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mircea_popescudon't kill yourself, it's not going anywherew.00:13
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chettygood morning diana_coman12:33
diana_comangood morning chetty12:35
diana_comanhow are you?12:35
chettybetter now, I found a whole new way for this to fail, and finally figured out how to fix it12:36
chettyhow are you?12:36
diana_comanha, that sounds really good actually12:39
diana_comanI'm quite enjoying eulora :)12:39
diana_comanso thank you :)12:39
chettythats good to hear, I really am enjoying seeing people play it :)12:39
chettyMakes it a lot more enjoyable to keep working on12:40
diana_comanis there any plan to make a kind of player-market? like to be able to offer things for sale and buy things offered by other players?12:42
diana_comanor is it meant to be just through direct trade player to player?12:42
chettyyes, but for now its direct trades12:42
diana_comanI mean character to character, meeting and setting up the trade on the spot12:43
chettyI am actually still wrestling the merchant a bit, MP has some nutty requirements but eventually there will be a way to make a market12:44
chettyfor now meet up and trade12:44
diana_comansure :)12:44
diana_comanugh, I gotta go right now, but I'll be back a few hours later :)12:45
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diana_comanugh, guess I am done in eulora for about 5 days now15:37
chettyoh? dont want to miss sunday event if you can help it15:38
diana_comanno, no, precisely15:38
diana_comanI don't think there is much more I can do right now15:39
diana_comanor at least until I get around 5000 coppers more15:39
diana_comanI did not realise that getting the materials was so poor with low tinkering skills, I thought it relied more on gathering15:39
chettyahhh well tomorrow is sunday so I guess it will catch up, did you have a chance to try any crafting?15:40
diana_comanthat's the thing: I did some crafting (I guess making the bundles count for that) but the results's quality was so abysmal that they are totally worthless, lol15:41
mircea_popescudiana_coman im pretty sure mining is +ev15:41
mircea_popescua tiny costs ~11 to exploit, a small ~77.15:41
chettyahh yes, quality is indeed an issue with a lot of things :)15:42
mircea_popescularger ones are more expensive, so perhaps not accessible, but you should be able to scrounge 11 together.15:42
diana_comanhmmmm, I did not look into that, I must have missed something15:42
chettypeople do seem to be getting a lot of the larger claims they cant really do much with15:42
diana_comanthat's the thing15:43
diana_comanI have tons of remarkable this and that15:43
mircea_popescudiana_coman well those will have to wait. also crafting higher level stuff.15:43
diana_comanyes, all I wanted was to exploit some of those claims I had15:44
diana_comanI chose an "ordinary" one, but still the cost of ingredients for the thing is quite high15:44
mircea_popescui guess it's not directly obvious that those are in fact rare/valuable, on account of how common they are atm.15:44
mircea_popescuwont last.15:44
diana_comanlol, there seem to be some types that are rare in fact15:45
mircea_popescui meant sizes.15:45
diana_comanI mean: bird's nest for instance is rare as far as I can see15:45
diana_comanwhile flotsam is all over the place15:45
mircea_popescufact that one gets 4 remarkable out of 5 tries makes them think remarkable's not that remarkable lol15:45
mircea_popescubut yes types have their rarities.15:45
mircea_popescualso zones matter.15:45
diana_comanyes, somehow remarkable appeared a lot lately - I thought it had to do with my skill level at gathering rather15:46
diana_coman(having improved it quite significantly :P )15:46
mircea_popescui just fed the pool a little to start it off is all :)15:46
mircea_popescuand no, anything under 1k is scarcely worth the mention :D15:46
diana_comanthe thing is: atm I did not see anything below 18 to exploit (adding the costs of items for the "bundle" from the merchant)15:47
diana_comaneither I just don't have something small enough15:47
diana_comanor I missed something15:47
chettyyou have any claims that say tiny, or small?15:48
diana_comanwhere does it say tiny/small/smth else?15:48
diana_comanit says 1000 as size15:48
diana_comanmost of them15:48
chettywell the recipe name, or the description of the key15:49
diana_comanyep, the key description says size: 100015:49
diana_comannot tiny/small15:49
chettymeet me by merchant?15:50
diana_comanon my way15:50
diana_comangt there15:51
diana_comanindeed, small seems to be actually truly... remarkable for now :)))16:08
chettyI am pretty sure either danielpbarron or mod6 has one16:10
diana_comanI got one now, too16:11
diana_comanlol, so many bits o' nothings16:12
chettycoolness, grats16:13
diana_comanyes, only in eulora :p16:18
diana_comanare those bits of nothings purposefully confusing?16:20
diana_comanI mean: some are bigger and some are smaller (as far as I can tell)16:20
diana_comanahh, nevermind16:23
diana_comanbah, need a mule now16:36
diana_comanyaaaay made and sold some flotsam, lol16:42
danielpbarroni haven't found the murky thing yet16:47
diana_comanbtw chetty, the small visual issue with the merchant interface is fixed at the merchant, but not at the trainer (storing)16:52
chettyah okies ty16:53
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chettydid anyone other than jurov get on with windows yet?17:21
jurovhi chetty, idk17:22
thestringpulleri'll try later today17:22
jurovand i forgot to ask - where are the VS files from?17:22
thestringpulleri'll grab binaries from jurov blog.17:22
jurovthestringpuller: they have a problem - compiled with debug dlls that are not readily available17:23
chettyleftovers from the base I started develpment with, enitely possible they have problems since I have no way to debug or keep them up with out a win system17:24
jurovbut there are added references to ../../cs , who did that?17:25
jurovthe core of the issue is that without these references compile obv blows up and they are only in one debug configuration17:26
jurovand as said yest to mp, configurations are hairy mess17:27
jurovgenerally in msvc17:27
chettyyeah I bet they are, interesting the added references.. wasnt me,only stuff I have messed with is the jamfiles, touching the windows stuff without a win system si counterproductive, imo, wouldnt have a clue what needed to be done17:30
chettyfrnakly I am a bit astounded you managed a compile that works at all17:31
chettybeen 5-6  years since I had a win system and compiled anythig, what a bitch it was too17:32
jurovwell.. this time i'm retrying with "ReleaseWithDLLs" and will try to add missing references as they'll come up17:33
chettycool, I dont know if I can be any help but I will try :)17:34
danielpbarronaha! i found the murky thing!17:40
chettywoohoo grats danielpbarron17:43
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chettyhello Birdman17:46
danielpbarronhe's gonna attempt the windows binary17:47
chettyoh nice :)17:47
BirdmanNow when it says to replace the files, i should be deleting everything it says to replace then add the others right?18:13
jurovwhat "it"?18:14
jurovoh just copy new files over the old ones, don't remove anything18:15
jurovbut hold on, ive made a progress and will publish updated package in few minutes18:15
jurovit seems to no longer load the debug dll18:15
Birdmani think i got that same message18:17
Birdmanor it says it is missing18:17
jurovwell, few other things changed as well, so i reuploaded complete bundle (only cs-winlibs are needed, nothing else): http://www.explo.yt/eulora/Eulora-Jun12015-win32-r2.7z18:24
jurovsha256sum: 1bc602c0a0dbc794b4cdce056256deebf8f3937397d54aa33611d2937ff2af2d18:25
thestringpullerick those cs-winlibs18:29
thestringpulleri'll install those first18:29
jurovhttp://explo.yt/post/2015/06/05/Eulora-for-Windows updated18:30
Birdmanshould i uninstall cs-winlibs and redownload18:35
chettyI should think that depends on version you have?18:35
BirdmanThe one not just updated18:36
jurovwhich version you had before?18:36
jurovif you had _003 installed, it's fine18:37
thestringpullerwait i need to install msys and cygwin too?18:37
Birdmani do, so what do ineed to do now?18:38
BirdmanI replaced files and installed winlibs18:38
jurovrun the .bat?18:38
Birdmanthestringpuller: it says they're not needed18:38
Birdmana command box shows up for a second and closes itself18:39
jurovweird, there is "pause" in the end of eulora.bat so that you can see what heppened18:41
jurovif you don't have it there you have wrong version, better create from scratch18:41
Birdmanwhat do you mean pause18:41
jurovyou don't have to reinstall cs-winlibs, only wipe c:\eulora and extract -r2 there18:41
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jurovfuck yeah, remembered i have win7 image tucked away and... IT RUNS THERE18:46
chettyoh wow, neat18:47
jurovbut you need additionally if you don't have installed already: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=832818:48
jurovwhat a silence18:58
chettypeople busy making it work?18:58
jurovyes i hope so18:59
chettysomeone is online dieing18:59
BirdmanIm waiting for it to re download18:59
Birdmanwill keep you posted18:59
danielpbarronheh that was me19:02
BirdmanOk, it says libcal3d-csvc10.dll is missing19:04
jurovare you on 32bit system?19:04
danielpbarronlost connection to server19:05
danielpbarrongtg eat anyway lol19:05
Birdman64 bit19:05
jurovBirdman check that all the diretories that eulora.bat adds to PATH exist and do contain dlls?19:08
jurovlibcal3d-csvc10.dll should be in c:\program files(x86)\CS19:10
Birdmanit is not19:11
Birdmanbut the rest seem to be ok19:11
jurovhm.. perhaps i'm mistaken and cs-winlibs should be installed *with* MSVC support19:12
jurovyou don't have to reinstall them, there's utility in their start sumbemu to do it19:12
jurov*start submenu19:12
jurov"Set up VC support"19:13
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jurov(just my educated guess why the dll is not there)19:14
Birdmani dont see that in the submenu19:15
jurovweird. it's there both in win 7 and win819:17
jurovdid you really install it with default settings?19:17
Birdmanyeah completely19:18
jurovtry running C:\CrystalSpaceLibs\VCsupport.exe ?19:20
Birdmanim just going to re install it19:21
Birdmanbecause i dont even see that19:21
jurovinstall the msvc redistributable first, maybe it's a precondition19:25
jurovanyone else thying? thestringpuller?19:26
Birdmanit doesnt say it is missing anymore, but it says psclient.exe has stopped working19:51
Birdmanoh there it goes19:56
Birdmanand it stopped working again19:56
Birdmanits running no19:58
jurovno details?19:58
Birdmani think it was just freezing up for some reason19:58
jurovyes, it does some processing that causes win to think it is "not responding"19:58
jurovdo you have account?20:00
Birdmanno, i asked mp for one20:00
mircea_popescuBirdman ya 1 sec20:04
jurovso... gotta make signed manifest and upload the thing ... once mp's paranoid ftp server lets me in20:06
mircea_popescujurov you still can't get in ?20:06
jurovnot even connect anymore20:06
mircea_popescuon looking into this20:07
mircea_popescui tried it yest and it was working o.O20:07
mircea_popescuBirdman http://dpaste.com/2SX5P2520:08
mircea_popescujurov, check it out, it's banned us!20:11
mircea_popesculfd: (sshd) Failed SSH login from * (SK/Slovakia/*): 5 in the last 300 secs - Fri Jun  5 16:42:05 201520:12
mircea_popesculfd: * (AR/Argentina/*), 5 distributed sshd attacks on account [jurov] in the last 300 secs - Fri Jun  5 16:42:15 201520:12
mircea_popescuanyway : use normal ftp, port 21. should werk nao.20:12
Birdmanare there supposed to be more than one option for the race? and also i can't change the way the character looks20:13
mircea_popescuwell yes, not that many models in yet.20:14
mircea_popescujurov lemme know if you manage20:18
chettyonly one male and one female model so far20:19
BirdmanI like the message of the day20:19
chettyhahahaha you guys messin with mu server :P20:22
jurovmircea_popescu: i'm in, i realized i tried minigame.biz instead of minigame.bz20:25
mircea_popescuah. cool then.20:26
mircea_popescuso yeah, make manifests like the http://minigame.bz/eulora/binaries/ stuff. and do include anything that may need mirroring20:26
mircea_popesculike whatever people complained was slow yest.20:26
*** Parts: Birdman (20d45712@gateway/web/freenode/ip. ()20:29
diana_comanis there any way to carry more stuff?20:39
diana_comanany backpack or anything20:39
chettynot yet diana_coman20:52
chettythere are a lot of inventory slots ...20:52
diana_comanand still more to carry20:54
diana_comanif anyone wants to help, there is money to be made, lol20:54
diana_comanchetty, are things safe in a locked claim (after having mined them)?21:01
jurovi'd say yes21:13
diana_comanwell, the game keeps warning it seems, so I am not sure21:13
jurovwhat warnings?21:13
diana_comansomething like you should not leave 10 flotsam here21:14
jurovheh, the landscape is funny with all the markers... and we're only 321:17
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chettyserver restart coming up22:07
*** Joins: cazalla (~cazalla@unaffiliated/cazalla)22:11
cazallai take it that number near servers on login client is ping22:12
cazalla210-230ms ping from down under so not that bad considering22:15
chettynice, and welcome aboard22:15
cazallaso how does /explore work? i get a notificaton that "ouch that hurts!" when i use it23:13
mod6yeah that's what happens if you use your hands, and you hvae no tools.23:15
mod6did the server change make it so you can't see who's markers are whos?23:22
mod6oh nevermind, i guess if it's mine it'll say so.23:23
mod6O Eulora Server, wherefore art tho Eulora Server.23:46

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