, I admit I havent tried that. the cal3d exporter doesnt really work anyway, you have to export xml then use the converter20:19
sueastsideYou could play around with trying to get Krystal or Kwartz (they're both animesh) to work in your client, it will be a visual step up from boxman :)20:23
chettywell i have a couple models now, not very good, my animation skills stink20:24
chettyhmm I dont know if anybody has posted on wiki20:26
chettyah cool ty mod620:29
sueastsideLovin the progress shots!20:41
mod6thx :]20:42
mircea_popescunice stuff mod620:42
sueastsideDefinitly keep doing it, its hilarious if you look back at them in 7 years .... http://imgur.com/a/yQr0d20:42
mod6will do for sure. I stop and take a few shots from time to time.20:45
mod6those are neat pics too.20:45
mod6it's called Peragro Tempus?20:45
mircea_popescuso what is this aha20:45
chettyvery cool pics sueastside20:50
sueastsideThe first EMORPG20:50
mircea_popescu"Peragro Tempus is a new mmorpg game under heavy development that promises a lot and has a native Linux client. "20:52
danielpbarronaha, in my storage there was a key that has no description20:54
danielpbarronit is currently in my inventory20:54
danielpbarronalong with various keys that do have coordinates and descriptions20:54
mircea_popescuoh i c20:54
mircea_popescumind logging off for just a minute ?20:54
chettywell if we crash again I got some additional debugging info ready to go in to help us find it20:55
mircea_popescui'll tell ya when to get back on danielpbarron20:55
danielpbarroni'm out20:55
danielpbarroni've been saving that key for a while now, i think20:55
sueastsidemircea_popescu: haha! this one is hilarious too https://libregamewiki.org/Peragro_Tempus20:55
mircea_popescuso are you / were you working on this or what20:56
* danielpbarron has played in enough game economies to know not to discard items if storage is free20:56
sueastsideI was the project's leader20:57
mircea_popescuso what happened to it sueastside ?21:00
mircea_popescudanielpbarron keys aren't really now or ever going to be worth anything intrinsically.21:00
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mircea_popesculobbes why's it do this ? you know ?21:00
mircea_popescu"It's not great yet, but I'm sure in 100% that it will be." seems promising enough21:02
mircea_popescuhttps://libregamewiki.org/File:Peragrotempuscastle.jpg << castle doens't look half bad.21:04
sueastsidemircea_popescu: getting old, switching to a non-brainless job that actually makes money to pay a mortgage, other devs going through the same, lack of player interest because of commercial free to play games, lack of new dev interest because of free to use commercial engines and tools, to rise of mobile gaming, probably other excuses too...21:06
* mircea_popescu could see minigame buying up art assets if there's anthing buyable.21:07
mircea_popescudanielpbarron should be good to go!21:09
mircea_popescuhttp://36.media.tumblr.com/4f9a3353edb5edf22b8f889c0bc2486f/tumblr_n2apt70IYI1tsigedo1_1280.jpg << here's the woman, and here's the tech. therefore, woman in tech.21:12
sueastsideThere is a really important question about that though21:13
mircea_popescunamely ?21:13
sueastsideIs that stainless steel or polished aliminium?21:14
mircea_popesculooks like steel21:14
mircea_popescuanyway, sueastside, did that tempus thing ever get player character models ? that don't suck ?21:16
sueastsidelatest was the vampire knight, so not really?21:20
mircea_popescuvampire knight sigh. you know, you folks had no idea how to do this.21:21
jurovmircea_popescu: can i exchange another 5BTC into coppers?21:23
mircea_popescujurov holy shit ?!21:23
jurovthen one you gave em is away already21:23
mircea_popescuyes you can. i will be in game in 5 to pay you. send 500000229 to mpex.21:23
mod6five hundred million coppers?21:24
mircea_popescuand this is the sad story of me totally losing any semblance of control over this thing ;/ when i bought myself 1.5 btc last month i figured this sohuld be enough for a year. it's been... a month21:24
mircea_popescuby now players own more copper than me, by a wide margin21:25
sueastsidemircea_popescu: actually we do, you take an awesome concept http://i.imgur.com/dUacpv0.jpg and turn it into a crappy model http://i.imgur.com/gcCgM3x.jpg21:25
mircea_popescusing, ye goddess, the impotent anger of lord mircea dethroned from any semblance of relevancy.21:25
mircea_popescusueastside i mean something a lot more specific than that. you can't build a great cultural artefactr of any kind, game included, by simply importing outside symbols.21:27
mircea_popescuthe "vampire knight" function is undefined in your space. why would it be there ?21:28
sueastsidemircea_popescu: ah, the down and upsides of developing a game as a hobby, it was something made on a whim and for lack of anything better it stuck around...21:34
sueastsideI'm actually glad it has an actual referencable name, and its not named bh0034 (some house) or just Steve (our skeleton character)21:40
jurov*tadadataaaa* danielpbarron please show up at merchant, repeat...21:42
mod6lol, look at this, i even have coords written down for CRs21:43
* mod6 goes to see if they're still in the same place21:43
mod6i /knew/ i had found these before... just couldn't remember where... but i had once written down every claim I had, and it's coords so i could sort out all of the keys in my storage back when all the claims were flushed.21:44
jurovmining is even more patchy for me now. sometimes not getting progress bar at all, mixing building/gathering willy nilly21:57
jurovi was doing some experiments with py interface on client, but that wouldn't explain the mixed building/gathering points21:57
mod6so mine was acting up a bit after the delays were put in on friday or thursday, but seemed much better on Saturday evening or Sunday.  Has been working better for me since.21:58
mod6I meant to update on that over the weekend.21:58
danielpbarronjurov> *tadadataaaa* danielpbarron please show up at merchant, repeat... << too late?22:15
jurovyes, all 5BTC worth of coppers sold :(22:15
danielpbarronno way22:15
jurov(no, joking)22:15
jurovgood that coins weight nothing.. would be interesting otherwise22:22
mod6so the first 2 claims i checked where i found CRs before were mainly filled now with WWBs.22:29
mod6but, man, even those were hard to turn up.  used to be that when I went to that spot week or so ago, seemed more abundant.22:29
mod6im in the other spot now, where i found the other 2 CR claims before and nothing but a big dead spot.22:29
jurovi tried to find you in vain22:30
mod6i'll keep lookin22:30
jurovmust be very well hidden spot :)22:30
mod6im wearing a blue shirt22:30
mod6it's like, as soon as i walked out of the area beyond the "line" immediate find of separate item.22:33
jurovnobody has seen anyone with blue shirt22:33
mod6well, i have gray pants, and no shoes.22:34
jurovand hair on right half of the skull... but not seen recently22:35
mod6haha yeah, that guy22:35
mod6remember when you could speed mine?22:38
jurovspeed what?22:40
mod6you could mine, quickly and repeatedly.22:41
mircea_popescusueastside that's also a point22:51
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)22:51
diana_comanmod6 where is that dead spot?22:51
mircea_popescumod6 so you have a live crumbly rock field ?22:51
diana_comanI might give it a go22:51
diana_comanI had tried my old crumbly rocks claim too22:51
diana_comanand nope, no luck22:51
diana_comanovertook by moss22:51
diana_comanand solid branches22:51
diana_comanand whatever22:51
diana_comanmircea_popescu trade in game?22:52
mircea_popescudiana_coman i just set it up for a craft.22:52
mircea_popescuin an hour or so ?22:52
diana_comanpfft, I'll soon go to sleep22:52
diana_comanmidnight here22:52
mircea_popescuwe do tomorro ?22:52
diana_comanok, no hurry for me22:52
mod6< mircea_popescu> mod6 so you have a live crumbly rock field ? << for me I had two spots written down, two claims in each spot.  one spot was overrun by WWBs, and the other one was 100% dead spot. couldn't get anything.23:00
mod6Foxy went up there to see what she could find.23:00
mod6i gotta run for a bit, will be back later.23:00
diana_comansmall polished stone...23:03
diana_comanat mod6's location...23:03
diana_comanffs ...and spicy moss23:12
diana_comanmore on the side of that hill so a bit further than the spot23:12
diana_comanspicy moss is everywhere, lol23:13
mircea_popescuwell i need it, so.23:13
diana_comanso don't spill it all over the place, I can already find it, lol23:13
diana_comanspill some crumbly rocks better :)))23:14
mircea_popescui didn't touch nething!23:16
diana_comanmod6 for the map: up on that rock nearby there are widow's whisp berries23:18
diana_comanthis game has stuff that is rare and shitty stuff that is not-quite-so-rare23:19
diana_comanor stuff that is rare and stuff that is actively hiding possibly23:19
diana_comana bit further along... leather23:20
diana_comanmod6 for map: -67 42  -173 bird's nest23:25
diana_comanand around it: shiny rocks23:25
diana_comanserver down?23:27
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)23:28

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